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that you may be the sooner obeyed, and turn back all whom you meet. This Dinadaus was one of the best Knights of the King's lineage, and well esteemed among all good Knights, as well for courteous bearing as for his good chivalry and prowess. When they came into the high road to London they fell in with Grumedan, the King's so dear friend, who was conducting Oriana home; and I tell you their pleasure was exceeding great, and the old man told him how Amadis was gone to the Queen's succour. Presently they heard news what Barsinan had done, and how King Arban had defended the city, and how by the coming of Amadis all had been ended and the traitor taken. By the time the King reached London, there were in his company more than two thousand Knights. When he came to the palace, who can tell the joy that was made 2 Immediately he had the Tower surrounded, and having made Barsinan and the Cousin of Arcalaus confess the whole manner of their treason, they were both burnt in sight of their own people, who having no provisions, neither any remedy, in five days came to the King's mercy, and he executed justice upon some and pardoned others. Thus ended this treason, but it was the cause of much enmity between the countries of Great Britain and Sansuena, for a son of Barvol. II. B


sinan, who was a good Knight, came afterwards against Lisuarte with a great power.

These dangers over the court proceeded as before, making great pastimes and festivals as well by night in the town, as by day in the fields. On one of those days the Lady and her sons arrived, before whom Amadis and Galaor had made their covenant with Madasima. They seeing her went honourably to bid her welcome. Friends, said she, you know wherefore I am come : what will you do in this case ? will you not keep your promise, for today is the time 2 In God's name, replied Galaor, let us go before the King. Let us go, quoth she. Then coming into the presence, the Lady made her obeisance and said, Sir, I come here to see these Knights perform a covenant which they have made; and then she repeated what they had promised to Madasima, the Lady of Gantasi. Ah Galaor, cried the King, you have undone me! Galaor answered, better this than to die : if we had been known, all the world could not have saved our lives ; and now the remedy is easier than you imagine. Brother, remember you have promised to follow my example ! Then Galaor related before the King, and all the Knights present, by what treachery they had been taken. Sir King, said he, I now forsake you and your company for the sake of Madasima, the

Lady of Castle Gantasi ; for it is her will to do

you this displeasure, and whatever others she can,

for the hatred she bears you. Amadis affirmed

what his brother had said. Have we performed

our covenant 2 then said Galaor to the three wit

nesses; they answered, yes, truly, you have ac

quitted your promise. In God's name quoth Gałaor, and now you may return when you please,

and tell Madasima that she hath not made her terms so cunningly as she thought, as you may see. Sir,

we have kept our covenant with Madasima, and

forsaken your service; but it was not stipulated how long we were to be out of your service, therefore we are free to use our own will, and freely again enter your service as before. At this Lisuarte was greatly pleased, and said to the Lady, Certes these Knights have fairly acquitted themselves of a promise so treacherously obtained, and just it is that they who deceive should be themselves deceived. Tell Malasima, that, if she hates me, she had it in her power to do me the greatest ill that could happen ; but God, who has preserved them from other perils, would not suffer them to perish by such hands. If it please you, Sir, said the Lady, tell me who these Knights are 2-—AmaAmadis in her power cried she now God be praised that they are safe, for certes it had been great misadventure if two such good men had so perished She will be ready for pure vexation to inflict the death upon herself which she designed for them. Truly, quoth the King, that would be more justly done. So the Lady went her way.

dis and Don Galaor his brother. What! was

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Twelve days together did King Lisuarte continue his court, and, when it broke up, though many Knights departed to their own lands, it was a wonder how many remained, and in like manner many Dames and Damsels continued to abide with the Queen. Among those whom the King received into his company were the cousins Ladasin and Guilan the pensive, both good Knights, but Guilan was the better of the twain, for in the whole kingdom of London there was none who surpassed him in worth ; but so absent was he, that none could enjoy his conversation or company, and of this love was the cause, and that to a Lady who neither loved him nor any thing else to such an excess: her name was Brandalisa, sister to the Queen of Sobradisa, and married to the Duke of Bristol.

The day came whereon that Duke was summoned to appear and answer the appeal of Olivas. The

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