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Use of all Young Students, that converse with Antient Deeds, Charters, &c.

First published by the Learned Dr. COWEL, in the Year 1607, and continu'd by Tho. MANLEY of the Middle Temple, Esq., to the Year 1684.

Now further Augmented and Improv'd, by the addition of many Thousand Words, as are found in our Histories, Antiquities, Cartularies, Rolls, Registers, and other Manuscript Records, not hitherto Explain'd in any Dictionary.

London : Printed for J. PLACE at Furnivals-Inn-gate in Holborn, A. & J. CHURCHIL, at the Black Swan in Pater-nosterRow, and R. SARE, at Grays-Inn-gate in Holborn, 1701. Folio. Title and preface to the last edition by Mr. Manley, two

leaves ; [Kennetts] preface, four leaves. Sig. B to Z in fours, then Aaa to Ccc in twos, then Dd to Zz in twos, then again Aaa to Ooo in twos, then Pppp to Ssss in twos; no numbers. [J.I.D.]

“I think that it is not generally known that the first really improved edition of this very useful book is in folio, Lond., 1701. This was superintended by Bishop Kenett, who made many additions, and wrote the preface. I learn this from a manuscript note of Bishop Tanner's, in his own copy, which was given him by the editor, and is now in the Bodleian. It has a great number of valuable notes by Tanner in MS., which have been transcribed by Mr. Ellis into a copy of the same edition in the British Museum.”—Note by Dr. P. Bliss in Reliquiæ Hearnianæ, second edit., vol. i. p. 307.

2.1. A Law Dictionary; or the Interpreter of Words and Terms, Used either in the Common or Statute Laws of that part of Great Britain call’d England; and In Tenures and Jocular Customs; First published by the Learned Dr. Cowel, and now very much Augmented and Improv'd by the Addition of many Thousand Words, as are found in our Histories, Antiquities, Cartularies, Rolls, Registers, and other Manuscript Records, not hitherto explain'd in any Dictionary to the year 1708.

With An Appendix, containing the Antient Names of Places in (that part of Great Britain call’d) England, very necessary for the use of all such, that Converse with Ancient Deeds, Charters, &c.

London : Printed for D. Browne, R. Sare, S. Battersby, J. Walthoe, J. Nicholson, J. Sprint, G. Conyers, T. Ballard and Edw. Place. 1708.

Folio. A Catalogue of Books, the Title and the Preface, 6

leaves ; The Interpreter with an Appendix, printed in two columns, no pagination, B to Z in fours, Aa to Zz, and Aaa to Ooo, then Pppp (sic) Q999, Rrrr, and Ssss.

[B.M.] [2k. A Law Dictionary

1709 (Watt and Wood.)] [2.l. The Interpreter of Words and Terms. ..... . First Publish'd by the Learn’d Dr. Cowel, in the Year 1607, and continu'd by Tho. Manley of the Middle Temple, Esq; to the Year 1684. Now further Augmented and Improv'd London: Printed .... 1710. Folio. Title and Preface to ed. 1684, 2 leaves ; a-b, 2 leaves

each ; B-Z in fours; Aaa-Ssss, 2 leaves each. Printed in two columns.

[Hazlitt's Collections and Notes, 2nd Series, p. 147.] 2m. A Law Dictionary; or the Interpreter of Words and Terms, Used either in the Common or Statute Laws of Great Britain.

. . and now in this Edition very much augmented and improved by the Addition of many Thousand Words found in our Histories, Antiquities, Cartularies, Rolls, Register and other Manuscript Records.

With An Appendix, Containing Two Tables; one of the antient Names of Places in Great Britain, and the other of the antient Surnames; Both of them very necessary for the Use of all such, as converse with Antient Deeds, Charters, &c.

In the Savoy: Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, (Assigns of E. Sayer, Esq.) for J. Walthoe, B. Lintot, R. Gosling, W. Mears, W. and J. Innys, J. Osborn, T. Woodward, F. Clay, R. Williamson, A. Ward and B. Browne. MDCCXXVII. Folio. Title, Preface, A Titular and Chronological Table of

our Kings and Queens, 6 leaves ; The Interpreter, with an Appendix, printed in two columns, unpaged, B to Z, in fours, Aa to Zz and Aaa to Qqq 2 leaves only, on last

page a list of Books lately printed. [B.M.] [2n. A Law Dictionary .....

Lond. 1737. 4to. Watt)]

The thanks of the writer are due to Mr. Geo. C. Boase, of London; Mr. W. H. Allnutt, of the Bodleian Library; and Mr. C. W. Sutton, of the Free Library, Manchester, for counsel and help most courteously rendered.


* Indicates Life Members.
+ Indicates Honorary Members.

Indicates Corresponding Members.
Italics indicate Members whose addresses are incomplete or unknown.

The Names of Members of the Council are printed in small capitals.
Notice of Changes of Residence and of Decease of Members should be sent to the

General Secretary, Rev. W. Harpley, Clayhanger Rectory, Tiverton.

Year of Election. 1879* ACLAND, Sir H. W. D., K.C.B., M.A., M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.G.S.,

Broad Street, Oxford. 1885 Adams, C. G., 2, Adelaide Terrace, Ilfracombe. 1881 Adams, Col. H. C., Lion House, Exmouth. 1892 Adams, W., Princess Square, Plymouth. 1892 Addiscott, W. J., Municipal Buildings, Plymouth. 1886 ALDRIDGE, C., M.D., Plympton House, Plympton. 1889 ALFORD, Rev. D. P., M.A., Vicarage, Tavistock. 1887 Alger, W. H., J.P., The Manor House, Stoke Damerel,

S. Devon (VICE-PRESIDENT). 1884 Alsop, J., 17, Devon Square, Newton Abbot. 1874 Alsop, R., Teignmouth Bank, Teignmouth. 1877 Amery, Jasper, 35, Bitton Street, Teignmouth. 1869 AMERY, J. S., Druid, Ashburton. 1869 AMERY, P. F. S., Druid, Ashburton. 1891 Amory, Sir J. Heathcoat, Bart., Knightshayes, Tiverton. 1892 Anderson, W., Wilts and Dorset Bank, Plymouth. 1875*Andrew, T., F.G.S., Southernhay, Exeter. 1877 Andrews, R., Traine, Modbury, Ivybridge. 1892 Anthony, Rev. F. E., M.A., Woodland Terrace, Plymouth

(VICE-PRESIDENT). 1863 Appleton, Edward, F.R.I.B.A., M. Inst.C.E., 1, Vaughan Parade,

Torquay (VICE-PRESIDENT ELECT). 1870 Arnold, G., Dolton. 1868 Ashley, J., Honiton. 1882 Atkins, E., Dun Esk, Teignmouth. 1890 Attwood, J. S., Westwell Street, Plymouth. 1890 Avery, W., Boutport Street, Barnstaple.

1892 Back, J., Headlands Park, Plymouth.
1884 Baker, R. H. M., Roseneath, Newton Abbot.

1892 Balkwill, F. H., Princess Square, Plymouth. 1878 Baring-Gould, Rev. S., M.A., Lew Trenchard, Lewdown. 1879 Barnett, C. G., Ilfracombe. 1892 Barratt, F., The Esplanade, Plymouth (VICE-PRESIDENT). 1891 Barrett, G. R., Drakesleigh, Plymouth. 1884 Barry, J., Lower St. Paul's Road, Newton Abbot. 1877 Bartlet, Rev. J. M., Manor House, Ludbrooke, Modbury,

Ivybridge. 1883* Bartlett, 0. Smart, Paignton. 1876 Bastard, B. J. P., Kitley, Yealmpton, South Devon. 1872 BATE, JAMES J. R., 28, Somerleyton Road, Brixton. 1866 Bayly, John, Seven Trees, Plymouth. 1871*Bayly, Robert, J.P., Torr Grove, Plymouth (VICE-PRESIDENT). 1884 Bearne, Lewis, St. Bernard's, Newton Abbot. 1876 Beatty, W., Buckfastleigh. 1892 Bellamy, G. D., Municipal Buildings, Plymouth. 1875 Bennett, C., Rose Duryard, Mount Radford, Exeter. 1882 Berry, W. B., Union Road, Crediton. 1876 Bickford, J., Bank, Ashburton. 1890 Bingham, Rev. W. P. S.,


Kenton, 1880 Birch, Rev. W. M., M.A., Vicarage, Ashburton. 1892 Bird, H., Wychbury, Mannamead, Plymouth. 1879 Birkmyer, J., 13, Lower Terrace, Mount Radford, Exeter. 1889 Birmingham Free Library. 1886 BLACKLER, T. A., St. Marychurch. 1878 Blackmore, Rev. R., M.A., Probus, Cornwall. 1892 Bond, J. Kinton, The Crescent, Plymouth. 1873 Bowring, L. B., C.8.I., Lavrockbeare, Torquay (VICE-PRESI

DENT ELECT). 1874 Bowring, Lady, 7, Baring Crescent, Exeter. 1890*Bowring, Thos. B., 128, Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, New

York (care of J. Hill, Pitt House, Moretonhampstead). 1892 Brendon, W. T., Queen's Gate, Plymouth. 1892 Brendon, W., Queen's Gate, Plymouth. 1872 Brent, F., F.S.A., Tothill Avenue, Plymouth (VICE-PRESIDENT). 1872 Bridges, W. T., D.C.L., Torwood, Torquay. 1891 Bristol Literary and Philosophic Club, 28, Berkeley Square,

Bristol. 1882 Brownlow, The Very Rev. Canon, M.A., Cecil Street, Plymouth

(VICE-PRESIDENT ELECT). 1892 Brown, J. P., Abbey Stores, Plymouth. 1882 BRUSHFIELD, T. N., M.D., The Cliff, Budleigh Salterton

(PRESIDENT ELECT). 1889 Brushfield, Archibald, The Cliff, Budleigh Salterton. 1881*Bryant, Wilberforce, Stoke Park, Bucks. 1879*Bryce, J. P., J.P., Bystock, Exmouth. 1872 Buckingham, W., 12, Southernbay, Exeter. 1887 Budd, F. N., Batworthy, Chagford, Newton Abbot.

1887*Buller, Admiral A., C.B., Erle Hall, Plympton. 1887 Bulteel, Thomas, J.P., Radford, Plymouth (VICE-PRESIDENT). 1871 Burch, Arthur, 5, Baring Crescent, Exeter. 1873*Burdett-Coutts, Right Hon. Baroness, 1, Stratton Street,

Piccadilly, London. 1887 BURNARD, ROBERT, Hillsborough, Plymouth (Hon. LOCAL

TREASURER). 1887 Burnard, Mrs. F. L., Hillsborough, Plymouth. 1890 Burns, Rev. J. S., Bideford.

1892 Carnell, A. A., Bedford Villas, Plymouth. 1891 Carpenter, H., Bampton Street, Tiverton. 1866*Carpenter-Garnier, J., Rookesbury Park, Wickham, Hants. 1886 Carter, James, Southlands, Heavitree, Exeter. 1888 Cartwright, Miss Anson, Hevers, Heavitree, Exeter. 1892 Chandler, A., South Hill, Kingskerswell. 1866 CHANTER, J. R., Fort Hill, Barnstaple. 1890 Chanter, C. E. R., Broadmead, Barnstaple. 1882*Chaplin, G. H., Elmtield, Crediton. 1884 Chapman, H. M., St. Martin's Priory, Canterbury. 1881 CHAPMAN, Rev. Professor, M.A., Western College, Mannamead,

Plymouth. 1888 Clark, H., Carlton House, Exmouth. 1869*Clark, R. A., The Larches, Torquay. 1871 Clements, Rev. H. G. J., M.A., Vicarage, Sidrnouth. 1881*Clifford, Right Hon. Lord, Ugbrooke, Chudleigh. 1890 Clinton, Right Hon. Lord, Heanton, Beaford. 1891 Cockram, C. E., Tiverton. 1868*COLERIDGE, Right Hon. Lord, m.A., 1, Sussex Square, London. 1866 COLLIER, W. F., J.P., Woodtown, Horrabridge. 1889 Collier, M. J., Foxhams, Horrabridge. 1892 COLSON, F. H., M.A., Plymouth College, Plymouth (VICE

PRESIDENT). 1892 Compton, C. É., St. James Terrace, Plymouth. 1892 Compton, Mrs., St. James Terrace, Plymouth. 1880 Cornish-Bowden, F. J., Blackhall, Ivy bridge. 1881*Cornish, Rev. J. F., Christ's Hospital, London, E.C. 1867 Cotton, R. W., The Red House, Newton Abbot. 1866 Cotton, W., F.S.A., The Close, Exeter. 1885 Cowie, Very Rev. B., Dean of Exeter, Deanery, Exeter. 1887 Crews, F. H. E., 7, Queen's Gate, Plymouth. 1880 Croft, C. W., 3, Beaumont Villas, Plymouth. 1891 Cross, Rev. T. U., M. A., Blundell's School, Tiverton. 1887*Cubitt, W., J.P., Fallapit, Mounts, R.S.O., South Devon. 1886 Cumming, Stephen A., Devonia, Golden Manor, Hanwell,

London, W. 1892 CUNNINGHAM, J. F., M.A., F.R.S.E., Marine Biological Laboratory, Plymouth (VICE-PRESIDENT).

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