Tools for the Design Revolution: Design Knowledge for the Future

Front Cover
Braun Publishing, 2014 - 192 pages
Tools for the Design Revolution critically examines the history and influences on current designs trends, giving practical guidelines and tools for creating sustainable design processes into the future. The 'tools' are strategies for sustainable design informed by the challenges of social, cultural and ecological change. Finding new design ideas in terms of concept and product is becoming more and more important. In the past, design was dictated by the professional minority within narrow confines. In the future, design will be an expression of the collective, finding expression and meaning within a shared identity, social trends and popular culture and terms like "cradle to cradle" or "open source design" refer to a changing understanding of the creative process. Moving with the times, becoming fluid, exploring experimental strategies and ideas in combination with more traditional methods is the key to change. Design is not just a product it plays a vital role in shaping contemporary society, giving rise to a global identity and sense of belonging, translating who we are and what we want. Tools for the Design Revolution challenges the individual to think about sustainability and consumer culture and how that might look.

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