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preached at Christ Church in Dub. For this rare edition, Panzer, II. 10, lin. July 1674. with a Declaration refers to Laire, Index, I. p. 179, nisi obesmade in St. John's Church in

set signaturarum usus ad Typographiæ

tentamen revocari posset hoc opus. PanCashel and a Preface shewing the zer supposes it to be the type of J. SchalReasons for deserting the Commu- lus, who printed at Mantua from 1475 to nion of the Roman Church and 1479. Laire says he has never seen the embracing that of the Church of same type. Only two other books are England. Dublin, 1675.

known to have been printed by Schall,

12mo. namely, Scrutinium Scripturarum, 1475, - True Catholic and Apostolic and Eusebius, 1479. See Panzer, Il. p. 4. 6. Faith maintain’d in the Church of - Opera. S. l. et a. Fol. G. M. England by Andrew Sall, Doctor in This edition was printed at Strasburgh Divinity : being a reply to several by Martin Flack, and is very rare. In Books published under the names of Bibl. Spencer. II. p. 332-33, Dr. Dibdin I. E. N. N. and J. S. against his

says the Jugurthine war concludes on the

reverse of the sixtieth and last leaf, it condeclaration for the Church of Eng

cludes on the recto of that leaf. land, and against the motives for his separation from the Roman

- Opera cum Comment. LauChurch, declared in a printed ser- rentii Vallensis et J. Chrys. Soldi mon which he preached in Dublin. Brixiani. S. l. et a. (sed Brixiæ Oxford, 1676. 8vo.

circa 1495.) Fol. Sall was a convert from the Roman Ca- - De conjuratione Catilinæ. tholick to the Protestant Church, and this is his Answer to French's famous and rare

Ejusdem de Bello Jugurthino. Ejuswork, entitled “ the Bleeding Iphigenia.” dem oratio contra Ciceronem. Ci.

ceronis oratio contra Sallustium. SALLUSTIUS. De Conjura- Eiusdem orationes quatuor contra tione Catilinæ et de Bello Jugurthi- L. Catilinam. Porcii Latronis deno Libri. S. 1. MCCCCLXX. 4to. B.M. clamatio contra L. Catilinam. OraThough the edition of this year by Vin

tiones quædam ex libris historiadelin de Spira is generally reputed the Editio Princeps, Reviczky, Supp. p. 13. rum Sallustii. Venetiis, in ædicalls this the Ed. Pr. and quotes Haver- bus Aldi et Andreæ soceri. 1509. camp in support of that opinion. Dibdin, 8vo. Bibl. Sp. II. 323, considers the priority of these two editions as a doubtful question, - De Conjuratione Catilinæ, and refers to MS. memoranda of Bp. Dam Ejusdem de Bello Jugurthino. Et pier in critical description and praise of

Alia opera. Venetiis, in ædibus Aldi this rare and estimable edition, “ eundem sane characterem in nullo alio libro me et Andreæ soceri, 1521. 8vo. B. M. vidisse memini.” It is not noticed by Fine copy, from Renouard's Collection. Panzer, nor does Audiffredi mention it, although the prevailing opinion is that it - Quæ extant, ex recensione was printed at Rome.

J. Wasse et cum vita Sallustii a J. - Ex Libris Historiarum C. Clerico. Cantab. 1710. 4to. L. P. Crispi Salusti excerpta. Impressus

- Quæ extant, item Epistolæ de Romæ ; in domo nobilis viri Petri de

Republica Ordinanda, nec non Jul. Maximis, per M. Arnoldum Pan

Exsuperantius de Bellis Civilibus, nartz alamanum, MCCCCLxxv. 4to.

recensuit diligentissime et adnot. G. M.

illustravit G. Cortius. Venetiis, J. This very rare edition is perfect, in thirty leaves. Of the thirty-two quoted

Bapt. Paschalius, 1737. 4to. L.P. by Audiffredi, he very justly observes that R. the first and last are blank leaves.

— Belli Catilinarii et Jugurthini - Ex Libris Historiarum ex- Historiæ. Edinburgi, Gul. Ged, cerpta. S. I et a. 4to. R. M. Aurifaber Edinensis, non typis mo

bilibus ut fieri solet, sed Tabellis Thomas Jekyll, of Bocking, Esquire, seu Laminis fusis, excudebat 1744. out of Patents, Charters, Inquisi12mo. R. M.

tions post mortem, and from the

Papers of Mr. Ouseley of Spring- Here begynneth the famous cronycle of the warre which the ro

field, and Mr. Holman, of Halstead.

London, 1740. Fol. pp. 460, (with mayns had agaynst Jugurth usurper

the exception of pp. 429-432). of the Kyngdome of Numidy, which cronycle is compyled in latyn by the

This work was never finished, in conse

quence of Salmon's death. renowmed romayne Salust. And translated into englysshe by syr SALT, Henry. Twenty-four Alexander Barclay priest at că Views taken in St. Helena, The maundement of the right hye and Cape, India, Ceylon, Abyssinia and mighty prince Thomas duke of Egypt. London, 1809. Fol. Northfolke. Imprented at London, SALTER. JAMES. Caliope's Caby Rycharde Pynson, n. d. Fol. binet opened. Wherein Gentlemen Bl. L. R. M.

may be informed how to adorn This very fine copy consists of ninety themselves for Funerals, Feastings, two numbered leaves, in addition to the

and other Heroick Meetings. Lonlast, containing the date, and eight preliminary leaves, containing the Title, Table don, by G. M. for W. Crooke, 1665. and Preface of Barclay to the Duke of Svo. Norfolk. This very rare book is incorrectly described by Lowndes, probably from

SALVADOR IN BRASIL. A an imperfect copy. It contains the Latin plaine and true relation, of the going Text also.

forth of a Holland Fleete the ele- La Conjuracion de Catilina v uenth of Nouember 1623 to the la Guerra de Jugurta por Cayo Sa Coast of Brasile; with the taking in lustio Crispo. Madrid, Ibarra, 1772. of Saluedoe, and the chief occurFol.

rences falling out there, in the time Original Edition. A present from H.

of the Hollanders continuance thereWilliams Wynn on his return from Spain, in. As also the comming of the 1809. This translation was made by F. Spanish Armada to Saluedoe, with Perez, Tutor to the Infante Don Gabriel.

the beleaguering of it, the accedints Mr. Waddelove, Chaplain to the English

falling in the Towne the time of the Ambassador, Lord Grantham, procured the types from the Baskerville Font.

beleaguering. As also the bare de

liuery vp of the said Towne by cowSALMON. NATHANIEL. The ardly Officers &c. By J. B. that history of Hertfordshire, describing hath ben an eye and eare-witnesse the County and its antient monu- of this subject. Rotterdam, by M.S. ments particularly the Roman. With 1626. 4to. B. M. the character of those that have been the chief Possessors of the

SAMPSON, THOMAS. A letter lands. And an account of the most to the trew professors of Christes memorable occurrences. London,

Gospell, inhabitinge in the Parishe 1728. Map. Fol. R.

off Allhallowis, in Bredstrete in

London, made by Thomas Sampson, - Antiquities of Surrey, col. sometyme their Pastore. Straslected from the most antient Re- burgh'in Elsas, 1554. 16mo. A. 8. cords. With some account of the B. 6. Fourteen leaves. Bl. L. M. present state and natural history of “ Extremely rare. T. Sampson, born the County. London, 1736., 8vo. in 1517, was made Dean of Chichester by

Edward VI, and afterwards Dean of Christ The history and antiquities of Church, from which he was removed on Essex. From the collections of account of his rigid Calvinism. He fled

in Mary's Reign, and died in 1589. Her- the supposed Conversion of the people of bert's Ames, p. 1575. More will be seen England to the Catholick faith are curious of him in Bliss's Wood's Athenæ, vol. I. and interesting." MS, note. p. 548. See also Brydges's Censura, II. 359.” MS. note.

SANCHEZ, Thomas. Disputa

tionum de Sancto Matrimonii SaSAMPSON, THOMAS. Fortunes

cramento, Tomi tres. (Tomus priFashion, pourtrayed in the troubles

mus.) Genuæ, apud Josephum Paof the Ladie Elizabeth Gray, wife vonem. 1602. (Tomi II. et 111.) to Edward the fourth. London, for Madriti, prælo et expensis Ludouici William Jones, 1613. 4to. Twenty- Sanchez, 1605. 3 vol. Fol. R. M. four leaves. M.

“De Bure, and after him Brunet, quote " The great rarity of this book may dis- the edition of 1607, as the best, and it is tinguish it more than its poetry. The certainly better than those which are subnarrative is from Hollinshed, evidently sequent to it; but this, which is the first written after the manner of The Mir- and the original edition of the three voror for Magistrates.'

lumes, is infinitely more rare and desirable. The Author is supposed to be descended Though Genuæ is put to the Title Page of from Tho. Sampson, Dean of Christ Church the first volume, it was really printed like in 1561.” MS. note.

the second and third at Madrid. Sanchez SAMPSON, William. Virtus

died at Grenada, 1610. Of his life and

writings see Bayle.” MS. note. post Funera vivit, or, Honour triumphing over Death. Being true SANCROFT, William, Archepitomes of honorable, noble, learned bishop of Canterbury. Fur prædesand hospitable personages. Lon. tinatus : sive Dialogismus inter don, by John Norton, 1636. 4to. quendam Ordinis prædicantium Cal. B. M.

vinistam et Furem ad laqueum dam" Containing thirty-three elegiac eulo

natum habitus. Londini, impensis

natus gies.” Lowndes.

F. G. typis G. D. 1651. 12mo. SAMSON, Thomas. A narra- - Familiar Letters to Sir Henry tive of the late Popish Plot in Ire. North. To which is prefixed some land, for the subjugating thereof to account of his life and character. the French King. Together with London, 1757. 8vo. the procedings against, and Tryal of

SANCTA CRUZ. Lo subcedido the Earl of Tyrone, and others, who a la Armada de su Magestad de que were accused for carrying on the same. London, for Sam. Lee, 1680.

es Capitan general el Marques de Fol.

sancta Cruz, en la batalla que

dio al armada que traya don SANCHEZ, Francisco. Rela- Antonio en las yslas de los açores. cion muy verdadera de la bien aven- (Toledo, 1582.) Fol. Four leaves. turada nueva de la conversion de em los Ingleses luteranos. Hechas por This is the only copy that Mr. Grenville Francisco sanchez estudiante, Na. has heard of; it is the account of the tural de la Villa de Orgaz. 1555. naval battle in which a French armament Four leaves. El muy bendito suc- sent to the support of Antonio de Prati, cesso-del reyno de Inglaterra-re

titular King of Portugal, against Philip II.

was defeated in 1582, by the Marquis of copilado se encierra en este breve

Sancta Cruz and the Spanish navy; Antonio processo. Ha se trobado et im- escaped and died at Paris, 1595. presso, en lenguaje Castellano, para

SANCTO GRIAL. La Deloor del soberano, que nos da su bien expresso. Two leaves. 4to. B1. L. manda del Sancto Grial. Con los

maravillosos fechos de Lançarote y R. M.

" These two poetical tracts in praise of de Galas su nijo. Aqui se acaba el Philip and Mary, and in celebration of segundo y postrero libro de la de

manda del sancto Grial con el Highness Prince James Duke of baladro del famosissimo profeta y York, and the most illustrious Prince negromante Merlin con sus profecias. Henry Duke of Gloucester. Lon. Ay por consiguiente todo el libro don, for G. Horton, 1660. 4to. de la demanda del sancto Grial en

SANDERS, Nicholas. De oriel qual si contiene el principio y Fin de la tabla redonda y acabamiento,

gine ac progressu Schismatis An.

glicani, liber. Continens historiam y vidas de ciento y cinquenta caual.

maxime Ecclesiasticam, annorum ieros compañeros della. El qual fue

circiter sexaginta, lectu dignissi. enpresso en la imperial cibdad de

mam: nimirum, ab anno 21. regni Toledo, por Juan de Villaquiran em

Henrici 8. quo primum cogitare pressor de libros. Acabosca di ez dias del mes de Octubre. Año del

cæpit de repudianda legitima uxore

serenissima Catherina, usque ad nascimiento de nuestro Redemptor

hunc vigesimum septimum Elizabey saluador Jesu Christo de mill y

thæ, quæ ultima est ejusdem Henrici quinientos y quinze Años. . Fol.

soboles. Editus et auctus per EdouBl. L. G. M.

ardum Rishtonum. Coloniæ AgripCollation. Title page, followed by eight

pinæ, 1585. 8vo. R. M. leaves of Table. The Text commences on Fol. 2, and terminates on Fol. 194.

This is the first edition of a libel of so “ There is some obscurity as to the au. much celebrity, that it has been frequently thor of this Romance, which may be found reprinted. in Quadrio IV. p. 488. The present edi.

- De origine ac progressu Schistion of 1515 is the earliest date that is known in Spanish. The earliest French matis Anglicani libri tres, aucti per translation was first printed in 1516. The Edouardum Rishtonum, et impressi present Copy was purchased from Mr. primùm in Germania, nunc iterum loHeber's Library, and his note in it was, cupletius et castigatius editi. Romæ. that he had never seen or heard of any other copy. It wants the ninth leaf, which

typis Bartholomæi Bonfadini, 1586. there is little hope of supplying. The Co. 8vo. lophon has the true date 1515: the date on the Title page of 1535, is an error of

- De origine ac progressu Schisthe press.” MS. note.

matis Anglicani libri tres : aucti

prius per Edouardum Rishtonum, - Cest Ihystoire du Sainct

Romæque impressi : nunc vero adGreaal. Qui est le premier livre de

dita appendice R. P. Petri Riba

dita la Table Ronde. Lequel traicte de

deneiræ Soc. Jesu, iterum in Ger. plusieurs matieres recreatives. En

mania locupletius et castigatius editi. semble la queste du dict sainct

Coloniæ Agrippinæ, sumptibus Petri Greaal. Faicte par Lancelot, Ga

Henningi, 1610. 8vo. laad, Boors et Perceval. Qui est le

“None of the previous Editions contain dernier livre de la Table Ronde.

more than three books, which are here re. Nouvellement imprimé a Paris, par

printed verbatim, with the addition of a Phelippe Le Noir, 1523. Fol. BI.L. fourth Book by Ribadeneira, which ren. B. M. by Derome.

ders this the most perfect and desirable

edition. This Libel against Q. Elizabeth SANDERS, E. The three Royall and her mother was very widely circulated Cedars, or Great Britains Glorious in those days.” MS. note. Diamond, being a Royal Court nar - Les trois livres du Docteur rative of the proceedings, travels, Nicolas Sanders, contenants l'oriletters, conferences, speeches, and gine et progrez du Scisme d'Angleconspicuous resolutions of the most terre. Augmentez par Edouart high and renowned King Charles Rishton. Sans lieu, 1587. 8vo. by the Grace of God, King of Great This book was first printed in Latin at Britain, France and Ireland, His Cologne in 1585, again at Rome, 1536,

Ingoldstadt, 1588, and Cologne, 1610. from the Conquest anno 1066 to But this French edition of 1587 is far the year 1707 first published to the more rare than any of the other three.

Beginning of Charles II'. Reign by SANDERSON, WILLIAM. Au. F. Sandford. And continued to licus Coquinariæ : or a Vindication this Time with many new Sculpin answer to a pamphlet entituled tures, Additions and Annotations “ the Court and character of King by S. Stebbing. London, by M. James,” Pretended to be penned by Jenour, 1707. Fol. L. P. Sir A. W. and published since his This fine copy of a very rare book on death, 1650. London, for Henry Large Paper was sold in 1760 for £2..2..0, Seile, 1650. 12mo.

and subsequently for £3..5..0. It is now

worth forty or fifty pounds. This is sometimes attributed to Sanderson, the preface to this copy is signed SANDOVAL, ALONSO DE. ToW. Sanderson,” and evidently the writ

mo Primero de Instauranda Æthioing of the time.

pum Salute. Historia de Æthiopia, SANDFORD, Francis. The naturaleça, Policia, Sagrada y proOrder and Ceremonies used for and fana, Costumbres, ritos, y Catheat the Solemn Interment of the cismo Evangelico, de todos los most High, Mighty and most No. Æthiopes cõ que se restaura la salud ble Prince George Duke of Albe de sus almas. Dividida en dos Tomarle, anno 1670. Fol. R. mos, illustrados de nuevo en esta

To this copy is added the rare Portraits segunda impresion, con cosas cuof Monk by Gaywood and Loggan, and riosas y provechosas, y Indice muy the very rare Pedigree is prefixed.

copioso. Madrid, por Alonso de - The History of the Corona

Paredes, 1647. Fol. tion of the most High, most Mighty

“Meuselius in quoting Lenglet's praise and most Excellent Monarch James

of this work, is unable to determine whe

ther it is a new work, or a second edition II. etc. and of his Royal Consort

of a work on the same subject by the Queen Mary solemnized at West same author. This doubt proves that minster 23 April, 1685. With an Meuselius had never seen it, for the Title exact Account of the several Prepa

page says 'en esta segunda impresion'

which shews that it is an improved edition rations, their Majesties most splen

of the work first published in 4to. 1627." did Processions and Magnificent

MS. note. Feast at Westminster Hail. The whole illustrated with Sculptures by

SANDOVAL, PRUDENCIO DE. F. Sandford. In the Savoy, printed Chronica del inclito Emperador de by T. Newcomb, 1687. Fol. España, Don Alonso VII. deste The present is the most splendid copy

nombre, Rey de Castilla y Leon, hijo that can perhaps be seen. It is ruled and de Don Ramon de Borgona, y de sumptuously bound in red morocco with doña Hurraca, Reyna proprietaria de borders of gold, etc.

Castilla. Sacada de un libro muy - A genealogical history of the antiguo escrito de mano con letras Kings of England and Monarchs of de los Godos, por relacion de los Great Britain, &c. from the Con- mismos que lo vieron, y de muchas quest to the vear 1677, &c. In the

escrituras y privilegios originales Savoy, by Thomas Newcomb, 1677.

del mesmo Emperador, y otros. Plates. Fol. F. P.

Por F. Prudencio de Sandoval Pre

dicador de la Orden de S. Benito. Fine paper copies are uncommon.

Madrid, por Luis Sanchez, 1600. - A Genealogical History of Fol. the Kings and Queens of England " Sandovalius Chronicon istud eleganti and Monarchs of Great Britain, etc. Commentario illustravit ; opus in remoti.

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