The Journal of the British Homoeopathic Society, Volume 6

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Page 412 - ... and vascular erethism which is sometimes observed in similar cases. The absence of this condition is, he thinks, in all these disorders, the indication for Lachesis as against Arsenicum, when the asthenia is not so complete as to call for Carbo vegetabilis. Besides these, Dr. Dunham refers to the usefulness of Lachesis in certain cases of diphtheria. In these the tumefaction of the throat was slight, and the redness of the mucous membrane hardly noticeable, the diphtheritic deposits consisting...
Page 79 - ... remain clear, but if the bulk of fluid be less, an amorphous deposit of the urate will occur. On the other hand, if an excess of uric acid be separated by the kidneys, it will act on the phosphate of soda of the double salt, and hence, on cooling, the urine will deposit a crystalline sediment of acid sand, very probably mixed with amorphous urate of ammonia, the latter usually forming a layer above the crystals, which always sink to the bottom of the vessel.*"] 82.
Page 411 - III. Malignant local inflammations, with secondary blood infection and nervous prostration, have proved pre-eminently the sphere of action of Lachesis. A typical instance is traumatic gangrene. Of this disease Dr. Dake, of Pittsburg, has published three cases, which are so decisive as to overcome even Dr. Hempel's scepticism as to the virtue of the remedy. They are given at length in the second edition of his Materia Medico ; and in the Amer.
Page 407 - In its acute form the sense of aching is out of all proportion to the visible mischief. When chronic it is the " irritable throat," always uneasy, and causing choking, hawking, and coughing. The feeling as of a dry spot in the throat, or of general dryness of the part, especially on waking from sleep, also of a lump in the throat on empty deglutition, are characteristic of it.
Page 87 - We only require to know, on the one hand, the diseases of the human frame accurately in their essential characteristics and their accidental complications and on the other hand, the pure effects of drugs, that is, the essential characteristics of the specific artificial disease and attendant symptoms caused by difference of dose, form, etc...
Page 89 - At the commencement I was very cautious in its use and did not give to adults above from fifteen to sixteen grains per diem, in almond milk ; but I soon perceived that, in order to produce a speedy recovery, it was necessary to give, even to weak subjects, thirty grains, and to more robust individuals forty grains in the twenty-four hours. The favorable result was never long delayed...
Page 95 - DUDGEON had great pleasure in rising to propose a vote of thanks to the Board of Management, the house committee, the treasurer and sub-treasurer, and felt that he could not do so better than by referring to the position of the Hospital, which he thought the best in London. There was no debt to speak of — certainly none which seemed to cause the board anxiety, and that was owing to the excellent financial management.
Page 79 - Uric acid, at the moment of separation from the blood, comes in contact with the double phosphate of soda and ammonia, derived from the food, forms urate of ammonia, evolving phosphoric acid, which thus produces the natural acid reaction of urine. If the whole bulk of the urine be to the urate of ammonia formed not less than about 2701 to 1, the secretion will, at the ordinary temperature of the air, remain clear ; but if the bulk of fluid be «less. an amorphous deposit of the urate will occur....
Page 112 - Management can but congratulate the governors and subscribers on the general well-being of the hospital ; and it will be noted with satisfaction that the record under each separate head of the report is favorable. " The total number of patients treated since the opening of the hospital to 31st December, 1870, was 89,568, of which 7,836 were patients in the past year, being 7,340 out- and 496 in-patients, an increase of 468 out-patients and 1 in-patient over the preceding year. The increase in the...
Page 411 - He begins with a case of septicaemia occurring in his own person, as the result of a wound incurred during the postmortem examination of a case of puerperal peritonitis. Both the local and general symptoms were severe, but they rapidly yielded to Lachesis 12, three times a day. Next he relates an epidemic of malignant pustule, in which he treated eight cases with Lachesis alone. " It relieved the pain within a few hours after the first dose was given, and the patients all recovered very speedily.

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