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the end, not in the other. This very rare Text, and specially for the discouerie edition was unknown to Herbert and Dr. of the Corruptions of diuers late Cotton.

translations, and for cleering the From Heber's Collection.

Controversies in religion, of these - The new Testament in Eng, daies : In the English College of lishe after the greeke translation Rhemes. Printed at Rhemes, by annexed (by Sir J. Cheke) with the John Fogny, 1582. 4to. translation of Erasmus in Latin. This is the first edition of this version. Excusum Londini, in officina T. Gaultier pro J. C. 1550. 12mo. - Llyfr y Psalmau ynghyd â Bl. L. B. M.

Thestament Newydd ein Harglwydd Dr. Cotton in his Editions of the Bible

a'n Hiachawdwr Jesu Ghrist. The p. 10, thinks it questionable whether Sir Book of Psalmes in Prose and Mee. J. Cheke was the author of this version. ter : together with the New Testa

ment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus - The Newe Testament of our Christ. (In Welsh.) Llundain gan Sauiour Jesu Christe. Faythfully E. Tuler. 1672. Svo. translated out of the Greke. Wyth the Notes and expositions of the - Tiomna Nuadh, The Irish darke places therein. Imprynted at New Testament. London, 1602. London by Rycharde Jugge dwell. Fol. G. M. ynge in Paules churche yarde at the This is the first edition of the New Tessigne of the byble. (1552.) With tament in Irish by Wm. Daniell Archbp. portrait of Edward VIth on the Title of Tuam. See also Prayer Book in Irish. Page and wood cuts. 4to. Bl. L. - Tiomna Nuadh. The Irish B. M.

New Testament, by Bishop Bedell. See Lowndes's Bibl. Manual, vol. IV. London, 1681. 4to. p. 1798. Lewis's Translations of the Bible,

This is the Second Edition of the New p. 194. Herbert's Ames, II. 715.

Testament in Irish. This copy has both the – Another copy. 4to. Bl. L.

English and Irish Dedications, very seldom

found. B. M.

- Les choses contenues en ce This copy contains on the reverse of the Title the King's Authority dated 1552, nouveau Testament. Imprime a which is not found in the preceding. Both Paris, par Simon de Colines, l'an Editions are now become very rare. It Mil cinq cens vingt et quattre. has been questioned which of these two (1524.) 12mo. BI. L. editions was the first published, and till now it has not been observed that the Ca

This French translation of The New lendar prefixed to the Edition without the Testament by Jacques Le Fevre d'Etaples King's Authority commences in the year was most rigidly suppressed. 1552, in the Edition with the King's Au

- Le nouveau Testament avec thority it commences in 1553. The wood cuts vary in the two editions, and the l'Apocalipse. Imprime en Anvers, Maps which follow the Acts of the Apostles par moy Martin Lempereur, 1535. are quite different.

12mo. With wood cuts. G. M. - The New Testament of Jesus

This is a rare edition. Christ, translated faithfully into - Le Nouveau Testament de English, out of the authentical La- nostre Seigneur Jesus-Christ de la tin, according to the best corrected Traduction des Docteurs de Louvain. copies of the same, diligently con- Reveue et corrigee de nouveau si ferred with the Greeke and other exactement qu'elle est au vray une editions in diuers languages, Anno- nouvelle Traduction sur l'Ancienne tations, and other necessarie helpes, et Vulgate Edition Latine reconnue for the better understanding of the par le Commandement du Pape

Sixte V. et publiée par l'autorite de for the district of Engadina in the Grisons, Clement VIII. A Paris, chez Charles

into what is sometimes called Langue

Rhetique, is one of the rarest, if not the Fosset, 1672. 12mo. B. M.

rarest of all the versions. It has never been hitherto remarked Clement, IV. 21, has given a laborious that this edition 14 years earlier than the account of all the editions of the Grisons following remarkable edition of the N. Bible, and specifies that of the N. Test. of Test. par les Theologiens de Louvain, 1674-9 as the first. Neither he nor any of 1686, has the same interpolation of the the Bibliographers appear to have ever word “ Mass" in 13th Acts, and in 1st Co- heard of this of 1560." MS. note. rinthians chap. 3. the word “Purgatory" stands in the margin and in 1686 it is - The New Testament transfoisted into the text.

lated into the Indian Language by - Le Nouveau Testament de

John Eliot. Cambridge, 1661. 4to.

B. M. Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ. Traduit de Latin en Francois par les — The New Testament in the Theologiens de Louvain. Bordeaux, Chinese Language, printed at Can. chez la Veuve de G. de la Court, ton, 1819. 8vo. et N. de la Court Imprimeur du In a blue morocco case. Given to Mr. Roy et de Monseigneur l'Arche- Grenville by Lady Cawdor. veque, rue S. James, 1686. Avec

- The Four Gospels of our Lord approbation et Permission.


Jesus Christ and the Acts of the B. M.

• Holy Apostles translated into the “Dr. Cotton's book on this subject, 8vo. Malayan Tongue. Oxford, 1677. 1827, gives all the curious details concern. 4to. ing this famous edition in which “ Pur-, gatory” and “Mass” were introduced into

TETIUS, HIERONYMUS. Ædes the sacred Text by the Catholick priests of Louvain. According to him only seven Barberinæ ad Quirinalem à Comite copies are known. The prior edition of H. Tetio Perusino descriptæ. Romæ, the Louvain Test. 1672, 12mo. is still excudebat Mascardus, 1642. Plates. rarer.” MS. note.

Fol. R. M. - El Nuevo Testamento de TEVIUS. JACOBUS. Commen. nuestro Redemptor y Salvador Jesu tarins de rebus in India apud Christo, traduzido de Griego en len

gestis anno salutis nostræ, 1546. gua Castellana, por Francisco de

Conimbricæ, excudebant Jo. Bar. Enzinas. Acabose de imprimir este

resius et Jo. Alvanus, 1548. 4to. libro en la insigne cibdad de Enveres en casa de Estevan Mierdmanno,

This first edition of Tevius is rare and 1543. 12mo.

valuable, and is not in the British Museum

nor in the Bodleian Library. See Meuse“ Edition originale très rare parcequ'elle lius, II. ii. p. 31. Antonii Bib. Hisp. a été supprimée a l'instant de sa publica- “Didacus Teyve.” tion.” Brunet, vol III. p. 436.

TEWELL, D. Essaies Politicke - L's Nuof Sainc Testamaint and Morall, by D. T. London, by da nos Signer Iesu Christi. Prais H. L. for Matthew Lownes, 1608. our delg Latin & our d'oters laun- 12mo. guax & huossa da noef mis in Aru. A contemporary MS. note states this to maunsch três Jachiam Bifrun d’Ag. have been written by D. Tewell. nedina, Schquischo ilg an 1560.

TEXEIRA, Pedro. Relaciones (Colophon. Et eau Stevan Zorsch del origen, descendencia, y succes. Chiatauni da Chiamuastch hæ agiudo sion de los Reves de Persia, y de sthquischer delg An. 1560.) 8vo. Harmuz, y de un viage hecho por

“ This version of the New Testament el mismo autor desde la India Ori

ental hasta Italia por tierra. Am- Thame Schoole shall collect and beres, por Hieronymo Verdussen, gather the Rentes belonging to the 1610. 8vo.

same Schoole and Almeshouse there. “Edition Originale. Cette relation a été

Three leaves. A Forme of Obligatraduite en Francais par Cotolendi, Paris,

tion for the Schoolemaister and 1681, 2 vol. 12mo."

Usher. One leaf. Præfatio in seTHACKER, Robert. Eleven quentes Appendices statutis adjiciViews of Longford House, the seat endis. Six leaves. Fol. Fiftyof Lord Coleraine, situate near New four leaves. In the original binding. Sarum, in the county of Wilts, after Printed UPON VELLUM. “ Only three drawings by Robert Thacker, En other copies of this book are known, and graved by N. Yeates and J. Collins.

all of them upon paper, and all imperfect,

one in the Bodleian Library, consisting of H. WINSTANLEY's Views of Wim

thirty-four leaves; one in the Museum, bledon House, Surrey; Ricott House, consisting of fifty-three leaves, and one in Oxfordshire ; Tythrop, vulgarly New College, Oxford, which wants all the called Kingsey House, in Bucking

Appendixes. This copy, as far as I know,

is the only one perfect, and the only one ham and Oxfordshires; and his own

upon Vellum.” Note by Mr. Grenville, House at Littlebury in Essex. Fo. lio. R.

THANE, John. British AutoWith this Vol. there are also twenty-five graphy. A Collection of FacPlates illustrative of Audley End, by Win. Similes of the . Hand Writing of stanley and others. See Winstanley. Royal and Illustrious Personages,

THAME. Schola Thamensis ex with their authentic Portraits. LonFundatione Johannis Williams Mi don, n. d. 4to. 3 vol. R. M. litis, domini Williams de Thame. THEATRUM TRAGICUM AcGod save the Queene. (The date

torum et Casuum Tragicorum, Lon

dini publice celebratorum quibus four leaves contain Regiæ Majesta. Hibernia Proregi. Episcopo Cantis licentia. On the recto of the

tuarensi ac tandem Regi ipsi, Aliis6th, The Indenture of covenantes que vita adempta et ad Anglicanam betweene the Lord Williams of

of Metamorphosin via est aperta. Thame his executors, and the War- Amst. ap. Jod. Jansonium, 1649. den and Scholers of Saint Mary 19mm Colledge of Winchester in Oxon. Five leaves. Then, The deede of

Very beautiful impressions of the Portraits. Estate whereby the landes are as. THEMISTIUS. Omnia Opera, sured to the Colledge, &c. Three hoc est Paraphrases et Orationes : leaves. Index sive summa com. Alexandri Aphrodisiensis Libri duo pendiariæ cujusque capitis sequen- de Anima et de Fato unus. (Græce.) tium Statutorum. One leaf. Or- Venetiis, in ædibus hæredum Aldi dinatio sive compositio facta inter Manutii et Andrea Asulani, 1534. Rob. Doyly de Merton, in comitatu Libri Paraphraseos Themistii in Oxoniæ armigerum et Wilhelmum Aristotelem. Interprete Hermolao Place de Lurgishall in comitatu Barbaro patritio Veneto. OctaviaBuck. generosum, Executores tes- nus Scotus Civis Modoetiensis, extam. Jo. Williams de Thame de- pensis suis. Venetiis, imprimi fecit functi, ex una parte et Mart. Cole- per Barthol. de Zanis de Portesio, peper in custodem Collegii B.M. 1499. Fol. R. in Oxon. ...... ex altera parte de erectione Scholæ Thamensis. - Orationes XXXIII e quibus Twenty-nine leaves. A Rentall, Tredecim nunc primum in lucem where by the Schoolemaster of editæ. Gr. Latine ex recens. et cum

notis D. Petavii et J. Harduini. as the Lascaris of 1480. See a long Paris, e Typogr. Regia, 1684. Fol. dissertation by Ebert, p. 1870, respecting L. P. B. M.

the type of this edition, but with no satis

factory result, as he was never able to see THEMISTOCLES. Epistolae ex a copy of it. It is indeed a book of exvetusto Codice Bibl. Vat. nunc pri.

cessive rarity. The copy in Mr. Holford's

Library, and the present are the only ones mum erutæ et Latinitate donatæ. which have occurred for sale for very many Interprete J. Matt. Caryophilo. years, and both were brought into this Romæ, 1626. 4to. R.

country by us. The present copy was First Edition.

from Larcher's Library.

- Hesiodi et Aliorum Carmina, THENAUD, JEHAN. Le Voy. (Græce.) Impressum Venetiis chaage et Itineraire de oultre mer faict racteribus ac studio Aldi Manucii par Frere Jehan Thenaud maistre Romani cum gracia, etc. MCCCCXCV. es arts, docteur en theologie, et Fol. R. gardien des freres mineurs Dan

First Aldine Edition. goulesme, et premierement dudict

Hesiodi et Aliorum Carmina, lieu Dangoulesme jusques au Cayre. On les vend a Paris en la rue neufue

(Gr.) Ib. Aldus, mccccxcv. Fol. B. M. "

Second Aldine Edition. nostre dame a lenseigne sainct Nicolas. S. d. 16mo. Bl. L.

- Bucolica, (Græce.). Theo. “ Relation d'un voyage a la terre sainte criti castigatissima opera omnia commencé le 2 juillet, 1511. Les exem. Florentiæ, impressa in ædibus Phi. plaires en sont devenus fort rares.” Bru. lippi junta, finem nacta sunt. 1515. net, N. R. III. 330.

12mo. G. M. THEO. Theonis Rhetoris de - Idyllia et alia Carmina, (Græmodo declamandi libellus (Græce). ce), cum Scholiis. Romæ, per Za. Impressum Romæ, per Angelum chariam Calliergum, 1516. 12mo. Barbatum. Decimo octavo cal. Au. G. M. gusti, 1520. 4to. B. M.

- Idyllia, (Græce). Lovanii, This first edition is extremely rare; the apud Theodoricum Martinum Alos. only reference in Panzer, vol. VIII. p 262, tensem, 1520. 4to. G. M. is to the La Valliere copy, which is also quoted by Brunet, III. p. 445, who justly

“ This scarce edition chiefly agrees with observes that this rare edition is of a much the Aldine, but contains also something higher value than what it fetched at the valuable of its own.” Ebert, p. 1872. La Valliere sale. There are subsequent - Idyllia et Alia Poemata, (Græeditions of 1541, 1626, and 1670, this last

ce). Haganoæ, apud Joan. Seceedition by Schæffer is one of merit and contains also Aphthonii Progymnasmata.

rium, 1530.
rium, Tovu. 1200.

12mo. R. M.

R. M. On the Reverse of the Title is an ad - Latino Carmine reddita Helio dress of Angelus Barbatus to Leo Xth,

Eobano Hesso Interprete. Hagawhich concludes on the recto of the next

noæ, per Joan. Secerium leaf, the reverse of which is blank. The

1530. text commences on the following leaf, paged 12mo. R. M. 1, and concludes on the reverse of page 55

- Idyllia, hoc est Parva Poe. with the date as above, but it only con

mata xxxvI. Ejusdem epigramtains thirty leaves. Signatures A to rin eights and A four. The pages skip from mata xix. Ejusdem Bipennis et 19 to 33.

Ala, (Græce). Venetiis, apud SaTHEOCRITUS. TheocrITICAR.

lamandram, 1539. Comment. Ve

tera in Theocriti Eglogas, (Græce). MINA, (Græce). S. l. a. et typ. n. (sed Mediolani, circa MCCCCLxxx.)

Ib. 1539. 12mo. B. M. Fol. R. M.

- Idyllia. Ejusdem EpigramFirst Edition. This edition is un mata. Ejusdem Bipennis et Ala, questionably printed with the same types (Græce). Impressum (sic) Florentiæ, per Benedictum Junctam, illustrata, opera et studio T. Martino. 1540. 12mo. R. M.

Londini, 1760. 8vo. L. P. G. M. With morocco lining. Uncut. This second Juntine Edition differs considerably

- Reliquiæ utroque Sermone from the first in 1515.

cum scholiis græcis et comment. in

tegris H. Stephani, J. Scaligeri et - Idyllia, ejusdem Epigrammata, I. Casauboni ex recens. Jo. Jac. Bipennis et Ala, (Gr.). Venet. ex Reiske. Viennæ. 1765. 4to. 2 vol. offic. Farrea, 1543. Commentaria in i Vetera in Theocriti Eglogas, ex diversis exemplaribus collecta. Ib. - Quæ supersunt cum scholiis 1543. 12mo. B. M.

græcis auctioribus, emendat. J. Tou

pii collat. xv. Codd. ex recens. T. - Idyllia et Alia Carmina, (Græ- Warton. Curæ Posteriores, sive ce). Parisiis, apud Christianum We Appendicula Notarum atque Emenchelum, 1543. 4to. R.

dat. in Theocritum (J. Toupii.) - Idyllia, ejusdem Epigram. Oxon. 1770. 4to. 2 vol. R. mata, ejusdem Bipennis et Ala; In vol. 2. p. 398 the word vtOKOTLOS præter hæc, et Latina Versio car- had been by Toup accompanied with a

scriptural reference: Lowth objected to mine non infeliciter reddita, per H.

this and cancelled the leaf ; in this copy Eobanum Hessum, et J. Camerarii

11 both the original and cancelled leaf will be Scholia accessere. S. a. 1545. 12mo. found.

- Idyllia, cum Scholiis in octo- - Decem Eidyllia Gr. Latinis decim priora Zach. Calliergi per- pleraque numeris a C. A. Wetstenio quam utilibus, et in Fistulam J. Pe- reddita, ex. recens. L. C. Valckedasimi. Annotatiunculisque in re- naer. Lugd. Bat. 1773. Svo. liquia G. Xylandri, (Græce). Ejus

THEODOLUS cum Commento. dem Theocriti Epigrammata, Bipennis et Ala. Francof. per Petrum

Optimo et acutissimo ingenio viri Brubachium, 1558. 12mo.

insignis magistri Odonis nacione

picardi in Theodolum succinctissima - Idyllia, Epigrammata, Bipen- explanatio finit feliciter. Impresnis et Ala. (Græce). Parisiis, apud saque Parisii, per Petrum Levet, 1488. Guil. Morelium, 1561. 4to. R. - Idyllia aliquot : In quibus quæ

The best account of this book will be

found in Warton's History of English ad hanc usque diem desiderabantur

Poetry. Panzer, from Maittaire, quotes vetustorum exemplarium ope resti. an edition sine loco 1481, but does not tuta sunt, (Gr.). Lutetiæ, ap. Fed. know the present very rare edition. Morellum, 1585. 4to.

- Liber Theoduli cum Com- Moschi, Bionis, Simmii quæ mento. Sanctissima explanatio Theoextant, cum Græcis in Theocritum doli finit feliciter Richard Pynson, Scholiis, (Gr. et Lat.) studio Dan. S. a. 4to. G. M. Heinsii cum notis Scaligeri et Ca- This edition is certainly prior to that by sauboni. Ex Bibliopolio Commelin. Wynkyn de Worde in 1515. Mr. Gren1604. 4to.

ville has never traced any other copy but

that bought by Lord Grenville at the sale - Quæ extant cum Græcis Scho. of Mr. Bryant's books. liis, notis et indicibus cura West. THEODORUS. CYRUS. PRODROOxon, e Theatro Sheldon. 1699. 8vo.

O. MUS. Exulans Amicitia, (Gr. et R. M.

Lat.) Conrado Gesnero interprete. - Moschi et Bionis Idyllia, Parisiis, apud G. Morelium, 1549. (Græce et Lat.) Poetis ex Latinis 4to.

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