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1835, which is bound at the end of the London, for Thomas Woodcok, volume.

1589. 4to. It has great additional value from its

Bl. L. R. M. affording a much better and more correct

“ This account of the expedition of text than the subsequent copies, which as Norris, Drake and Lord Essex in 1589, is Quadrio justly observes, IV. p. 549, are so interesting and rare. defectively printed as to have given to It appears from Herbert's Ames, Varchi a false impression of the merits of p. 1110, that Woodcok in the same rear the author. See also Melzi, Bibl. p. 42, &c. 1589, printed the same account in Latin

under the Title of Ephemeris Expeditionis - Incomincia il libro vulgar Norreysii et Draki in Lusitaniam.” MS. ditto la Spagna in quaranta cantare note. See under Drake, p. 208 a. diviso: dove se tratta le battaglie

- A true relation of a brave che fece Carlo Magno in la provin

English Stratagem, practised lately cia de la Spagna. Venetia, per

upon a Sea-Towne in Galizia (one Guielmo da Fontane, 1514. Wood

of the Kingdomes in Spaine) and cuts. 4to. R. M.

most valiantly and successfully per“This edition appears to have been un- formed by one English Ship alone known to Quadrio, Crevenna, Pinelli and

of 30 Tonne, with no more than other Italian Bibliographers. This copy, bought by Heber at Hibbert's Sale, is quoted 35 men in her. As also with two by Melzi and Brunet, but I find no trace other remarkable accidents betweene of it elsewhere. It is taken from the Vene- the English and Spaniards, to the tian Edition in 4to, 1488, the defects of glory of our nation. Printed for which are exemplified by Tosi." MS. note.

Mercurius Britannicus, 1626. 4to. SPAIN. A true Report of the

SPANG, William. general Imbarrement of all the Eng.

Motuum lish Shippes under the dominion of

Britannicorum verax Cushi ex ipsis the Kinge of Spaine: and of the

Joabi et oculati testis prototypis todaungerous adventures. & wonder tus translatus. Roterodami, 1647. full deliverance, of a Ship of Lon

12mo. don called the Violet being of the

Thuanus's Copy.

The writer of this Book was William burthen of 130 Tunns: by the Spang, who was the intimate friend of especial providence of God, from Robert Baillie, an eye-witness of many of the violence of Spanyardes, at a the events here related. Port called Sebastian in Biskay:

SPARKE, JOSEPHUS. Historiæ which adventure was enterprisid the

Anglicanæ Scriptores varii, e codi25 of May 1585, and was finished

cibus manuscriptis nunc primum the 29 of the same moneth, without

editi. Londini, 1723. Fol. L. P. R. hurt either to men, or Ship. Lon. don, by John Wolfe, for Thomas Only twenty-five copies were printed on Butter, 1585. 16mo. Bl. L.

this Largest Paper. Collation. A and B eight leaves. SPARROW, Ant. A Rationale Seven pages of Prose, followed by seven upon the Book of Common Prayer pages of verses signed R. D.

of the Church of England. Lon– A true coppie of a discourse don, 1676. Frontispiece and por. written by a Gentleman, employed traits of Overal and Lancelot by Hol. in the late Voyage of Spaine and lar. 12mo. B. M. Portingale: sent to his particular friend, and by him published, for


VATIONIS. Fol. G. M. the better satisfaction of all such, as hauing been seduced by particu

First Edition.

The present copy of this exceedingly lar report, haue entred into con

rare book, printed partly from wooden ceipts tending to the discredit of the blocks, and partly with moveable types, enterprise, and actors of the same. has the wood cuts uncoloured, and is

complete with the exception of the fif This work, written in Islandick, with a teenth (fol. 20.) which is admirably sup- Latin and a Danish translation, is by the plied in fac-simile by Harris. Heinecken, editor ascribed to the middle of the Twelfth p. 412, conjectures that the Printer became Century. There is much in this work acquainted with moveable Types during the concerning Ireland, and though partly faprogress of the impression. Concerning bulous, it is interesting to read the notions the extreme rarity and merits of this book that prevailed concerning Ireland in such see Ottley's History of Engraving, and his early days. note on the Biblia Pauperum in this Catalogue, p. 78.b.

SPEECHES. The Dying Speech

es of several excellent Persons, who - Speculum Humanæ Salvatio. suffered for their Zeal against Ponis. S. l. et a. (sed Augustæ Vindel. pery, and Arbitrary Government, per Gunterum Zainer, circa MCCCC. viz. Mr. Stephen Colledg, the Lord LXXV.) Fol. With wood cuts. B.M. Russel, Col. Sidney, Col. Rumbald,

This edition is of very uncommon oc- the Lady Lisle, Alderman Cornish, currence; it seems to be ascertained that Capt. Walcot. London, 1689. 4to. it is printed at Augsburg by Gunter Zainer, though some attribute it to John Zainer SPEED. John. The Theatre of at Ulm, circa 1475. See Ottley's History of Engraving. Heinecken. p. 464. and the Empire of Great Britaine, preother references will be found in Bibl. senting an Exact Geography of the Spenc. vol. IV. p. 9, with fac-similes of Kingdomes of England, Scotland, several of the wood cuts.

Ireland and the Iles adjoyning, with SPECULUM. Speculum exem

The Shires, Hundreds, Cities and plorum ex diversis libris in unum Shire townes within the Kingdome laboriose Collectum. Ad Laudem

of England. Imprinted at London, et gloriam sempiterne individueque 1611. Plates. fol. trinitatis, beatissime marie virginis, omnium sanctorum et angelorum

- The History of Great Britaine finitum, et completum est hoc Spe

under the Conquests of the Romans, culum exemplorum per me Richar

Saxons, Danes and Normans. Their dum Paefroed civem daventriensem

Originals, Manners, Warres, Coines in crastino beatissimorum Apostolo

and Seales; With the Successions, rum Philippi et Jacobi Anno Dni

Lives, Acts and Issues of the EngMCCCCLxxxi. De quo sit Deus bene

lish Monarchs from Julius Cæsar to dictus in secula. Amen. Fol. . R.

our most gracious Soveraigne King

James. Imprinted at London, 1611. – Speculum exemplorum omni- Plates. Fol. bus christicolis salubriter inspiciendum ut exemplis discant disciplinam. - The Genealogies recorded in Finitum est et completum hoc spe- the Sacred Scriptures according to culum exemplorum in civitate Ar- every Family and Tribe, with the gent. Mccccxcv. Fol. B. M.

Line of our Saviour Jesus Christ " This collection, somewhat similar to observed from Adam to the blessed the Gesta Romanorum, is described by the Virgin Mary. No place or date. author as the first collection, ex pluribus 12mo. diversorum auctorum opusculis ; see his Prologus. Panzer notices six or seven SPEED, Samuel. Fragmenta editions, by which it appears to have been carceris, or the Kings Bench Scuffle a popular book.” MS. note.

with the Humors of the Common - Speculum Regale cum Inter- Side. The Kings Bench Letany pretatione Danica et Latina, variis and the Legend of Duke Humphrey. lectionibus, notis, &c. Kongs- London, 1675. 4to. Skugg-Sio udgivet af Halfdan Einersin. Soroe, 1768. 4to. R.

SPEGHT, RACHEL. Mortalities

Memorandum, with a Dreame pre- the first petition in verse is addressed on fixed, imaginarie in manner: reall in the Kings going to Newmarket, the wag. matter. London, by E. Griffin, for

gon and hounds going through Cheapside

on Sunday, on which account the author J. Bloome, 1621. 4to.

implores the King to Remember to keep

holy the Sabbath-day,&c. Next follows SPELMAN, Sir Henry. Glos

one on the publication of the Book of sarium Archaiologicum continens Sports, which being sent by his son, his Latino-Barbara, Peregrina, Obsoleta Majesty committed him to prison. There et Novatæ Significationis Vocabula.

are also many interesting letters to the

Earl of Cleveland and Thomas Lord St. Londini, 1687. Fol.

John for the ending a law-suit, to Sir W. - The History and Fate of Sa

Litton, Knt. concerning the Author's com

mitment to prison, to Mr. Harvey on a crilege discover'd by examples of dispute between Lord St. John and Lord Scripture. London, 1698. 8vo. Wentworth. Then follow verses on New

England's plantations; verses to Mr. - The English Works of Sir Brightman on his translation of the Can. Henry Spelman, Kt. publish'd in ticles; letter to the prisoners at Bedford,

with a Book of Common Praver: letter to his Life time; together with his

his brother Nicholas, to dissuade him from Posthumous works, relating to the

Cock-fighting ; letters to Sir Robert Carr Laws and Antiquities of England; on the difference between him and his together with the Life of the Au. lady, also instructions for their son in his thor. To which are added two studies. The Author's speech for the re

conciliation of Sir Jarrard Harvie and his more treatises never before printed :

neighbours of Carington, about a levy, &c. one, of the Admiral-Jurisdiction,

The Author's character and study appear and the Officers thereof: the other, to have been that of a peace-maker. of Antient Deeds and Charters. J. Spencer was likewise the Author of a London, 1723. Portrait by White.

learned but dangerous Work, “ De Legi

bus Hebræorum ritualibus,” in which he Fol. L. P. R.

endeavours to prove that the Hebrew Ri.

tual was borrowed from the Egyptians. - Materials for the Life of Sir

He wrote also “A Discourse on Prodi. Henry Spelman. In Manuscript. gies, 1663." 4to.

SPENSER, Edmond. Works, SPELMAN, John. Ælfredi Whereunto is added, an Account of Magni Anglorum Regis invictissimi his Life, with other new Additions Vita, a Johanne Spelman primum never before in Print. London, H. Anglice conscripta, dein Latine red- Hills, for J. Edwin. 1679. Fol. dita, et annotationibus illustrata.

- Works, with a Glossary exOxonii, e Theatro Sheldoniano, 1678. Fol. L.P.

plaining the Old and Obscure Words

by Mr. Hughes. London, 1715. SPENCER, John. A Discourse 12mo. 6 vol. R. M. of divers Petitions of High Concernment and great consequence; de

- Works. With the principal livered by the Authour into the

illustrations of various commentahands of King James, of famous

tors. To which are added Notes, memory, and into the hands of our

some account of the life of Spenser, gracious King Charles. And di

and a glossarial and other indexes vers other Letters delivered unto

by H. J. Todd. London, 1805. some great Peers of the Land, &c.

Svo. 8 vol. L. P. Y. M. A Treatise of Melancholie, and the - The Faerie Queene. Disposed strange effects thereof. London, into twelve books, fashioning xii. H. Dudley, 1641. 4to. B. M. Morall vertues. (Books 1. 2. 3.)

A most interesting volume in verse and London, for William Ponsonbie, prose, dedicated to King Charles I. to whom 1590. The Second part of the Faerie Queene. Containing the London, by Thomas East, for John Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Bookes. By Harrison the younger, 1581. Wood Ed. Spenser. London, for William cuts. 4to. Bl. L. G. M. Ponsonbie, 1596. 4to. 2 vol. R. M. The second edition. A beautiful copy,

First Editions. At the end of the se- bound by Roger Payne. cond volume is inserted a copy of Colin Clouts come home again, first edition, 1595.

- The Shepheardes Calendar,

Conteining twelve Æglogues pro. - l'he Faerie Queene. (Books

portionable to the twelve Monethes. 1.—vi.) London, for William Pon

London, by John Wolfe, 1586. 4to. sonbie, 1596. 4to. 2 vol. in 1. R.

This is the Third Edition. The second edition of Books 1.2.3, and the first edition of Books 4. 5. 6. These - Complaints. Containing sunare beautiful copies, and bound by Roger drie small Poemes of the Worlds Payne, whose Bill is preserved in the volume, he says, “ These two volumes bound

Vanitie. (1. The Ruines of Time. in one in the very best manner £1. 58. 2. The Teares of the Muses. 3. Finished in the highest Taste, character. Virgils Gnat. 4. Prosopopoia, or istic of the English Poet, by Acorns and Mother Hubberds Tale. 5. The oak leaves, the Lyre, Crescent, Laurel

Ruines of Rome: by Bellay. 6. MuioBranches disposed in the most elegant and correct manner in the Gothic Taste of the potmos, or the Tale of the ButterTime.”

flies. 7. Visions of the Worlds – Faerie Queene with a Glossary

vanitie. 8. Bellayes Visions. 9. and Notes explanatory and critical

Petrarches Visions.) London, for by John Upton. London, 1758.

William Ponsonbie, 1591. 4to. G. M. 4to. 2 vol.

First Editions. This copy belonged to the Editor, Mr. - Daphnaida. An Elegie upon Upton, and contains his last Ms. cor- the death of the noble and vertuous rections.

Douglas Howard, Daughter and - Another Copy. 4to. 2 vol. heire of Henry Lord Howard, VisL. P. G. M.

count Byndon, and wife of Arthure

Gorges Esquier. Dedicated to the - The Shepheardes Calender

Right honorable the Lady Helena, conteyning twelue Æglogues propor- Marquesse of Northampton. By tionable to the twelue monethes. Ed. Sp. London, for William PonEntitled to the noble and vertuous

sonby, 1591. gentleman most worthy of all titles

First Edition. A second Copy is bound both of learning and cheualrie M.

up with the Fowre hymns. Philip Sidney. London, by Hugh Singleton, 1579. Wood cuts. 4to. - Colin Clouts come home Bl. L. m.

againe. London, by T. C. for Wil

liam Ponsonbie, 1595. 4to. G. M. " This first edition is so rare that I have not as yet been able to ascertain any other

First Edition. copy except that in Trinity College, Cambridge, though probably others are to be

- Amoretti and Epithalamion. found. For even the third edition of Written not long since by Edmunde 1586, Sir M. Sykes gave £21 at the Rox- Spenser. Imprinted by P. S. for burghe Sale. The Shepheard's Calendar William Ponsonbv, 1595. 12mo. was reprinted a fourth and fifth time in

B. M. 1591 and 1597. All these Quarto old editions are valuable, but the first very pecu Collation. Title page. Dedication to liarly so.” MS. note.

Sir Robert Needham, two leaves. G. W. This was Heber's Copy, see his Cat. senior to the Author, (A Sonnet), one part IV. No. 2627.

leaf. A Sonnet signed G. W. I. one leaf.

Eighty-nine Sonnets, extending from A 2 - The Shepheardes Calendar. to F. 6. The verso of F. 6. F. 7.8. and G.

1. and 2. a Poem on Love. G. 3. Title ioustées deux histoires, l'une des Indes Page of Epithalamion-the Poem G. 4 to Orientales, l'autre des Indes OcciH. 7. The last leaf H. 8. the Imprint. dontoles L'autre faicte par Jacob Together sixty-eight leaves. First Edition. Excessively rare. le Maire, lequel au costé du Zud du - Fowre Hymnes. London, for

destroict de Magellan, a decouvert

un nouveau destroict. Amsterdam, William Ponsonby, 1596. 4to.

chez Jean Jansz, 1621. Maps and First Edition.

Plates. 4to. - Prothalamion, or a Spousal "In this French Edition the Journal of verse made by Ed. Spenser. In Le Maire's Voyage is continued till the 1st honour of the double marriage of July 1617, and notices the death of Le the two honorable and vertuous La

Maire on 22d Dec. 1616. In the original

Latin edition of 1619, the Diary of the dies, the Ladie Elizabeth and the

Laure Cazabeth and the voyage ends on the 2d Nov. 1616, and to Ladie Katherine Somerset, Daugh- that edition is subjoined a short account ters of the Right Honourable the (in two pages of the different navigators Earle of Worcester, and espoused

round the world from 1519 to 1615. The

Plates are the same in the Latin and French to the two worthie gentlemen M.

editions." MS. note. Henry Gilford and M. William Peter Esquyers. London, for William SPIRA, Francis. A relation of Ponsonby, 1596. 4to.

the fearful estate of Francis Spira, First Edition.

after he turn’d apostate from the SPILBERGEN, Georgius A.

Protestant Church to Popery. As

also, the miserable lives, and woful Speculum Orientalis Occidentalisque

deaths of Mr. John Child, who desIndiæ Navigationum ; quarum una

perately hang'd himself, and Mr. Georgii à Spilbergen classis cum

George Edwards who shot himself. potestate præfecti, Altera Jacobi le

London, 1710. 12mo.
Maire auspiciis imperioque directa,
Annis 1614-1618. Exhibens Novi

SPIRITO, LORENZO. Comincia in mare Australe transitus, incogni

il libro chiamato altro marte de la tarumque hactenus terrarum ac gen

vita et gesti de lo illuxtrissimo et tium inventionem, &c. Lugduni

potenti capitano Nicolo picinino, Batavorum, apud Nic. Geelkercken,

Qui finisscie (sic) il libro chiamato 1619. Plates. Oblong 4to. G. M.

altro marte composto escripto per “ This early and first edition is rarely mano de me Lorenzo Spirito da pefound, and still more rarely with the map roscia abatiste de Ranaldo da peNo. 19, which is almost always deficient. roscia finito adi doi de aprile mille In this copy, after p. 96 (wrongly numbered 69) reprints of pages 89-96 are found.

quattro cento Setanta. Stampata ‘Cette edition en 1619 paroit etre le pro

en 1619 paroit etre le pro- in vicenza adi viii. de aprile del totype des autres, et l'original de la rela MCCCCLXXXVIIII. Fol. R. M. tion redigée par Corneille de Mayundes

“ First Edition. This account of Nic. Navigateur.' Camus sur de Bry, p. 154.MS. note.

Picinino, a famous soldier of the 15th cen

tury, is of rare occurrence. Lorenzo Spi– Miroir Oost and West-In rito, the author, flourished about 1450, dical, auquel sont descriptes les

and finished this work in 1470. He is

considered as superior to most of his codeux derniers Navigations, faictes

temporaries by Quadrio, IV. 136. He es Années 1614-1618, l'un par wrote also a book of divination “Sorte" George de Spilbergen, par le de- printed at Brescia 1489, and also a transtroict de Magellan, et ainsi tout lation of Ovid's Metamorphoses, Perugia,

1519, and left in the Library at Perugia a autour de toute la terre, avec toutes

MS. Canzoniere in imitation of Petrarca. les Battailles données tant par terre, Quadrio. V. 165. Fossi, II. p. 607."> que par eau. Ici sont aussi ad. MS. note.

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