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- Itinerarius in partes Iheroso - Milano, per Uldericho Scinlimitanas. Et in ulteriores trans- zenzeler, 1497. 4to. Bl. L. Doumarinas. S. l. a. et typ. n. 4to. ble columns. R. M. Bl. L. B, M.

- Impressa in Venetia, per Zuan This edition, in which the author is Baptista Sessa. Anno 1504. Adi called Montevilla, is very uncommon, and

29 Luio. 4to. Bl. L. R. M. has not been seen by Panzer. A modern MS. note in the book attributed it to the The Title Page has only the Words, press of P. Friedberg, Moguntiæ, circa Joanne de Mandavilla, and is filled up with 1495.

a large wood cut with Sessa's Device at

the bottom. - Itinerario. Explicit Johannes de Mandeuilla impressus Mediolani

- Tractato bellissimo delle piu ductu et auspiciis Magistri Petri de marauigliose cose et piu notabile corneno pridie calendas augusti, che si trouino nelle parte del mondo. MCCCCLxxx. 4to. Bl. L. R. M. Impresso nella excelsa cipta di Fi. First Italian Edition.

renze appetitione di Ser Piero da

Pescia, &c. S. a. (circa 1512). - Bologna, per mi Ugo di Ru- 4to.

4to. B. M. gerii, 1488. 4to. Bl. L. In double columns. R. M.

- Milano, per Rocho et fratelii

da Valle, 1517. 4to. Bl. L. double - Venetia, per mi Nicolo de li columns. ferari de pralormo, 1491. 4to.

“Among the various editions of the Bl. L. In double columns. R. Italian version, I do not find this in any

bibliographical Work.” MS. note. This appears to want the first leaf, as it commences on a ii. and wants the long - Venetia, per Marchio Sessa e title found on the verso a i. of the pre- Piero de rauani, 1521. 8vo. ceding editions.

- Nel quale si contengono di - Tractato belissimo, delle piu molte cose maravigliose. Venetia, marivigliose cose, &c. scripte dallo 1567. Svo cavaliere asperondoro Giov. Manda

Haym, p. 36. villa Frazese ridocto in lingua thoscana. Impresso ne la cipta di Fi.

- Johannes von Mondeuilla, renze. Der Lorenzo de Morgiani et Ritter. Getruckt zii Strassburg JoGiovanni da Maganza Adi vil. di hannes Prüssz, 1484. Wood cuts. Guigno, MCCCCLXXXXII. 4to.

Fol. Bl. L. G. M.
A very rare Edition.

This very rare German version of Man

deville's Itinerary is attributed to Michel- Johanne de Mandauilla. Bo feld, or as he is sometimes called Michellogna, per mi Joanne jacobo et Joanne felser. See Meuselius, X. ii. p. 124. Panantonio di benedetti da Bologna, 1492.

100 zer's Annalen, XII. p. 152. 4to. Bl. L. In double columns. - Hollandicè. Antwerpen, bii G. M.

my Govaerdt Back, 1494. 4to.

Bl. L. - Tractato, &c. Venexia, per Maestro Manfredo da Monferato da - Here begynnth the boke of Streuo da Bonello, 1496. 4to. In Moundevyle knyzt that techyth the double columns.

weyes to Jeslm and of the Meruelis

of ynde and of the londe of Post John - Che tracta de le piu maraueg- and of the grete Cham and of Conliose cose e piu notabile che si trouy- stantinople and of many oder Conno in le parte del Mondo. Bologna, treys. Fol. R. per mi Piero et Jacobo fratelli da A Manuscript on paper, about the end Campii, 1497. 4to. Bl. L. R. M. of the fifteenth century.

The following note from Mr. Douce is – Now publish'd entire from an in the volume, addressed to Mr. Rodd :- original MS, in the Cotton Library.

I return you the Mandeville because it agrees word for word with one that I London

London, 1727. 8vo. L.P. have, and as that came from the author's - Reprinted from the Edition of family this agreement may add to the va. A.D. 1725. with an Introduction. lue of yours, &c."

Additional Notes, and Glossary, by - The boke of John Maunduyle J. 0. Halliwell. London, 1839. knyght of wayes to Jerusalem and 8vo. of marueylys of ynde and of other countrees. Emprented by Rychard MANFREDI. Carcer d'Amore Pynson, n. d. 4to. Bl. L. B. M.

del Magnifico Meser Lælio de ManCollation. a-g. in eights. h. and i.

fredi. Impresso in Vinegia, per in sixes, k. in four. Seventy-two leaves.

Zorzi di Rusconi Milanese, 1514. Wanting a i. and viii. ci. and viii. ai. 12mo. R. probably blank.

A MS. note by the late Mr. Wilbraham “ Dibdin seems to agree with Sir F. states this to be the first edition and unFreeling in considering this book as of the known to all Bibliographers. XVth Century, and therefore prior to that of W. de Worde of 1499, which was es

MANILIUS. Marci Manilii Asteemed the first edition. No other copy tronomicon Libri quinque. Ex offibeing as yet ascertained I readily pur cina Joannis de Regiomonte, habi. · chased it though it wants four leaves.

tantis in Nuremberga oppido GerThe text varies very much from Este's edition, but I have never found that of W. maniæ celebratissimo. (circa mCCCCde Worde to collate it with that edition.” Lxx.) 4to. B. M. MS. note.

First EDITION. Upon the comparative - (No Title page). Man and priority of this edition and that of Bo

logna great uncertainty has arisen. See wood cuts. 4to. Bl. L.

Bibl. Spencer, II. 164. The opinions “ That this book was printed by T. Este however of Stoeber, Count Reviczky, Boni appears from Herbert's Ames, II. 1022, and Gamba, which give the priority to this and from Douce's Illustrations of Shak- edition, seem to be best founded. This is speare, I. p. 21. This copy has the last a fine copy of an exceedingly rare and valeaf in MS. and appears to want the luable edition. “ Liber aureus" says Title."

Stoeber. - Wherein is set downe the way - Marci Manlii (sic) Poetæ clato the Holy Land, and to Hierusa- rissimi Astronomicon ad Cæsarem lem : as also to the land of the great Augustum Libri v. Arati PhænoCaane, and of Prester John; to mena Lat. Bononiæ impressum per Inde, and diuers other countries : me Ugonem Rugerium et Doninum together with the many and strange Bertochum, Anno Domini MCCCCMeruailes therein. London, by Tho. LXXIIII. die vigesima Martii; Laus mas Stansby, 1618. Wood cuts. Deo Amen. Folio. R. M. 4to. Bl. L. G. M.

This edition, the first with a date, is

wanting, as Dr. Dibdin truly observes, in - London, for R. Scot, 1684.

many most celebrated collections. AuWood cuts. 4to. G. M.

diffredi, Ed. It. p. 28. Bibl. Spencer. II.

162. - London, for R. Chiswell, &c. 1696. With the same wood cuts.

- Astronomicon Libri quinque. 4to. G. M.

Marci Manilii astronomicon liber

quintus et ultimus finit. S. 1. a. et The present copy was bought by Mr. Milner in 1810 for the high price of typ. 1. 410. R. seven guineas.

This edition is described in the Bibl.

Spencer. vol. II. p. 168, where it is sup. - London, for J. Osborne, n. d.

posed to have been printed about 1474 or (1720-30.). Wood cuts. 12mo. 1475. The type is like that from the Milan, Venice, and Bologna early presses, To this fine copy are added S. Peak's says Dr. Dibdin.

Churches of Surrey, and Norwood inclo- Astronomicon ex recensione sure Map. et cum notis Richardi Bentleii. Lon. MANOLESSO, E. M. Historia dini, Woodfall, 1739. 4to. L. P. Nova nella quale si contengono tutti

MANLEY. Sir Roger. Com- i successi della guerra Turchesca, la mentariorum de Rebellione Angli- Congiura del Duca de Nortfolch concana ab anno 1640 usque ad annum

tra la Regina d'Inghilterra final1685. Pars Prima. Londini, typis mente tutto quello che nel mondo e E. Horton et R. Holt. 1686. Svo, occorso da l'anno 1570, sino all' R. M.

hora presente. Padova, per Lorenzo - The History of the Rebellions Pasquati, 1572. 4to. in England, Scotland and Ireland, MANRIQUE, Sebastian. Iti. from 1640 to the beheading of the nerario de las Missiones Orientales. Duke of Monmouth in 1685. Lon- (Romæ, 1649.) 4to. don, for L. Meredith, 1691. 8vo. This work has no regular Title Page.

Seb. Manrique anduro 13 annos desde MANLEY, THOMAS. Veni, Vidi, 1628 en India Oriental.” Pinelo, p. 43. Vici. The Triumphs of the most excellent

MANRRIQUE. Glosa Famosa and illustrious Oliver Cromwell, &c. set forth in a Pane

sobre las Coplas de don Jorge gyricke. Written originally in La

Manrrique. con otra obra muy contine, and faithfully done into Eng

templatiua a la virgē nuestra Señora, lish Heroicall Verse by T. M. Jon por Luys Perez. Valladolid. 1564. Whereunto is added an Elegy upon

4to. the death of the late Lord Deputy of MANSFELD. Specchio Tragico. Ireland, the much lamented Henry Delli atti generosi et heroici, del inIreton, &c. London, for John Tey, felice cavagliero Mansfeld, et altri 1652. 12mo. R. M.

suoi adherenti. Fatti dal principio Brande Hollis's Copy.

della guerra et ribellione di BoheMANLOVE. EDWARD. The Li. mia fin' al anno presente ; tanto berties and Customes of the Lead- a

'the Lead. dentro come fuora del Imperio. Mines within the Wapentake of Stampato, 1624. 4to. Wirksworth in the County of Derby. MANTUANUS, Fr. Bapt. ParComposed in Meeter by Edward thenices Libri ni. Bononiæ castigaManlove, Esq. heretofore Steward of tissime impressum mccccLxxxvIII. the Barghmoot Court for the Lead. --Secundæ Parthenices opus in i11. mines within the said Wapentake. libris impressum Bononiæ, &c. London, 1653. 4to. Five leaves. MCCCCLxxxix.-F. Bapt. Mantuani

MANNING, Owen. The his. contra poetas impudice loquentes tory and antiquities of the County

Carmen. Finis Romæ, MCCCCLXXXof Surrey : compiled from the best vil. Ejusdem de suorum temporum and most authentic historians, va

Calamitatibus Libri tres. Bononiæ, luable records, and manuscripts in

etc. Mcccclxxxix. 4to. R. M. With the public offices and libraries, and

illuminated capitals. in private hands. With a facsimile I t is very difficult to collect all the early copy of Domesday engraved on thir

his pieces of Mantuanus by this printer. teen plates. By the late Rev. Owen

- De Vita Beata Opusculum. Manning. Continued to the present Impress. per me Richardum pafraet, time by William Bray, of Shire, Esq. Anno dni 1502. 4to. London, 1801. Plates. Fol. L. P. MANUTIUS. Transsilvaniæ olim 3 vol. R.

Daciæ dictæ descriptio a Jo. Petro, et Paullo Manuciis ex variis vete- nades, y de molts cāts aumētades. rum, et recentiorum Scriptorum mo- Imprimides en Barcelona, en casa de numentis, et præcipue ex Georgio a Claudi Bornat, 1560. 12mo. R. M. Reychersdorff, accurate in unum This edition is very rare. In pp. 133 congesta. Romæ, ex typog. Accol. and 134 will be found five short poems not tiana. 4to. 1596.

in the earlier edition of 1545 but yet in

that of 1555. Renouard describes this volume as very rare.

MARCHE, OLIVIER DE LA. MeMARCEL, J. J. Alphabet Ir- moires : nouvellement mis en lulandais precedé d'une Notice Histo. miere par Denis Sauvage. Lyon, rique, Litteraire et Typographique. par Guillaume Roville, 1561. Fol. Paris. 1802. 8vo.

MARCO. L'Heremita di Messer MARCELINE, GEORGE. Epi- Marco Mantoano (in v. Giornate). thalamium Gallo-Britannicum : or Impresso in Venecia, per Zorzi RusGreat-Britaines, Frances, and the

cone, 1521. 12mo. G. M. most parts of Europes unspeakable

First Edition. The author's name is joy, for the most happy union, and

Benavides. This edition is very rare. See blessed contract of the high and Brunet Manuel, vol. II. p. 426. mighty prince Charles, Prince of

MARCO, Polo. Marcus Paulus Wales, and the lady Henrette Maria,

" de Veneciis de consuetudinibus et daughter to Henry the fourth, sir

conditionibus orientalium regionum. named the Great, late King of the

S. 1. a. et typ. n. 4to. B. M.
French and Navarre, and Sister to
Lewis the thirteenth : vow king of

Collation. a-k. in eights, except i in

four and k in six. Seventy-four leaves, the said dominions, &c. &c. Lon

thirty-three lines in a full page. don, for Thomas Archer, 1625. Por- This is the first Latin edition of the vertraits inserted. 4to.

sion of Marco Polo by Pipino, who trans

lated it in or about 1320. It is of exMARCH. Les Obres del valeros

treme rarity. “ There is a copy in the y extremo Cavaller. Vigil y Ele. British Museum and one in Trinity Col. gantissim Poeta Ausias March. No- lege, Dublin, and in the Royal Library at vament revistes y estampades ab Paris ; but it is extremely rare, and was

unknown to Muller and Lessing,” Marsgran cura y diligencia. Posades

den's Marco Polo, LVII. It was probably totes les declaracions dels vocables

printed at Rome or Venice between 1490 seurs molt largament en la taula. and 1500. Foren impeses (sic) y acabades les

- De Regionibus Orientalibus obres del extrēu cavoller (sic) Au

Libri III. Accedit propter cognasias March en la insigne Ciutat de tio

tionem materiæ Haythoni Armeni Barcelona per Carles amoros Pro

Historia Orientalis : quæ et de Tarvençal en lany 1545. 12mo. R.

taris inscribitur. Itemque A. Mulleri " Rare et rechercheé.” See Brunet N.

de Chataja Disquisitio, &c. Coloniæ R. vol. II. p. 368.9, and Sismondi Lit. du

Brandenburgicæ, ex off. G. Schul

P Midi, vol. I. p. 237, for an account of the author and Editions of these celebrated

zii, 1671. 4to. G. M. Poems.

- De le merauegliose cose del - Las Obras corregidas de los Mondo. Venetia, per Zoanne Bap. errores que tenian. Sale con ellas tista da Sessa, 1496. Svo. G. M. el vocabulario de los vocablos en

The last leaf containing the register and ellas contenidos. Impresso en Val- the printer's device is supplied in facladolid, en casa de Sebastian Martinez, simile. 1555. 12mo. G. M.

" This appears to be the first edition

printed in the original Italian. The Abbé – Les Obres. Ara novament

Morelli, who sent me this book from Veab molta diligencia revistes y orde- nice, had found great difficulty in procuring

a copy for the Library of St. Marc. Pan- que vido en las partes orientales : zer III. 396. refers only to the mention

conuiene saber en las Indias, Armade of it by Denis Supp. I. p. 415.

menia, Arabia, Persia, y Tartaria. E - In cui si tratta le meravigliose del poderio del gran Can y otros cose del mondo per lui uedute, &c. reyes. Con otro tratado de micer Venetia, per Mathio Pagan, s. a. Pogio Florentino e trata de las mes. 8vo. R. M.

mas tierras y islas. Traduzido en

Castellano por Rodrigo Arcediano. - Opera stampata nouamente Logrono, en casa de Miguel de delle marauigliose cose del inondo: Equia, 1529. Fol. Bl. L. cominciando da Leuante a ponente final mezo di. El mondo nouo et

This edition is so rare that the present isole et lochi incogniti et siluestri

copy had been bought by Mr. Heber for

eighteen guineas. It has been little known abondanti e sterili et doue abonda to Bibliographers though Brunet mentions loro et largento et zoglie et pietre it as “très rare." preciose et animali et monstri spaurosi et doue manzano carne humana, - Historia de las Grandezas y e i gesti et viuer et costumi de quelli cosas marauillosas de las Prouincias paesi, cosa certamente molto curiosa Orientales. Traduzida de Latin en de intendere et sapere. Venetia, Romance, v annadida en muchas per Paulo Danza, 1533. 8vo. partes por Don Martin de Bolea y

Castro. Caragoça, por Angelo Tauano, - Delle merauiglie del Mondo 1601. Svo. G. M. per lui vedute. Di nouo ristampato, et osseruato l'ordine suo vero nel - La description geographique dire. Treuigi, per Aurelio Reghet. des provinces et villes plus fameuses tini, 1590. 8vo. B. M.

de l'Inde Orientale, mæurs, loix, et

coustumes des habitans d'icelles, - Il Milione di Marco Polo, tes

mesment de ce qui est soubz la doto di Lingua del secolo decimoterzo,

mination du Grand Cham Empereur ora per la prima volta publicato, ed

des Tartares. Par Marc Paul genillustrato dal Conte Gio. Batt. Bal

tilhomme Venetien, et nouuellement

tilhomme Vene delli Boni. Firenze, 1827. 4to. reduict en vulgaire Francois. Paris. 2 vol. L. P.

pour Vincent Sartenas, 1556. 4to. - Hie hebt sich an das puch des

“This is the earliest French Edition and edeln Ritters vũ landtfarers Marcho appears to have been made from the Latin polo. In dem er schreibt die grossen Novus Orbis printed in 1532.” Marsden's wunderlichen ding dieser welt. Sun

Marco Polo Introd. p. Ixix. It was again

translated into French from Muller's Latin derlichen von den grossen künigen

Edition of 1671 and makes part of Bervnd keysern die da herschen in den geron's collection. 4to. 1735. selbigen landen vnd von viem volck Richarderie V. 264. quotes this book as vnd seinor gewonheit da selbs. being "avec Figures” which shews that Nurnberg, Fricz Creuszner, 1477.

he had not seen it, for the Title-Page does

not announce any plates, nor are there Fol. MS.

any. Brunet II. 427 is more correct. This is a transcript of the First German Edition made for Mr. Grenville from the - The most noble and famous copy in the Vienna Library; and is signed trauels of Marcus Paulus, one of the by M. Kopitar the Librarian of that Li

nobilitie of the state of Venice, into brary, and stated to be a faithful copy. August, 1817.

the East partes of the world, as,

Armenia, Persia, Arabia, Tartary, - Libro del famoso Marco Polo with many other kingdoms and proVeneciano delas cosas marauillosas vinces. Translated into English, (by

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