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and Filterable Viruses, 207; Professor Barus and Col-
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A-94, 147; B-96, 167; C-1, 97; D-98; E-99;

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117; Q-120; Other Organizations, 72, 121; Officers, 9,

83, 92, 122; Permanent Secretary's Report, 71; At-

tendance, 73; Sessions and Papers, 73; Local Com-

mittees, 75; Official Representation, 75; Financial, Ar-

rangements, 76, Report, 90; Science Exhibition, 77;

Prize, 78; Luncheons, Dinners, etc., 79; News Service,

80; Programs, 81; Council Roll, 84; Executive Com-

mittee, 87, Spring Meeting, 506; Legislative and Execu-

tive Proceedings, 87; Treasurer's Report, 89; Grants

for Research, 91; President-Elect, 92; Sections and

Societies, 94; Organization and Work, 122; Future

Annual Meetings, 124; Pacific Division, 166, 349, 466

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Arnold Arboretum, 610

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T. H. MORGAN, 213; at the University of Maine, P. W.
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