Elizabethan Drama: In Two Volumes

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P. F. Collier & son, 1910 - 899 pages

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Page 570 - I'll go look A little, how it heightens. [Exit. Mam. Do. My shirts I'll have of taffeta-sarsnet, soft and light As cobwebs ; and for all my other raiment, It shall be such as might provoke the Persian, Were he to teach the world riot anew. My gloves of fishes and birds' skins, perfumed With gums of paradise, and eastern air Sur.
Page 818 - But hold some two days' conference with the dead ! From them I should learn somewhat I am sure I never shall know here. I'll tell thee a miracle ; I am not mad yet, to my cause of sorrow.
Page 824 - Come, violent death, Serve for mandragora, to make me sleep: Go, tell my brothers, when I am laid out, They then may feed in quiet.
Page 680 - em he would weep As if he meant to make 'em grow again. Seeing such pretty helpless innocence Dwell in his face, I ask'd him all his story. He told me that his parents gentle, died, Leaving him to the mercy of the fields Which gave him roots ; and of the crystal springs, Which did not stop their courses; and the sun, Which still, he thank'd him, yielded him his light.
Page 849 - I am puzzled in a question about hell : He says, in hell there's one material fire, And yet it shall not burn all men alike. Lay him by. How tedious is a guilty conscience ! When I look into the fish-ponds in my garden, Methinks I see a thing armed with a rake, That seems to strike at me.
Page 822 - Twas to bring you By degrees to mortification. Listen. Hark, now every thing is still The screech-owl and the whistler shrill Call upon our dame aloud, And bid her quickly don her shroud...
Page 823 - I pray thee, look thou giv'st my little boy Some syrup for his cold, and let the girl Say her prayers ere she sleep. Now what you please : What death? Bos. Strangling; here are your executioners. Duch. I forgive them: The apoplexy, catarrh, or cough o' the lungs, Would do as much as they do.
Page 743 - I know your meaning. I am not the first That nature taught to seek a fellow forth ; Can shame remain perpetually in me, And not in others ? or have princes salves To cure ill names, that meaner people want ? Phi. What mean you ? Meg. You must get another ship, To bear the princess and her boy together.
Page 782 - Beyond my strongest thoughts : I would not now Find you inconstant. Card. Do not put thyself To such a voluntary torture, which proceeds Out of your own guilt. Julia. How, my lord ! Card. You fear My constancy, because you have approv'd Those giddy and wild turnings in yourself.
Page 596 - With zealous rage till you are hoarse. Not one Of these so singular arts. Nor call yourselves By names of Tribulation, Persecution, Restraint, Long-patience, and such like, affected By the whole family or wood of you, Only for glory, and to catch the ear Of the disciple.

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