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and perfect narrative of the strange Templar and their Successors the and unexpected finding the Crucifix Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. and Gold-Chain of that pious Prince 1828. 4to. S'. Edward the King and Confessor.

Only three copies printed. London, by Randal Taylor, 1688.

- Notes on Charters and other

Papers published at Edinburgh in TEATE, FAITHFULL. Ter Tria, Five Parts, from 1828 to 1830. or, the Doctrine of the Three Sacred 4to. Persons, Father, Son and Spirit, Only thirty-five copies printed. Principal Graces, Faith, Hope and TEMPLE. ANNA CHAMBER, Love. Main Duties, Prayer, Hear- Countess. Poems. Strawberrying and Meditation. (Poems). Lon. Hill, 1764. Portrait. 4to. R. don, 1669. 12mo.

TEMPLE, Sir John. The Irish TECKELY, EMERIC, COUNT. Rebellion, or, an history of the geMemoirs. London, for Tim. Good- neral Rebellion in Ireland in 1641. win, 1693. 12mo.

Together with the barbarous cruelTELLEZ. Historia Geral de

ties and bloody Massacres which

ensued thereupon. London, by R. Ethiopia a Alta, ou Preste Joam e

White, 1646. 4to. do que nella obraram os Padres da Companhia de Jesus, composta na

The original edition. mesma Ethiopia pelo Padre Manoel - The Irish Rebellion : or, an d'Almeyda. Abreviada com nova history of the beginnings and first releycam e methodo pelo Padre Bal. progress of the general Rebellion thezar Tellez, Em Coimbra, Na raised within the Kingdom of Ireofficina de Manoel Dias, 1660. Fol. land in 1641. To which is added G. M.

Sir Henry Tichborne's History of A perfect copy with the Map.

the Siege of Drogheda. As also, “ Multa ex hoc opere longe rarissimo in the whole tryal of Connor Lord suos converterunt usus Ludolfus et la Cro. Mac-guire. Dublin, 1724. Fronzius, ille in conscribenda historia Æthio- tispiece. 4to. pum, hic vero in componenda Hist. du Christianisme d'Ethiopie et d'Armenie.TEMPLE, PETER, Knight. Meuselii Bibl. III. i. 121. Freytag Ana. Mans Masterpiece : or, the best imlecta p. 942.

provement of the worst condition. TELUCCINI. Mario. Erasto In the exercise of a Christian Duty. sopranominato il Bernia. Pesaro, On six considerable actions, viz. I. appresso Girolamo Concordia, 1566. The contempt of the World. II.

The judgment of God against the

wicked, &c. III. Meditations on The original of this Romance is that called Dolopathos, and supposed to have Repentance. IV. Meditations on been rendered into Greek either from the the Holy Supper. V. Meditations Hindoo or the Hebrew, it is known in on afflictions and Martyrdom. VI. French under the Title of “Le Livre des With A Meditation for one that is sept Sages," and it is found in Italian under the Title of “ Avenimenti compassione

sick. By P. T. Kt. London, for voli di Erasto," and this story is the Joseph Barber, 1658. With Porground work of Tellucini's Poem. Qua- traits of Sir Peter and Lady Elinor drio, IV. 436 and 452.

Temple by Gaywood. 12mo. TEMPLARIA : Papers relative TEMPLE, Sir Richard. The to the History, Privileges and Pos. Sale of Esau's birth-right; or the

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tune of the London Gentlewoman, or dici, from its origin to the death of Little Peggy Ramsey. A broadside. Francesco, the second Grand Duke

- New News of a strange mons- of Tuscany; and of the great men ter found in Stow Woods near who flourished in Tuscany within Buckingham, of human shape and that period. From the French of a double heart, and no hands : a

M. Tenhove, with notes and obserhead with two tongues, and no vations by Sir Richard Clayton, brains. Fol. Two leaves.

Bar. London, 1797. Portrait. 4to. TEMPLE, Sir William. Poems

2 vol. Y. M. by Sir W.T. No place or date. 12mo.

TENURES. Olde teners newly Privately printed. This copy was bought corrected. Londini, in edibus Riby Mr. Heber, at Beloe's Sale in 1803. chardi Pynsoni, 1525. 12mo. R. M. From Heber's Sale, p. IV. no. 2599.

Collation. A. and B. in eights. Six“The corrections in ink are in the hand teen leaves. writing of Sir William Temple. T. P. C.” Dibdin's Typog. Antia. IL D. 462 Pencil note by Mr. Peregrine Courteney, the author of the Life of Sir W. Temple.


Terentianus de Litteris, Syllabis et

Metris Horatii. Impressum Mede Ritimis vulgaribus, videlicet de

diolani, per magistrum Uldericum Sonetis, de Balatis, de Cantionibus extensis, de Rotondellis, de Man

scinzenzeler, Anno a partu Virginis

salutifero mccccxcvii. pridie Nonis drialibus ; de Serventesiis et de motibus confectis. Explicit Ars Il

Februarii. Fol. B. M.

First edition. “ This book is so rare lustris Ritimorum vulgarium in quo

that Dr. Taylor the editor of Demosthenes cunque genere, quibuscunque in spe- considered his copy as the only one in ciebus dicendi, Antonii de Tempo England, perhaps in the world. That Patavi. Impressa Venetiis, per Si. copy, bought by Askew, and at his Sale monem de Luere. 20 Junii 1509 felie by Hunter, is now at Glasgow. Lord

Spencer bought a copy from the Soubise citer. 12mo.

Library, and Dr. Burney bought one from Collation. A. to L. in fours. Forty- the Pinelli.” MS. note. four leaves. “ For an account of Antonio di Tempo

- De litteris, syllabis et metris Dottor Padovano, consult Quadrio, vol. II.

Horatii. Impressum Venetiis, per p. 178. Crescimbeni vol. I. p. 18. Tris. Joannem de Cereto de Tridino alias sino Poetica. Tiraboschi vol. V. p. 543. Tacuinum, 1503. 4to. R. M. This book is very curious and extremely

“ This is the second edition. Cardinal rare, I do not know where to find another

Richelieu had met with this author's name copy in any English Library. The date of

and supposed it to mean Maurus' a cothe work appears in the Prohemium to be 1332.MS. note.

medy by "Terence'; he quoted it as such

in one of his works and when told of his TENHOVE, Nicolas. Memoires mistake refused to correct it.” MS. note. Genealogiques de la Maison de Mé - De Litteris, Syllabis, Pedibus dicis. (Vingt six livres.) S. d. et Metris, tractatus insignis, suspi8vo. 3 vol. R. M.

ciendus antiquitate etiam reverenda, Privately printed, extremely rare.

Nic. Brissæo Montivillario commen“ This copy of the Memoirs of the Me

tatore et emendatore. Paris, apud dici is one of the small number which were printed by the Author's order, to be dis

Simonem Colinæum, 1531. 4to. tributed only among his particular Friends. - De litteris, syllabis, pedibus, Dr. Maclaine presents and bequeaths it, as

ac metris. Cum accurata interprean humble token of his inexpressible affection and gratitude to Henry Hope Esq.,

tatione Jacobi Petrecini nunc prihis inestimable and most beloved Friend." mum edita. Venetiis, apud MaMS. Note in the volume.

pheum Pasinum, 1533. Svo. - Memoirs of the House of Me- - De litteris, syllabis, pedibus, et metris. Item, ejusdem argumenti, - Comædiæ. S. l. a. et typ. n. Marii Victorini de Orthographia, et (sed in Monasterio Sortensi). L. ratione carminum libri IIII. Ex Aretini Comedia (Calphurnia et Guroff. Sanctandriana, 1584. 8vo. R. M. gulio) finit feliciter; leonardus TERENTIUS. Publii Terentii

Aretinus in monasterio Sortensi. Affri (sic) poetæ comici Comedia

Anno dni M. quadringentesimo seprum liber. Publii Terencii Affri Poetæ

tuagesimo octavo (1478.) Fol. Comici Comediarum liber Finit. S.

G. M. 1. a. et typ. n. (sed Argentorati, per

"This very rare edition is without date,

but the two or three copies which are Joannem Mentelinum, circa MCCCC

known having been found in the original LxvII.) Fol. R. M.

binding with the Comedy of Aretinus subThis is generally esteemed the First joined, it is not, probably much anterior Edition, though it continues to be a sub- to 1478. These two works are the only ject of controversy and its date is uncer publications known to have issued from tain, but supposed by Laire, Index I. 51.4. the Sortensian Monastery in the Diocese to be 1468. Audiffredi Ed. Rom. 412. of Constance.” considers the edition of Ph. de Lignamine, that attributed to Laver, as also that of

- Comædiæ, cum Commentariis Guldinbeck, of very early date. This edi.

Donati, P. T. Afri liber explicitur. tion, in which the verses are not divided, Impressus Venetiis, per Bernardiis of the greatest rarity,“ litteratoribus num de coris Cremonensem Anno Dohucusque incognita," says Laire, I. 51.

mini MccccLxxxvIII. Fol. R. Bp. Dampier knew of no copy in England besides his own and Lord Spencer's; Bibl. This edition though noticed by Panzer, III. Spenc. II. p. 407.

261., is little known to the bibliographers. - Comœdiæ cum ejusdem Vita.

Another edition by the same printer has

the date of 1489. Ernesti Lit. Romana S. l. a. et typ. n. Fol. B. M. I. 237.

Brunet vol. III. p. 433. and Dibdin Bibl. Spencer, II. p. 419. agree in describing this

- Cum Directorio Vocabulorum, edition as unknown to the bibliographers, et Sententiarum, Artis Comicæ, Glosa but as being a second edition by J. de Co. interlineali, Comentariis a Donato, lonia, prior to 1474. But Lord Spencer, Guidone, et Ascensio. Impressum in a letter to Mr. Grenville, thinks it clear,

in Imperiali ac libera urbe Argenthat this is not a reprint of J. de Colonia, but considers the character as more re.

tina, per magistrum Joannem Grusembling that of Vindelin or John de Spira. ninger accuratissime nitidissimeque It certainly has the Gothick v. which is to elaboratum, et denuo revisum atque be found in the Spira Tacitus and is not

collectum ex diversis commentariis to be found in J de Colonia's Terence of 1471. This edition consists of One hun

Anno MCCCCXCVI. Cum figuris. Fol. dred leaves.

G. M. - Comediæ Sex, cum vita Te Freytag says of this edition “ editio inrentii. Vale vir optime. Raphael

frequens, valde infrequens.” The singu

larity of the cuts recommends it to the Jovenzonius ister. P. emendavi. curious. Bibl. Spenc. II. p. 426. Brunet, Joannes Agrippinæ colonia decus im- 111. 308. pressit. Anno domini nostri jhesu christi MCCCCLXXI. divo Nicolao

-- Comedie, cum annotationibus throno venetiarum duce. Finis felix.

Petri Marsi et Pauli Malleoli in sinFol. R. M.

gulas scenas, cum indice dictionum

et figuratis argumentis. Arte et First Edition. This is the first edition

industria J. Priis Argentin. 1503. that has a clear indisputable date, and is of very rare occurrence. Panzer, II. XI. quotes the Zarotus edition in Lord Pem- This edition does not appear to have broke's library with the date of 1470, but been known to Panzer, nor is it found in that date is evidently fabricated out of the the principal bibliographical works. date of 1481. See Bibl. Spenc. II. pp. 402. 411.

-- Hoc pugillari Terentius nu

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meris concinatus, et L. Victoris pected by Renouard or any other BibFausti de Comedia libellus, nova liographer.” recognitione, litterisque novis con- - Comediæ Sex, cum commentinetur. Hasce Terentii fabulas tariis Donati ex recens. Fr. Lindencensura cujusdam sane eruditi viri, bruchii. Parisiis, 1602. 4to. sumptibusque assiduis imprimendas Lazarus Soardus curavit. Venetiis,

- Comediæ sex ex recensione 1511. 12mo. R. M.

Heinsiana. Lugd. Bat. er off. El“ This edition unknown to Fabricius

zeviriana, 1635. 12mo. B. M. and Ernesti, is so rare that Dr. Askew's

- Fabulæ omnes (Lat. et) Annote upon it says “ A book which may be

i glicæ factæ et hac nova forma editæ, numbered among the most rare, and of cæ which I do not recollect to have seen a opera R. B. (R. Bernard.) Loncopy in any other Catalogue or Library.” dini, 1641. 4to. R.

This version was first printed at Cam- Venetiis, in ædibus Aldi et

et bridge in 1598. Andreæ soceri, 1517. 8vo. G. M.

- Comædiæ Sex, ad fidem duo-Terentianæ Comediæ in sua decim amplius MSS. Codd. et metra iterum restitutæ et recognitæ pluscularum optimæ notæ Editioquam accuratiss. cum iis insuper quæ num recensitæ, et Comment. perde comedia et metris comicis pres- petuo illustratæ, ab Arn. Henr. suis dici possunt. Florentiæ, sumptu Westerhovio. Hagæ Com. 1726. P. Junta, 1517. Svo. R.

4to. 2 vol. L. P. R. “This edition does not appear to be much known or easily found : it is the Second

- Comœdiæ; recensuit, notasque Junta Edition, the first being of 1505.” suas et Gabr. Faerni addidit Rich.

Bentleius. Ed. altera. Amst. 1727. - Parisiis, apud Sim. Colinæum, 4to. L. P. R. M. 1541. 16mo. B. M. “ This edition is by no means of frequent

- Æli Donati Commentarii in occurrence : it is perhaps the rarest of the Terentii Comedias. S. 1. a. et tvp. works of this printer.”

n. Fol. R. M. - Comediæ. Ex vetustissimis

" It appears to be very questionable,

which of the three earliest editions of Donalibris et versuum ratione a Gabriele

versuum ratione a babriele tus is the first. Dibdin inclines to that by Faerno emendatæ. Florentiæ, apud Sweynheym and Pannartz, but gives no Juntas, 1565. 12mo. R. M. Un sufficient reason, II. p. 414. Laire Ind. I.

128. calls this present edition, “ Editio vere

princeps et ignota.” It is generally re“ Edition fort recherchée." Brunet, III.

ferred to the press of Mentelin on account 426.

of the peculiar R. but in truth the ques.

tion of precedence of that of Sweynheym - ab Antonio Mureto, locis prope

and Pannartz, that of Spira and this of innumerabilibus emendatus, et ar- Mentelin is of great doubt and difficulty.” gumentis in singulas fabulas illus. MS. note. tratus. Antverpiæ, ex off. Christ.

- Therence en francois Prose et Plantini, 1574. 12mo. G. M. Rime avecques le Latin. Icy fine - a. M. Antonio Mureto emen

Therence en francoys. Imprime a datus. Ejusdem Mureti Argumenta

Paris, pour anthoine Verard, s. d. et scholia in singulas Comædias.

With wood cuts. Fol. B. L. R. M. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1575. Svo.

“ This is the finest copy that I have L. P. G. M.

seen of a book that is rare and much

sought after. It has been carefully col“This is, as far as I know, the only copy lated and is quite perfect.” MS. note. upon Large Paper.

The existence of any such is not sus- - Les Comedies de Terence avec

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la Traduction et les Remarques de toire des Navigations aux Terres Madame Dacier. Rotterdam, 1717. Australes, contenant ce que l'on Plates by Picart. 12mo. 3 vol. sçait des mœurs et des productions R. M.

des Contrées découvertes jusqu'à

ce jour : et ou il est traité de l'utiTERESA. SAINT. The flaming lité d'v faire de plus ample décou. Hart, or the Life of the glorious S. vertes

vertes, et des moyens d'y former un Teresa, foundresse of the Reforma

établissement. Paris, 1756. 4to. tion, of the order of the All-Imma

2 vol. culate Virgin-Mother, our B. Lady,

TERRY, EDWARD. A voyage to of Mount-Carmel. Translated from the Spanish. Antwerpe, by Jo.

East-India : wherein some things are Meursius, 1642. 12mo.

taken notice of in our passage

thither, but many more in our abode - The Life of the holy mother there, within that rich and most S. Teresa; foundress of the Re- spacious empire of the great Mogol. formation of the Discalced Car- Observed by Edward Terry (then melites, according to the Primitive chaplain to Sir Thomas Row, AmRule. Printed in the year 1671. bassador to the great Mogol.) Lon4to.

don, by T. W. for J. Martin, 1655. TERRA ROSSA, Vitale. Ri Portrait and Map. Svo. R. flessioni Geografiche circa le Terre TERTULLIANUS, Q. SEPTIMUS Incognite, distese in ossequio per- FLORENS. Apologeticus ad Cod. petuo della Nobilta Veneziana, nelli MSS. et Edit. Veteres recognitus, quali I. Si pruova, che i Patrizi di emendatus et perpetuo commentario Venezia prima d'ogni altro hanno S. Havercampi illustratus. Lugd. all'Italia, et all'Europa, discoperte Bat. 1718. 8vo. R. M. tutte le Terre anticamente Incog TESTAMENTUM. Novum In. nite, anco l'America, e la Terra

strumentum omne, diligenter ab Australe. II. Si desidera una esatta,

Erasmo Roterodamo recognitum et e perfetta concordia della vecchia,

emendatum, non solum ad græcam e nuova Geografia, in onore de'

veritatem, verum etiam ad multorum Signori Veneziani. III. Si difende

utriusque linguæ codicum, eorumque contra il moderno Baudrand, che

veterum simul et emendatorum fidem niuno infra i racconti Geografici,

&c. Cum annotationibus Erasmi. Badagli stessi Gentiluomini dell'Adria

siliæ, in ædibus Joannis Frobenii, 1516. publicati, è stato finto, ò fauoloso.

Fol. 2 vol. in l. Padova, per il Cadorino, 1686. 4to.

The first Edition of Erasmus's Greek M.

Testament. TERRACINA, LAURA. Discorso - Novum Testamentum omne, sopra il principio di tutti i canti multo quam antehac diligentius ab d'Orlando Furioso. Fatto per la S. Erasmo Roterodamo recognitum, Laura Terracina, detta nell'academia emendatum, ac translatum, &c. Bade gl'incogniti, Febea. Vinegia, sileæ, in ædibus Joannis Frobenii, appresso Gabriel Giolito, 1554. Wood 1519. Fol. cuts. Svo.

Very fine copy.

This second edition is very much es- Le Seste Rime della Signora

teemed; and is considered as the first Laura Terracina di Napoli. Lucca,

which contains the 7th verse in the 5th appresso Vincenzo Busdrago, 1558. Chapter of St. John's Epistle in testimony Svo.

of the “ Three Witnesses,” concerning

which there has been so much literary TERRES AUSTRALES. His controversy.

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