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ment as to hold it good that your beauty and hers should be united . At this Madasima being nothing displeased, laughed a little, and her Damsels likewise, but Ardan became so wroth that his whole body shook, and his face became so exceeding terrible, that many thought Amadis was nothing in comparison with him, and that this would without doubt be his last battle, and the last day of

his life.

Thus they proceeded till they came before the King, to whom Ardan Canileo said, you see here the Knights ready to become your hostages, if Amadis dare keep his word. Then Amadis came forth and answered, you see me here : let the battle be without delay, and I tell you that though I had not promised it, I would undertake it now solely to save Madasima from so inonstrous a marriage; but let King Arban of North Wales, and Angriote of Estravaus be brought here, that they may be delivered if I conquer. They shall come, replied Ardan, but let Madasima be where she may see the combat and the vengeance which I shall

take for her. So the old Giant and his sons, and the nine Knights put themselves in the King's power, and Madasima and the Damsels went to the Queen, and so meekly and decorously did Ma

dasima demean herself, that albeit by her means Amadis was brought into this great danger, yet were they greatly pleased with her, and did her all honour. But Oriana and Mabilia seeing the fierceness of Ardan Canileo were greatly affrighted and retired in great fear and weeping to their chamber, for they thought the strength of Amadis was not enough to resist that Devil : yet did they remember his good fortune, how often it had brought him off with honour, and Mabilia comforted her friend the best she could. The following day was appointed for the battle ; King Lisuarte ordered his huntsmen and bowyers to surround the lists with chains and stakes, that neither Knight might lose honour by the fault of his horse. The lists were before the palace, and when Oriana saw them preparing them from her window, the thought of how great a danger was there designed for her Amadis so overpowered her, that she fell almost senseless in Mabilia's arms.

Lisuarte went to the lodging of Amadis where many Knights were with him, and said to him, that as the Queen and his daughter, and Queen Briolania and the other Dames and Damsels would pass that night in the chapel, beseeching God to preserve their Knight, he would have him return in his company to the palace, and with him Florestan and Agrayes, and Don Galvanes, and Guilan and Enil, and that there they should regale themselves, and he desired Amadis to send his armour to the chapel, that he might arm himself to-morrow before the Virgin Mary, that so she and her glorious son might be his protectors. They went therefore with the King, and Amadis ordered Gandalin to carry his arms thither as Lisuarte had advised. But he taking them in obedience missed the sword from the scabbard, whereat so amazed was he and exceeding sorrowful that he wished himself dead, not only because the loss fell out at a time of such danger, but because he held it as a sign that his Master's death was nigh at hand. He sought for it every where, and enquired of all who might know any thing; but when he could learn no tidings he was on the point of throwing himself from a window, if the thought had not come upon him that in that case he should destroy his soul ; forthwith in trouble of heart he went to the palace, and calling Amadis apart said to him, Cut off my head Sir, for I am a traitor to you ; and if you do not kill me I must slay myself. How now 2 quoth Amadis: are you mad or what mishap is this 2 Better Sir, he said, that I were mad or dead than that such a mishap should have befallen. I have lost your sword, it has been stolen from the scabbard. Is it for this you are so distressed ? replied Amadis, I thought something worse had chanced ; trouble yourself no more, there will be no want of another where with God will assist me, if it be his good pleasure. But though he spake thus to comfort Gandalin, yet was he grieved at heart for the loss of that sword, as well for the lack of it now in such need, being one of the best in the world, as because he had won it by the force of his true love; and it was a comfort to him to look at it, and remember that when he was absent from his Lady. Howbeit he bade Gandalin say nothing thereof to any person, but bring him the scabbard, and he bade him learn of the Queen if he could have the sword which Don Guilan had brought there together with his own arms; and if he could see Oriana he made him request her in his name that she would be somewhere where he might see her when he was in the lists, for the sight of her would make him become conqueror in that or in a worse danger. Gandalin went to perform his bidding, and the Queen commanded the sword should be given him ; but Briolania and Olinda said to him, Ah Gandalin, what think you can your Master do against that Devil 2 he answered smiling, and with a chearful countenance, Ladies, this

is not the first perilous enterprise which he hath undertaken, and as God as hitherto preserved him so he will now. God grant it, cried they. Then went he to Mabilia and told her what his Master requested of Oriana, and then returned to Amadis, and said that all things were done as he desired, whereat he had great pleasure and took more courage, knowing that his Lady would be where he might see her from the lists. Amadis then took the King aside, and said to him, Sir, I have lost my sword, and knew it not till now ; they have stolen it and left the sheath. The King was grieved thereat and answered him, although I had determined and promised never to give my sword to any Knight who was to fight man to man before me, yet will I now give it you, remembering how many dangers you have encountered for my sake. God forbid, quoth Amadis, that I who ought to maintain your royal word should make you break it, and that too when you have pledged it before so many good men. The tears came into Lisuarte's eyes, and he said, such a man are you for maintaining justice and right ! but what will you do —I have here the sword which was laid in the Ark with me, which Don Guilan brought hither, herewith and with your prayers to the Lord which will avail before him, I may be assisted. Then he

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