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- Brevia Parliamentaria Redi. Asie: du Gouvernement, des loix, viva. London, 1662. 4to. L. P. des mæurs et de la Religion des habi

This is a duplicate copy of the third tans. Dressée sur les Memoires de part, likewise on Large Paper, it is retained G. Psalmanaazaar, natif de cette lle, on account of having many Manuscript par le Sieur N. F. D. B. R. Amsteradditions.

dam, 1705. Plates. 12mo. G. M. - (Records). An exact Chronological Vindication and Historical PSALTERIUM. Psalterium HeDemonstration of our British, Ro- bræum, Græcum, Arabicum et Chalman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, Eng- deum cum tribus latinis interpretalish Kings, Supreme Ecclesiastical tionibus et glossis, cum Præfatione Jurisdiction, In, Over all Spiritual, Aug. Justiniani Genuensis ad Leo. or Religious Affairs, Causes, Per- nem X. Impressit miro ingenio. sons, as well as Temporal within Petrus Paulus Porrus, genuæ in their Realms of England, Scotland, ædibus Nicolai Justiniani Pauli, Ireland and other Dominions. From præsidente reipub. genuensi pro the Original Planting, Embracing Sereniss. Francorum Rege, presof Christian Religion therein and tanti viro Octaviano Fulgoso, anno Reign of Lucius our first Christian christiane salutis, 1516. Fol. King (to the Death of Edward lst, First Edition. Printed UPON VEL1307), by William Prynne Esq. a LUM. This Psalter is the first Polyglott Bencher and Reader of the Ho.

work ever published, and contains the first nourable Society of Lincolnes-Inne.

Arabic ever printed. In a note to the 19th

Psalm is a Life of Columbus giving an acLondon Printed for the Author by count of the discovery of America, &c. Thomas Ratcliff, 1666, 1665, 1668. Copies on Vellum are not very uncommon, Fol. 3 vol. R. M.

but the present cannot be exceeded in "By the · Address to the Reader' at

beauty and preservation. the end of the 1st. vol. it appears that only

- Psalterium in Quatuor Linguis, Seventy copies of that volume escaped the Hebræa. Græca, Chaldæa, Latina. flames of the Fire of London. The 3rd. volume having been better preserved, it Impressum Coloniæ, 1518. Fol. was sold separately, with a new English B. M. Title Page as the History of King John, “ Edition beaucoup plus rare que celle King Henry IIId. &c. 1670, as will be seen de Genes.” Brunet, III. 158. in my third volume preceding Part I. of the text. It was again sold with a new Latin - Psalterium, cum Canticis qui. Title Page of Antiquæ Constitutiones busdam (Græce et Latine,) ex recenRegni Anglice etc. Londini impensis Authoris 1672. The original Title Page of

sione Johannis (Crastoni) Placen

stone sono vol. 3. 1668, is scarcely ever found with tini. Impressum Mediolani Anno this volume. To this copy is subjoined MCCCC.Lxxxi. Fol. R. an Index to the History of King John,

First Edition. Quite complete, with King Henry IIId, and King Edward 1st. by

the Dedicatory Epistle. Very fine copy. W. Prynne Esq. 1670. London, printed for T. Payne, at the Mews Gate, 1775.

- Psalmorum Liber, cum canticis Fol. ten leaves, of which, so few were printed, that I know now of no other copy

quibusdam (Græce.) (On the last

9 except one in the possession of Mr. Phelps. leaf is the following date in Greek.) The 14 Tables announced by Prynne on In nomine sanctæ Trinitatis, Patris, the reverse of page 1307 vol. III. have Filii et Spiritus Sancti excudi hunc never been seen and probably were never 11

librum, ego Alexander ex Candace printed. At Stowe the copy of this book has an additional 4th volume of 400 pages

urbe Crete, filius sapientissimi et ceof Introduction which I have never heard leberrimi Domini Georgii Presbyof in any other copy.” MS. note. teri, Alexandri filii. Anno mcccc

PSALMANAAZAAR, GEORGE. LXXXVI. Venetiis. 4to. G. M. Description de l'Ile de Formosa en This Edition is of the greatest rarity. The present copy was formerly Villoison's so that it no longer merits the unfavoraand contains a MS. note by him. The ble description given of it by Van Praet. last Leaf is supplied in MS.

A second volume is added, consisting of

36 leaves in MS. containing additional ser- Psalterium Græcum, cura Jus vices, hymns, &c. and they are both bound tini Decadyi. Venetiis, Aldus Ma

in purple velvet and enclosed in a blue

morocco case. nutius, S. a. (circa Mccccxcvi). 4to. R. M.

– Psalterium et Canticum Can

ticorum et alia Cantica Biblica, - PSALMORUM CODEX. Pre- ÆTHIOPICE ; et syllabarium, seu sens Psalmorum Codex venustate de legendi ratione : Impressum est capitalium decoratus, rubricationi- opusculum hoc ingenio et impenbusque sufficienter distinctus, ad in- sis Joannis Potken, Rome, per Mar. ventione artificiosa imprimendi ac cellum Silber alias Franck, 1513. caracterizandi absque calami ulla 4to. R. M. exaracione sic effigiatus, et ad euse. This Psalter is the first book printed in biam dei industrie est consummatus, the Æthiopic character. per Johannem Fust civem maguntinum

– Æthiopice et Latine cum duo. et Petrum Schoffer de Gernszheim

bus impressis et tribus MSS. Codd. anno domini mccccLvII. In vigilia

la diligenter collatum et emendatum Assumpcionis. Fol.

cura J. Ludolfi. Francof. 1701. PrintED UPON VELLUM. First EdiTION.

“ Ce livre précieux étant, depuis l'ori - Liber Psalmorum Davidis Regine de l'imprimerie, le premier qui porte gis, et Prophetæ. Ex Arabico idioune date clairement exprimée, jouit, sous mate in Latinum translatus. A ce rapport, d'une grande et juste célébrité;

e; Victorio Scialac Accurensi, et Ga

Vintorin S alon Ann à cet avantage, il jouit un autre mérite, c'est d'offrir, dans son genre, un chef

ef briele Sionita Edeniensi Maronitis,

bri d'euvre de typographie, soit qu'on le e Monte Libano. Romæ, ex typog. considère comme imprimé avec des carac- Savariana, 1614. 4to. L. P. tères mobiles de bois, soit qu'on prétende qu'il est le produit de caractères mobiles

- Illyricum. 12mo. de fonte ; car, parmi les artistes et les gens - Certayne Psalmes chosen out de lettres, les sentimens sur la nature des

of the Psalter of David and drawen types qu'on y a employés, ont de tout temps été très partagés et ont occasionné into Englishe Metre by Thomas de longues discussions, dont le résultat, Sternhold grome of ye kynges Majusqu'à ce jour n'a servi qu'à laisser le jesties Roobes. Excudebat Londini, question indécise.Van Praet, Cat. des Edovardus Whitchurche. Cum pri. Livres sur Velin. vol. I. p. 205-7. The present is the copy, mentioned by

vilegio ad imprimendum solum. him as having formerly belonged to the 12mo. Bl. L. G. M. Count de Weissemburg and is thus de This is indisputably the first edition of scribed by him.

Sternhold's Psalms being only nineteen in « 5. De M. le comte de Weissemburg. number. Dibdin's Typograph. Antiq. 111. “Il y a apparence que cet exemp., qui

pp. 494. 499. a passé depuis quelque temps en Angleterre, n'avoit, dans l'origine, que 143 f.

- Al such Psalmes of David as Il ne contient plus que les 136 premiers, Thomas Sternhold late Grome of non compris le 2ge f. qui manque, et il the Kinges majesties robes did in est dans un état deplorable de dégradation, his lyfe time drawe into english privé de presque toute sa marge, &c.The volume consists of 138 leaves and mees.

meter. 12mo. Bl. L. G. M. not 137 as stated by Van Praet.

“This is the second edition containing thirThe 28th leaf and the last leaf contain ty-seven Psalms. The notice to the reader of ing the Colophon have been supplied in 'seven psalms adjoined' not by Sternhold, fac-simile most beautifully executed by makes a question whether these seven Harris, who has likewise cleaned and res. should not be found in addition.” MS. tored the book in an admirable manner, note.

- Psalter or Psalmes of David, “ Tho' this volume bears the name of after the translacion of the greate

King James, and was printed as such by

his son King Charles, the chief part of it Byble, poynted as it shal be sayde

is attributed to Sir William Alexander, or songe in Churches. (Edward Lord Stirling.” MS. note.

- The Psalmes of David in EngB. M.

lish Meeter, set forth by Francis Collation. A-I. in eights, K. four, terminating on the following recto A. A. I.

Rous. London, by James Young,

I “ This appears to be an edition of great 1643. 18mo. rarity, no possessor of a copy being quoted by Ames, Herbert or Dibdin. There is no

– The Whole Book of Psalms printer's name, but it has the device con- in Meter, according to the Art of stantly used by Whitchurch for whom Short-Writing by Jeremiah Rich. Herbert says it was printed by Hum. London. n. d. Portrait by Cross. Powel, I. p. 550. Powel quitted England for Ireland about 1550 so that this book 12mo. B. M. was probably printed about 1548-9. Her

- The Psalms of David, transbert's Ames, II. 749, 50." MS, note.

lated into Heroic Verse in as Li– The Whole Psalter translated teral a Manner as Rhyme and Metre into English Metre, which contayneth will allow, with Arguments to each an hundreth and fifty Psalmes. Im- Psalm, and Explanatory Notes. Lonprinted at London, by John Daye, don, 1754. 8vo. R. M. dwelling over Aldersgate beneath S. Martyns, n. d. 4to. Bl. L.

- The Psalmes of David trans

lated into divers and sundry kindes B. M.

of Verse. Begun by Sir Philip “ Only eight copies are known of this curious version by Archbishop Parker. It

Sidney and finished by the Countess was never published. Strype the biogra- of Pembroke his sister. Now first pher of Parker never could obtain the sight printed from a Copy of the original of it; nor was it known to Ames. See Manuscript transcribed by John DạHawkins's Hist. of Musick, III. 502. Dib- vies of Hereford, in the Reign of din's Typograph. Antiq. IV. 175." MS.

James I. Chiswick, 1823. note.


traits. Svo. - The Whole Booke of Psalmes, with their wonted Tunes as they are – Psalmæ y Brenhinol Brophy. sung in Churches, composed into vyd Dafydh, gwedi i cynghanedhu foure parts. Compiled by x Son- newn mesurau cymreig. Gaw Gapdry Authors. Imprinted at London, ten Wiliam Middelton : Simon Stafby Thomas Est, the assigne of Wil- ford a Th. Salisbury Llunden, 1603. liam Byrd, 1594. 12mo. B. M. 4to. B. M.

The Psalms appear to have been first T hese Psalms translated into Welsh by printed with musick by T. Este, 1592, but Capt. W. Middelton and printed by T. Sain his preface to this edition he tells us lisbury are of very rare occurrence. there are many corrections and additions.

-- The cl Psalmes of David in - The Psalmes of David in Me- meitir ; With the forme of prayeris tre, with divers notes, and Tunes, and administratioun of the Sacraaugmented to them. Also with the mentis etc. Usit in the Kirk of prose on the Margen. Middelburgh, Scotland. Quhairunto ar addit sinby Richard Schilders, 1602. 8vo. dry other Prayeris with the Cate

chisme of M. Johne Calvin and ane - The Psalmes of King David, Kalender. Edinburgh, Prentit be translated by King James. No Robert Smyth, dwelland at the nether place or date. Frontispiece by Mar Bow 1599. The Catechisme or Mashall. 8vo. B. M.

ner to teich chyldren Christian Re


ligioun. Quhairin the minister de Antonini Imperatoris. Provinciamandis the questioun and the Chyld rum Romanarum Libellus. Civitates makis answer. Made by Johne Cal Provinciarum Gallicarum. Itineravin. Ib. 1602. 12mo. Bl. L. rium a Burdigala Hierosolymam usR. M.

que. Tabula Peutingeriana cum no– Pseaulme de David. (A wood

tis M. Velseri. Parergi Orteliani

Tabulæ. Amst. ex off. Jud. Hondii, cut beneath,) and then, Cy commence

1619. Fol. R. le psaultyer translate de latin en francoys. It is printed in double - Cosmographia (Lat.) Inexcolumns, with 30 lines to a full page. plicabile ferme terre astrorumque and commences on A 1. The sig. opus Cl. Ptolemæi Alexandrini Geonatures from A to F run in eights graphiam Arnoldus Buckinck e GerA having only seven, G has 9, and

mania Rome tabulis æneis in picH 5. I 8. and the book concludes turis formatam impressit. Sempion the reverse of K 5, thus, Cy finist ternoingenii artificiique monumento. le psautier en francors, s. d. 'Wood Anno dominici natalis MCCCCLXXVIII. cuts. Fol. Bl. L. R. M. Liber vi. Idus Octobris Sedente Sixto iv. sanctæ Mariæ Clarevallis.

Pont. Max. Anno ejus vill. Fol. First Edition. This first edition of the

B. M. French Psalter is so extremely rare that

A long account of the great rarity of though Panzer quotes it from Maittaire

it from Maittaire this book in a perfect state with 27 maps neither of them appear to have seen it. will be found in Bibl. Spenc. IV. 537. Le Long is inclined to attribute it to Ve- That copy, from the La Valliere Library. rard. It is the edition mentioned in the wants eleven of the 27 maps, this copy Manuel du Libraire, vol. III. p. 163. This contains them all. copy was purchased at Thierry's Sale.

- Cosmographie Libri Octo. PSELLUS. Sapientissimi Pselli Opus Donni Nicolai Gerrnani secunopus dilucidum in quattuor Mathe- dum Ptolemeum finit. Anno MCCCC. maticas disciplinas, Arithmeticam, LXXXII. Augusti vero Kalendas xvii. Musicam, Geometriam et Astrono. Impressum Ulme per Ingenio sum miam. (Græce.) Venet. per Ste- virum Leonardum Hol prefati opphanum Sabium, 1532. 12mo. G. M. pidi civis (sic). Fol. R. M.

" Edition rare, le premier de cet ouvrage.” “ PRINTED UPON Vellum. Very fine copy. Brunet, III. p. 163.

- Liber Geographiæ cum Tabu- Opus dilucidum in quatuor lis et universali Figura et cum adMathematicas disciplinas, Arithme- ditione Locorum quæ a recentioribus ticam, Musicam, Geometriam et As. reperta sunt, diligenti cura ementronomiam. (Græcè.) Parisiis, ex- datus et impressus. Venetiis, per cud. Jac. Bogardus, 1545. 16mo. Jacobum Pentium de Leucho, 1511.

Fol. PTOLEMÆUS,Claudius. Clau

B. M. dii Ptolemæi Alexandrini philosophi


illuminated. cum primis eruditi, de Geographia libri octo, summa cum vigilantia ex

- Geographicæ Enarrationis Licusi, (Græce.) · Basil, Frobenius, bri octo : ex Bilibaldi Pirckheymeri 1533. 4to. G. M.

tralatione sed ad Græca et prisca

exemplaria a Michaele Villanovano First Edition.

jam primum recogniti. Adjecta in- Theatrum Geographiæ Vete- super ad eodem Scholia. Lugduni, ris duobus Tomis distinctum, edente ex offic. Melchioris et Gasparis Petro Bertio Bevero, continens Cl. Trechsel, 1535. Fol. R. M. Ptolomæi Alexandrini Geographiæ Panzer, VII. 365. “ Editio rara et faLibri viii. (Gr. Lat.) et Itinerariam mosa.”


- Geographicæ Enarrationis Li. continua La Materia de l'Ariosto bri Octo, ex Bilibaldi Pirckeymheri con le Annot. et Figure nel printralatione, sed ad Græca et prisca cipio de i Canti. Venezia, Rampaexemplaria a Michæle Villanovano zetto, 1602. 4to. secundo recogniti. Lugduni, apud “Questa Seconda edizione e accresciuta Hugonem a Porto, 1541. Fol. R. M. di quattro canti.” Melzi, p. 260.

- Magnæ Constructionis, id est PUCCINELLI, Placido. His. Perfectæ cælestium motuum per- toria di Ugo, Principe della Toscana. tractationis Lib. XIII. Theonis Venetia, per Matteo Leni, 1543. Alexandrini in eosdem Commenta. Portrait. 4to. riorum Lib. XI. ex recens. S. Gry. næi. Basileæ, apud J. Walderum,

– Vita ed Attioni del B. Andrea 1538. Fol.

di Scotia, Diacono di S. Donato, Dedicated to Henry villth. Vescovo di Fiesole. Milano, 1645.

12mo. - Libri quatuor compositi Syro fratri Gr. et Lat. a Philippo Me. PUCELLE D'Orleans. Recueil lancthone facti. Ejusdem Fructus de plusieurs inscriptions proposées Librorum suorum, sive Centum dicta pour remplir les tables d'attente esad eundem Syrum. Basil. per Jo. tans sous les statues du Roy Charles Oporinum, 1553.—Procli Paraphra. VII. et de la Pucelle d'Orleans, qui sis in quatuor Ptolemæi Libros de sont élevées, egalement armées, et a Siderum effectionibus (Gr.) cum genoux, aux deux costez d'une croix, præfat. Phil. Melancthonis. Basil. et de l'image de la Vierge Marie ap. Jo. Oporinum, S. a. 12mo. estant au pied d'icelle, sur le pont 2 vol. R. M.

i de la Ville d'Orleans, des l'an 1458. PUBLICIUS, Jacobus. Orato. Et de diverses poesies faites a la riæ artis Epitomata : Dicendi, scri. louenge de la mesme Pucelle, de ses bendique breves rationes : necnon freres et leur posterité. Paris, par et aptus optimo cuique viro titulus. Edme Martin, 1628. Plates. 4to. Insuper perquam facilis Memoriæ “ This copy is the only one that I have Artis modus Jac. Publicii Florentini

seen with the extremely rare print of the

tapestry of the time, representing the enlucubratione in lucem editus. Er

trance of Charles VII. into Rheims. It hardus Ratdolt Augustensis 1482 im- has also the Portrait of the Pucelle by pressit Venetiis. Cum figuris. 4to. Gaultier.” MS. note. R. M. First Edition.

PUGH, EDWARD. Cambria De

picta : a tour through North Wales, - Ejusdem Libri Editio Secunda.

illustrated with Picturesque Views. Erhardus Ratdolt augustensis ingenio By a native Artist. London, 1816. miro et arte perpolita impressioni

Coloured Plates. 4to. L. P. R. . mirifice dedit 1485. Venetiis. 4to. R. M.

PUGH, Robert. Elenchus ElenSee Bibl. Spencer, where the existence chi : sive Animadversiones in G. of the first Edition is denied, vol. III. Batei. Cromwelli Parricidæ aliquando p. 472. The two first tracts are the same in both editions. The Ars Memoriais Protomedici, Elenchum Motuum nualtered and differently disposed towards perorum in Anglia. Parisiis, 1664. the end in the second edition, and has an 8vo. additional figure of a man and a woman on the third leaf of the second book. Panzer,

This Answer to Bate's Elenchus was III. 178.

written by Robert Pugh an Officer in the

King's Army. Bate wrote a reply to Pugh, PUCCIARINI, CAPITAN CLE. but it does not appear that it was ever MENTE. I Brandigi, Poema, che published.

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