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d. D. 58.

25 If we live in the 25. Wherefore, if we pretend Spirit, let us also walk ourselves Members of this pure and in the Spirit.

spiritual Religion of the Gospel, that is attended with such Allistances of the Holy Ghoft; it infinitely concerns us to live suitably to its holy Dictates and Precepts.

26. Let us not be 26. And let me perswade all your desirous of vain-glory, Contending Parties to begin to give provoking one ano

an Instance of this Christian Temther, envying one a

per, by particularly suppressing that nother,

Spirit of Ambition and Vain-glory, that is so apt to make them envy,. contemn, and exasperate one another.



* See the Preface.

He continues his Exhortation to a tender and peaceable Tem

per. Admoniseth the Spiritual Governors of the Church
to endeavour the Recovery of such as fall into Errors and
Irregularities, by kind and gentle Treatment. Refleets
upon the Pride of their false Teachers. Encourages the
Galatians to a liberal and * impartial Contribution for the
Maintenance of their Ministers : And to Charity towards
all Mankind, especially their Fellow Christians. Then
Jums up the Argument of his whole Epifle, and concludes
with his Blessing.

Rethren, if a man
B be overtaken in a

Y the Rule of Christian Cha

rity then, I it is the indifspiritual, restore fuch pensible Duty of your spiritual and an one in the spirit of all gentle and kind Methods, to re

inspired Ministers to endeavour, by meekness, considering thy felf, left thou allo duce such Members as are misled be tempted.

into bad Principles or Practices, to

a juft Sense of their Duty: Remembring that they themselves are not absolutely exempted from falling into the like Miscarriages.


1 Cap. 5.

, 23

fault, ye


every man

2 Bear ye one ano 2. Instead therefore of imposing 1. D. 58. thers burthens, and so the Drudgery of the Jewis Law fulfil the law of Christ.

upon one another ; make it your Business fully to obey this noble Christian Law, by bearing with, and relieving the Infirmities of each other. 3 For if a

3. For whatever Teacher exalts think himself to be and values himself, so as to be above something, when he is a tender Concern for the Good and nothing, he deceiveth Safety of others, or imperiously to himself.

impose his own Notions upon them, makes himself a very little and foolish Person. 4 But let

4. Let none insult the Weakness prove his own work, of his Inferiors, but let every one and then he * fhall look into and weigh his own Actions. have rejoicing in him. In them alone a Man can truly * self alone, and not in boast, and not in a meer Comparianother.

son of himself with other People, or in making them his Profelytes.

5 For every man 5. For 'tis our own Behaviour we shall bear his own shall all be accountable for ; let others burthen.

be of what Opinion or what Party

they will. 6 Let him that is

6. And, whereas I find several taught in the word, of you very partial in contributing communicate unto him to the Maintenance of your Minithat teacheth, in all jers, by the Difference and Disputes good things.

that prevail amongst you ; I now exhort you to be just and liberal in your Collection for them all.

7 Be not deceived, 7. Let none of them lead you God is not mocked: into wrong Prejudices against the for whatsoever a man reft. They may deceive you, but foweth, that shall he God they cannot'; who will be sure

to reward you in Proportion to the Prudence and Liberality of your Distributions. D 2

8. For

also reap.

* Ver. 4. Shall have Rejoicing. Keurmet, Glorying or Beafting

H. D. 58. 8 For he that low 8. He that lays out his worldly

eth to his felh, fhall Substance to selfish and private Purof the Aesh reap cor- poses only, shall reap the Fruits of ruption : but he that to worldly and corrupt a Principle. soweth to the spirit

, But he that spends it agreeably to the shall of the spirit reap charitable Spirit of the Gospel, shall life everlasting.

find a full Harvest of eternal Life

and Happiness. 9 And let us not 9. Let this encourage us all to be be weary in well-do- constant and cheerful in Acts of

ing: for in due sea- Bounty and Beneficence, which will * Luke xiv. son we shail



not fail, in God's due * Time, of we faint not.

producing us a plentiful Recompence. 10 As we have 10. As Providence, then, gives us therefore opportunity, Opportunities and Abilities, let us let us do good unto extend our Charity to all Mankind, all men, especially un; but especially to cur Fellow Chrithe houshold of faith. fians, especially to those of them

that are under AMiction (See v. 12.) and Persecution, without Partiality and unreasonable Distinctions.

11 Ye see how large 11. I have written this Letter to a letter I have writ- you, on this important Occasion, ten you

* with mine with my own * Hand. Consider + own hand.

the Contents of it; the Sum and Substance thereof is this, viz.

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12 As

12. Those

* With mine own Hand. His other Epistles being mostly written by an Amanuensis. See Rom. xvi. 26. 1 Cor. xvi. 21. 2 Thef. iii. 17.

+ ide syaixou ypérati. Ye see how large a Letter : Or rather, in what Words,

By observing the five following Verses to be a perfect Re. capitulation of the Argument of this whole Epistle, I cannot think agaixois denotes either the Largeness of it, or the bad Hand in which it was written, (as Theophylaet says, but without any Proof) but the Matter and Substance of it. · And that 2011. ought to be rendered imperatively, the Sense being this, viz. Consider what I have written, the Sum whereof is this as in the following Verses,

12 As many as de. 12. Those Zealots that stand up A.D.58, fire to make a fair thus for the meer external and carshow in the flesh, they nal Ordinances of the Jewish Law, conftrain you to be would perswade you Gentile Concircumcised : only left they should suffer

verts into the Necessity of observing

perfecution for the cross them, purely for fear of the Jews, of Christ.

and to avoid the Persecutions they

would otherwise bring on them for their Christian Faith, by incensing the Roman Power against them.

13 For neither they 13. 'Tis not out of any real themselves who are and religious Zeal for the Law, circumcised, keep the (for they regard that as little as law, but desire to have other People ) but from an Itch of you circumcised, that Vain-glory, to make you

their they may glory in

Profelytes, and save themselves

your flesh.

14 But God forbid

14. I on the contrary ( notwiththat I should glory standing their false Suggestions) fave in the cross of make a perfect Conscience of aim. our Lord Jesus Chrift, by whom the world ing at any Credit or Favour with is crucified unto me, any Sort of People, but what comes and I unto the world from the fincere Discharge of my

Office, in preaching Jesus Chrif as a Crucified Saviour ; by whose Religion alone Justification and Happiness is to be attained. In Conformity to whose Death all worldly and selfish Designs are dead to me, and I to them.

15 For in Chrift 15. For, as I have abundantly Jefus neither circum- proved to you, it is of no Consesifion availeth any quence under the Gospel Covenant, thing, nor uncircum- whether a Man be Circumcised or cision, but a new

not. All that Christianity requires
is, the Reformation of his Principles
and Practices.


16 And as many as

16. And therefore all Christians, walk according to Gentile or Jewish, that stick to this this

D 3 Principle,

2.D. 58. this Rule, * peace be Principle, may be fully assured of

on them, and mercy, their Pardon and Salvation at God's and upon the Israel Hand, as his true Church * and of God.

People. 17 From hence. 17. Wherefore, for the future, forth let no man trou- let no more Calumnies be raised on ble me, for I bear in

me upon this point, nor let me my body the marks of have any further Disturbance about the Lord Jesust.

it. Circumcision is the Badge of a Jew. But tho’ I be Circumcised, I do not look on that as my Christian Badge. No, my Marks are the Stripes and Chains I have borne for Christ and his Religion ; the Prints whereof remain still upon my Body, and are sufficient Tokens to whom I belong.

18 Brethren, the 18. Brethren, the Love and Fagrace of our Lord

vour of our Lord Jesus Christ be Jesus Christ be with with you, and direct your Minds. your spirit. Amen.

Unto the Gala.
tians, written from

* And upon the Israel of God. Kui ini còn 'lopaeina 988. Peace and Mercy be unto them, as the Israel of God.

+ Ver. 17. The Marks of the Lord Jesus. Note, The general Sense of this Phrase is very clear : And, I think, the five foregoing Verses plainly show the Jewish Circumcision to be the Thing here alluded to. They that would see another Conjecture, may consult the Author of the Sac. Clasicks defended, Vol. II. pag. 67, 68. Edit. Octay.


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