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As You

Like It

Temple School Shakespeare

This series, published by arrangement with
Messrs. J. W. Dent & Co., of London, is de-
signed primarily for class use, and bears no
direct relation to the widely known “ Temple

Price, 35 Cents Each

The Tempest.

Edited by OLIPHANT SMEaton, M.A. Macbeth.

Edited by GEORGE SMITH, M.A, Julius Cæsar.

Edited by F. ARMYTAGE-Morley, M.A. As You Like It.

Edited by FLORA MASCON Hamlet.

Edited by OLIPHANT SMEaton, M.A,

Richard II.

Edited by W. Keith LEAsk, M.A, The Merchant of Venice.

Edited by R. M'William, M.A. A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Edited by Rev. W. H. FLECKER, M.A. Henry V.

Edited by W. H. Hudson

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Alsc Many Illustrations in the Introduction and Glossary from Contemporary Prints

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Life of Shakespeare-Birth and Parentage.--The play of As You Like It was written by William SHAKESPEARE, who was born at Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, on the 22nd or 23rd April 1564. The latter date has been accepted as the more likely, an old tradition stating that he died on the anniversary of his

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The Village o Wilmecote or Wincot in 1852. birth, and we know beyond question his death occurred on April 23rd, 1616. His father, John Shakespeare, telonged to a family which had given generations of substantial yeomen to the Midland districts of England. At the time of the poet's birth John was a prosperous “ general merchant" in agricultural produce. Co:n, malt, hides, wool, leather, hay are named among the wares in which he dealt. Aubrey, the first biographer of Shakespeare, styled the father of the latter “ a butcher." Others have classed him as a "glover.” Possibly, like colonial storekeepers of the present day, he may have united many branches of trade in himself, so as consult the convenience of rural customers coming from a distance.


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