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“This first Edition of Roy's Severe poeti. Vol. I. . . Upsalæ, s. a. cal Satire against Wolsey and the Romish

1675 Priesthood is of extreme rarity. Wolsey

1679 bought up and destroyed the copies, as we

In Romana antea ac Scythica, learn from the Dedication of the second nunc verò Latina tantum lingua, in usum Edition, printed at Wesell in 1546. 'This eorum, quorum apud exteros magna de boke was printed in the Cardinal hys time, rebus Sueoniæ est sollicitudo, priore multo whiche when he had harde that it was castigatior edita.

Anno 1696. done he caused a certayne man (whom I Vol. II.

- 1689 could name if I lusted) to buy them all uppe. - III. .

- 1698 In the second edition the personalities, - IV. MANUSCRIPT, (Latine Tantum.) and the allusions to the vices of the Clergy, The Atlas. were so softened and generalised, that the Together Eight Volumes. wit and poignancy of the first edition are In consequence of a fire which occurred frequently lost. Roy was an ecclesiastic, at Upsal in May, 1702, complete copies of he resided some time with Tindal, and was this work are of great rarity, for in this one of the Translators of the New Testa fire nearly all the copies of vol. III. and ment, printed at Hamburgh or Antwerp all except ten of vol. IV. (see Ebert. p. in 1526." MS. note.

1609) as far as printed, namely to p. 210,

were destroyed, and of these ten, only five ROY, WILLIAM. Military An can at present be traced, viz. in the Uni. tiquities of the Romans in Britain. versity Library, Upsal; the Royal Library Published by the order, and at the

at Stockholm ; the Library of the Academy

of Science at Stockholm ; the Library of expence, of the Society of Antiqua

Count de Brahe of Skokloster, near Up. ries of London. London, 1793. sal; and the Library of the University at Plates. Fol.

Lund in Sweden.

The copy now under notice has the TesROYEN, ADRIANUS VAN. Car- timonia to the various volumes, the direcmen Elegiacum de Amoribus et tions to the binder, the Index to Vol. III. Connubiis Plantarum. Lugd. Bat.

and is, with the exception of not pos

sessing the printed portion of vol. IV., as 1732. 4to.

complete as it is possible for the work to

be, and more so than any other copy yet RUDBECKIUS, OLAvus. Olavi

described, by its possessing the Edition of Rudbeckii Atlantica, sive Manheim, the first volume printed at Upsal in 1696, vera Japheti posterorum sedes ac pa- which is an improvement of the Latin vertria, ex qua non tantum Monarchæ et sion of that part of the work, and appears Reges ad totum fere orbem reliquum

to have escaped the notice of all Biblio

graphers. An ample collation and account regendum ac domandum, Stirpesque

of the three vols. and the Fragment of the suas in eo condendas, sed etiam fourth, will be found in Brunet and Ebert. Scythae, Barbari, Asae, Gigantes, The edition of vol. I. printed in 1696, not Gothi, Phryges, Trojani, Amazones,

being generally known, the collation is Thraces, Libyes, Mauri, Tusci, Galli,

here given.

First the engraved Frontispiece, repreCimbri, Cimmerii, Saxones, Ger- senting a part of the Globe, with a Geneamani, Suevi, Longobardi, Vandali, logical Tree, similar to that found in vols. I. Heruli. Gepida. Teutones. Angli. S. a. and 1675. On the reverse of the Pictones, Dani, Sicambri, aliique

Title will be found Rudbeck's address,

commencing “Clarissime Vereli, in paucis virtute clari et celebres populi olim

dilecte," which, with the address “ Lectori exierunt. (Suecicè et Latiné.) AC Benevolo" makes three pages. Then signacedit volumen Figurarum et Tabu tures A. to Qq. in fours, Rr. two, on the larum ære incisarum ad illustran

reverse of the last of which is the wood cut

of the Pen and Sword with a border, the dum prisci ævi historiam in forma

same as that in the first edition of vol. I. maxima. Upsalæ, excudit Henricus

Sign. Ee is by mistake printed Ef. Curio, s. a. 1675, 1679, (1696), See also De Bure, vol. VI. p. 234-242, 1689. (Vol. 3.) Typis et Impensis

and Meuselius 1. I. i. 366. Authoris, 1698. Fol. 8 vol. R. M. RUDBECKIUS, Olavus, Filius.

The following is the detail of this fine Nora Samolad, sive Laponia Illusand extraordinary set of books.

trata, et Iter per Uplandiam, Ges.

tucam, Helsingiam, Medelpadiam, y coloquios pastoriles del excellente Angermannian, Bothniam, tam oc- poeta y gracioso representante Lope cidentalem, et huic annexam La. de Rueda, dirigidas por Juan de poniam Lulensem, quam septentrio- Timoneda. Valencia, por Joan Mey, nalem, cum Laponia Torniensi, et 1567. 12mo. Bl. L. R. M. Orientalem, item Finlandiam, Alan Salva never possessed any but a MS. diam, &c. Cui ad calcem Glossa. copy of this edition; he says in his 2nd. rium Laponicum accedit, cum in

Catalogue, p. 182. “The Comedies of Lope scriptione Lapo Hebraizans in sep

de Rueda are one of the most successful

efforts of the Spanish Dramatists and form tentrione. (Suecice et Latinè.) Up- one of the scarcest works we know of.” salæ, 1701. Plates. 4to. R. See Bouterweck, vol. I. p. 286.

-- Specimen Usus Linguæ Go- RUFO. La Austriada de Juan thicæ in eruendis atque illustrandis Rufo, jurado de la ciudad de Corobscurissimis quibusvis Sacræ Srip- dova. Madrid, en casa de Alonso turæ locis : addita Annalogia Lingua Gomez (que ava gloria) impressor Gothicæ cum Sinica nec non Fin- de su Magestad, 1584. 12mo. nonicæ cum Ungarica. Upsalis,

“This poem in Don Quixote's Library is 1717. 4to. R. M.

quoted by Cervantes as one of the three

best heroick poems in the Castillian lan– Atlantica Illustrata, sive Illus

guage. It appears from the Privilegio that trium, Nobilium, Principum atque this poem was written by the author at Regum Insula, ubi et prisci Hespe the suggestion and by order of D. John ridum horti. Upsalis, 1733. 4to. R.

of Austria. This edition is prior to any

quoted by N. Antonio and is probably RUDDER, SAMuel. A new his the first.” MS. note. tory of Gloucestershire. Also the

RUFUS, SEXTUS. Sextus Ruecclesiastical, civil and military his

fus de Historia Romana. S. ). a. tory of the City of Gloucester. Il

et typ. n. 4to. lustrated with a map of the County, views of gentlemen's seats, &c. &c.

This edition is supposed from the simi

larity of type with that of Ammianus MarCirencester, 1779. Fol. R. cellinus to have been printed by Sachsel

and Golsch at Rome about 1474. There RUDDIMAN, Thomas. A dis

is an edition also in 4to. s. I. et a. but at. sertation concerning the competition tributed to Reisinger, his name standing for the Crown of Scotland, betwixt single at the end of the Colophon, which is Lord Robert Bruce and Lord John generally regarded as the first edition. Baliol, in the year 1291. With an

RUGGLE. Ignoramus, Comeappendix demonstrating that the

dia Auct. M. Ruggle. Huic edit.

di claim said to have been made to

accessit actus quintus ut habitus fuit the crown of Scotland, by William, first Earl of Douglas, anno 1371,

ab Alumnis Regiis Westmon. 1713,

coram Honoratiss. Rob. Com. Oxo. is without foundation. Edinburgh,

gh, niensi cura R. Prior. Westmonas1748. Frontispiece by R. Strange. 8vo. Extremely scarce.

With the dedication to Lord Oxford. RUDING, Rogers. Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its De

RUIZ, ANTONIO. Conquista Espendencies from the earliest Period piritual hecha por los religiosos de of Authentick History to the end of la Compania de Jesus, en las prothe Fiftieth year of the Reign of vincias del Paraguay, Parana, VruGeorge III. London, 1817. 4to. guay, y Tape. Escrita por el Padre 4 vol. in 2. L. P.

Antonio Ruiz de la misma Com

pania. Madrid, 1639. 4to. RUEDA. Las quatro comedias Meuselius, III. ii. p. 87.

RUMP. The Rump, or a collec- RUSCA, ANTONIUS. De Inferno tion of songs and ballads, made et statu Dæmonum ante mundi exupon those who would be a Parlia- itium, libri quinque. In quibus ment, and were but the Rump of Tartarea cavitas, parata ibi cruciaan House of Commons, five times mentorum genera, Ethnicorum etiam dissolv’d, London, for H. Brome de his opiniones, Dæmonumque conand H. Marsh, 1660. 12mo. ditio, usque ad magnum Judicii

“ First edition. Lowndes refers to the diem, varia eruditione, describuntur. two copies sold at Nassau's and Bindley's Mediolani, 1621. 4to. L. P. in which he describes signature G. as

From the Library of De Thou. wanting. It is so in mine, but it is so because the signature D. is repeated a se

RUSH, FRIER. The Historie of cond time: whether it was so in either Nassau's or Bindley's I know not.” MS.

Frier Rush: how he came to a note.

house of Religion to seeke seruice,

and being entertained by the Priour, - Rump: or an exact collection

was first made vnder-Cooke. Being of the choycest Poems and songs

full of pleasant mirth and delight relating to the late times. By the

for young people. London, by Edmost eminent Wits from anno 1639, 10

1009, ward All-de, 1620, Reprinted by

Harding and Wright, for R. TripBrome, 1662. Frontispiece. 12mo. hook, 1810. 4to. 6. M.

- A collection of Loyal songs Printed UPON Vellum. No. 3. R. written arrainst the Bumn Parlis written against the Rump Parlia

Triphook. Four copies only printed on

Vellum. 1. E. V. Utterson. 2. W. Bol. ment between the years 1639 and

land. 3. Sir M. Sykes, (the present copy). 1661. Containing a great variety 4. Miss Currer. of merry and diverting characters This book originally printed in 1620, of the chief sectaries, who were the was of so great rarity that Ritson regarded principal actors in that whole scene

it as a Desideratum till it was found in the

Bridgewater Library (see Collier's Cataof affairs. With an historical intro

logue, p. 272.) which copy is described by duction to the whole. London, Beloe. 1731. 12mo. 2 vol in 1.

Brydges Cens. Lit. VI. p. 40. remarks

that the Hist. of Friar Rush is quoted in RUMP PARLIAMENT. Arbi. Laneham's Letter from Kenilworth 1574,

Life, in the tyrannic usurpation of a RUSHWORTH, John. Histojunto of men called the Rump Par- rical Collections of Private Passages liament; and more especially in that of State, weighty matters in Law, of the tyrant and usurper, Oliver remarkable proceedings in ParliaCromwell, &c. London, for Charles ment, from 1618 to 1648: also the Leigh, 1682. Plates. 12mo. Tryal of Thomas Earl of Strafford

upon an Impeachment of High RUPERT, PRINCE. The latest Treason. London, 1721. Fol. 8 vol. intelligence of Prince Ruperts pro- L. P. ceedings in Northamptonshire : and

This copy has the Dedication to Richard also Colonell Goodwins at Brill : Lord Protector, which is frequently wantboth exprest in two letters, from ing. hands of good Quality. London,

RUSSEL, William LORD. Life 1642. 4to.

and Death of the late unhappy Wil. - Historical Memoires of the liam Lord Russel, eldest son and life and death of Prince Rupert. heir of the Earl of Bedford. LonLondon, for Tho. Malthus, 1683. don, for Caleb Swinock, 1684. Por12mo.

trait. 12mo.

RUSSELL, ALEXANDER. The Mosco for the space of nine years. natural history of Aleppo, contain- London, by John Winter, for Doring a description of the city, and man Newman, 1671. Plates. 8vo. the principal natural productions in its neighbourhood. Together with

RUTTER, John. Delineations an account of the Climate, inhabi

of Fonthill and its Abbey. London, tants, and diseases, particularly of

1823. Plates. 4to. L.P. R. M. the Plague. The second edition,

The present copy has Proofs and Etch

ings of the Plates on India paper. revised, enlarged, and illustrated with notes, by P. Russell. London, RUTTER, Joseph. The Shep. 1794. Plates. 4to. 2 vol. R. heards Holy-day. A pastorall tra. RUSSELL, John. The two fa

gi-Comedie. Acted before their

Majesties at White - hall by the mous pitcht Battels of Lypsich, and

Queenes Servants. With an Elegie Lutzen; wherein the ever-renowned

on the death of the most noble Prince Gustavus the great lived and Lady, the Lady Venetia Digby. died a Conquerour : with an Elegy London. by N. and I. Okes, for John upon his untimely death, composed Benson, 1635. 8vo. in Heroick Verse, by John Russell, Master of Arts, of Magdalene Coll. RUYTER. The Life of Michael in Cambridge. Cambridge, for Adrian de Ruyter, admiral of Hol. Philip Scarlet, 1634. 4to. Forty- land. London, by J. B. for Dor. seven leaves.

man Newman, 1677. Portrait. This Poem is dedicated to William, Lord 12mo. Craven, and is preceded by several copies of verses, addressed to the author by Fel RUZZANTE, (Angelo Beolco, lows of Colleges at Cambridge.

detto il.) Tutte le opere del famoRUSSIA. De Russorum relin sissimo Ruzzante. Aggiuntoui un gione, ritibus nuptiarum, funerum,

Sonetto, et una Canzone dell'istesso victu, vestitu, &c. Et de Tartaro

Autore. Ristampate l'anno del Sigmum religione ac moribus Epistola nore, 1584. 12mo. Alia ejusdem argumenti de sacri RYCAUT, Paul. The Capituficiis, nuptiis et funeribus veterum lations and Articles of Peace be. Borussorum. S. 1. 1582. 12mo. tweene the King of England and

- Newes of the present miseries the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, of Rushia : occasioned by the late as they haue beene augmented, and warre in that countrey. Commenced altered in the times of euery Embetweene Sigismond now king of bassadour : and as now lately in the Poland, Charles late King of Sweth- City of Adrianople in the month of land, Demetrius the last of that January 1661, they haue beene augname, Emperour of Rushia. To- mented, renewed and amplifyed with gether with the memorable occur- diverse additionall articles, &c. by rences of our owne nationall forces, Heneage Earle of Winchelsea EmEnglish and Scottes, vnder the pay bassadour extraordinary to Sultan of the now King of Swethland. Mahomet Han, &c. &c. Set forth London, for John Bache, 1614. 4to. and published by Paul Rycaut EsA. 2 leaves, B-H. in fours. Thirty quire secretary to the Embassadour. leaves. Bl. L.

Constantinople, by Abraham Gabai- The present state of Russia,

chafnahat, 1663. 4to. B. M. in a letter to a friend at London,

“ This volume is interesting from its at Adrianople or Constantinople. Dr. Cot- agreeing in one, both in Latine ton refers to a grammar printed there in Verse and Scottish Meeter. Edinb. 1726 or 1728, and the Bodleian has two

having been printed at Constantinople at written by an eminent person re

so early a period. Peignot quotes a Turkish siding at the Great Tzars Court at grammar of 1730 as the first printed book

1714. 12mo. books printed there in 1729. But this substantiates a long priority of date in See Lord Hailes's Remarks on the 1663. Panzer quotes two or three early History of Scotland, vol. II. p. 192. books as printed at Constantinople, but,

RYVES, Bruno. Mercurius as he observes, they are questionable.” MS. note.

Rusticus : or, the Countries comRYDLEY, N.

plaint of the barbarous out-rages Certen godly,

committed by the sectaries of this learned, and comfortable confer

late flourishing kingdome. Togeences, betwene the two Reverende

ther with a briefe chronologie of the Fathers, and holye Martyrs of

battails, sieges, conflicts, and other Christe, D. Nicolas Rydley late

most remarkable passages from the Bysshoppe of London, and M. Hughe

beginning of this unnaturall warre, Latymer sometime Bysshoppe of

to the 25. of March, 1646. Printed Worcester, during the tyme of theyr

r in the yeere 1646. Frontispiece, emprysonmentes. Wherunto is ad

and portrait of Ryves by Earlom inded, A Treatise agaynst the errour

serted. 12mo. R. M. of Transubstantiation, made by the sayd Reverend Father D. Nicolas - Mercurius Rusticus; or, the Rydley. No place, 1556. 8vo. Countries complaint of the barbarous BI. L.

outrages committed by the sectaries RYLEY. The Visions of Sir

of this late flourishing kingdom.

Together with a brief chronology of Heister Ryley with other Enter

to the battels, sieges, conflicts, and tainments consisting of Two llun

other most remarkable passages, dred Discourses and Letters repre

from the beginning of this most unsenting by way of Image and De

natural war, to the 25th of March, scription the Characters of Vertue,

ue, 1646. London, for R. Royston, Beauty. Affectation, Love and Pas- 1685. Frontispiece. 8vo. sion. London, n. d. 4to. RYMER. Foedera, Conventiones,

RYVIUS, Thomas. Regiminis Literæ et cujuscunque generis Acta

Anglicani in Hibernia defensio, ad

versus Analecten. Libri tres. AuPublica inter Reges Angliæ et alios

tore Tho. Ryvio J. C. Regis Advoquosvis Imperatores, Reges &c. ab

cato. Londini, pro Johanne BartAnno 1101 ad nostra usque tem

let, 1624. 4to. G. M. pora, accurantibus T. Rymer et R. Sanderson, collata et emendata a

It is dedicated to Charles, Prince of

Wales. G. Holmes. Ed. Tertia. Hagæ Co.

“ This is an answer to the Analecta of mitis, 1739-1745. Fol. 10 vol. David Rooth, Bishop of Ossory. It is so L. P. R. M. by Padeloup.

scarce that I do not know any other copy.

This was the Gordonstoun copy, and has RYMOUR. The Whole Prophe the autograph of Robert Gordon on the cies of Scotland, England, France,

Title Page. See Harris's Ware, pp. 339-40,

where the Author, Sir Thomas Ryves, Ireland and Denmark, by Rymour,

and this work are mentioned with much Marvelous Merling, Beird, &c. all praise.MS. note.

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