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yield to the state 154,000l. per ann. Each paper contains also an average of forty advertisements, yielding to the proprietors, at seven shillings each, the sum of 147,7841. per annum; and the duty, at three shillings per advertisement, yields to the state 63,3361. per annum. Such are the wonders of one department only of our periodical press.


From papers laid upon the table of the house of commons, it appears, that the gross amount of the permanent annual taxes for the year ending the 5th day of January, 1806, was 40,026,5887. 6s. 114d. of which, after deducting repayments of various kinds and charges of management, there remained applicable

To national objects

35,314,158 10 4

That the amount of the remaining hereditary revenue,

59,269 8 31 4,337,583 12 9

after all deductions, was

That the net produce of the property tax was

That the net produce of the war taxes in the department of the customs, was

Ditto, the department of the excise,

That the net produce of all the taxes and sources of re-
venue, both permanent and temporary, was
Loans paid into the exchequer,

Grand total

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51,339,045 15 10 25,130,404 19 65

76,469,450 15 4

The late Lord Chedworth's will has been pronounced valid by the verdict of a jury in the Court of King's Bench.

2,632,147 19 10 6,360,229 13 92

THE BRITISH NAVY.-There are at present in commission 730 ships of war, exclusive of cutters, &c. of which 122 are of the line, 15 from 50 to 44 guns, 155 frigates, 181 sloops, 247 brigs, &c.

The following bankruptcy was lately announced in the Niewdes Gazette:"Frederick Bremer, ghost maker to several provincial theatres."

It is extraordinary how time adds to the value of some things :-a brass half trown, of James II. coined in Ireland, lately sold for ten guineas.

At a sale of the effects of the late Mr. Frankland, of Sussex, a load-stone sold for £. 150, an orrery for £.550, and a turning lathe one thousand and sixty pounds.

The projected improvements in Westminster Hall will be proceeded on during the present vacation. The new Court of King's Bench is to be built on the opposite side of the hall to the common pleas, next the Speaker's court-yard. This has long been wanted, as the present court is considerably too small for the accommodation required. That which is now the Exchequer Bill Office is to be converted into a room for the accommodation of the grand jury, and several adjoining apartments are to be built for the convenience of the judges' attendants, and the officers of the court. On the exterior part of the hall, next the Abbey, four coffee-houses are to be erected, for the accommodation of barristers, witnesses, &c. and all the sheds which now disgrace that venerable pile are to be pulled down, and the entrances to the hall repaired and beautified.

An American bookseller has published an edition of the Common Prayer Book, with this notice," that the matrimonial article is printed in large letters for the use of old ladies."

It is again and again repeated, that if this country abolishes the slave trade, foreign nations will take it up. As well might our police officers say, "if we put a stop to picking of pockets in the metropolis, the people of Bristol or Liverpool, Dublin or Edinburgh, will continue the trade, and we shall lose the benefit of it."


Countess of Chichester of a daughter. Countess of Cowper of a son and heir. At Hermandston, in Scotland, Lady Sinclair of a daughter. The Lady of the Hon. E. John Turnour, youngest son of the late Earl Winterton, of a daughter. The Lady of the Hon. Lieut. Col. Plunkett, of the Coldstream Regiment of Guards, of a son. The Lady of G. B. Mainwaring, M. P.

of a son.


Viscount Fitz Harris, eldest son of the Earl of Malmesbury, to Miss Dashwood, neice to the Earl of Effingham. Colonel Arthur Vansittart, of Shottesbrook, Berkshire, M. P. for Windsor, to the Hon. Miss C. Eden, fourth daughter of Lord Auckland. At Edinburgh, Lord Rolfo, to Miss Greig, daughter of --Greig, Esq. of Gayfield Place. Mr. W. Sloane, to Lady Gertrude Howard, daughter of the Earl of Carlisle. G. Stibbert, Esq. son of General Stibbert, to Miss Jane Slatter, daughter of the late Rev. T. Slatter, Rector of Saltford, Somersetshire. R. Smith, Esq. of Aylesbury, to Miss M. S. Watson, second daughter of Sir James Watson, Knt. The Right Hon. N. Vansittart, to the Hon. Miss Eden, daughter of Lord Auckland. The Right Hon. Viscount Milton, of Grosvenor-square, to the Hon. Miss Dundas, daughter of Lord Dundas. Sir William Abdy, to Miss Wellesley. The Hon. Col. William Bligh, to Lady S. Stewart. Mr. Charles Kemble to Miss De Camp.


Lewis Thomas Lord Sondes, in the 53d year of his age. Sir W. Lawson, Bart. of Brayton-House and Hell-Hall, Cumberland. Charles Francis Sheridan, Esq. elder brother of the Right Hon. R. B. Sheridan, many years a Member of the Irish Parliament, and Secretary at War in that Kingdom, previous to the question of the Regency, when he resigned his seat and office. He was a gentleman of the most distinguished talents as an author, both in history and political controversy. At Hans House, Chelsea, H. Holland, Esq. the architect. The Rev. A. R. Dillon, Archbishop and Duke of Narbonne. Suddenly, at Kensington Gore, the Hon. Mrs. Leigh, sister to the late Lord Leigh. At Standlake, Oxon, the Rev. Arthur Homer, D. D. At Forest House, Laytonstone aged 63, Samuel Bosanquet, Esq. a Director of the Bank of England. Mrs. C. Young (late Miss Grimani), of the Manchester theatre.

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AUGUST, 1806.


Embellished with


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Biographical Sketch of the late Rey.
Richard Graves, A. M. 75
The Englishman's Creed
............. 81
Extracts from Milton, relating to



Extracts from a Common-Place
Book, No. III.

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Luffman's Pocket Chronologist,
Foster's Essays, in a Series of Let-


Advantages of Literature

Thomson's Seasons .................. 98
Beauty ....--...........................94


Ferdinand and Amelia
Sir Christopher Hatton's Ghost....
Jeffreys' Letter addressed to Mrs.

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...... 104

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ib. 109

Diamond cut Diamond

A Letter to Nathaniel Jeffreys jb.
John Bull's Soliloquies on the late




The Post Captain
Toogood's Sermon ...............
Nicol's Poems, chiefly in the Scot-

tish Dialogue..










113 114

The history of Freemasonry
An admonitory Letter to H. R. H.
the Prince of Wales............
An Antidote to Poison ..........
The Life, &c. of J. H. Prince
Taylor's Works of Plato
The Looking-glass .......... 119
Fortune's Football




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By J. Wright, No. 38, St. John's Square, Clerkenwell.

And published by Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, Poultry;

Sold, also, by all Booksellers in

the United Kingdom.

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Enquiry shall be made after the Paraphrase from the Italian by O. C. T.

LEOPOLD'S papers shall also again be looked into.

The observations of VERITAS, (Norwich) have been hitherto omitted for want of room; and it is now too late to print them. We acknowledge no influence of the nature alluded to by VERITAS.

The printed extract from an American publication has been received; and we thank a CONSTANT ADMIRER for the communication.


CAROLUS proposes to send us some observations on "the Violations of sense, grammer, and poetry," in a modern opera. This sort of spelling does not authorise us to expect much from the critic; but he may transmit his remarks if he thinks fit.

EDWARD's letter is answered in the present number.

P. R. is referred to our number for January last, for a full account of the proeeedings with which he desires to be acquainted.

COOKE U. ATKINS. W.'s report of this trial is accompanied by remarks which prevent us from giving it a place.

+++ MR. CARR's Stranger in Ireland is published, and shall be reviewed

next month.

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