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First edition. This first and very rare lice expugnacione ac miserabili edition is described by Dibdin as the third irrupcione et invasione Insule Eu. book from the press of these printers, upon what ground he asserts this does not

boye dicte Nigropontis a perfido appear. Panzer, besides the Cicero and crucis Christi hoste Turchorum imLactantius, describes the Donatus, the S. piissimo principe et tiranno nuper Augustinus, the Epistolæ Ciceronis and the inflicta. Ad reverendissimum Carsecond Lactantius as being all prior to dinalem Bessarionem. edita a Ro. Rodericus.

derico Santii Episcopo. Palent, - Incipit compendiosa historia Hispano. etc. At the end, Explicit hispanica. In qua agitur de ejus Epistola lugubris et lacrimabilis pasitu et descriptione; salubritate ac riter et consolatoria ad cunctos fideubertate ; gentisque humanitate et les de expugnat. et amicione Inad religionis cultum pietate: cæteris. sule Nigropontis. S. l. et a. (sed que ejusdem regionis laudibus. De- per Ulricum Zell, circa mccccLxxII.) mum de Gothorum, Vandalorum, et Fol. R. cæterorum ad Hispanias acceden. This Epistle from Rodericus Sancius to tium origine et in Hispania regnan

Cardinal Bessarion relative to the inva

sion of the Island of Negropont is by Pantium antiquitate. Necnon de reg

zer, I. 334, and Laire, Index, I. 186, atnorum erectione, regumque succes. tributed to Ulric Zell. It is exceedingly sione ac claris illorum successibus. rare, and very little known to the geneTandem pro ampliore historiæ or. rality of the bibliographical writers. natu inter ipsa hispanica gesta inse- RODOMONTADES. Rodomunruntur brevi Priscorum Romanorum, tadas Castellanas, recopiladas de los Græcorum et aliorum exterorum anti- commentarios de los muy aspantoquorum clarissima gesta, dicta, et sos, terribles et invincibles Capiinsignia documenta ad cujusvis prin- tanes, Metamoros, Crocodillo y Racipantis : potentis seu nobilis ac pri- jabroqueles. (Espagnol et Francois.) vati hominis instructionem edita a S. l. 1607. 12mo. Roderico Santii Episcopo Palentino.

– Rodomontades Espagnoles. De mandato R. P. D. Roderici Epis

Recueillies de divers autheurs, et nocopi Palentini auctoris hujus libri.

tamment du Capitaine Bonbardon, Ego Udalricus Gallus, sine calamo compagnon du Soldat Francois. aut pennis eundem librum impressi.

Rouen, chez Claude le Villain, 1626. S. l. et a. Fol. R. M.

8vo. R. M. FIRST EDITION. The best account of

ROE, Sir Thomas. The Nego. this very rare book will be found in Audiffredi. Rom. Edit. p. 44, where he corrects ciations of Sir T. Roe, in his Emthe mistakes of N. Antonio and Fabricius, bassy to the Ottoman Porte, from who were both misled by the colophon of the year 1621 to 1628 inclusive. this edition to imagine there had been an London. 1740. Fol. L. P. edition of this book printed at Palentiæ, 1470. Panzer, II. 416, IV. 391, agrees ROESLIN, HELISÆUS. Mitterwith Audiffredi, who never saw but one nachtige Schiffarth, Inn den herrn copy of this edition. It was probably

Staden inn Niderlanden vor xv. printed about 1470. Meuselius, VI. i. 115, adopts Antonio's mistake, but XI. i. 91,

Jaren vergebenlich furgenommen, he corrects it. The book should contain wie dieselbige anzustellen, dass man in the whole one hundred and eighty-four daselbst herumb in Orient vnd Chileaves, including the thirteen leaves of nam kommen möge, zu sonderem Table. The Index in the present copy is

der Christenheit, sonderlich Teutschat the end, in Audiffredi's description it is at the beginning.

lands Nuken vnd Wolfart, &c. Op

penheim, durch H. Gallart, 1611. – Incipit Epistola lugubris et Maps. 8vo. M. mesta simul et consolatoria de infe- “Northern voyages (in German) being

a discourse on the discovery of the North cruising voyage round the World. East Passage. With two curious Maps. London, 1712. 8vo. Very rare." Note by Mr. Hanrott.

ROHAN, DUKE OF. A declara- Præmaturæ Solis Apparitionis tion of the Duke of Rohan, Peere of in Nova Zembla Causa Vera et de

et de France, &c. Containing the iustMagnete nonnulla Domini Doctor.

ness of Reasons and Motiues which J. Gior. Brenggeri. Cum accurata

have obliged him to implore the As. instructione Navigationis Septen

sistance of the King of Great Britrionalis ad Indias Orientales dextre

taine, and to take Armes for the instituendæ. Argentinæ, Car. Kiuf.

defence of the reformed Churches. fer, 1612. 4to. R. M.

Translated according to the French ROGERS, Joun. The display- Copie. London, for Nathaniel Buting of an horrible secte of grosse ter, 1628. 4to. and wicked Heretiques, naming ROIG, Jaume. Libre de Conthemselves the Family of Loue, with sells ; fet per lo magnifich mestre the liues of their authours and what Jaume Roig, los quals son molt doctrine they teach in corners. profitosos y saludables, etc. Fonch Newly set foorth by J. R. Where

stampat lo present libre en la inunto is added certeine letters sent signe ciutat de Valencia, per Fran. from the same family mainteyning cisco diaz Romano al studi general their opinions, which letters are a xxx. de Juny any 1531. 4to. aunswered by the saide J. R. Lon- Bl. L. G. M. don, for George Bishop, 1579. First Edition. Roig was one of the 12mo. Bl. L.

most distinguished Limosin Poets. Scarcely

any Spanish book is more rare than this ROGERS, John. Dod or Chat

first edition. It was unknown to N. Anham The Beloved or the Bridegroom tonio, but is mentioned in Brunet, N. R. going forth for his Bride and look- vol. III. p. 188. ing out for his Japhejaphitha his

- Libre de les Dones mes vera. Faire One or his Church adorned

ment dit de consells profitosos y sawith double Beauty and Excellency ludables axi per al regiment v orde With an Epistle to Cromwell. Lon- de la v

de la vida humana, con pera aumendon, 1653. 4to.

tar la devocio de la miraculada con“ There are several curious anecdotes of

cepcio de la sacratissima verge, fet the Fanaticks of the times, particularly in

per lo magnifich mestre Jaume Roig. the Experiences in the second part of these fanatical writings, p. 392-450.

Ara novament corregit y esmenat ROGERS, SAMUEL. Poems. Lon.

de moltes faltes, y de nouveau affe

git la disputa, o proces de viudas y don, 1816. Wood cuts. 12mo.

donzelles. Fet per los Magnifichs G. M.

mossen Jaume Siurana generos y - Poems. London, 1834. Plates. mestra Loys Joan Valenti doctor Svo. 2 vol. L. P. G. M. en Medicina ab una sentencia del - Human Life, a Poem. Lon

honorable y discret Andreu Marti don, 1819. 4to.

Pineda Notari. Valencia, per Joan - Italy, a Poem. London, 1823.

de Arcos, 1561. Lo proces de les 28. 12mo. 2 vol.

Olives y Somni de Joan Joan, orde

nat principalment per lo Reverent Another Edition. London, mossen Bernat Fenollar y lo discret 1830. 8vo.

en Joan Moreno Notari. E apres All the above are presentation copies per lo magnifich mossen Jaume Gafrom the Author.

çull cavallere altres amplificat. VaROGERS, Capt. WOODES. A lencia, en casa de Alzina, 1561. Co

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mença lo somni de Joan Joan, &c. medytacyon in sayenge devoutly ye Valencia, J. de Arcos, 1561. 12mo. psalter of our lady with dyvers enG. M.

samples. Imprynted at London in This edition of the Valencian Cancio. Flete-strete at the sygne of the nero is so scarce that when Carlos Rios

sonne, by Wynkyn de Worde, mccccctried to reprint the Libre de les Dones in

xix. the xxi. daye of Januarius. 1735 he could only find a few fragments of this edition and the imperfection of his

4to. B. M. book was censured by Ximeno in his ac- This is still rarer than the preceding, count of the Valencianos Escritores. See see Dibdin's Typog. Antiq. vol. II. p. 214. Salva Catalogue No. 2539, and Brunet, ROLLE, SAMUEL. The burning N. R. vol. III. p. 189.

of London in the year 1666. Com- Lo Libre de les Dones, a de

memorated and improved in a CX. Concells donats per Mosen Jaume

discourses, meditations and contemRoig, a son nebot en Balthasar Bou,

plations. London, by R. 1. for Senyor de Callosa. Valencia, 1735.

Thomas Parkhurst, 1667. 8vo. This book had already gone through Six .

ROLT, Richard. The Lives of Editions from 1531 to 1562, and yet was the principal Reformers, both Engso scarce that none of them could be found lishmen and Foreigners. Comprecomplete when this edition of 1735 was hending the general history of the printed.

Reformation. Embellished with the ROIRK, Donatus. Hibernia Re- Heads of the Reformers, elegantly surgens ; sive Refrigerium antido- done in Metzotinto, by Mr. Houstale. Adversus Morsum serpentis ton. London, 1759. Fol. R. antiqui. In quo modeste discutitur, ROMA. Commentarius captæ urimmodesta parechasis Thomæ Demp- bis Ductore Carolo Borbonio Autoris steri à Muresck Scoti de repressis

de repressis innominati et poematia duo. Basileæ, mendicabulis. Et Hiberniæ Sancti

Hervagius, 1536. 12mo. R.M. sui vindicantur, ac bona fide asse. runtur. Auctore Donato Roirk Hi- ROMAN CATHOLICS. An berno. Rothomagi, apud Nicolaum apologie and true declaration of the le Brun, 1621. Svo.

Institution and endeavours of the Extremely rare.

two English Colleges, the one in ROLEA. Rolea divisi in beacob

Rome, the other now resident in de peces, ou l'universe ou Poetevi

Rhemes against certaine sinister innea fat pre Dialoge (recueillis par

formations given up against the I. Fleurea). Poeters, pre Ion

same. Printed at Mounts in He. Fleurea, 1660. 12mo.

nault, 1581. 8vo. ROLLE. Rycharde Rolle her.

ROMANCERO. Romancero myte of Hampull in his contempla- hystoriado, con mucha variedad de cyons of the drede and love of god glossas y Sonetos; y al fin una flowith other dyverse tytles as it resta pastoril, y cartas pastoriles. sheweth in his table. "Enprynted Hecho y recopilado por Lucas Roat London in Fletestrete in the griguez, escripto

driguez, escriptor de la universidad

de Alcala de Henares. Impresso sygne of the sonne by Wynkyn de de Worde. Anno dñi. MCCCCCVI. 4to. en A.

en Alcala de Henares, en casa de Bl. L. B. M.

Querino Gerardo, 1582. With wood

cuts. 12mo. G. M. Very rare. A copy was in the Alchorne collection, and another is at Cambridge.

Extremely rare. – The Remedy ayenst the trou - Romancero general, en que se bles of temptacyons (by Rychard contienen todos los romances que Hampole.) Here endeth a devoute andan impressos en las nueve partes

de Romanceros. Medina del Campo, tury, were given to Mr. Grenville by 1602. 4to. G. M.

a friend who procured them in Spain. First Edition. From Col. Stanley's and - Siguense dos Romances por Heber's collections.

muy gentil estilo. El primero de - Romancero general, en que se los doze pares de francia. El secontienen todos los romances que gundo del Conde Guarinos almiandan impressos, aora nuevamente rante de la mar, y trata como lo añadido y emendado (por Pedro de cautivaron moros. Romance del Flores.) Madrid, Juan de la Cuesta, Conde Guarinos almirante della mar. 1604. 4to. G. M.

Four leaves, with wood cuts.
Second Edition.

- Romance del moro calaynos

de como reqria de amores a la in-- Romancero general en que se

es. contienen todos los romances que

- Muchas maneras de coplas y andan impressos. Aora nuevamente

villancicos con el juyzio de Juan del annadido y emendado (por Pedro

iro enzina. Four leaves. de Flores.) Madrid, por Juan de la

- Otro romance del conde claros Cuesta, 1614. 4to. Y. M.

nuevamente trobado por otra maThird Edition.

nera, fecho por Juan de Burgos. Two These are the three known editions of this first volume. That of 1602 in nine

leaves. parts, and those of 1604 and 1614 each in - A qui comiençan onze manethirteen parts, that of 1614 being probably ras de romances con sus villancetes, a mere reprint of the second edition. Four leaves. These editions are so rare that perhaps there is no other library in England which

- Deschecha sobre lo acaescido possesses all the three.

en la sierra bermeja y dellos lagares - Segunda parte del Romancero perdidos. Four leaves. General, y flor de diversa poesia,

- Coplas de Madalenica. Otras recopilados por Miguel de Madrigal.

de tambuen ganadico anadidas por Valladolid, por Luis Sanchez, 1605.

Jaques normante. Otros fieros que 4to.

hizo un rufian en camora con una This is one of the rarest of Spanish puta, por Alvaro de Solana. Four books, no other edition having ever been leaves. printed of this second Part. Mr. Gren- - Despues que los griegos deville has seen only one other copy which struyeron a Troya. Four leaves. originally had wanted four leaves that

– Romance de don Gayferos que were supplied from an imperfect copy at Madrid. Mr. Grenville parted with that trata de como saco a su esposa que when he obtained the present beautiful estava en tierra de moros. Four copy. A copy was in Thuanus's Library leaves. “ Michæl de Madrigal sive auctor sive po- - The same, another edition in tius collector est ejus systematis quod sic inscriptum prodiit Romancero General

four leaves. duobus tomis in 4to. 1604.” Antonio

- Another edition of the same, — Romancero de Romances Doc

four leaves. trinales, Amatorios, Festivos, Joco

A qui comiença dos romances sos, Satiricos y Burlescos ; sacados

del conde Grimaltos y de su hijo

Montesinos. Six leaves. de varias colecciones generales, y de las obras de diversos poetas de los

- Romance de un desafio que se

hizo en Paris de dos cavalleros prinsiglos xv. XVI. y xvii. Por Don

cipales de la tabla redonda. Los Agustin Duran. Madrid, 1829. 8vo.

e quales son Montesinos y Oliveros. ROMANCES. The following Four leaves. very curious and rare collection of — A qui comiença un romance early Spanish Romances in prose and del conde Claros de montalvan, verse, printed in the sixteenth cen- Four leaves.

- Comiença un romance del quales qualquier que con diligencia conde Alarcos; Hecho por Pedro los quisiere leer hallara proverbios : de riaño. Four leaves.

y maravillosas sentencias : y gene- Romance del conde Alarcos. ralmente a todos muy provechosos, Four leaves.

1541. Sixteen leaves, in prose and - Romance nuevamente impri- verse. mido del infante Turian y della in - Dos cartas en que se confanta Floreta Four leaves.

tiene, come sabiendo una senora que - La cronica del noble cavallero un su servidor se queria confessar : el conde Fernan gonçales : Con la le escrive por muchos refranes, &c. muerte de los siete infautes (sic) de Hechas por Blasco de Garay. En Lara. Burgos, por maestre Fadrique Toledo, 1541. Twelve leaves. aleman de Basilea, 1516. Twenty -- Romance del conde Dirlos : leaves.

y de las grandes venturas que huvo. - Como un rustico labrador as- Nuevamente anadidas ciertas cosas tucioso con consejo de su muger en que hasta a qui no fueron puestas. gañoa unos mercaderes. Four leaves. Twelve leaves in two columns.

- Farça a manera de tragedia - Glosa famosissima por el licomo passo de hecho en amores : de cenciado Alonso de Cervantes sobre un cavallero y una dama. Valencia, las coplas de don Jorge manrrique. 1537. Twelve leaves, in double Twenty leaves. columns.

“Le Roman de Dirlos de ce volume est - A qui se contienen tres ro- le meme qui se trouve a la page 166 et mances. El primero es el que dize: suivantes du tome premier de la collection De Antionera calin el moro Velotro De Antiquera salio el moro. Y el otro

de Rodd : mais il contient plusieures va

riantes tres essentielles. L'edition est Riberas de Duero arriba. Y el otro, el

faite avec toute probabilité a Saragose par que dize: Abenamar, Abenamar, moro Coci, puisque nous trouvons les memes dela moreria. Los quales han sido caracteres et les memes deux figures de la agora de nuevo corregidos y emenda- premiere page dans le Marineus Siculus de dos. Two leaves.

primis Aragoniæ regibus, Cæsar Aug. 1509.

Fol. La GLOSA FAMOSISSIMA est du Li- A qui se contienen dos ro cenciado Alonso de Cervantes. Nic. Anmances glosados y tres canciones. tonio ne mentionne pas ni l'auteur ni son Este primero es della bella mal mari

ouvrage. Celle-ci est la très rare edition

dont il existoit un exempl. dans la Bibliodada. Y otro de cativaronme los

theque de Mayans, a ce que nous appremoros. Y una cancion que dize, nons, par la page xv du prologue de l'ediSalgan las palabras mias. Y otra, tion de Las coplas de Jorge Manrique faite Las tristes lagrimas mias. Y otra, a Madrid en 1779. Là on expose les moSi en las tierras do nasci. Todas tifs qu'il y a pour croire que ce livre fut

imprimé a Valladolid par Cordova avant glosadas Four leaves.

1552. Mendez, page 137 Typogr. Es- Disbarates de gabriel de Sa- pañola, parle d'une edition de Lisbonne de ravia, muy Graciosos y apazibles, 1501." .Note by Mr. Salva. para cantar, glosando muchos viejos The above are all in Black Letter and Romances. Otras coplas del mismo are bound in 6 vol. 4to. in yellow morocco. autor. Four leaves.

- Cancionero de Romances en - Chiste nuevo con seys Ro- que estan recopilados la mayor parte mances, y siete Villancicos viejos, de los Romances Castellanos, que por Francisco de Arguello. Two hasta agora se han compuesto. Nueleaves.

vamente corregido, emendado, y - Coplas compuestas a modo de annadido en muchas partes. En Chiste de un clerigo que tenia amores Anvers, en casa de Martin Nucio, con una labradora. Two leaves. 1555. 12mo. R. M. - Refranes glosados. En los

Very rare.

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