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her two little girls, fair girls and well apparelled, who took food for Galaor; and she let them into the chamber to keep him company, and gave them books of history to read to him, that he might not sleep by day, and then she fastened the door and left them.

King Cildadan in the tower saw also a door open in the wall, a stone door so neatly fitted that it looked like the wall itself, and a Dame of middle age entered with two armed Knights, and approached the bed without saluting him ; he on his part spake to them with courteous salutation, but they answered not. The Dame took off the bed cloaths, and applied salves to his wounds, then gave him food, and they went out again and fastened the stone door, not having spoken a word. The King thought that verily he was in prison, and where his life was not secure; howbeit having no remedy, he took as good comfort as he could. -

When it was time the Damsel returned to Galaor, and asked him how he fared So well, quoth he, that if it proceed so I shall be in good plight by the time you promised. Doubt not, said she, that what I have said shall be accomplished. But you must promise me the boon as a loyal Knight, for only by my help can you escape; the attempt would be to your mortal danger and hurt, and you could not effect it at last. That Galaor promised, and he besought her to tell him her name. What, quoth she, Don Galaor, know you not my name 2 I am deceived in you ! Time was that I did you a service, which it seems you little remember. They call me the Wise * among the wisest. With that she departed, and he remained thinking who she might be ; and remembering the good sword which Urganda had given him when he was knighted by Amadis, he thought it should be her, but Urganda was old, and this was a Damsel. He looked for the two little girls and they were gone, but in their stead he saw his Squire Gasavel, and Ardian the Dwarf of Amadis, both sleeping. He joyfully called them, they awoke; and when they saw who was there ran weeping for joy to kiss his hand, and exclaimed, O good Sir blessed be God who has brought us here to serve you ! He asked them how they came there: they replied, they knew not; only that Amadis and Agrayes, and Florestan, had sent them with him. Amadis, quoth he, was he found at such a time Sir, said they, know that Beltenebros is your own brother Amadis, and that by his prowess the battle was won. Thou tellest me great things, cried Galaor, and great pleasure have I therein, though he has not given me cause for pleasure in keeping himself so long concealed from me. Thus abode King Cildadan and Don Galaor: the one in that great Tower, the other in the Garden-chamber, where they were both healed of their hurts. Then Urganda made herself known to them, for they were in her power in her Undiscovered Island; and she told them that the fear wherein she had put them was to effect their cure more speedily, for in their perilous state it so behoved. And she sent two Damsels to attend them and compleat their recovery; they were her nieces and fair Damsels, being the daughters of King Falangris, who was brother to Lisuarte by Grimota, Urganda's sister; by him begotten when he was a young batchelor. The one was called Julianda, the other Solisa : and it so chanced that the one bore a son named Talanque, to Don Galaor, and the other a son to King Cildadan, who was called Maneli the discreet, who were both valiant and strong Knights, and in this state of great pleasure these two Knights . remained till it pleased Urganda to set them at liberty, as you shall hear hereafter.

* Sabencia sobre sabencia.

When Lisuarte and Amadis, and the other Knights were all whole of their wounds, he went to Fenusa, where the Queen then sojourned, and there was he received with such joy by her, and by Briolania and Oriana, and the other Dames and Damsels, as never welcomed man before. But the joyful greeting which Queen Briolania gave to Amadis, that can in no way be written; she taking him by the hand made him sit between her and Oriana, and she said to him, my Lord, the grief and sorrow which I felt when they told me you were lost I cannot relate to you. I came hither with an hundred Knights immediately that your brothers might order them whither they would in your search, and because this battle delayed their departure, I resolved to remain here till it was decided. Now then direct me what I shall do, and it shall be done. Good Lady mine, quoth Amadis, if you felt sorrow for my mishap, great reason had you : for there is no man in the world who hath a better will to obey you; but since you desire me to direct you, I would have you abide here ten days, and dispatch your business with the King; in that time we may know something of my brother Don Galaor, and there will be a battle which has been appointed between Don Florestan and Landin, after that I will conduct you to your kingdom, and from thence I must go to the Firm Island, where I have much to do. So let it be, replied Briolania, and I beseech you tell us the wonders which you found in that Island. He would have excused himself, but Oriana took his hand and said, You shall not leave us till you have told us something of them. Good Ladies, quoth Amadis, trust me, labour however I should, I could never relate all ; but this I say, that that Forbidden Chamber is the most rich and beautifullest thing in the world, and if by one of you it is not atchieved, I believe none else will ever win it. Briolania, after a while of silence, answered, I do not esteem myself such a one as can accomplish that adventure, yet such as I am, if you will not impute it to folly, I will prove it. Lady, quoth Amadis, I hold it no folly to attempt that wherein all have failed for want of beauty, especially in you whom God hath gifted so bountifully therewith, rather I hold it honourable to desire to win a fame which may endure through long ages. At this was Oriana greatly displeased, and her countenance fell, so that Amadis, whose eyes never left her, understood her feelings, and repented him of what

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