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and fifth of sig. A ii of your volume, Libro primero del noble y esyou will find them alike, except some tri- forcado cavallero Reynaldos de fling verbal differences. Here is a proof that Dino was not always supposed the

Montalvan y de sus grandes proezas Author of the work in question: most y echos. Con licencia impresso. probably he never was mentioned in any A qui se acaba el Primero libro del other Edition of this poem. The stanzas muy Baliente (sic) y esforcado Caquoted by Melzi have undergone a slight vallero Reynaldos de Montalvan. rifacimento. The last line of the first of them stands thus in your Edition,

Impresso en Burgos en el Barrio de El mio libro in talian lo rinfresca.

Sant Pedro. Por Pedro de Santillana, In Melzi it is

1564.-Libro Segundo, Fue impresE la mia penna in toscano il rinfresca. so...... En la muy noble in

“Had the writer been Dino, a Florentine, signe et leal ciudad de Burgos cahe would never have professed to write beca de Castilla. Por Pedro de talian (Italian). The Florentines say that Santillana, &c. 1564.-Tercero libro there is no such thing as the Italian language: they grumble at its being called de don nenados. La Trapesonda Tuscan, and only admit a Florentine lan- que es tercero libro de don Renaldos guage. Add to this that the whole poem trata como por sus cavallerias alcanabounds with Lombardisms, and has not ço a ser emperador de Trapesonda y one of the words or phrases proper of the

the de la penitencia y fin de su vida. Florentine dialect, as far as I can see. Very likely the publisher wanted to puff

Agora nuevamente con licencia imthe poem and excite the curiosity of the presso, Año 1562. A qui fenece reader by fathering it upon a most inge- el tercero y postrimero libro del fanious unknown Poet from Florence-not moso y esforcado cavallero don Rea star, but a rising sun still enveloped in a

naldos de Montalvan emperador de kind of mist. These arts are practised in our own days, and not without success, Trapesonda. Fue impresso en la most probably.

Florentissima universidad de Alcala "As to the bibliographical importance of de Henares en casa de Andres de the volume, what can I say but that it is Angulo. Ano de mil v ovinietos v worthy of its fellows? The binding and every other circumstance confirms the opin sessenta y tres anos (1563). Fol. nion that it is from the Gaignat Collec. In 1 vol. Ninety-six leaves. Bl. L. tion, and therefore unique."

R. M. - Inamoramento de Rinaldo di

“ The three books of this Romance are

so exceedingly scarce in this edition, that I Monte Albano. Nel quale se tratta know of no other perfect copy. Mr. Hediverse battaglie. Et come occise ber had a copy of the two last parts. The Mambrino et molti altri famosissimi third part in this edition was also unknown pagani. Et come combatette con

to Brunet, N. R. vol. III. p. 161-2.

Quadrio supposes the original to be in Orlando et con gli altri paladini; et Fre

con gli altri paladini; et French, but this is a point difficult to ascome hebbe Guidon selvaggio et certain." MS. Note. come treno Baiardo; et della sua morte et miracoli. li quali fece e fa - Libro de Don Revnaldos. il suo corpo ; followed by a wood cut Libro primero del Noble y esforçado beneath the date 1533.' The Poem Cavallero Reynaldos de Montalvan begins on A 11, and finishes on the y de sus grandes proezas y hechos. recto of z viii. Finisse lo inamo- (Traduzido por Luys Dominguez.) ramenti de Rinaldo da Monte Al- A qui se acaba el primo libro del bano. Nuovamente stampati in

...... Impresso en Perpinan en Venetia per Aloise Torti. Nel anno Casa de Sanson Arbus, Impressor del Signore, 1533. 4to.

de Libros. Año de mil y quinientos

y ochenta y cinco Años (1585). In this edition the Poem extends to

One hundred and fourteen leaves.75 Cantos; the preceding edition of 1521 having 74 Cantos, and the original folio

Libro Segundo, &c. Impresso en edition 58 Cantos.

Perpinan en casa de Sanson Arbus,

Año de 1585. One hundred and risiensis Oratio pro Ludovico Chrisone leaves.—Libro de Don Reynal. tianissimo Rege Francorum ad Judos. La Trapesonda que es Tercero lium II. Pont. Max. S. l. et a. Libro, &c. A qui fenece el Tercero 4to. Four leaves. y postrimero libro del inuy Famoso This tract of Ritius doing homage to v esforcado Cavallero don Renaldos Julius II. for Louis XII. is curious and inde Montalvan Emperador de Tra- teresting. pesonda. Fue impresso en la Fide. Bound with other Papal Tracts. lissima Villa de Perpinan. En casa RITRATTI et Elogii di Capitani de Sanson Arbus. A costa de Ar. Illustri. Roma, Pompilio Totti, 1635. naut Garrich mercader de Libros, y 4to. R. M. de la Viuda Ymberta Libratera : From the Libraries of Colbert and Count Año del Señor de Mil y quinientos Hoym. y ochenta y cinco (1585). One hundred and twenty leaves. Fol.

RITSON, Joseph. A Complete In 1 vol. Bl. L. R. M.

Collection of the Works of Joseph

Ritson, in 39 volumes. London, This edition of the three books is also very uncommon. The two are noted by

1772-1824. 8vo. Brunet, but not from accurate information. RIVE. L'Abbe. La Chasse aux

- Rinaldo Appassionato, nel Bibliographes et Antiquaires Malquale si contiene Battaglie d'Armi, Advisés. Londres, (Paris.) 1789. et d'Amore. Venetia, per G. B. 8vo. Maringo, 1620. Wood cuts. 12mo. - Lettre vraiment philosophique

“ Melzi, p. 234, quotes very many edi. a M. l'Eveque de Clermont sur les tions, and observes that that of 1533 is the differentes Motions qu'il a faites dans only one that names the author' Hectore di notre Auguste Assemblée Nationale. Lionello di Francesco Baldouinetti. This is A Nomopolis. 1790. 8vo. F. P. probably the true author, though subject to some doubt. It is remarkable that this RIVET. ANDREW. The last hours edition, which Melzi does not know, saysof the right reverend father in God 'composto per P. A. Bindoni.'” MS. note.

Andrew Rivet, translated by G. L. RISDON, TRISTRAM. The cho. Hagh, by Samuel Brown, 1652. rographical description, or survey of Portrait by Pass, 12mo. the County of Devon, with the City and County of Exeter, &c. Col

RIZZIO, David. A relation of lected by the Travail of Tristram

the death of David Rizzi, chief faRisdon, of Winscot, Gent. For the vorite to Mary Queen of Scotland, love of his Country, and Country, written by the Lord Ruthen. Lonmen in that Province. With the don, for A. Baldwin, 1699. 8vo. Continuation. London, 1714. 8vo. R. ROBERTO EL DIABLO. La

With a manuscript Index to the Places hystoria de la espantosa y maramentioned in the second part, by Mr.

villosa Vida de Roberto el Diablo. Grenville. And copies from Lyttelton, Bp. of Carlisle's Notes in his copy of the work.

Impresso en Sevilla en la calle de la

Sierpe, en casa de Fernando Maldo- The chorographical descrip

nado. Anno de 1582. 4to. Bl. L. tion or survey of the County of De

G. M. von. Printed from a genuine copy

Brunet, N. R. vol. III. p. 182, quotes a of the original manuscript, with

Spanish Edition of 1530, another 1604. considerable additions. London, and one of 1628, but does not appear to 1811. 4to. L. P.

have heard of this edition of 1582. RITIUS, MICHAEL Michaelis ROBERTS, ALEXANDER. A Ritii Jurisconsulti et Senatoris Pa- Treatise of Witchcraft wherein sundry Propositions are laid downe, ROBERTS, Peter. The Chroplainely discovering the wickednesse nicle of the Kings of Britain ; transof that damnable art. By Alex. lated from the Welsh Copy attributed Roberts. London, 1616. 4to. to Tysilio; collated with several ROBERTS, A. The Adventures

other copies, and illustrated with

copious notes; to which are added of (Mr. T. S.) an English Merchant,

original Dissertations on the foltaken prisoner by the Turks of Ar

lowing subjects; viz. On the Hisgiers, and carried into the Inland Countries of Africa. Written first

tory and Epistle attributed to Gil

das. On the authority of the Brut. by the author, and fitted for the

On the Primary Population of Bripublick view by A. Roberts. Lon

tain. On the Laws of Dyfnwal don, by Moses Pitt, 1670. 16mo.

Moelmyd and on the Antient British ROBERTS, BARRÈ CHARLES. Church. London, 1811. 4to. L. P. Letters and Miscellaneous Papers ROBERTS. T. T. An Indian by Barrè Charles Roberts, Student

Glossary consisting of Some Thouof Christ Church, Oxford; with a Memoir of his Life. London, 1814.

sand Words and Terms used in the Portrait. 4to.

East Indies. London, 1800. 8vo. Privately printed. .


Historia Hierosolymitana. S. 1. a. ROBERTS, GRIFFITH. Dosparth

et typ. n. 4to. R. M. Byrr Aryrhann gyntaf i ramadeg

Editio Princeps. Very fine copy, rucymraeg le cair lavero bynciau an

bricated. hepcori un a chuewnychai na doedyd Santander quotes this edition as being y gymraeg yn dilediaith, nai scri- “infiniment rare et peu connu des Bibfennu cn iaun. A orchfygovma, a liographes." He appears to be justified in goronir fry, 1567. Primo Martii.

ascribing it to the press of Therhoernen,

and therefore it is prior to 1471, when 12mo. R. M.

Therhoernen first employed signatures, in “This Analysis of Welsh Grammar, dedi. his Liber de remediis. cated by Dr. Griffith Roberts to W. Earl of Pembroke, is so little known that this

– Bellum Christianorum Princicopy was sold at Lord Guilford's and He- pum, præcipue Gallorum contra Saber's Sales as being unique. There are racenos anno 1088 pro terra sancta however three copies at Wynnstay, more gestum : Carolus Verardus de exor less perfect; one of them from the Li

pugnatione regni Granatæ : Chrisbrary of Wm. Maurice, a well known Welsh Antiquarian, has the addition of a second tophori Colom de prima insularum. part on Etymology of which there are in mari Indico sitarum, lustratione. one hundred and twenty pages; but it is De Legatione regis Æthiopiæ ad deficient at the end. Maurice's note says Clementem Pont. VII.: item de “it is printed at Milan. This copy of the first part is perfect. It contains the Title

regno, hominibus, atque moribus and seven preliminary leaves, and con- ejusdem populi, qui Trogloditæ hocludes on page 92. It has also a folding die esse putantur. J. Bap. Egnatius Alphabetical Plate.” MS. note.

de origine Turcarum. Pomponius ROBERTS, John. Welsh Bibles. Lætus de exortu Maomethis. BaA letter to the Rev. W. Dealtry, in- sileæ, Henr. Petrus, 1533. Fol. G. M. tended as a supplement to his ac- - Historia di Roberto Monaco count of a Controversy respecting della Guerra fatta da Principi ChrisWelsh Orthography, and also oftiani contra Saracini per l'acquisto some late editions of Welsh Bibles, di terra Santa, tradotta per M. F. in his late publication addressed to Baldelli. Fiorenze, 1552. 12mo. Dr. Wordsworth. Chester, 1811. “ Robertus Monachus Concilio Claro

montis et primæ expeditioni in Orientem

[ocr errors]

interfuit et historiam describit Latine An. Warton's Eng. Poetry, III. 391, and norum quinque 1095-1099.” Meuselius, Brydges's Cens. Lit. VII. p. 40, both speak 11. ii. 272.

of Robinson.

The Compiler of this Poem was one of ROBINSON, CLEMENT. A the Centinels employed by the Earl of Handfuil of pleasant Delites. Lon. Shrewsbury to watch over Mary Queen don, by Richard Jhones, 1584. 4to.

of Scots, which he mentions in the Dedi

cation.” MS. Note. This is an exact transcript, made by W. Smith, from the extremely rare first edi - Certain selected Histories for tion of these Poems.

Christian Recreations with their ROBINSON. RICHARD. The severall Moralizations. Brought inrewarde of Wickednesse discoursing to Englishe verse, and are to be song the sundrye monstrous abuses of with seuerall notes : Composed by wicked and vngodlye worldelinges : Richard Robinson Citizen of London. in such sort set downe and written Imprinted at London for Henry as the same haue beene dyversely Kirkham, and are to be solde at the practised in the persones of Popes, little North dore of S. Paules, at Harlots, Proude Princes, Tyrauntes, the signe of the black boye. (The Romish Byshoppes, and others. Dedication is dated 1576.) 16mo. With a liuely description of their R. M. seuerall falles and finall destruction. “I have never heard of any other copy Verve profitable for all sorte of es- of this book : it consist of 20 leaves. Ti

w tle and Dedication 3 leaves, A. and B. each tates to reade and looke vpon. New

eight leaves, and ends with C. i.; but it is ly compiled by Richard Robinson

imperfect at the end, it was purchased from seruaunt in housholde to the Right Smith's Catalogue at Glasgow. Ritson Honorable Earle of Shrowsbury. A Bib. Poet. p. 313. says it was never

printed and it is not known whether it was dreame most pitiful and to be

prose or verse.' Douce supposes errodreaded.

neously that the Title of this book might Of things that be straunge,

have been intended once by the author Who loueth to reede :

for a Title to his translation of the Gesta In this Booke let him raunge, Romanorum, published by him in 1601-2. His fancie to feede.

Douce's Illustrations, II. 425.” MS. note. Imprinted at London in Pawles Churche Yarde, by William William

- The Auncient Order, Societie, son, 1573. 4to. Bl. L. R. M.

and Unitie Laudable of Prince Ar.

thure, and his knightly Armory of Collation. A-Q. in fours. Sixty-four

the Round Table. With a Threeleaves. Though the date of 1573 is at the end, the book was not published until

fold assertion frendly in fauour and 1576, as the author's address to the reader furtherance of English Archery at is dated from Sheffield Castle, 19th May of this day. Translated and collected that year.

by R. R. London, by John Wolfe, " Only one other perfect copy of this 1583. Wood cuts. 4to. book is known, which is in the Library of

FiftyMr. Douce (now at Oxford) who sup.

three leaves. G. M. poses the author to have compiled his Moule Bib. Herald. p. 29. truly says. book from La Devise des Armes des 'This curious vol. is most difficult to be Chevaliers de la Table Ronde, 16mo. Pa- met with. Neither Hearne nor Anstis ris, s. a. par F. Regnaud. Of this French were able to see a copy. Brand was only Book I have an edition, 16mo. Paris. able to complete one in MS. Douce had “ The Shields of K. Arthur's Round Table one, and Sir F. Freeling had a fine one Knights were probably devised to teach from the Towneley Collection. The preyoung men the Terms of Blazon.” Cam sent Copy belonged to Heber from the den's Remains, 1657, p. 337.

Sale of Sir M. Sykes.” MS. note. Hearne's Preface to Leland's Collec

ROBINSON, T. The Anatomie tanea, p. iii. says that Robinson's Rewarde was so scarce in his time that he could

of the English Nunnery at Lisbon : never get a copy of it.

dissected and laid open by one that

was sometime a younger brother of Librum Horatii qui vulgo de Arte the Convent. London, by R. Mil. Poetica ad Pisones inscribitur. Ib. bourne, 1623. 4to.

1548. Fol. In one vol. R. ROBLES, Eugenio De Breve - Scholia in Æschyli Tragedias Suma y Relacion del Modo del Rezo omnes ex vetustissimis libris MSS. v Missa del Oficio santo Gotico Mo- collecta atque in hoc corpus redacta. zarabe, conforme a la regla del glo- Venet. ex offic. Vinc. Valgrisii, 1552. rioso san Isidoro Arcobispo de Se. 12mo. R. M. villa. Toledo, 1603. 4to. R. M. ROB ROY. Highland Rogue or

From Girardot de Prefond's Library. the Memorable Actions of the ceDe Bure says that this book is so rare lebrated Robert Mac Gregor, comthat no copy was known in France except

de monly called Rob-Roy. London, Gaignat's. He gives a very interesting account, 1. p. 180. no. 211. of the establish

1723. 8vo. ment of this service by Cardinal Ximenes. ROBY. JOHN. Traditions of Lan

- Compendio de la Vida y Ha- cashire. First and Second Series. zañas del Cardinal don fray Fran London, 1829-1831. Plates. 8vo. cisco Ximenez de Cisneros : y del 4 vol. G. M. Oficio y Missa Muzarabe. Toledo, This copy is upon fine paper, and has por Pedro Rodriguez, 1604. 4to. two sets of plates upon India Paper, Proofs B. M.

and Etchings. ROBLES. Franc. Copia accen- ROCABERTI, DIEGO DE. Epituum omnium fere dictionum diffi. tome historico en Diez Romances. cilium tam linguæ latinæ quam etiam En Barcelona, por Sebastian de CorHebraicæ, nonnullarumque quoque mellas, 1628. 8vo. Græcarum, præcipue tamen super Antonio Bib. Hisp. Nova, I. 310. Bibliam, Breviarium, Martyrologium seu Calendarium, Missale, Manuale,


della Signora Sitti Maani Gioerida seu Bauptisterium. Compluti, in

della Valle. Celebrato in Roma ædibus Michelis de Eguia, anno a

l'Anno, 1627. Roma, B. Zannetti, mundi salute 1533. 12mo. B. M.

1627. 4to. R. First edition and very rare.

ROCHEFORT, DE. Histoire naROBORTELLUS, FRANCISCUS. turelle et morale des Iles Antilles de Variorum locorum annotationes tam l'Amerique. Avec un Vocabulaire in Græcis quam Latinis authoribus. Caraibe. Roterdam, chez Arnout Venetiis, ap. J. Bapt. a Burgofran- Leers, 1665. Plates. 4to. cho, Papiensem, 1543. 12mo. R.

ROCOLES, I. B. DE. La For- De historica facultate, dispu- tune Marastre de plusieurs Princes tatio, etc. Ejusdem sudationis ex- et Grand Seigneurs de toutes Naplicatio et de Nominibus Roman. tions, depuis environ deux siecles. de Rhetorica facultate, item Expli- Leyde, chez Jean Prins, 1684. cat. in Catulli Epithalamium et in primum librum Æneidos, collectæ a

RODERICUS SANCIUS DE AREJ. Bap. Busdrago. Florent. ap. Laur. Torrentinum, 1548. 12mu.

VALO. Roderici episc. Zamorensis,

Speculum vitæ humanæ cum EpisThuanus's Copy.

tola ad Paulum II. et præfatione in – In librum Aristotelis de Arte qua autoris hujus vita et ejus studia Poetica Explicationes. Florentiæ, recoluntur. Romæ in domo Petri in officina Laurentii Torrentini, 1548. de Maximis per Sweynheym et Ejusdem Robortelli Paraphrasis in Pannartz, MCCCCLXVIII. Fol. B. M.

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