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trates and Bisshops. With a pre- que son todos los que hasta aora en face of M. Philip Melancthon. Im- Castellano andan impressos. Van prynted at Grenewych, by Conrade juntamente las quatro cartas de Freeman, in the month of May 1554. Blasco de Garay, hechas en refranes, With the most gracios licence and para enseñar el uso dellos. Lerida, priuilege of god almighty, Kyng of a costa de Luys Manescal, 1621. heauen and erth. 8vo. Bl. L. M. 4to. R.

Collation. A eight leaves, B-K. III. There are two earlier editions fol. 1555. in fours, 43 leaves.

(see under Nuñez, page 499) and 12mo. “I have traced no other Copy of this 1578. but neither of them contain the most rare tract: it professes to be printed Filosofia del Mal Lara, and Cartas de Garay at Greenwich and is the only book nomi- which are added in this edition. The more nally of that press, but it was doubtless modern edition of Madrid, 1804, is said to printed abroad. See Herbert's Ames, p. have many additions but many passages of 1463.” MS note.

the prior editions are omitted. - Histoire des Vies et faicts de REGES TRES COLONIÆ. quatre excellens personnages, pre- Trium Regum Historia. (In fine.) miers restaurateurs de l'Evangile, Liber de gestis ac trina beatissimo. en ces derniers temps. Assavoir de rum trium regum translacione qui Martin Luther, par P. Melancthon. gentium primicie et exemplar salutis De J. Ecolampade par W. Faber, omnium fuerunt christianorum per et S. Grynée. De H. Zuingle par me Johannem Guldenschaft de MaO. Myconius. Traduites de Latin en guncia, anno a nativitate Christi, Francois. De Jean Calvin, par MCCCCLXXVII. fideli exaracione imTheodore de Besze. Avec son Tes- pressus : finit feliciter. Fol. B. M. tament, et le Catalogue de ses livres Collation. Forty-eight leaves, then thiret escrits. Sans lieu, 1565. La teen leaves containing " Sermones bini Vrave Histoire de la Vie de M. Alberti Magni et Augustini.” Jean Hus, Ministre de la Parole de

This appears to be the earliest account

printed of the Three Kings of Cologne. Dieu en la ville de Prague, 1565. It is rare and appears to be quoted both in La Vie de M. Jean Wicleff. Avec Panzer and in Denis Supp. from the Anala copie de la Lettre que le Pape lecta of Freytag who gives the most accuenvoya au Roy d'Angleterre pour rate account of it. persecuter ledit Wicleff, 1565. Bref REGI, DOMENICO. Della vita recueil de l' AMiction et dispersion di Tomaso Moro libri due. Milano, de l'Eglise des fideles au Pays de per Ant. Malatesta, 1675. Svo. Bresil, partie de l'Amerique Australe R. M. 1565. Histoire memorable de la Conversion de Jean Guy parricide, REGICIDES. The cry of Roval et la constance de sa mort : natif innocent blood heard and answered : de Chastillon sur Loing, et executé being a true and impartial account audit lieu, 1566. 12mo. In 1 vol. of Gods extraordinary and signal R. M.

judgements upon Regicides. Lon"This is a most curious and rare collec- don, for Daniel Brown, 1683. Frontion of Tracts which I have never seen tispiece. 12mo. elsewhere singly or collectively.” MS. note.

REGNAULT, ANTHOINE. Dis. REFRANES. Refranes, o pro- sainct Sepulcre de Jerusalem, et au

cours du Voyage d'Outremer au verbios en Romance, que collegio, tres lieux de la terre Saincte. Avec y glosso el Comendador Hernan

plusieurs traictez. Lyon, 1573. Nuñez, professor de Retorica &c.

Wood cuts. 4to. Y. M. Y La Filosofia vulgar de Juan de Mal Lara, en mil refranes glossados, REILY, Hugh, (Titular) Lord Chancellor of Ireland Ireland's RELATIONE. La vera relaCase briefly stated; or, a summary tione della Battaglia, che hebbe account of the most remarkable Nugno Alvarez Boteglio, generale transactions in that Kingdom since dell'Armata Portoghesa d'Altoborthe Reformation. Two Parts. By do, nelli Mari dell'India. Con l'ara true lover of his King and Country. mate d'Olanda, et Inghilterra nel Printed in the year 1695. 8vo. Stretto d'Ormus, 20 di Febraro, R. M.

Anno 1626. Roma, per il Grignani, See Harris's Ware III. p. 252. who is 1626. 12mo. in error as to the time of the publication, and probably also of the author's death. RELIGIOUS HOUSES. A sumBoth these parts were reprinted in 12mo.

mary of all the Religious Houses in 1720. but this original edition is of great

England and Wales with their Titles rarity.

and Valuations at the Time of their - The impartial history of Ire Dissolution. London, 1717. 8vo. land, &c. London, 1754. 12mo. RENALDINI M. PANELLO. In. B. M.

namoramento di Ruggeretto FigREINECCIUS, REINERUS, Stein- liuolo di Ruggero Re di Bulgaria, hemius, academiæ Juliæ historicus. etc. Vinegia, Alla bottega di maesHistoria Julia. sive Syntagma He tro G. dalla carta, 1554. Wood cuts. roicum. Cujus pars Prima continet 4to. Monarchiam Primam, hoc est Chal

Melzi. p. 259. deorum et Assyriorum imperium, RENAUDOT, EUSEBIUS. Anci. item Regna lill. implicatam Dynas

ennes relations des Indes et de la tiam unam, Tyrannides duas; quæ Chine, de deux voyageurs Mahosingula eiusdem Monarchiæ tem

metans, qui y allerent dans le neupore floruerunt. Pars secunda com vieme siecle : traduites de l'Arabe : prehendens Monarchiam Secundam,

avec des remarques sur les princiquæ censetur Regnis Medorum et

paux endroits de ces Relations. Persarum : comprehendens distinctè

Paris, 1718. 8vo. et singulatim reliqua eiusdem tem

This collection published from an ancient poris imperia, id est, Regna xvi.

MS. in the Seignelay Library at Paris, is Dynastiam unam, Tyrannides xix. much praised by Meuselius II. ii. p. 117. Respublicas XIV. Pars tertia, qua and by Richarderie I. 32. exponitur Monarchia tertia, id est, Regnum Macedonicum, et alia par

RENNEL, JAMES. Bengal At. tim Macedonicæ originis, partim

las. London, 1781. Fol. solo tempore respondentia, in vni

– Memoir of a Map of Hindoosuersum xxxix. exponuntur insuper tan, or the Mogul's Empire. Lon. Tetrarchia vna, Tyrannides XIII.

• don, 1783. 4to. Respub. vi. Helmæstadii, typis Jacobi Lucii, sumptibus Ambrosii Kirch. - Memoir of a Map of Hindoosneri, 1594-5-7. Fol. 3 vol. B. M. tan ; or the Mogul Empire: with From the La Valliere Library No. 4815.

an introduction, illustrative of the Old blue morocco.

geography and present division of Ouvrage très estimé, dont la rareté that country: and a map of the augmente de jour en jour. Les Tables ge- countries situated between the heads nealogiques manquent dans plusieurs ex of the Indian Rivers, and the Casemplaires.De Bure No. 4717.

pian Sea. To which is added an “ Valuable and curious for the account of the ancient families, but it is very rarely

appendix, containing an account of to be met with.” Rawlinson's Historians,

the Ganges and Burrampooter RiII. 526.

vers. London, 1792. 4to.

- The Marches of the British Sir John Reresby, Bart. The former Armies in the Peninsula of India, (now first published) exhibiting a during the campaigns of 1790 and view of the governments and society 1791 ; illustrated and explained by in the principal states and courts reference to a Map, compiled from of Europe, during the time of Cromauthentic Documents, transmitted well's Usurpation : the latter conby Earl Cornwallis from India. Lon. taining anecdotes of the Courts of don, 1792. 8vo.

Charles II. and James II. London,

L. P. The geographical system of

1813. Portraits. 8vo.

10 Herodotus, examined and explained, RESENDIUS. ANGELUS AN. by a comparison with those of other

ith those of other DREAS. Epitome rerum gestarum in ancient authors, and with modern India a Lusitanis, anno superiori, geography. London, 1800. Maps. juxta exemplum epistolæ, quam No4to.

nius Cugna, dux Indiæ max. desig- Observations on the Topogra- natus, ad regem misit ex urbe Cana. phy of the Plain of Troy, and on norio inii. Idus Octobris, Anno 1530. the Principal Objects within and Lovanii, apud Servatium Zassenum, around it, described or alluded to, in 1531. 4to. R. M. the Iliad. London, 1814. On the There are some latin verses at the end Effect of Westerly Winds in raising of the tract. the Level of the British Channel by The author born in 1498, died 1573, he

was a very distinguished writer of his time; the same. London, 1809. 4to.

and the present original edition is very B. M.

seldom found. His other work “de AntiPresentation copies with a letter from quitatibus Lusitaniæ " printed in Fol. the Author to Mr Grenville.

Eboræ, 1593, is still more rare. “Hæc

editio princeps libris rarissimis rectissimè - Illustrations (chiefly Geogra- adnumeratur.” Meuselius V. ii. 236. phical) of the History of the Expedition of Cyrus from Sardis to Ba

om Sardis to Ba. RESTORATION. A happy handbylonia ; and the retreat of the full, or Green hopes in the Blade; Ten Thousand Greeks from thence in order to a Harvest, of the several to Trebisonde. and Lydia. With Shires, humbly petitioning or heartan Appendix, containing an Enquiry, ily declaring for Peace. London, into the best method of improving for John Williams, 1660. 4to. the Geography of the Anabasis, &c. RETZ. Memoires du Cardinal de Explained by three Maps. London, Retz, de Gui Joly. et de Madame la 1816. 4to. The Atlas in Fol. R.

Duchesse de Nemours. AmsterRENNIGERUS, Michaelis. De

De dam, 1731-1738. 12mo. 7 vol.

R. M. Pii V. Grégorii XIII. Romanorum Pontificum furoribus. Contra po- REVICZKY, Comes. Bibliotentissimam principem Elizabetham theca Græca et Latina, complectens Angliæ Franciæ et Hyberniæ Re- auctores fere omnes Græciæ et ginam. Londini, excud. T. Dauso, Latii veteris, quorum opera, vel pro R. Watkins, 1582. 8vo. fragmenta ætatem tulerunt, exceptis RERESBY, Sir John. Memoirs,

tantum asceticis, et theologicis Pa

' trum nuncupatorum scriptis ; cum containing several private and re

delectu editionum tam primariarum, markable transactions, from the Res. toration to the Revolution inclu

principum, et rarissimarum, quam sively. London, 1735. 8vo.

etiam optimarum, splendidissima

rum, atque nitidissimarum, quas – The Travels and Memoirs of usui meo paravi Periergus Delto

philus. Berolini. 1784. 8vo. F.P. hear of any other copy of this very rare R. M.

first edition. See also Meermann Orig.

Typog. II. 291. There are in Brunet preThis privately printed catalogue, has the tensions to an original MS. of this work two supplements and is quite complete. in Latin and another in oli French but This collection was purchased by Earl there is not any printed copy of this work Spencer and formed the foundation of his in any language with a date as old as this splendid Library of early printed books &c. of 1479. Caxton in the last page of his This copy was presented to Mr. Grenville Reynard the Fox, says that he followed his by Earl Spencer.

Dutch copy which proves this to be the REVOLUTION. The History

original.” MS. note. of the Desertion, or an Account of - The Historye of Reynart the all the Publick Affairs in England Foxe. William Caxton M.cccc.from the beginning of September, LXXXI. Fol. B. M. 1688, to the Twelfth of February This most beautiful copy was purchased following. London, for R. Chis. at Mr. Inglis's sale. Between sheets h. & well, 1689. 4to.

i., is half a leaf, evidently printed by Cax

ton, inserted to supply a deficiency in the REVULGO, Mingo. Coplas, Text. glosadas por Hernando de Pulgar.

The extraordinary rarity of this book is

sufficiently described by Dibdin in Bibl. S. 1. 1594. 12mo. G. M.

Spenc. IV. 244. REY, FULCRAN. A wonderful

Only two other copies are known one

u in the King's Library (Br. Mus.) and the instance of God's Appearance for, other in Lord Spencer's. and presence with his People in a Dibdin in his collation is wrong in Bib. Day of Suffering : or a narrative of Spencer : he does not mention that sign. the most holy life, and triumphant k. has only 6 leaves. From his account death of Mr. Fulcran Rey : " who it does not appear that Lord Spencer's copy was put to death in France, for be has the curious half leaf above mentioned. ing a publick preacher. London - The most delectable History for T. Fabian, 1688. 4to.

of Reynard the Fox. Newly corREYNARD THE FOX. Hystorie

rected and purged from all gross

ness in phrase and matter. To van Regnaert die vos. Hier eyndet

which may now be added a Second die hystorie van reynaert die vos,

part of the said History: as also ende is gheprent ter goude in hol

the Shifts of Reynardine the Son of lant by mi gheraert leeu den seuentienden dach in augusto. Int iaer

Reynard the Fox, together with his M.cccc. en LXXIX. (1479.) 4to.

Life and Death, &c. London, 1701,

1681, 1684. Wood cuts. 4to. 3 vol. Bl. L. R. M.

in 1. Collation. 113 leaves, a-n. in eights,

“ This book is supposed by some to o nine leaves. The Table occupies leaves

have been a concealed Satire upon Dudley a. 1 and 2. a. 3. is numbered at the bot

Lord Leicester. See Drake's Preface to tom 1. and the numbering is continued to

Secret Memoirs of Lord Leicester, 8vo." the last leaf but one which is numbered

MS. note. 109, but number 70 is repeated.

“ This is the first Edition of the work REYNERUS, CLEMENS. Aposwhich Caxton in 1481 translated into En- tolatus Benedictinorum in Anglia, glish with the title of Reynard the Fox,

x, sive Disceptatio Historica, de anti

sive Disceptatio Historica de anti. and it does not appear that Panzer knew of any other than this identical copy quoted

quitate ordinis congregationisque by him from Denis Supp. as belonging to Monachorum Nigrorum Sancti Be. the Meermann library, from whence this nedicti in regno Angliæ. Jussu pacopy was purchased. See Panzer, I. 443. trum ejusdem congregationis, in CaDenis Supp. I. 109. In Panzer, vol. XII.

pitulo Generali anni 1625, congrep. 236. he quotes editions of 1485, 1487, 1494, and 1498. The work is divided into

gatorum. Duaci, ex off. Laurentii 43 chapters in prose and verse. I do not Kellami, 1626. Fol. B. M.

This copy is one of the very few which muy noble ciudad de Toledo. Ou are to be found on Fine Paper with the the recto of folio 108. Fue impressa Appendices. See Gough, Brit. Topog. la presente obra ano del nacimiento I. 128. Nicolson, Hist. Lib. 147. Wood's Athena Oxonienses by Bliss, II. 500.

de nuestro Salvador de mil y qui

nientos y ochenta y cinco anos REYNOLDS, GEORGE. An his. (1585). 3 vol. in 1. Fol. G. M. torical Essay upon the Government

Fausto da Longiano in his Commentary, of the Church of England, from the

and Baruffaldi in his life of Ariosto imearliest to the present times. Lon

pute to him that he had taken his story don, 1743. Svo.

from this book. Panizzi disproves this in This is an answer to Dodd's Church

his edition of Ariosto, but says that Espeio

de Cavallerias is so rare that he despaired History.

of finding it till Mr. Heber lent him this REYNOLDS, John. The Tri- copy, perhaps the only one in England.

Brunet, N. R. vol. I. p. 488. notices the ediumphes of Gods Revenge against

tions of this work but singularly enough the Cryinge and execrable Sinne of says “ Antonio attribue l'Espejo a Pedro willfull and premeditated murther, de Reynosa, qui pourtant ne s'y nomme expressed in Thyrtve severall Tra pas.” On the Title Page and in the Prigicall Historyes. London, W. Lee,

vilege of the first part and at the com

mencement of the third he is expressly 1657. Frontispiece and Plates. Fol.

named. The first part of the present copy - The Triumphs of God's Re

appears to be made up with the title of the

edition of 1586. and the body of the work venge against the crying Sin of of

enge against the crying Din of of the edition of 1551. The third part has Murther. London, 1662. 12mo. no title.

REYNOSA. Primera, Segunda In Cervantes's Catalogue of Don Quixy Tercera Parte de Orlando Enamo

ote's library, Book I. Cap. VI., Cervantes

certainly appears to think that Ariosto did rado. Espejo de Cavallerias, en el

profit from this Espejo de Cavallerias which qual se tratan los hechos del Conde is fully disproved by the Royal Privilege Don Roldan; y del muy esforçado which says of it " traduzido de lengua Cavallero don Reynaldós de Mon. Toscana en nuestro Castellano por Pedro talvan, de otros muchos preciados

de Reynosa.” Cavalleros. Por Pedro de Reynosa RHÆSUS, J. David. Cambrovezino de la muy noble Ciudad de brytannicæ, Cymræcæve Linguæ InToledo. Impresso .... en Medina stitutiones et Rudimenta accurate et del Campo por Franc. del Canto, (quantum fieri potuit) succincte et 1586. On the reverse of folio 142; compendiose conscripta. Londini, Fenesce la primera parte de Espejo T. Orvinus, 1592. Fol. de cavallerias. Fue impressa en Sevilla, en casa de Jacome Cronber. RHE, ISLE OF. A Journall of all ger, Anno MD. y cincuenta y uno the proceedings of the Duke of (1551). Libro Segundo de Espejo Buckingham his Grace, in the Isle de Cavallerias en el qual se trata of Ree, a part of France. Wherelos amores de Don Roldan, &c. S. l. unto is added the names of the 1586. On folio 119; Fin del Se- French Nobilitie that were slaine. gundo libro de Espeio de Cavalleria, London, for Thomas Walkley, 1627. traduzido y compuesto por Pero 4to. Lopez de Sancta Catalina.

"There are four different Journals which El Tercero Libro de Espejo de appear to have been successively published Cavallerias en el qual se cuentan los by Authority from the 24th June 1627 to famosos hechos del infante don Ro the 15th August 1627, containing the acserin &c. traduzido de Lengua Tos

counts of the landing and progress of the

D. of Buckingham on the Isle of Rhe in cana en nuestro vulgar Castellano his first attempt to succour Rochelle." por Pedro de Reynoso vezino de la MS. note.

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