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Havercampo, qui et suas et Abr. LUDLOW. Documents conPreigeri adnotat. adjecit. Acce- nected with the History of Ludlow, dunt Interpretatio Th. Creech, et and the Lords Marchers (published variæ lectiones. Cum figuris. Lugd. by the Honble. Robert H. Clive.) Bat. 1725. 4to. 2 vol. B. m. by London, 1841. Plates. 4to. L. P. Derome.

Presentation copy. - De rerum natura libros sex, LUDOLFUS, Jobus. Historia ad exemplarium MSS. fidem recen- Æthiopica, sive brevis et succincta sitos, longe emendatiores reddidit, Descriptio Regni Habessinorum. commentariis perpetuis illustravit, quod vulgo malè Presbyteri Johanindicibus instruxit; et cum animad- nis vocatur. Francofurti ad Mænum, vers. R. Bentleii non ante vulgatis, typis B. C. Wurtii, 1681. Plates. aliorum subinde miscuit G. Wake- Fol. L. P. R. field. Londini, typis Hamilton, 1796.

- Ad suam historiam Æthiopi4to. 3 vol. L. P. G. M.

cam Commentarius. Francof. ad - An Essay on the first book of Mænum, typis Martini Jacqueti, Lucretius interpreted and made 1691. Plates. Fol. L. P. R. English Verse by J. Evelyn. Lon.

– Appendix ad historiam Æthio. don, 1656. 12mo.

picam, ex nova relatione de hodi“ 12 May, 1656, was published my Es.

erno Habessiniæ statu concinnata. say on Lucretius with innumerable errata, by the negligence of Mr. Triplett, who un.

Additis epistolis regiis ad Societadertook the correction of the press during tem India Orientalis ejusque remy absence. Its ill success at the printer's sponsione cum notis necessariis. discouraged me with troubling the world Francof. ad Mænum, typis M. Jacwith the rest.” Evelyn's Diary, 4to. vol. 1,

queti, 1693. Fol. L. P. R. p. 291.

The frontispiece engraved by Hollar was The three articles above-mentioned are designed by Mr. Evelyn's Lady.

bound together in 1 vol. They are on

Large Paper, which is very rare, and not LUDLOW, EDMUND. Memoirs.

even mentioned by Brunet. With a Collection of Original Papers, and the Case of King Charles the — Appendix Secunda ad histoFirst. London, 1771. 4to.

riam Æthiopicam, continens disser– Murder will out: or, the King's

tationem de Locustis anno præterito Letter justifying the Marquess of

immensa copia in Germania visis, &c.

Francof. ad Mænum, typis Martini Antrim, and declaring what he did in the Irish Rebellion, was by die

Jacqueti, 1694. Fol. R. rection of his Royal Father and - Grammatica Linguæ AmbaMother, and for the service of the ricæ quæ vernacula est Habessinocrown. London, 1689. 4to. rum. Francof. ad Mænum, impres

- Three Tracts published at sit Murtinus Jacquetus. 1698. Fol. Amsterdam, in the years 1691 and R. 1692, under the name of Letters of These are bound together in one Vol. General Ludlow to Sir Edward Sev uniformly with the preceding, but they are mour, and other persons, comparing

not on Large Paper, and probably do not

exist in that state. the oppressive Government of King Charles I. in the first four years of

LUDOLPHUS. See Suchen. his Reign with that of the four years LUDOLPHUS, Saxo. Vita of the Reign of King James II. and Ihesu a venerabili viro fratre Luvindicating the conduct of the Pare dolpho Carthusiensi edita incipit liament that began in November, feliciter. Explicit vita Thù. Deo 1640. London, 1812. 4to. gratias. S. I. et. a. Fol. A.-h.

in eights, excepting A. vii. and h. vi. Lupset, a distinguished scholar in both Sixty-one leaves.

the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford

was, Secretary to Ri. Pace in his Em“ This edition is not found in Panzer,

bassies from Henry VIII. to the Italian neither have I seen any notice of it.” MS. Courts. He was in Correspondence with note.

Cardinal Pole, Erasmus, Sir T. More, and A Manuscript list of the contents of the other eminent persons. Born in 1496, he volume, of which this formerly formed a died in 1532. Several of his Letters will part, mentions Eusebius and Bede as being be found in “ Epistolæ aliquot Eruditobound with it. It is in the same type. rum.” 4to. Basil. 1520.

LUDUS SEPTEM SAPIENTUM de LUPTON, DONALD. The Lives Astrei Regii Adolescentis Educa- of the primitive Fathers, contayning tione, Periculis, Liberatione, Insigni their chiefest actions, workes, senExemplorum Amenitate, Iconum- tences and deaths. London, by J. que elegantia, illustratus, antehac Okes, 1640. Portraits. 4to. Latino idiomate in lucem nunquam

- The history of the modern editus. Francof. ad Moenum impensis Sigismundi Feyrabent. S. a.

protestant divines. London, by J.

Okes, 1637. Portraits. 12mo. 12mo. R. M.

This is generally considered as an edi. LUPTON, Thomas. Siqvila. tion of the Historia septem Sapientum Too good, to be true : Romæ, but it differs so much from it as to

OMEN. Though so at a vewe, be almost a separate work.

Yet all that I tolde you, LUNA, MIGUEL DE. La Verda

Is true, I vpholde you:

Now cease to aske why? dera historia del Rey Don Rodrigo,

For I cannot lye. en la qual se trata la causa principal

Herein is shewed by waye of Dialoge, de la perdida de Espana, y la conquista que della hizo Miramamolin

the wonderfull maners of the people

of Mauqsun, with other talke not Almançor Rey que fue del Africa, y de las Arabias, y vida del Rey Jacob

s friuolous. London, by Henrie Bin

neman, 1580. 4to. Almançor. Compuesta por el sabio

Bl. L. Alcayde Abulcacim Tarif Abenta - A Thousand Notable Things rique de nacion Arabe. Traduzida of sundry sorts, some are Wonderde la lengua Arabiga, por Miguel full, some Strange, some Pleasant, de Luna. Prima y segunda parte. &c. London, 1675. 12mo. Çaragoça, por Angelo Tauanno, 1603.

LUSIGNANO, Fr. Steffano.

Chorograffia et Breve Historia UniN. Antonio says of the Author of this

versale dell'Isola de Cipro princiRomance, “Ex Arabico Abucacini transcripsisse in vernaculam linguam videri vo.

piando al tempo di Noe per in sino luit." See also Brunet, N. R. who thus al 1572. Bologna, per Aless. Benaspeaks of it. “Cette histoire est interres- cio, 1573. 4to. sante et a eu beaucoup de succes. Cependant on la regarde, generalement comme

This is the first modern account of Cyun Roman compose par Michel de Luna, prus. Lusignan died in 1590 at Paris, et non point traduit de l'Arabe, ainsi que having left his native country Cyprus in le portent le titre et la souscription.”

1570. - Valencia, 1606. 4to. 2 vol. LUSSAN, RAVEMEAU DE. JourB. M.

nal du Voyage fait a la mer du Sud, This is the best edition ; it is rare, par- avec les Flibustiers de l'Amerique ticularly with the second volume.

en 1684, & années suivantes. PaLUPSET, THOMAS. Workes.

ris, chez I.B.Coignard, 1690. 12mo. Londini, in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti,

G. M. 1546. 16mo. Bl. L.


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rario apud Ædes Carthusianas Lon- Psalmorum aliquot interpretatione, dini; Quibus accessere Orat. binæ in quibus multa Christianæ vitæ sain Suttoni Laudem in æd. Carthus. luberrima præcepta, ceu Symbola habitæ, 1791. 8vo.

quædam indicantur. Haganoæ, exUnpublished, a very few copies printed cud. Johan. Secer, 1525. 12mo. for presents.

- The chiefe and pryncypall LUTHERUS, MARTINUS. Con

Articles of the Christen faythe, to

holde againste the Pope, and al Patra Henricum Regem Angliæ Mar

pistes, and the gates of hell, with tinus Lutherus. Wittembergæ, 1522.

other the very profitable and neces4to. G. M.

sary bokes the names or tyttels - Contra Henricum Regem An- whereof are conteyned in the leafe gliæ Martinus Lutherus. (Wittem- next followynge. Made by Doctor bergæ.) Anno 1523. Mense Mar. Marten Luther. Wittemberg, n. d. tio. 4to. A-G in fours. Twenty- 16mo. Bl. L. eight leaves.

Herbert's Ames, II. p. 752.' Herbert's Ames, p. 1826. See also - A ryght notable sermon made Henry VIII. and Leo X.

by Doctor Martyn Luther, uppon - Epistola Martini Lutheri, ad the twenteth Chapter of Johan of D. Henricum, huius nominis octa- absolution and the true use of the vum, Angliæ et Franciæ Regem. Keyes, full of great conforte. ImEiusdem Regis, ad eandem M. Lu- printed at Ippeswich, by Anthony theri epistolam, responsio. Admo. Scoloker, 1548. 12mo. B. M. nitio Joannis Cochlæi in utranque - A most famous and godly epistolam Responsio item Lutheri history contavnyng the Lyves and contra Regis Epistolam, cum eius. actes of three renowned reformers dem Johannis Cochlæi annotationis of the Christian Church. Martine bus. Breuis denique discussio re- Luther, John Ecolampadius, and sponsionis Lutheri, contra regiam Huldericke Zuinglius. The decla. epistolam nuper æditam, etiam per racion of Martin Luthers faythe be. Johannem Cochlæum, Theologum fore the Emperoure Charles the fyft. eximium. Colonia, in ædibus Petri and the illustre Estates of the Em. Quentell. 1527. 4to. B. M.

pyre of Germanye, with an oration The first of these letters from Luther is of hys death, all set forth in Latin an apology for his former letter to Henry by Phillip Melancthon, Wolfangus VIII. (4to. 1522.) Henry's answer and Faber Canilo Simon Grineus and Luther's reply follow in this copy together

Oswald Miconus, newly englished with remarks on these letters by Cochlæus.

by Henry Bennet Callesian. Lon- Epistola Martini Lutheri ad don, by John Awdely, 1561. 16mo. Henricum VIII. Angliæ ac Franciæ Bl. L. R. M. Regem, &c. In qua veniam petit

Collation. A. 4. B-G in eights, H and eorum quæ prius stultus ac præceps I in fours. K to O in eights. A hundred in eundem regem effuderit : offerens leaves. Herbert's Ames, p. 885. palinodiam se cantaturum. Respon

- The Prophecyes of the incomsio dicti invictissimi Angliæ ac Fran

parable and famous Dr. Martin Luciæ regis : defensoris fidei ac do

ther, concerning the downfall of the mini Hyberniæ, &c. ad singula præ

Pope of Rome, and the Subversion fatæ epistolæ capita. Dresdæ, per

of the German Empire, to be overVuolffgangum Stockel, 1527. 16mo.

run by the Armies of the Turks. As G. M.

also the remarkable prophecy of the - Epistolarum Farrago, cum learned and reverend Musculus, to the same effect. Collected by R.C. of the Life of R. Lyde of Hereford. London, for Andrew Kembe, 1664. London, 1731. 8vo. 4to.

Privately printed. LUXAN, PEDRO DE. Colloquios LYDGATE, John. The HysMatrimoniales del licenciado Pedro torie, Sege and Dystruccyon of de Luxan. En los quales se tracta Troye. Here endeth the Troye como se han de aver entre si los booke otherwyse called the Sege of casados, y conservar la paz : criar Troye, translated by John Lydgate sus hijos y governar su casa. To- monke of the Monastery of Bery, can se muy agradables sentencias, and Emprynted the yere of oure dichos y hechos leyes y costumbres Lorde a M.ccccc, and xii. by Riantiguas. Çaragoça, por Bartho- chard Pynson, prynter vnto the lome de Nagera, 1555. 8vo. Bl. L. kynges noble grace. Wood cuts. Santander, Bib. II. 25, considers this as

Fol. M. the first edition and terms it “ tres rare," First Edition, extremely rare. but there are two prior in 1552, and Salva "This version, different from that printed quotes an edition of Valladolid, 1553. The by Caxton, is of the greatest rarity in this earliest quoted by Antonio is that of 1579. first edition. I have been able to trace

only four other copies, One on Vellum, in LYBURNIO, Nicolao. Le Sel

Pepys's Lib. Cambridge; one at Bamborgh vette. Vinegia, per Jacopo de Penci Castle, Northumberland; one at Glasgow; da Lecco, 1513. 4to.

and one at the British Museum.” MS.note. LYCOPHRON, ChalcideNSIS. - The Auncient Historie and Alexandra, cum eruditiss. I. Tzetzis onely trewe and syncere Cronicle comment. ex fide manuscripti emen

of the warres betwixte the Grecians datioribus factis. Adjuncta est in- and the Troyans, and subsequently terpret. versuum Latina per Gul. of the fyrst euersion of the auncient Canterum. (Parisiis.) Paulus Ste- and famouse Cytye of Troye vnder phanus, 1601. 4to.

Lamedon the king, and of the laste - Alexandra cum Græcis I.Tzetzis

and fynall destruction of the same commentariis. Accedunt Versiones,

vnder Pryam, written by Daretus a

Trovan and Dictus a Grecian both Variantes Lectiones, Emendationes,

hes, souldiers and present in the sayde Annotat. etc. cura J. Potteri. Ox

warres and digested in Latyn by the onii, e Theatro Sheldoniano, 1697.

lerned Guydo de Columpnis and Fol. L. P. G. M.

sythes translated into englyshe verse - Editio Secunda priori auctior by John Lydgate Moncke of Burye. cura J. Potteri. Ib. 1702. Fol. Imprinted at London, in Flete strete L. P. R. M.

at the sygne of the Princes Armes, - Cassandra Gr. et Lat. cum by Thomas Marshe, 1555. Fol. R.M. Isaaci Tzetzæ Commentario, studio - The Chorle and the Byrde. et impensis Leop. Sebastiani. Ro. Here endeth the tale of the chorle næ, 1803. 4to. R.

and the byrd. LYCURGUS. Adversus Leo. Emprentyd by me Rycharde Pyncratem Oratio nunc primum in lu- son, n. d. 4to. R. M. cem edita, J. Lonicero Interpr. Nine leaves. a, five leaves, b. 'four Item Demosthenis Oratio de Pace leaves. per D. Just. Goblerum, Latinitate

“ This edition is so rare that it was not

known to Ames, Herbert, or Dibdin. donata. Basil. s. a. 12mo.

It was reprinted for the Roxburghe Club From Thuanus's Library. by Sir M. Sykes. It was sold at the White

Knight's Sale for seventeen guineas. The LYDE, RICHARD. A narrative same Story is told by Alphonsus in his fable of the Labourer and Nightingale, and in responsio ad invectivam mendaciis, Gesta Romanorum, c. 169.

fallaciis, calumniis, et imposturis - This boke is compyled by Dan fætam in plurimos Antistites, ProJohn Lydgate monke of Burye, at ceres, et omnis ordinis Hibernos a the excitation and styrynge of the R. P. R.... F.... C.... Connoble and victorious prynce, Kynge gregationi de propaganda fide, Anno Henry the fyfthe, in the honoure, Domini 1659, exhibitam Eudoxio glorie and reuerence of the byrthe Alithinologo authore. Impress. An. of our most blessed Lady, mayde, 1664. 4to. R. M. wyfe, and mother of our lorde Íesu

Iesu Collation. Title and Dedication four Christe. London, by Robert Red. leaves. Text A-S in fours. Index and man. 1531. Wood cuts. 4to. Bl. L. errata six leaves. Together eighty-two B. M.

leaves. Collation. A. to x. and A a to Gg in

Supplementum Alithinologiæ four and H h in six.

Lowndes erroneously calls this “ The quod partes invectivæ in Hibernos Life of Christ,” and is incorrect in his cusæ in Alithinilogia non oppugnatas Collation.

evertit. Eudoxio Alithinologo Au- See Chaucer, p. 137.

thore. Impress. An. 1667. 4to. LYE, EDM. Dictionarium Saxo. R. M. nico et Gothico-Latinum. Acce. Collation. Title, dedication, preface, dunt Fragmenta Versionis Ulphi. and to the reader fourteen leaves. A-FF. ii.

in fours, one hundred and fourteen leaves. lanæ, necnon Opuscula quædam

Index and errata nine leaves, together one Anglo Saxonica. Edidit, nonnullis hundred and thirty-seven leaves. Vocabulis auxit, plurimis Exemplis These two tracts are bound together. illustravit et Grammaticam utriusque. This book, even without the supplement, Linguæ præmisit Owen Manning is of great rarity and high price.

“ The supplement is the only perfect Londini, 1772. Fol. 2 vol in 1. R.

copy I have seen.” MS. note. LYNCH. JOAN. Titular Bishop Lynch wrote in answer to O'Farrel, a of Tuam. Cambrensis eversus, seu

Capucin Friar. See Walsh, pp. 13, 14.

740. potius, Historica fides, in rebus Hibernicis, Giraldo Cambrensi abro - Pii antistitis icon, sive de vita gata. In quo, plerasque iusti Histo- et morte Rmi. D. Francisci Kirovani rici dotes desiderari, plerosque Alladensis Episcopi. Authore Jonæuos inesse ostendit Gratianus Lu- anne Lynchæo Archidiacono Tuacius Hibernus ; qui etiam aliquot res mensi. Maclovii, apud Antonium de memorabiles Hibernicas veteris et la Mare, 1669. Portrait. 8vo. R. M. novæ memoriæ passim è re natâ



Collation. Title Page and Authoris huic operi inseruit. Impress. An. Protestatio two leaves. Epistle dedicatory 1662. Fol. G. M.

to Gregory Joyce, six leaves. A-H in Collation. Title-Page. Dedication to eights. Together seventy-two leaves. Charles II. thirteen leaves. Index of At the end is inserted in MS. a Copy of Chapters one leaf. Text 356 pp. Addenda a different printed Dedication by Lynch to two leaves. Index seven leaves.

D. de Bicqueneul, with the same date as “Liber inter Historicos Hibernicos ra that to Joyce 25th Sept. 1668. This was rissimus et inventu difficilimus, quippe cu found in an imperfect copy, wanting the jus pars maxima exemplarium in incendio head, the Title Page and the Epistola, periit Londinensi. Lynch Tuam : Archi- which were imitated by Harris from the diaconus post Gallicæ deditionem, exul in present copy for Mr. Thorpe. Gallia hocce opus, patriæ vindex, compo.

The following is the MS. note of Mr. suit.” Crofts's Catal. No. 7399.

Heber, to whom this book had belonged. The present is a remarkably fine copy of

I believe this to be the rarest volume in this extremely rare book.

existence connected with the History of

Ireland, and the Portrait of Bishop Kirwan - Alithinologia, sive veridica prefixed totally unknown.

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