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kenburgii. Antverp, ex offic. Chr. This manuscript of an old and accurate Plantini, 1569. 4to. R.

Topographer, who died at an advanced age

about 1626, was evidently prepared and NORDEN, FREDERIC Louis. perfected for the Press. This description V ovage d’Egypte et de Nubie. of Essex has recently been printed by the

Camden Society from another MS. in the Ouvrage enrichi de Cartes et de

possession of the Marquis of Salisbury, deFigures dessinées sur les lieux par dicated to Lord Burleigh by the author. l'Auteur meme. Copenhague, 1755. Fol. 2 vol. L. P.

- Speculum Britanniæ Pars. The

description of Hartfordshire, 1598. NORDEN, John. Speculum Map. 4to. G. M. Britanniæ. The first parte an his. First Edition. This is the presentation toricall, and chorographical descrip- copy from the author to Queen Elizabeth, tion of Middlesex. Wherin are with an autograph letter to her from Nor. also alphabeticallie sett downe, the den. The Frontispiece, Royal Arms, and names of the cyties, townes, parishes

Capital Letters are illuminated.

I have seen no other copy of this rare &c. With direction spedelie to finde edition with the Map. The copy in the anie place desired in the mappe and British Museum has not the Map.” MS. the distance betwene place and place note. without compasses. By the Travaile - Speculi Britanniæ pars altera : and View of John Norden, 1593. or, a delineation of NorthamptonFrontispiece, Map, and Views of shire ; being a brief historicall and London and Westminster. 4to. R. chorographicall discription of that

- An exact description of Es- County. Wherein are also alphasex by John Norden, 1594. MS. betically set down, the names of Fol. B. M.

Cyties, townes, parishes, hamlets, The autograph Manuscript of the howses of note, and other remarka. author. The first leaf, contains the bles. By the travayle of John NorTitle, as above, encircled with an den, in the year 1610. London. elegantly designed border in gold 1720. Plate inserted. Svo. and colours, which is followed by a Isaac Reed's Copy. The map and plans folded coloured map of the County, referred to in this work never were en

graved. See Gough's Brit. Topog. At the with the names of the places beau

end of the volume I. Reed has inserted tifully written, “ Johannes Norden

some extracts from the Northampton Chrodelineavit 1594.” The next leaf nicle &c. relative to matters connected with contains the Arms and Quarterings the County, among others “An Account of the Earl of Essex richly embla of a Roman pavement found at Oundle.” zoned. Then follows the Dedica. - Speculum Britanniæ : an his. tion to Robert Earl of Essex, &c. torical and Chorographical Descriptwo leaves, which is succeeded by tion of Middlesex and Hartfordshire. the Text (containing some few em- By the Travaile and View of John blazoned Coats of Arms) in twenty- Norden. London, 1723. Maps. two leaves.

4to. “This very curious manuscript is thus - Speculi Britanniæ Pars. A alluded to by Gough, who had never been topographical and historical descripable to trace in what collection it was. tion of Cornwall. By the peram. 'A MS. survey of this county by John Norden in a thin folio in Sir John Turner's bulation, view and deliniation of Library is frequently referred to by suc- John Norden. Original Letters ceeding writers, none of whom tell us relating to the hospitals in the Diowhere it now is.' See Gough's Brit. To- cese of Exeter. Communicated at pog. vol. 1. p. 343. In a note he says, it

the instance of Seth (Ward) Lord

the was first mentioned by Weever, p. 654. It appears afterwards to have belonged to Bishop of that See, 1665. London. Sir Robert Naunton."

1728. Plates. 4to. L. P. R.

- England. An intended Guyde A remarkably fine and pure copy of this for English Travailers. Shewing in

rare L. P. which is generally much stained.

Unfortunately two leaves I. 111. & iv. are generall, how far one Citie, and

upon small paper. many Shire-Townes in England, are distant from other. Together, with

NORMENDIE. Histoire de Vorthe Shires in perticular: and the mendie contenant les faits et gestes Chiefe Townes in every of them. des Ducs et Princes dudit Pavs, With a generall Table, of the most depuis Aubert premier Duc et gouof the principall Townes in Wales. verneur d'iceluy, selon l'ordre et supLondon, by Edw. All-de, 1625. 4to. putation des ans, continuez dis

tinctement jusques à la derniere NORMAN, Robert. The Safe- reduction d'iceluy pays : à l'obeisgarde of Saylers, or Great Rutter sance de la couronne de France. contayning the Courses, Dystances, Rouen,par Jaspar de Remortier, 1558. &c. both of England, Fraunce, Spain, Svo. G. M. &c. Translated out of Dutch. Lon

NORRIS, Sir John. A journall, don, by Ed. Allde, 1590. 4to. Bl. L.

or briefe report of the late seruice

in Britaigne, by the Prince de - The New Attractive, contain- Dombes Generall of the French ing a Short Discourse of the Magnes Kings Army in those partes, assisted or Loadstone now first found out, with her Maiesties forces at this with a Discourse of the Variation of present there, vnder the command the Compasse by W. Borough. of Sir John Norreis, &c. Published London, by E. Allde, 1596. 4to. to aunswere the slanderous bruites Bl. L.

raised of late by some euill affected NORMAN CONQUEST. Ar-'

ar to that and other good actions,

vndertaken against the enemy of gumentum Anti-Normannicum : or

Gods true religion. London, by John an Argument proving from ancient

Wolfe, 1591. 4to. histories and records, that William, Duke of Normandy, made no abso. - A true discourse historicall, lute Conquest of England by the of the succeeding governours in the Sword; in the sense of our Modern Netherlands, and the Ciuill warres Writers. London, by John Darby, there begun in the yeere 1565 with 1682. 8vo.

the memorable services of our Ho

nourable English Generals, Captains NORMANNI. Historiæ Nor.

and Souldiers, especially under Sir mannorum scriptores antiqm. Res John Norice, Knight, there perab illis per Galliam, Angliam, Apu- formed from the veere 1577 vntill liam, Capuæ Principatum, Siciliam, the veere 1589 and afterwards in et Orientem gestas explicantes, ab

ab Portugale, France, Britaine and Ire

Porti anno Christi 838 ad annum 1220. land. Yntill the veere 1598. TransInsertæ sunt monasteriorum funda

funda- lated and collected by T. C. (Thomas

lated and coller tiones variæ, series Episcoporum ac Churchyard). and Ric. Ro. &c. abbatum : genealogiæ regum, du- London, for Mathew Lownes, 1602. cum, comitum et nobilium : plurima 4to. denique alia vetera, tam ad profanam quam ad sacram illorum temporum

- Another copy, in which the Historiam pertinentia. Ex MSS.

Dedication is only subscribed T. C. Codd. omnia fere nunc primum edi.

in the preceding it is given at full dit Andreas Duchesnius Turonensis. length. 4to. Lutetiæ Parisiorum, 1619. Fol. L. P. NORTH, Francis Dudley, third

Lord. A Forest of Varieties. Three

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Parts. London, R. Cotes, 1645. her Maiesties speciall commandeFol. G. M.

ment, together with the examinaThe Author's Copy, with his Autograph

tions and depositions of sundrie peron the Title Page.

sons touching the maner of his most NORTH FRANCIS Dudley, fourth

wicked and violent murder comLord. Observations and Advices

mitted upon himselfe with his owne

hand, in the Towre of London, the Oeconomical. London, by T. R. for

20 day of June, 1585. In ædibus John Martyn, 1669. 12mo.

C. Barker, n. d. 4to. Fourteen - A narrative of some passages leaves. B.M. in or relating to the Long Parlia See Herbert's Ames, p. 1083, ment. By a person of honor. Lon

NORTHUMBERLAND, EARL OF. don, for Robert Pawlet, 1670.

.. Laws and Ordinances of Warre, es12mo.

tablished for the better conduct of NORTH, ROGER. Examen: or, the Service in the Northern parts an Enquiry into the credit and ve- by his Excellence the Earle of racity of a pretended complete His Northumberland Lord Generall of tory (by White Kennet); shewing his Majesties Armie and Fleet. Lonthe perverse and wicked design of don. R. Barker, 1640. 4to. it and the many falsities and abuses NORTHUMBERLAND, C. F. of truth contained in it. Together

DUCHESS OF. Castles of Alnwick with some memoirs occasionally in

and Warkworth, etc. from Sketches. serted. London, 1740. Portrait.

London, 1823. 4to. R. M. 4to. L. P.

Privately printed, containing 39 Plates - The Life of Francis North, in Lithography. A presentation copy. Baron of Guilford Lord Keeper of NORTHUMBERLAND. Earlthe Great Seal under King Charles

DOM OF. The Petition and Claim II. and King James II. London, of James Percy to the Earldom of 1742. Portrait. 4to. R.

Northumberland, 1670-1694. Fol. - The Life of Sir Dudley North,

NORTHUMBERLAND Housand of the Honourable and Reverend Dr. John North. London, 1744.

HOLD-Book. The Regulations and Portrait. 4to. R.

Establishment of the Houshold of

Henry Algernon Percy, the Fifth These two are bound in one volume.

Earl of Northumberland, at his NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. A Castles of Wresill and Lekinfield in certificate from Northamptonshire. Yorkshire. Begun Anno Domini 1. Of the Pluralities. II. Defect of 1512. With Preface by Bishop maintenance. III. Of not preach- Percy. London, 1770. 8vo. ing. IV. Of scandalous Ministers. - Supplement transcribed from London, for William Sheares, 1641. the original MS. in the possession 4to.

of the Earl of Egremont-InstrucNORTHUMBERLAND. EARL tions for the Lord Percy in his Traor. A true and summarie reporte velis given by Hen. E. of Northamof the declaration of some part of berland. Fol. B. M. the Earle of Northumberlands Trea

Privately Printed. sons, deliuered publiquelie in the NORTON, THOMAS. A warning Court at the Starrechamber by the agaynst the dangerous practises of Lord Chancellour and others of her Papistes, and specially the partMaiesties most honourable privie ners of the late Rebellion. Gathered counsell, and counsell learned, by out of the common feare and speche

of good subjectes. London, by John chisedech Bradwood, for Gregorie Daye, n. d. 16mo. Bl. L. Seaton, 1605. 4to.

Ralph Thoresby's and Herbert's Copy, NOUVELLES. Les Cent Nouwanting the last leaf, which is supplied in velles. Sensuvuent les cent nouManuscript : See Herbert's Ames, p. 672. See also Strype's Annals, vol. I. ii. p. 340.

uelles contenant cent hystoires nou

ueaulx qui sont moult plaisans a - To the Queenes Maiesties poore racompter en toutes bonnes comdeceiued subiectes of the North paignies par maniere de joyeusete. Countrey, drawen into rebellion by Lyon, par Olivier Arnoullet, 1532. the Earles of Northumberland and Wood cuts. 4to. Bl. L. R. M. Westmorland. Written by Thomas This is one of the very rare editions reNorton, and newly perused and en. ferred to by La Monnoye. A copy is in creased. London, by Henry Bynne- the Royal Library at Paris. See Brunet, man, for Lucas Harrison, 1569. 8vo. Vol. 1. p. 367. A.-D. iv. in eights. twenty-eight

- Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles, leaves. Bl. L.

Suivent les cent nouvelles contenant Strype in his Annals of the Reformation

les Cent histoires nouveaux, qui vol. I. ii. p. 328. cap. 55. describes this sont moult plaisans a raconter, en Tract as being “as rare as MS.” in his toutes bonnes Compagnies, par matime, and says " by the strength and spirit niere de joyeuseté. Cologne, 1701. of it, it seems to have been composed by Plates. 12mo. 2 vol. R. M. Sir Thos. Smith.” . This was Herbert's Copy, see his Ames,

This beautiful Copy has “les figures dep. 926.


NOVELAS. Varios prodigios de Vies des plus celebres et anciens Amor, en once Novelas exemplares, Poetes Provensaux, qui ont foury

nuevas, nunca vistas, ni impressas. du temps des Comtes be Provence.

Las cinco escritas sin una de las Recueillies des (Euvres de divers au- cinco letras vocales; y las otras de theurs, et redigées premierement en gusto, y apacible entretenimiento. langue Provensale et depuis mises Compuestas por diferentes autores, en langue Francovse. Parlesquelles los mejores ingenios de Espana. est monstrée l'ancienneté de plu- Recogidas por Isidoro de Robles. sieurs Nobles maisons tant de Pro. Barcelona, 1709. 4to. uence, Languedoc, France, que d' NOVELLE. Le Ciento Novelle Italie et d'ailleurs. Lyon, pour Antike (publicate da Carlo GualteAlexandre Marsilii, 1575. 8vo. R. ruzzi). Impresso in Bologna, nelle

Case di Girolamo Benedetti, nell'anno, NOTTINGHAM,CHARLES, EARLE

MDxxv. del mese d’Agosto. 4to. OF. A relation of such things as

B. M. were obserued to happen in the

"It is generally supposed that Bembo journey of Charles Earle of Not

suggested to Gualteruzzi who was one of tingham, L. High Admirall of Eng- his most intimate friends to publish the land, his highnesses ambassadour to “Norelle Antiche.The supposition is the King of Spaine. Being sent strongly confirmed by the following words thither to take the Oath of the savd which occur in a letter of Bembo to Ca

millo Delninio, then at Bologna, dated King for the maintenance of Peace

18, November, 1523. “Ho avuto per mano betweene the two famous Kings of di messer Romulo l'esempio delle antiche Great Brittaine and Spaine: accord Novelle che m'avete fatto scrivere di buoing to the seuerall articles formerly nissima mano, e, com' io veggo molto corconcluded on by the Constable of retto. Bembo, Lettere vol. 3. Libro 3. Now Castilla in England in the moneth of tiche had not been printed before the 18th

this passage shews that the Novelle AnAugust, 1604. London, by Mel. November, 1523, and there is every reason

to believe that the Bologna edition of 1525, X April. In Triviso. G. F. (Ge. is the first of that work.” Note by Mr. rard de Flandria.) 4to. G. M. Panizzi. This edition is extremely rare.

Collation. Fifteen leaves numbered in - Le Ciento Novelle Antike. Roman Characters on the top of each leaf (publicate da Carlo Gualteruzzi).

except leaf vi.

This third edition is certainly rarer than S. l. et a. 4to. B. M.

either of the preceding. It does not apThis edition is perhaps of still greater ra- pear to be mentioned in any of the Bibliority than the preceding. It appears to have graphical Books. been unknown to Borromeo, to the Della -- De la Ingratitudine Novella. Crusca and to most of the Collectors. Pan. Della Avaritia de Prencipi Moderni zer and Audiffredi both mention a Flo.

-Novella della Eloquenza, (di M. rence edition in the monastery of Ripoli 1483, but Follini has recently proved by

Marco di Mantova.) S. l. et a., the examinations of the Leiger Books of (circa 1550.) 12mo. R. that Monastery that the Ciento Novelle

- Novelle Facetie, Motti, et

Novello Tonerie Motti et must be the Decameron published in the Monastery of Ripoli, c. 1483, of which

Burle di diversi Autori, riformate, Lord Spencer possesses a perfect copy. et corrette. Con aggionta di cin- Libro di Novelle, et di Bel Par

quanta Motti arguti, et gravi, tralar Gentile. Nel qual si contengono

dotti di Lingua Spagnuola. Vene

tia, 1606. Cento Novelle altravolta mandate"

8vo. fuori da Messer Carlo Gualteruzzi .- Novella del Grasso Legnaida Fano. Di nuovo ricorrette. Con uolo. Cosa molto piacevole : e riaggiunta di quattro altre nel fine. diculosa Firenze, appresso Stefano Et con una dichiaratione d'alcune Fantucci Tosi, 1616. 4to. delle voci piu antiche. Firenze, This novel is first found as an addition Giunti, 1572. 4to. B. M.

to the Giunti Edition of Boccacio, 1516.

Then again in the Aldine Boccaccio of V. Borghini was the editor of this edi

1522, and again in the Giunti Novelle Antion which differs essentially from the two

tiche of 1572. This edition of 1616 was which precede it, and has the addition of

not known to Borromeo. four novels. The Italian criticks differ in their judgement of it. V. Follini speaks

- Novelle due esposte nello stile of it as corrupted rather than corrected by di Giovanni Boccaccio. Dall' AcaBorghini. It was however reprinted with demico Oscuro. Venetia, uppresso notes, at Florence 1778, and Turin 1802.

Christoforo Tomasini, 1630. 4to. - Novella di Lionora di Bardi

“ The first of these two Novels is in et Hipolito Bondelmonti. Finis in 'Sansovino.' Day 4. Nov. 3. In “NoTriviso a di vil. Novem. MCCCCLXXI. velle Amorose degli incogniti,' p. 168, 4to. Fifteen leaves. R. M.

Nov. 23. In ‘Malespini,' Tom. II. Nov. 40. First Edition. “ This edition is from

In ‘Boccaccio,' Day 7, Nov. 8, and in a

great many other collections of stories. the press of Gerard de Leeu ; it having been

The original is in the Héētopades. The compared with an edition of Mercurius

Cowkeeper who cut off his wife's nose.' Trismegistus printed at Treviso in 1471,

The second Novel seems to be a literal with the name of that printer subjoined.”

version of the Ephesian Matron in PetroMS. note by Dr. Dibdin.

nius.” MS. note by Mr. Douce. - Novella di Lionora de Bardi

- Novelle Otto, stampate a spese ed Hippolyto Bondalmonte. S. I. et de

et de i Signori, Giacomo Conte di Clana. Twelve leaves. 4to. G. M.

brassill, Tomaso Stanley, e Wogan This is the edition described in Brunet Browne. Londra, G. Edwards, 1790. Manuel du Libraire, Il. p. 569. and is sup- 4to. B. M. posed to be the second edition. It is

- Angelica Montanini, Novella rare.

– Incomincia la Historia de di un Anonimo Senese, del Secolo Hipolito (di Bondelmonti) e Liono.. xv. Venezia, 1813. 8vo. ra (di Bardi.) Finis mcccclxxv. A di “Uno de' 12 soli esemplari impressi in

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