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picture. Writing to my husband and sending her photograph. I have a right to see what she says, and I'll do it reading the letter). So Flossie misses him, does she? And this Gerald, this model friend, is helping it on. Oh, my heart is broken; I shall die (burying her face in her handkerchief). Oh, my, why did I ever marry this base deceiver? I'll pack my trunk and go right home to-day. Oh, oh, I'll-(enter Mr. Simmons ; sees Bessie with her hands to her face).

Mr. Simmons.— What is the trouble Bessie ? Have you bad news? Bessie.—Go


don't you ever speak to me again. Oh, how could you deceive me so ?

Mr. Simmons.—Deceive you ; what are you talking about? What have I done?

Bessie (sobbing).—Oh, yes, you are very innocent. What does this mean? (handing him the picture).

Mr. Simmons (angrily).-Have you been reading my letter?

Bessie (rising).—Yes, I have, and I am going straight home to pa, and have him go to the lawyers and get me a divorce.

Mr. Simmons.—On what grounds ? Jealousy?

Bessie.—No, it shall be incompatibility (sobbing). You abuse me, and then you-you make fun of me.

Mr. Simmons.—No, Bessie, I am not making fun of you ; this is a serious matter, and if you do not check this jealous disposition you will render us both miserable. That is a picture of my sister Ida, of whom I have often told you ; her middle name is Florence, and her friends call her Flossie.

Bessie.-Oh Charles, I was jealous of your sister. How foolish I am. I will never-no, never be jealous again.

Mr. Simmons.—I hope you will keep that good reso lution, Bessie, and if you do we shall never have any cause to quarrel, but will be the model couple of the nineteenth century.





The Elocutionist's Annual

Prepaid, each number, Paper Binding, 30c. ; Cloth, 50c.

CONTENTS OF No. 1. Abraham Lincoln.

Hamlet's Instruction to the Parting Lovers, The. After the Accident.


Patrick Dolin's Love Letter, Annie and Willie's Prayer. Hamlet's Ghost.

Pat's Excelsior. Betsey and I are Out.

How Paul Won His Goat. Pax Vobiscum, Blue and the Gray, The. Independence Bell.

Piece of Bunting, A. Boys, The.

Irish Schoolmaster, The, Prodigal Son, The. Break, Break, Break. Isle of Long Ago, The. Psalm XXIII. Bridge.


Anderson, my Joy, Psalm XXIV. Bugle Song.


Rainy Day, The. Bullum versus Boatum, John Maynard.

Reef of Lucknow, Tho. Burial of Moses, The. Katie Lee and Willie Gray. Revolutionary Rising, The Cat-Tails. Katydid.

Scrooge and Marley. Charcoal Man, The. Igade. Launch of the Ship, The. Smack in School, The. Charge of the Light Bri- Lullaby.

[The. Song of the Winter Winds. Child-Wife, The.

Memory of Washington, Song Revels.
Coming and Going.
Modern Cain, The.

Spartacus to the Gladiaton.
Creeds of the Bells, The. Mrs. Caudle's Lecture, To a Christmas Pudding.
Crossing the Carry.
My Early Home,

To Whom shall We Givo
Death of Little Joe.
My Mule.

Death of Little Nell.
Nathan's Case.

Tragedy, A.
Der Coming Man.
Nix's Mate.

Uncle Pete's Counsel to tho Difficulty of Rhyming, The. Nobody's Child.

Newly Married.
Dying Christian, The. Old Year and the New Waif, A.
Empty Nest, The.


Why He Wouldn't sell the
Evening at the Farm. Old Yankee Farmer, The, Farm,
Experience with European Orator Puff.

William Tell,
Othello's Apology.

Will the New Year Como Extract from the Last Our Folks.

Speech of Robt. Emmett. Over the Hill.

Woman's Rights.
First Te Deum, The.
Over the River,

Your Mission,
Forty Years Ago.

Palmerston and Lincoln. You Put no Flowers on my Growth of the American Papa Says So, Too.

Papa's Grave. Republic.

Abigail Bockor.
God in History.

OlJ ard Blind.
Hamlet's Soliloquy.

Old Cineks on the Stein,
Andrew Jackson.
Hezekiah Bedott.

The. Arnold Winkelried.

High Tide; or, The Brides Only a Bov; Barn Window, The.

of Eaderby.

Oratory and the Press, Bells of Shandon, Tho. How Mr. Čoville Counted Over the Hill to tba Poor . Bible Reading.

the Shingles.

house. Blacksmith's Story, Tho. Isaiah XXXV.

Polish Boy, The, Black Ranald.

Johnny's Opinion of Grand- Public Dishonesty. Buck Fanshaw's Funeral. mothers.

Puzzled Dutchman, The. Cassius against Cæsar. Kentucky Philosophy. Red Jacket, The. Cavalry Charge, The. Liberty and Union.

Robinson Crusoe.
Lochinvar's Ride.

Romance of Nick VaR Charity.

Mark Twain and the Inter- Stann, The. Christmas Carol, A.


Rum's Maniac. Darius Green and his Fly- | May Queen Conclusion, Schneider Sees Leah. ing Machine.


Sixty-four and Sixty-five. Death of Eva.

Miss Maloney on the Chi- Socrates Snooks. Demagogue, The.

nese Question,

Soldier's Reprieve, The. Dow's Flat, 1856.

Minute Men of "75, The. Spanish Armada, The. Dutchman's Speech at an

Mr. Coville on Danbury. Twenty-third Psalm, The. Institute, A. Month of Mars, The.

Washington as a Civilian. East and the West One, Nature of True Eloquence, Where Shall the Baby's The. The.

Dimple be ? Excelsior.

New Church Organ, The. Wolsey's Fall, Father in Heaven.

New Year's Address. A. Yarn of the Nancy Ball First Appearance in Type. North American Indians. The. Ghosts, The.

Old Man in the Model | Young Scholar, The, Go It Alone.

Church, The.

"I have used the numbers of the Elocutionist's Annual for four years, and have found in them the best collection of standard pieces, both for my own reading and for the use of my pupils, that I havo ever seen."-PROF J. M. GILLAM, Instructor in Elocution in Illinois Wesleyam University, Bloomington, Illinois.

CONTENTS OF No. 8. Adoon the Lane.

Haunted House, The. Parting Hymn. American Flag, The. Hypochondriac, The. Passing Away. Baby's First Tooth, The. If I Should Die To-Night. Poor Little Jim. Bardell and Pickwick. Indian Chief to the White Power of Habit, The. Baron's Last Banquet, The. Settler, The.

Promise, The.
Battle of Beal' an Duine. Inquiry, The.

Pulpit Oratory.
Jack and Gill.

Reaching the Early Train.
Burning Ship, The.
Kit Carson's Ride.

Reply to Mr. Corry.
Charlie Machree.
Kitchen Clock, The.

Reverie in Church.
Christmas Hymn.
Laughin' in Meetin.'

Rock of Ages.
Claudius and Cynthia. Licensed to Sell; or, Little Senator's Dilemma, Tho.
Closing Year, The.


Seven Ages of Man.
Cynic, The.
Lides to Bary Jade,

Signs and Omens.
Despair is Never Quite De- Little Goldenhair.

Song of Moses. spair. Lost and Found.

Song of the Sea. Dutchman's Serenade, The. Maud Muller.

Tell on his Native Hills. Eagle's Rock, The.

Monster Cannon, The. Three Fishers, The. Evils of Ignorance, The. National Monument to Tom Sawyer's Love Affair. Famine, The.


Trust in God.
Female Gossip.
Negro Prayer.

Two Glasses, The.
Florentine Letter, A. Ode on the Passions.

Vagabonds, The. From Exile.

Old Forsaken School-house, Waiting for the Children. Gladiator, The.


Wax-Work. Goodness and Greatness of Painter of Seville, The. Welcome to Summer, A. God. Parrhasius and the Cap

Woman. Good-Night, Papa.


A Man's a Man, for a' That. Deacon Munroe's Story. Negio Prayor, A.
Dead Church, The.

No God.
Angels of Buena Vista, The. Declaration of Independ-Ode to the Deity.
Annuity, The.


Ode to Independence Este Appeal to the Sextant for Dora.

An. Air, An.

Dot Lambs vot Mary Haf Ode to the Legislature. Aunt Kindly.


Our Own. Baggage-Smasher, Ye. Faith and Reason.

Paul Revere's Ride. Battle of Bunker's Hill, The Fire, The.

Quarrel of Squire Bull and Battle Hymn of the Repub. Gambler's Wife, The. his Son Jonathan, Tbe. lic. Ghost, The.

Rationalistic Chicken, The Black Horse and his Rider, Grandmother's Story. Raven, The. The.

Great Beef Contract, The. Remember Now thy OM Bridal Wine Cup, The (Di. How a Married Man Sews ator. alogue).

on & Button.

Burring Prairie, The. Judge Pitman on Various Revelation XXII.
Cause of Temperance, The. Kinds of Weather. Rienzi's Address.
Centennial Oration. Kentucky Belle.

Rival Speakers, The (Dile
Christmas Sheaf, The. Leap-Year Wooing, A. logue).
Clarence's Dream.

Love Your Neighbor as Spirit of "76 (Tablean). Coluinbia's Centennial Par. Yourself.

Tommy Taft. ty (Dialogue).

Maiden's Last Farewell, Tribute to Washington. Columbia.


Union, The. ontentment.

Mark Antony Scene (Dia. What the Old Man Said. Burfew Must Not Ring To logue).

Yankee's Stratagem,
Modest WK A.


from the Transcript, Portland, Watua. There selections eviuce correct taste and furnish tao amaton wader and the professional elocutionist with the widest range of subjects for occasions on which matters of that kind may Roeded.”

Anger, The.
Good Reading.

Over the Hills and me that Glitters is not Gold Hans and Fritz.

Away. (Dialogue).

He . Giveth His Beloved Parthenia (Dialoguo). Archio Dean.


Prisoner of Chillon, The. Bannock-Bun

Heroes of the Land of Prince Henry and Falsted Datty Lee.


Brave at Home, Mhe. How we Hunted a Mouse. Puritans, The.
Bride of the Greek Isle, John and Tibbie's Dispute. Peady for a Kiss.
Labore est Orare.

Brook, The.
Last Hymn, The.

Samantha Smith becom Budge's Version of the Leak in the Dyke, The. Josiah Allen's Wife. Flood.

Listeners Hear no Good of Saracen Brothers (Dhe Catiline's Defiance.

Themselves (Tableau). logue).
Gentennial Hymn.
Lost and mund,

Schoolmaster's Gueste, The Comin' Thro' the Rye (Ta- Magdalena, or, The Span. Song of Birds. bleau).

ish Duel.

Swell's Soliloquy, The Competing Railroads, The Maiden Martyr, The. Southland. (Dialogue).

Man Wants but Little Here Summer Friends. Corinthians, I, XV.


Swall:wing a Fly. Course of Love too Smooth, Man's Ingratitude.

To a Skull. Tne.

Membranous Croup and the Tramp, Tramp, Tramp. Dedication of Gettysburg McWilliamses.

True Contentment. Cemetery.

Moral Effects of Inteniper. Uncle Daniel's Introdusen Elder Mr. Weller's Senti. ance.

tion to & Mississip merts on Literary Com. Morning.

Stearner. position. My Trundle Bed.

Vaudois Missionary, The. Fairy-Land. Old Ironsides.

Where is Papa To-Night, Fashionable Singing. Once Upon a Time. Why Biddie and Pat Mas Flood of Years, The. Only a Baby.


Artemus Ward's London Father Phil's Collection. Did Sergeant, Tho.

From the Tragedy of King Oratory.
Asleep at the Switch John (Dialogue). Organ Creations.
Ave Maria.

Fruits of Labor, The. Palmetto and the Pine.
Battle of Ivry, The. Getting Under Way. Profeesor Puzzled,

(Dialogue). Bridge of Sighs, The. Green- Mountain Justice, Relentless Time. Brother Anderson's Sol- The.

Satan and the Grog-seljee. mon.

Hard Shave, A (Tableau). School “Called." Cane-Bottomed Chair, The. Hatchet Story.

Song of the Crickets,
Children's Hour, The. Ho! Every One that Thirst. Songs in the Night.
Cool Reason (Dialogue). eth!

St. John the Aged.
Jagger Scene, The.
Home Song

Day at Niagara, A. Jane Conquest.

Thanksgiving, A.
Deserted House, The. Jennie M'Neal's Ride. To a Friend.
Ductor Marigold.
Little Allie.

Dukite Snake, The. Malibran and the Young Tribute to East Teance
Raster Morning.


A. Bdith Helps Things Along. Mary Stuart (Dialogue). Valley Forge. Bro and the Serpent. My Country, 'tis of Thee. Washington (Tablety Ustract from “The Last Nae Luck Aboot the House. Zekle.

Days of Hero'iladoum.' Niagara

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