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20. The Treasurer shall receive all sums of money due to the Association; he shall pay all accounts due by the Association after they shall have been examined and approved ; and he shall report to each meeting of the Council the balance he has in hand, and the names of such members as shall be in arrear, with the sums due respectively by each.

21. Whenever a Member shall have been three months in arrear in the payment of his Annual Contributions, the Treasurer shall apply to him for the same.

22. Whenever, at an Annual Meeting, a Member shall be two years in arrear in the payment of his Annual Contributions, the Council may, at its discretion, erase his name from the list of members.

23. The General Secretary shall, at least one month before each Annual Meeting, inform each member by circular of the place and date of the Meeting.

24. Members who do not, on or before the day of the Annual Meeting, give notice, in writing or personally, to the General Secretary of their intention to withdraw from the Association, shall be regarded as members for the ensuing year.

25. The Association shall, within three months after each Annual Meeting, publish its Transactions, including the Rules, a Financial Statement, a List of the Members, the Report of the Council, the President's Address, and such Papers, in abstract or in extenso, read at the Annual Meeting, as shall be decided by the Council.

26. The Association shall have the right at its discretion of printing in extenso in its Transactions all papers read at the Annual Meeting. The Copyright of a paper read before any meeting of the Association, and the illustrations of the same which have been provided at his expense, shall remain the property of the Author; but he shall not be at liberty to print it, or allow it to be printed elsewhere, either in extenso or in abstract amounting to as much as one-half of the length of the paper, before the first of November next after the paper is read.

27. The Authors of papers printed in the Transactions shall, within seven days after the Transactions are published, receive twenty-five private copies free of expense, and shall be allowed to have any further number printed at their own expense. All arrangements as to such extra copies to be made by the Authors with the Printers to the Association. VOL. XXIV.


28. If proofs of papers to be published in the Transactions be sent to Authors for correction, and are retained by them beyond four days for each sheet of proof, to be reckoned from the day marked thereon by the printers, but not including the time needful for transmission by post, such proofs shall be assumed to require no further correction.

29. Should the extra charges for small type, and types other than those known as Roman or Italic, and for the Author's corrections of the press, in any paper published in the Transactions, amount to a greater sum than in the proportion of ten shillings per sheet, such excess shall be borne by the Author himself, and not by the Association; and should any paper exceed four sheets, the cost beyond the cost of the four sheets shall be borne by the Author of the paper.

30. Every Member shall, within three months after each Annual Meeting, receive gratuitously a copy of the Transactions.

31. The Accounts of the Association shall be audited annually, by Auditors appointed at each Annual Meeting, but who shall not be ex officio Members of the Council.


1. In the interests of the Association it is desirable that the President's Address in each year be printed previous to its delivery.

2. In the event of there being at an Annual Meeting more Papers than can be disposed of in one day, the reading of the residue shall be continued the day following.

3. The pagination of the Transactions shall be in Arabic numerals exclusively, and carried on consecutively, from the beginning to the end of each volume; and the Transactions of each year shall form a distinct and separate volume.

4. The General Secretary shall bring to each Annual Meeting of the Members a report of the number of copies in stock of each • Part' of the Transactions, with the price per copy of each ‘Part' specified ; and such report shall be printed in the Transactions next after the Treasurer's financial statement.

5. The General Secretary shall prepare and bring to each Annual Meeting brief Obituary Notices of Members deceased during the previous year, and such notices shall be printed in the Transactions.

6. An amount not less than 80 per cent. of all Compositions received from existing Life-Members of the Association shall be applied in the purchase of National Stock, or such other security as the Council may deem equally satisfactory, in the names of three Trustees, to be elected by the Council.

7. At each of its Ordinary Meetings the Council shall deposit at interest, in such bank as they shall decide on, and in the names of the General Treasurer and General Secretary of the Association, all uninvested Compositions received from existing Life Members, all uninvested prepaid Annual Subscriptions, and any part, or the whole, of the balance derived from other sources which may be in the Treasurer's hands after providing for all accounts passed for payment at the said Meeting.

8. The General Secretary, on learning at any time between the Meetings of the Council that the General Treasurer has a balance in hand of not less than Forty Pounds after paying all Accounts which the Council have ordered to be paid, shall direct that so much of the said balance as will leave Twenty Pounds in the Treasurer's hand be deposited at Interest at the Torquay Bank.

9. The General Secretary shall be authorized to spend any sum not exceeding Ten Pounds per annum in employing a clerk for such work as he finds necessary.

10. The General Secretary shall, within one month of the close of each Annual Meeting of the Association, send to each Member newly elected at the said Meeting a copy of the following letter :

Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature,

and Art. SIR,—I have the pleasure of informing you that on the

of July, , you were elected a Member of the Association on the nomination of

The copy of the Transactions for the current year, which will be forwarded to you in due course, will contain the Laws of the Association. Meanwhile I beg to call your attention to the following statements :

(1) Every Member pays an Annual Contribution of Half a Guinea, or a Life Composition of Five Guineas.

(2) The Annual Contributions are payable in advance, and are due in each year on the day of the Annual Meeting.

(3) Members who do not, on or before the day of the Annual Meeting, give notice in writing or personally to the General Secretary of their intention to withdraw from the Association are regarded as Members for the ensuing year.

The Treasurer's Address is -- EDWARD VIVIAN, Esq., Woodfield, Torquay.—I remain, Sir, your faithful Servant,

Hon. Sec.

11. The reading of any Report or Paper shall not exceed twenty minutes, or such part of twenty minutes as shall be decided by the Council as soon as the Programme of Reports and Papers shall have been settled, and in any discussion which may arise no speaker shall be allowed to speak more than ten minutes.

12. Papers to be read to the Annual Meetings of the Association must strictly relate to Devonshire, and, as well as all Reports intended to be printed in the Transactions of the Association, and prepared by Committees appointed by the Council, must, together with all drawings intended to be used in illustrating them in the said Transactions, reach the General Secretary's residence not later than the 24th day of June in each year. The General Secretary shall, not later than the 7th of the following July, return to the Authors all such Papers or drawings as he may decide to be unsuitable to be printed or to serve as illustrations in the said Transactions, and shall send the residue, together with the said Reports of Committees, to the Association's printers, who shall return the same so that they may reach the General Secretary's residence not later than on the 14th day of the said July, together with a statement of the number of pages each of them would occupy if printed in the said Transactions, as well as an estimate of the extra cost of the printing of such Tables, of any kind, as may form part of any of the said Papers and Reports ; and the General Secretary shall lay the whole, as well as an estimate of the probable number of Annual Members of the Association for the year commencing on that day, before the first Council Meeting on the first day of the next ensuing Annual Meeting, when the Council shall select not a greater number of the Papers thus laid before them than will, with the other documents to be printed in the said Transactions, make as many sheets of printed matter as can be paid for with the sum of 60 per cent of the subscriptions for the year of the said probable number of Annual Members, and any part or the whole of such balance, not derived from Compositions of existing Life Members, or from prepaid Annual Subscriptions, as may be lying at interest, as well as that which may be in the Treasurer's hands; this 'sum' shall be exclusive of the extra cost of the printing of such aforesaid Tables, which have been approved and accepted by the Council, provided the aggregate of the said extra cost do not exceed 6 per cent. of the said subscriptions; exclusive also of the printers' charge for corrections of the press; and also exclusive of the cost of printing an Index, a list of Errata, and such Resolutions passed at the next Winter Meeting of the Council, as may be directed to be so printed by the said Winter Meeting; and the number of Papers selected by the Council shall not be greater than will, with the Reports of Committees, make a Total of 40 Reports and Papers.

13. Papers communicated by Members for Non-Members, and accepted by the Council, shall be placed in the Programme below those furnished by Members themselves.

14. Papers which have been accepted by the Council cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the Council.

15. The Council will do their best so to arrange Papers for reading as to suit the convenience of the authors; but the place of a Paper cannot be altered after the Programme has been settled by the Council.

16. Papers which have already been printed in extenso cannot be accepted unless they form part of the literature of a question on which the Council has requested a Member or Committee to prepare a report.

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