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an emulation of their example. The Editor there. fore supposes that it will be sufficient to inform the Reader, that his principal aim has been to make choice of those Speeches on the different subjects of legislation and jurisprudence which have chiefly occupied the attention of the Public, and have added great celebrity to those Members of the Senate and the Bar who delivered them. The matter of the three Volumes comprehends the space of about forty years, and is brought down nearly to the present period. Should the work meet the approbation of the Public, the Editor proposes, in a second Edition, to enlarge it, and continue it to the time of Publication. An Introduction to the study and practice of Eloquence, accompanied by some critical observations on Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic, is prefixed.

Priyate Seminary, Wright's Buildings, Kensington,

Aug. 2d, 1808.

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