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- Septima Parte de Flor de va. W. V. Fitz-Gerald viandante en rios Romances nuevos Recopilados Espana. 4to. de muchos Autores, por Franc. En. A collection of seventeen Poetical ro. riquez. Enmendado y corregido de mances printed chiefly at Cordova about muchos yerros que en la primera 1800. impression tenia. Toledo, en casa

- Coleccion de los mas célebres de Thomas de Guzman, 1595. Flores

Romances Antiguos Españoles, bisdel Parnaso Octava Parte Recopi.

tóricos y caballerescos, publicada lado por Luys de Medina. En To

por C. B. Depping, y ahora consiledo, por Pedro Rodriguez, 1596.

derablemente enmendada por un 12mo. In one vol. R. M.

Español Refugiado. Londres, 1825. - Flor de varios Romances nue- 12mo. 2 vol. in 1. vos, Primera, Segunda, y Tercera

ROMANCES of Sir Guy of Warparte. Agora nuevamente Recopi.

wick and Rembrun his Son. Now lados puestos por su orden, y ana

first edited from the Auchinleck MS. didos muchos Romances que se han

Edinburgh, 1840. 4to. cantado despues de la primera impression. Y corregidos por el Ba.

One hundred copies only printed for

private circulation, with Introduction and chiller Pedro de Moncavo, natural

Notices by W. B. D. D. Turnbull, Esq. de Borja. En Madrid, por la viuda de P. Madrigal, 1597. 12mo. R. M. ROMBERCH. Congestorium

" Extremely rare and not to be found Artificiose Memorie V. P. F. Joanin Antonio.” Salva.

nis Romberch de Kyrspe. Omnes

de Memoria preceptiones aggrega-- Sylva de varios Romances.

tim complectens. Venetiis, per Agora de nuevo recopilados, los

Melchiorem Sessam, 1533. 12mo. meiores Romances de los tres Libros de la Sylva y añadidos los de la ROMEI. The Courtiers AcadeLiga. Y en esta ultima Impression mie, comprehending seven severall van añadidos, el de la muerte del daves discourses ; wherein be disRey, y el despedimiento y desem- cussed seven noble and important barcacion de la Infanta dona Isabel arguments worthy by all Gentlemen de la Paz. Compuesto por Juan to be perused. Written in Italian Tiarte. Barcelona, en casa Sebas- by Count Haniball Romei and tian de Cormellas, 1617. 12mo. translated into English by J. K. G. M.

London, Valentine Sims (1598). 4to. - Primavera y Flor de los Me. See Herbert's Ames, vol. II. 1291. iores Romances que han salido agora ROMEUS AND JULIET. The nuevamente en esta Corte, recogidos Tragicall History of Romeus and de varios Poetas, y anadidos otros Juliet ; contayning in it a rare ex. en esta ultima impression. Por el ample of true Constancie: with the Licenciado Pedro Arias Perez. Di. subtill consels and practises of an rigido al M. Tirso de Molina. Ma

old Fryer, and their ill event. Londrid, per la viuda de Alonso Martin, don, by Richard Tottill, 1562. Svo. 1626. 12mo. Y, M.

One of the fifty copies reprinted by Mr.

Malone, from his copy of the original edi– Romances de Germania de

tion, now, with his collection, in the Bod. varios autores; con el vocabulario leian Library. compuesto por Juan Hidalgo. Ma. drid, 1779. 8vo.


grantes, ordinances and lawes of - Romances recogidos por Don Romeney marshe. Londini, in ædi

bus Thomæ Berth. 1543. 16mo. Scriptorum Scotorum nomenclatura a Bl. L. B. M.

Thoma Dempstero edita præcidaneum.

See Harris's Ware, III. p. 125. This first edition is of rare occurrence.

ROPER, William. The Mir- The Charter of Romney Marsh. rour of vertue in worldly Greatnes. London, by John Wolfe, 1597. Or the life of Syr Thomas More 12mo.

Knight sometime Lo. Chancellour

of England. Paris, 1626. Portrait ROOTH, David, Bishop of Os- on Engraved Title Page. 2mo. SORY. Analecta Sacra nova et mira B. M. de rebus Catholicorum in Hibernia. With a Dedication to Elizabeth CounPro fide et religione gestis divisa in tisse of Banbury by T. P. tres partes. Quarum, I. Continet “This is the first edition of Roper's semestrem gravaminum relationem,

Life of More, and as Singer observes in

the preface to his new edition), is of exsecunda hac editione novis adauctam

traordinary rarity. I have seen only two additamentis, et notis illustratam.

other copies.” MS. note. II. Parænesin ad Martyres desig

- Life of Sir Thomas More. natos. III. Processum martyrialem quorundam fidei pugilum. Collec

With Notes and an Appendix of tore et Relatore T. N. Philadelpho.

Letters. A new edition, revised Coloniæ, apud Stephanum Rolinum,

and corrected by S. W. Singer. 1617-1619.

Chiswick, 1822. Portrait. 12mo. Svo. G. M. The three parts are of great rarity. The

ROQUE, SIEUR DE LA, G. A. author is highly praised by Usher, to whom Histoire generale des maisons nohe supplied some documents for the “ Pri. bles de la Province de Normandie. mordia.He wrote also “ Answers to

Sans lieu et date. (Caen, 1654). queries concerning the lawfulness of the present Cessation," first printed at Kil

Plates of Arms. Fol. kenny 1648, and reprinted by Walsh in Brunet, Vol. III. p. 242. “ Selon le his scarce work of “ History of Remon- pere Le Long, edition de Fontette, il n'a strance of 1661." Sir Thomas Ryves pub- été imprimé de cet ouvrage qu'une partie lished an answer to Rooth's Analecta, du Tome second, contenant les maisons de which is extremely rare.

Brossard, Du Fay et Touchet. Ces fragThe first part of the Analecta was printed mens sont devenus fort rares.” in 1616, but in 1617 the author added to

“ This copy contains only the Family it an address « Imperatori,” with 260 Du Fay, and consists of 144 pages, and on pages of “Additamentum” and an Elen- p. 1. after Title as above, “ Premier vochus.

lume. Lettre F.”. - Brigida Thaumaturga, sive

ROQUEFORT, J. B. Glossaire

ROQUEFORT, dissertatio partim encomiastica in de la Langue Romane, avec le Suplaudem ipsius sanctæ ; partim Ar- plement. Paris, 1808-1820. 8vo. chaica ex sacra et antiqua historia

3 vol. Ecclesiastica ; partim etiam pare- ROSARY. The Societie of the nætica ad alumnos Collegiorum. In Rosary. Wherin is conteined the qua elucidatur prodigium ligni aridi

begining, increase, and profit of the revirescentis ex attactu S. Brigidæ

same. Also the orders and mani. Virginis, &c. Parisiis, apud S. Cra

fold graces annexed unto it, with moisy, 1620. 8vo. B. M.

divers other things therunto apperThis scarce volume is known to be by

taining. A thing, which as it was Rooth from the signature to the Dedica

at the first instituted by the Holy tion “D. R. E. O. V. H.” David Rooth, Episcopus Ossoriensis

Light of Gods Church S. Dominicke Vicarius Honorarius.

as a present remedy against the At the end of the volume, pp. 163-180. Albigenses certaine Heretikes of his is the following tract by Dempster, “ De Age : so undoubtedly will be a ne

cessary remedy for all Christians to “ This is one of the best of the works embrace in this miserable time. of a very voluminous author, partly in

prose and partly in verse; he had been No place or date. 12mo.

Chaplain to Charles I., but is less known “ This book which is unknown to by his own performances than by the quoLowndes and Watt was probably printed tation from Butler's Hudibras in Flanders in the Reign of Henry VIII. • There was an antient sage Philosopher, I do not find any trace of it.” MS. note. That had read Alexander Ross over ;

certainly no very easy task.” MS. note. ROSE, Thomas. Idæa, sive de Jacobi Magnæ Britanniæ, Galliæ et

- Mystagogus Poeticus, or the Hyberniæ, præstantissimi et augus

Muses Interpreter : explaining the tissimi Regis, virtutibus et orna

historical mysteries, and mysticall mentis, dilucida Enarratio, ejusque

histories of the ancient Greek and cum laudatissimis Regibus, Monar

Latine Poets. London, for Richard chis, et Imperatoribus, comparatio

Whitaker, 1647. (Portrait of Hen. exacta et enucleata. Londini, ex

Oxinden de Barham). 12mo. B. M. cudebat Johannes Norton, 1608. This is a presentation copy from Henry 12mo. R. M.

Oxinden of Barham to Eliza Dixwell. ROSIER, JAMES. A true rela

- View of all Religions in the tion of the most prosperous voyage

World. London, 1658. Portrait made this present yeere 1605, by by Lombart 12mo. Captaine George Waymouth, in the ROSS. ALEXANDER. Helenore. discouery of the land of Virginia. or the Fortunate Shepherdess. a Where he discouered 60 miles up Poem in the Broad Scotch Dialect. a most excellent Riuer; together to which are added Songs by the with a most fertile land. Written came Author and a Glossary Áber. by James Rosier, a gentleman em

deen, 1778. 12mo. ployed in the voyage. Londini, impensis Geor. Bishop, 1605. 4to. ROSS, John. Johannis Rossi A-E. in fours. Twenty leaves. interioris Templi socii Britannica, Bl. L. M.

sive de Regibus veteris Britanniæ “This early voyage to Virginia is of very

usque ad exitium Gentis ad Saxo

usque ad exitiv rare occurrence. This is the copy quoted num imperium, Historia versibus by Lowndes as having sold for nine guineas expressa. Cui accessit ad præsens at Inglis's sale. He does not mention any tempus apostrophe de horrenda in other.” MS. note.

Jacobum I. Regem, eorum qui se ROSNEL, PIERRE. Le Mer Catholicos et Jesuitas. dicunt, nucure Indien, ou le Tresor des Indes. pera conjuratione : et de fide et anDeux Parties. Paris, 1668. Svo. M. tiquitate hujus Historiæ tractatus

This copy contains two editions of the Apologeticus. Francofurti, ex off. 2nd part. One dated 1668, with the Au. Matthia Beckeri, 1607. 16mo. thor's name on the Title. The other dated

" This author, though of the same sur1667, with his initials only.

name and christian name with that of the ROSS, ALEXANDER. Virgilius

Chronicler edited by Hearne, lived in the

time of James I. to whom he dedicated Evangelisans, sive, Hist. Domini

this little work, the historical part of which Jesu Christi, Virgilianis verbis et is chiefly from Jeffrey of Monmouth.” versibus descripta. Londini, 1634. MS. note. 12mo.

ROSS, John. Tangers Rescue ; - Mel Heliconium, or Poeticall or a relation of the late memorable Honey gathered out of the Weeds of passages at Tanger. Together with Parnassus. London, 1642. 12mo. R. a description of the said City with

the considerable forts thereof; as ardo VI. Nell' Academia Venetiana, also a description of the Mores, their 1558. 12mo. G. M. nature and country, in verse. Lon- This account of the occurrences in Eng. don, for Hen. Hills, 1681. 8vo. land on the death of Edward VI. was

printed only four years after the marriage ROSS, Sir John. A Voyage of of Philip and Mary, of which ceremony it discovery made under the orders of gives a very detailed description. the Admiralty, for the purpose of

- I Successi d'Inghilterra dopo Exploring Baffin's Bay and inquiring

and inquiring la Morte di Odoardo Sesto fino alla into the probability of a North-West

st giunta in quel Regno del Sereniss. Passage. London, 1819. Plates

es don Filipo d’Austria Principe di and Charts. 4to.

Spagna scritti volgarmente da Giu- Narrative of a Second Voyage lio Raviglio Rosso, et una Oratione in search of a North-West Passage, di M. A. Lollio nel ritorno di detto and of a residence in the Arctic Re- Regno all’ubidienza della sede Apost. gions during the years 1829-1833. Ferrara, 1560. 4to. by Sir John Ross. Including the “The author of this curious account of Reports of Commander, now Cap England after the death of Edward VI. was tain James Clark Ross and the Dis

sent to London by the Duke of Este to

congratulate Philip and Mary on their covery of the Northern Magnetic

marriage, and he writes the reports which Pole. With the Appendix. Lon

prevailed in this country during his short don, 1835. Coloured plates. 4to. stay here. In his preface he complains of 2 vol.

the previous edition published by the Ve

netian Academy without his name and ROSSÆUS, Guilielmus. Gui without any participation on his part." lielmi Rossæi opus elegans, doctum, MS. note. festivum, pium, quo pulcherrime re ROSTAGNO, Gio. Battista. tegit, ac refellit insanas Lutheri Ca- Viavgi del Marchese Ghiron Franlumnias : quibus invictissimum An- cesco Villa in Dalmatia, e Levante. gliæ Galliæque Regem Henricum Torino, per Gio. Sinibaldo, 1668. ejus nominis Octavum, Fidei defensorem, haud literis minus quam

“Meuselius, VIII. ii. 212, does not apregno clarum, scurra turpissimus

pear to have seen this original edition ; insectatur : excusum denuo diligen he quotes only the French Version of it, tissime, digestumque in capita, ad 2 vol. 12mo. Amst. 1671." junctis indicibus opera viri doctissimi

“Rostagno was an eye witness of the

Siege of Candia, and Secretary to the K. Joannis Carcellii. Londini, (apud

of Sardinia. The Marquis Villa comRichardum Pynsonum) 1523. 4to.

manded in the defence of Candia.” MS. R.

note. This is bound with Henrici VIII. Asser

ROTA, BERNARDINO. Delle Eg. tio, &c.

loghe Pescatorie del S. Bernardino ROSSELLIUS. Thesaurus Ar- Rota. Terza Impressione. Napoli, tificiosæ Memoriæ, Concionatoribus, appresso Giuseppe Cacchii dell’Philosophis, Medicis, Juristis, Ora. Aquila. 1572. 4to. toribus, Procuratoribus, cæterisque

“Best edition, corrected by the author bonarum litterarum amatoribus. Ve- who is much praised by Scipione Amminetiis, apud Ant. Paduanium, 1579. rato.” Gamba, p. 328. With wood cuts. 4to. R. M.

ROTA. La Rota da Parma. S. l. ROSSO, Raviglio. Historia et a. Impresso per Justiniano da delle Cose occorse nel Regno d'In- Ribera (circa mccccxcv.) 4to. Four ghilterra in materia del Duca di leaves, in double columns. G. M. Notomberlan dopo la morte di Odo- “I can find no trace of any other copy

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of this very rare Italian poem which con- Rinaldo, et insieme delle Battaglie tains an account of the battle of Taro be- de' Paladini di Francia. Padova. tween the French and Italian league near

s. a. Wood cuts. 16mo. G. M. Parma in 1494, and appears to have been printed about the subsequent year 1495. ROW. Memorials of the Family Guicciardini, Lib. 2. Corio. Giovio."

of Row—The Red Shankes Sermon MS. note.

(by J. Row). London, 1642.—A ROTMARUS, VALENTINUS, et Cupp of Bon-Accord or Preaching JOANNES ENGERDUS. Propemptica by Mr. J. Row, from an Original in honorem nobilium juvenum Viti MS. in the Library of D. Laing. Udalrici et Sigismundi Marschalk- Edinburgh, 1828. 4to. L. P. hiorum ab Ebnet, &c. Ingolstadii, Only twelve copies printed on Large Pa. apud Wolfgangum Ederum, 1581. per. 12mo.

ROWLANDS, HENRY. Mona ROTTA, JOANNES. La Vita del antiqua

La Vita del antiqua restaurata. An archæolo

gical discourse on the antiquities Sophi : Re di Persia et de Media et &

natural and historical of the Isle of de molti altri regni et paesi : e de

Anglesey, the ancient seat of the le grandissime guerre quale ha facto

British Druids. The second edition, contra lo signore Turcho e con altri

corrected and improved. London, Re et signori : et de la descriptione

1766. Plates. 4to. de dicti paesi : et de la uita e cos. tumi de dicti popoli : et molte altre ROWLANDS, SAMUEL. Marcose innumerabile : quale se questo tin Mark-all Beadle of Bridewell ; legerai grandissimo fructo: e pia- his defence and answere to the Bel. cere ne pigliarai. Senza nota. 4to. man of London. Discouering the

"I have not found that this curious long concealed Originall and Regi. life is known to any of the bibliographers. ment of Rogues, when the first beIt is the Life of the Sophi Siach Ismail gan to take head, and how they whose mother was the daughter of Usun

haue succeeded one the other succassan." MS. note.

cessively vnto the sixe and twentieth - Das leben unnd gewonheyt, yeare of King Henry the eight, gaund gestalt des Sophi Kunigk der thered out of the Chronicle of CrackPersien unnd der Medier ; und von ropes, and (as they term it) the vill ander Kungreichen und Landt: Legend of Lossels. London, for mit den aller grossisten Krigen. John Budge, and Richard Bonian, S. 1. et typ. n. 1515. 4to. G. M. 1610. 4to. Bl. L. B. M. “ This German account of the Sophi of

Sophi of ROWLANDSON, Mary. The Persia was considered, in a note of its last owner, as unique. The original was written soveraignty and goodness of God, at Aleppo in Syria : the author was a doc- &c. being a narrative of the Captor in Medicine and Traveller.” MS. note. tivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary ROTULI Magni Scaccarii Nor.

Rowlandson. Cambridge, by S.

Green, 1682. 12mo.
manniæ de Anno ab Incarnatione
Domini mclxxxi. Willielmo filio ROY, William.
Radulfi Senescalco, quæ extant.1830. Rede me and be nott wrothe

For I saye no thynge but trothe.

I will ascende makynge my state so hye, PRINTED UPON Vellum and given to That my pompous honoure shall neuer dye. Mr. Grenville by Mr. Petrie.

O caytyfe when thou thynkest least of all,

With confusion thou shalt haue a fall. ROVENZA. Dama Rovenza dal No place or date 16mo. Bl. L. Martello, libro d'arme e d’amore;

B. M. nel quale si tratta di molte sue pro. Collation. a.i. in eights, seventy-two dezze, e come fu morta per man di leaves.

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