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Histories, and excellent Nouelles, Brunet Nouvelles Recherches, III. p. 2. selected out of diuers good and com- This is the copy so described. mendable authors. By William PALATINATE. Reisz-EmpfaPainter Clarke of the Ordinaunce hung: Volbringung des Heyraths : and Armarie. London, by Henry und glücklicher Heimführung: etc. Denham, for Richard Tottell and des Fürsten und Herrn Friederichen William Jones, 1566. The second desz Fünften. Pfaltzgraven bev tome of the Palace of Pleasure, con- Rhein, mit der Königlichen Printeyning store of goodly histories, cessin Elisabethen, desz Herrn Jatragicall matters, and other morall cobi desz Ersten Königs in Grosz argument, very requisite for delighte Britannien einigen Tochter. Mit and profit. London, by Henry Bynne schönen Kupfferstücken. (Heidelman, for Nicholas England, 1567. berg ?) in Gotthardt Vögelins Verlag. 4to. Bl. L.

Anno 1613. 4to. First Editions. Extremely rare. This is a curious detail of the Festivities

on the marriage of Frederick Count Pala- The Palace of Pleasure. From tine with Elizabeth the daughter of James I. the Editions printed by Thomas It seems to have been a royal copy from Marshe, 1575, and n. d. Edited the plates being illuminated. by Joseph Haslewood. London, for PALATINO, GIOVANBATTISTA. R. Triphook, by Harding and Wright, Libro nel qual s'insegna a scrivere 1813. 4to. 2 vol. in 4.

ogni sorte lettera, Antica et MoPRINTED UPON VELLUM.

derna di qualunque natione, con la Of this Book seven copies were printed gionta da quindici Tavole bellissime. upon Vellum.

Roma, per Ant. Blado Asolano, 1584. PALADINI. I valorosi Mangia. 4to. R. M. menti de' Paladini. In fine aggionte PALINGENIUS, MARCELLUS. alcune stanze d'Orlando Furioso The Zodiake of Life written by the alla Biresca. Verona, senz' anno. Godly and zealous Poet Marcellus 4to. Four leaves.

Palingenius stellatus, wherein are This burlesque poem has, in the editions conteyned twelue bookes disclosing of Florence 1568 and 1597, the Title of the havnous Crymes and wicked “ Le valorose prove degli Arcibrave Pala

vices of our corrupt nature : and dini.” This Edition is not noticed by Melzi.

plainlye declaring the pleasaunt and

perfit pathway vnto eternall lyfe, bePALAFOX Y MENDOZA, JUAN sides a number of digressions both DE. Virtudes del Indio. S. l. et a. pleasaunt and profitable, newly trans4to. B.M.

lated into Englishe verse by Barna“ Palafox fut un second Las Casas en bee Googe. London, by Henry exposant au gouvernement espagnol la Denham, for Rafe Newberye, 1565. malheureuse condition des Americains, et 16mo. Bl. L. B.M. en demandant l’Amelioration. Son zele et son humanité se montrerent sur tout

Title and Prefatory matter 12 leaves. dans cet exposé adressé au roi, où il a fait A-Y. and aa-yy 4. in eights. ressortir avec beaucoup d'habilité le bon PALLADIUS, BLossius. Conaturel des natifs. Voilà pourquoi l'ouvrage a recu le titre de Virtudes del Indio : ryciana, sive variorum Carmina in mais comme de tout temps veritas oilium laudem Jani Corycii, collecta a Pal. parit, il a été nécessaire de le faire impri- ladio cum protreptico Mariang. Acmer secretement (vers 1650), sans aucun cursii. Impressum Romæ, apud titre, et sans indication de lieu ni de date.

Ludovicum Vicentinum et Lautitium N'ayant point été reimprimé depuis lors, ce livre est devenu un des plus rares de Perusinum, 1524. 4to. ceux qui ont rapport a l'Amerique.” Ca “Les exemplaires de ces poesies sont talogue de Salva, no. 3653, as quoted by peu communs.” Brunet, vol. III. p. 5.

PALLADIUS. De Gentibus In- chas aventuras, y ganando immortal diæ et Bragmanibus. S. Ambrosius fama con sus grādes fechos. Y de de Moribus Brachmanorum. Ano. Floriano del desierto su hermano, nymus de Bragmanibus. Quorum con algunas del principe Florendos Priorem et Postremum nunc primum hijo de Primaleon. Toledo en casa in lucem protulit ex Bibl. Regiâ, Ed. de Fernando de santa Cathalina Bissæus. Londini, 1665. 4to. ...... acabose a XIII. del mes PALLAS ARMATA. The Gen- Bl. L. M.

de Julio de 1548. Fol. 2 vol. tlemans Armorie; Wherein the right

“ Edition de la plus grande rareté et and genuine use of the Rapier and of the Sword as well against the Brunet, N. R. III. p. 7." right handed, as against the left “ In the Prologo of the first volume will handed man is displayed. And now

be found thirty-two verses containing the

following acrostick, ‘Luis Hurtado Autor set forth and first published for the

al lector. There is therefore an end of common good by the Author. Printed

Mr. Southey's ingenious reasonings, attri. at London, by ). D., for John Wil. buting this work to Moraes, in the Portu. liams, 1639. Wood cuts. 12mo. guese language, an opinion in which he R. M.

was confirmed by Antonio, and by the edi

tor of the Portuguese edition of 1785. “I apprehend this Book is very scarce

The present Spanish edition however of as I do not find it either in the Bodleian,

1547, with the name of its Spanish author the Sion College or the Museum Cata

is prior by ten years to that of Moraes, logues.” Note by Mr. Bindley. It is de

which puts the question at rest. Cer. dicated to R. Grenvile, Ja. Clavering, Jo.

vantes, knowing nothing of this Spanish Wolstenholme, T. Newee, W. Wats and

edition, attributed the work, according to Jo. Simand, in Latin. The Author signs

Faria de Sousa, to John II. of Portugal.” himself G. A. It contains 15 preliminary MS. Note. leaves, including some commendatory verses by Lovelace, Askham, &c., followed - Terceira (e quarta) parte da by 96 pages of Text.

Chronica de Palmeirim de Inglaterra PALLAS, P. S. Voyages en na qual se tratam as grandes cavaldifferentes Provinces de l'Empire de larias de seu filho o Principe Dom Russie, et dans l'Asie Septentrionale, Duardos segundo et dos mais Printraduits de l'Allemand, par Gauthier cipes et cavalleiros que na Ilha dede la Peyronnie. Paris, 1788. 4to. leytosa se criara). Composto por 5 vol. and Atlas in Fol.

Diogo Fernandez vezinho de Lisboa.

Impresso em Lisboa, por Jorge Ro- Voyages entrepris dans les

driguez, 1604. Fol. Gouvernemens Meridionaux de

These third and fourth parts are printed l'Empire de Russie dans les Années

in the Roman Letters, the third contains 1793 et 1794, traduits de l'Alle

one hundred and seventy-nine leaves, not mand, par Delaboulaye et Tonnelier. including the Title, and one leaf containing Paris, 1805. Plates. 4to. 3 vol. the Prologue and Privilege for the two

parts; the fourth contains eighty-three PALMERIN. Libro del muy leaves with no title. The four last leaves esforçado cavallero Palmerin de In

are printed in a smaller type than the body glaterra, hijo del Rey don Duardos: 0

of the book. y de sus grandes proezas; y de Flo - Quinta e Sexta Parte de Pal. riano del desierto su hermano: con meirim de Inglaterra ; Chronica do algunas del principe Florendos, hijo Famoso Principe Dom Clarisol de de Primaleon. Impresso año, 1547. Bretanha, filho do Principe dom

-Libro Segundo . . . . . en el qual Duardos de Bretanha, na qual se se prosiguen y han fin los muy dul- contão suas grandes cavallarias et çes Amores que tuvo con la Yn- dos principes Lindamor, Clarifebo et fanta Polinarda, dando çima a mu- Beliandro de Grecia, filhos de Vasperaldo Laudimante, et Primalia) et Translated out of French by A. M. de outros muitos principes et caval. (Anthony Munday.) one of the leiros famosos de seu tempo. Com- Messengers of her Majesties Champosta, por Balthasar Gonçalvez Lo- ber. London, by Ber. Alsop and bato. Lisboa, por Jorge Rodrigues, Tho. Fawcet, 1639. The Second 1602. Fol.

Part. By Thomas Creede and Ber. These two parts are also printed in the Alsop, 1616. 4to. 2 vol. Bl. L. R. Roman character. The fifth part contains

PALMERIN. Libro del famoso one hundred and forty-two leaves, and two containing the Title, &c. The sixth con. cavallero Palmerin de Oliva e de sus tains ninety-eight leaves, the title being on grandes hechos, nuevamente restamthe first with the Text, and concludes pado y corregido con su tabla de nuethus. “Acabouse a Chronica do muyto

vo annadida, 1534. Fue corregido y esforçado Cavalleiro Dom Clarisol de Bretanha neto de Palmeirim de Inglaterra,

enmendado este libro del famoso caque he a quinta et sexta parte, a os tres dias vallero palmerin de oliva: por Juan do Mes de Novembro; Na era de 1602, matheo da villa española; y estamAnnos. Foy impressa esta sexta parte, em pado por Juū paduan : y Venturin de casa de Antonio Alvarez."

Rufinelli, en Venecia, 1534, en el The four latter parts are also so rare that Mr. Southey says, “I have never been

mes de Agosto. 12mo. G. M. fortunate enough to meet with either.” This is the third Edition, but by a mis

take in his Catalogue Salva printed the - Palmerino d'Inghilterra figliu

date 1533, and that error is adopted by olo del Re Don Duardo, ove si con Brunet. This is the copy from Salva's tano gli gran fatti in arme, che Cat. egli fece per amore della infanta After the Colophon there is a leaf conPolinarda, figliuola di Primaleone. taining some Latin verses by J. Auger,

transmeren, bac. in praise of the Romance. dove acquisto immortal fama. Et di Floriano dal Deserto suo fratello, - Libro del famoso cavallero con alcuni gloriosi fatti del Prencipe Palmerin de Oliva e de sus grandes Florendo, figliuolo di Primaleone. hechos. A qui haze fin la hystoria Tradotto di Spagnuolo in Italiano. del muy esclarecido principe PalmeVinegia, appresso Francesco Porto rin de Oliva, Emperador de Connaris da Trino, 1555. 8vo. B.M. stantinopla. En la quel se recuenta Quadrio, IV. 515.

por muy aplazible estilo muchas et

diversas et muy claras hazanas ; que - Histoire du preux, vaillant et por su my encumbrada grandeza de tres-victorieux chevalier Palmerin animo con gran gloria por el fueron d'Angleterre, fils du Roy Dom Edo- acabadas. Fue impressa en la muy ard, contenant plusieurs faits d'ar- noble et muy leal cibdad de Sevilla, mes et Amours, et les estranges en las enprenta de Juan Cromberger aduentures par luy mises à fin : en- que dios perdone. Anno del sennor semble les proësses admirables des de 1540. Fol. Bl. L. G. M. Princes Florian du desert, son frere, This very rare edition also contains the et Florendos, fils de Primaleon de verses by J. Auger, which are not to be Grece. Paris, chez Jehan Ruelle, found in the subsequent editions. 1574. 8vo. 2 vol.

- Libro del Famoso cavallero - The first part of the no lesse Palmerin de Oliva, que por el mundo rare, then excellent History, of the grandes hechos en armas hizo, sin famous and fortunate Prince, Pal. saber cuyo hijo fuesse; Agora nuemerin of England. Wherein gen- vamente impresso. Toledo, en casa tlemen may find choise of sweet in de Pedro Lopez de Haro, 1580. Fol. ventions, and gentlewomen be sa- Bl. L. R. M. tisfied in courtly expectations. Salva's copy wanted one leaf, but is


described in his Catalogue as “extremely seventeen guineas. Herbert's Ames, II. rare.” This copy is quite perfect.

732.” MS note. – Histoire de Palmerin d'Olive, PAMPHYLUS. Pamphyli Liber fils du Roy Florendos de Macedone de Amore inter Pamphylum et Gaet la belle Griane, fille de Remigius lateam. S. l. a. et typ. n. 4to. Empereur de Constantinople : Dis

“There is some obscurity as to the aucours plaisant et de singuliere recre

thor of this rare book, and still more as to ation, continué par l'histoire de Pri- this edition. Of the author Audiffredi, maleon de Grece. Paris, par Gal. p. 281, says, 'Quis fuerit ejus auctor liot du Pré, 1573. 8vo.

nescio, neque scire curavi,' but he refers

to an edition by Silber at Rome, 1487, - Palmerin d’Oliva, shewing the and knows nothing of the present, which Mirrour of Nobilitie, the Map of

seems to be the same as the one in the

Pinelli Catalogue. Denis, Supp. p. 630, Honour, Anatomie of rare Fortunes,

questions whether the author is MauriliHeroicall presidents of Love, wonder anus." MS. note. of Chivalrie, and the most accomplished Knight in all perfection, &c.

PANEGYRICI VETERES, cum Written in Spanish, Italian and

notis et animadversionibus Virorum French, and from them turned into

Eruditorum, maximam partem inteEnglish by A. M (unday.) Two

gris, quibusdam selectis, suas addi

gris, quibusdam parts. London, for B. Alsop and

dit H. J. Arntzenius. Trajecti ad T. Fawcet, 1637. 4to. Bl. L.

Rhenum, 1790. 4to. 2 vol. L. P.

“ Douze exemplaires seulement ont été PALSGRAVE, John. Lesclar- tirés de ce (plus grand) format.” Cat. de cissement de la Langue Francoyse, Caillard, No. 749. composé par maistre Jehan Palsgrave PANHORMITA. Antonii PanAngloys natyf de Londres et gradue

hormitæ (Ant. Beccatelli) Epistola de Paris. Thus endeth this booke called Lesclarcissement de la langue

ke Familiares et Campanæ. S. 1. a. et francoyse, whiche is very necessarye

typ. D. Fol. for all suche as intende to lerne to

This rare and original edition is attri

buted to the press of S. Reusinger at speke trewe frenche. The imprint.

is the prince Naples, circa, 1478. The preliminary leaf yng fynysshed by Johan Haukyns the of the Prologus which is found in this xviü. daye of July. The yere of copy is frequently wanting. Concerning oure lorde god 1530. Fol. R. M. the celebrated author see Niceron, IX.

p. 48, who however appears not to have This excessively rare book, which is de

known of this early Edition. dicated to Henry VIIIth, is one of the first which appeared in our Language, which – Epistolarum Libri v.-Ejusprofessed to treat of or teach the French dem Orationes ii. Carmina præ. tongue with anything like system. See Beloe's Anecdotes, VI. p. 344. Dibdin's

terea quædam. Venetiis, apud BarTyp. Ant. III. p. 364.

thol. Cæsanum, 1553. 4to. R. M. - An Introductorie for to lerne PANIZZI, ANTONIO. Biblio. to rede, to pronounce, and to speake graphical notices of some early edi. Frenche trewly, compyled for the tions of the Orlando Innamorato and ryghte hygh, excellent and moste Furioso. London, 1831. 8vo. R. M. vertuous lady, the lady Mary of PRINTED UPON VELLUM. Presentation Englande doughter to our mooste copy, and the only one upon Vellum. gracious soverayne lorde kynge Henry the eight. Printed at Lon

- Osservazioni sul Comento don, by John Waley, n. d. 4to. R. Analitico della Divina Commedia " This curious and uncommonly rare

pubblicato dal Sig. G. Rossetti travolume has only occurred for sale in Bind. dotte dall'Inglese, con la risposta ley's Library, where it was purchased for del Sig. Rossetti corredata di note

in replica. Firenze, 1832. 4to. The chapter most worth reading in this

Compendium is the last; there we learn R. M.

“ Anglos quosdam caudatos esse." These PRINTED UPON VELLUM. Presentation

men with tails are to be found at Stroud; copy, and the only one upon Vellum.

a judgment upon them for having cut off

the tail of Thomas à Becket's mare! PANNONIUS, Janus. Ad Guarinum Veronensem Panegyri PARÆNETICI. Paræneticorum cus. Ejusdem Elegiarum liber. Et Veterum Pars I. in qua producuntur Epigrammatum Syluulæ. Item La Scriptores viii. S. Valerianus Ci. zari Bonamici carmina nonnulla. melensis. S. Columbanus Abbas, Venetiis, apud Gualterum Scottum, Dinamius Grammaticus. S. Basilius 1553. Svo. Y. M.

Episcopus. Anneus Boetius. Tyrol A beautiful copy, from the Library of Rex Scotorum. Winsbekius Eq. Thuanus, in painted morocco. Apparently Germanus. Winsbekia, nobilis Gerupon Fine paper.

mana. Cum notis M. H. Goldasti. Ex PANSA. GUGLIELMO. Historia bibliotheca et sumtibus B. Schobinnuova della guerra di Tunigi di Bar- geri. Adjectæ C. Rittershusii Conberia, in cui si contiene la nauigatione jecturæ in Panegyricos veteres. In. da Genova in Africa con la descrit. sulæ, ad Lacum Acronium, ex off. tione de molte Isole che si ritrouano 1. L. Brem, 1604. 4to. R. M. nel uiaggio et il numero delle Naui

PARAMO, LUDOVICUS. De oriet Galee et parimente del essercito Christiano molto deleteuole da leg

gine et progressu officii Sancti Io. gere. Mellano, per Maestro Vicenzo

quisitionis, ejusque dignitate et vti.

litate, de Romani Pontificis potesda Medda, 1535. 8vo. R. M.

tate et delegata Inquisitorum : Edic. This curious and interesting account of to Fidei, et ordine iudiciario Sancti the expedition of Charles V. against Tunis, by one of his Captains, is of great rarity.

Officii, quæstiones decem. Libri There is a different account of the same tres. Autore Ludovico a Paramo expedition in Latin by Scepperus, 8vo. Boroxensi Archidiacano et Canonico Antverpiæ, 1554.

Legionensi, Regnique Siciliæ InPAOLINO, DA S. BARTOLOMEO.

quisitore. Matriti, ex Typog. Regia, Viaggio alle Indie Orientali. Roma,

1598. Fol. R. M. 1796. Plates. 4to.

This work was suppressed by the Inqui

sition. This voyage was translated into French

PARE, AMBROISE. Discours, a but the original work is more interesting sçavoir, de la Mumie, des Venins, - Voyage to the East Indies

de la Licorne, et de la Peste. Paris, with an Account of the Manners,

chez Gabriel Becon, 1582. Wood cuts. Customs, &c. of the Natives made

4to. G. M. during a Residence of Thirteen years PARIS. Inamoramento de Paris between 1776 and 1789, with notes e Viena. Finisse la Hystoria de and illustrations by J. R. Forster, gli nobili amanti Paris et Viena. translated from the German by W. Impressa in la inclita cita di VeneJohnston. London, 1800. 8vo. tia. Per Joanne da Trino. Nel an

no del nostro Signore MCCCCLXXXXII. PARADINUS, Gulielmus. De Adi xviii. de Agosto. 4to. SignaAntiquo statu Burgundiæ liber. tures A to E. in eights. R. M. Lugduni, apud S. Doleti, 1542. 4to. This edition is not noticed by Melzi.

- Anglicæ descriptionis compen- PARIS, MATTHEW. Matthæi dium. Parisiis, apud Viuantium Paris, Monachi Albanensis, Angli, Gualtherot, 1545. 12mo. M. historia major, a Gulielmo Con

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