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to pay

17. Every meeting of the Council shall be convened by Circular, sent by the General Secretary to each Member of the Council not less than ten days before the Meeting is held.

18. All Papers read to the Association which the Council shall decide to print in extenso in the Transactions, shall be sent to the printers, together with all drawings required in illustrating them, on the day next following the close of the Annual Meeting at which they were read.

19. All Papers read to the Association which the Council shall decide not to print in extenso in the Transactions, shall be returned to the authors not later than the day next following the close of the Annual Meeting at which they were read; and abstracts of such Papers to be printed in the Transactions shall not exceed onefourth of the length of the Paper itself, and must be sent to the General Secretary on or before the seventh day after the close of the Annual Meeting.

20. The Author of every Paper which the Council at any Annual Meeting shall decide to print in the Transactions shall be expected

for all such illustrations as in his judgment the said Paper may require.

21. The printers shall do their utmost to print the Papers in the Transactions in the order in which they were read, and shall return every Manuscript to the author as soon as it is in type, but not before. They shall be returned intact, provided they are written on loose sheets and on one side of the paper only.

22. Excepting mere verbal alterations, no Paper which has been read to the Association shall be added to without the written approval and consent of the General Secretary; and no additions shall be made except in the form of notes or postscripts, or both.

23. In the intervals of the Annual Meetings, all Meetings of the Council shall be held at Exeter, unless some other place shall have been decided on at the previous Council Meeting.

24. When the number of copies on hand of any · Part' of the Transactions is reduced to twenty, the price per copy shall be increased 25 per cent. ; and when the number has been reduced to ten copies, the price shall be increased 50 per cent. on the original price.

25. The Association's Printers, but no other person, may reprint any Committee's Report printed in the Transactions of the Association, for any person, whether a Member of the said Committee, or of the Association, or neither, on receiving, in each case, a written permission to do so from the Honorary Secretary of the Association, but not otherwise; that the said printer shall pay to the said Secretary, for the Association, sixpence for every fifty Copies of each half sheet of eight pages of which the said Report consists ; that any number of copies less than fifty, or between two exact multiples of fifty, shall be regarded as fifty; and any number of pages less than eight, or between two exact multiples of eight, shall be regarded as eight; that each copy of such Reprints shall have on its first page the words “Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, and Art for with the consent of the Council of the Association,” followed by the date of the year in which the said Report was printed in the said Transactions, but that, with the exception of printer's errors and changes in the pagination which may be necessary or desirable, the said Reprint shall be in every other respect an exact copy of the said Report as printed in the said Transactions without addition, or abridgment, or modification of any kind.

26. The General Secretary shall, within one month after each Annual General Meeting, inform the Hon. Local Treasurer and the Hon. Local Secretary, elected at the said Meeting, that, in making or sanctioning arrangements for the next Annual General Meeting, it is eminently desirable that they avoid and discourage everything calculated to diminish the attendance at the General and Council Meetings, or to disturb the said Meetings in any way.

27. The Bye-Laws and Standing Orders shall be printed after the 'Rules' in the Transactions.

28. All resolutions appointing Committees for special service for the Association shall be printed in the Transactions next before the President's Address.

29. Members and Ladies holding Ladies' Tickets intending to dine at the Association Dinner shall be requested to send their names to the Hon. Local Secretary on forms which shall be provided; no other person shall be admitted to the dinner, and no names shall be received after the Monday next before the dinner.

30. Members admitted by the General Secretary during the interval between two Annual General Meetings, and who decide when admitted to compound for the Annual Contributions, shall be entitled to receive the publications of the Association during the Association's year then current, provided their compositions are paid not later than the last day of January, but shall not be thus entitled if their compositions are paid between that date and the next Annual General Meeting of the Association.


As presented to the General Meeting, Plymouth, July 26th, 1892.

The Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Association was held at Tiverton, on Tuesday, July 28th, 1891, and following days. The Council met at 2 p.m. at the Town Hall, and transacted the usual business ; afterwards the Mayor (Mr. J. F. Ellerton), supported by several members of the Town Council and some of the leading inhabitants of the borough, formally welcomed the Association to the town. At 4.30 p.m. a General Meeting was held.

In the evening, at p.m., the President, Mr. R. N. Worth, F.G.s., delivered his Introductory Address.

On Wednesday, at 11 a.m., the reading and discussion of the following Programme of Papers commenced, and was continued until 4 p.m. : Sixteenth Report of the Committee on Scientific Memoranda

1} J. Brooking Rowe, F.s. A., F.L. s. Thirteenth Report of the Barrow Com: }R. N. Worth, F.G.s.

mittee Twelfth Report of the Committee on Devonshire Verbal Provincialisms

F. T. Elworthy. mittee on the Climate of Devon, by

} E. E. Glyde. Third Report of the Committee on Devon- R. W. Cotton and J. Brooking shire Records

Rowe, F.S.A., F.L.S.
Biographical Notes Dr. Matthew

, Dean of Exeter, 1588-1629 Frances B. Troup. Font in Dolton Church, North Devon Winslow Jones. Additional Notes on the Parish of East Sir J. B. Phear, M.A., F.G.S.

The Land Family of Wood beare Court

; } Rev. A. Mozley, M. A.
The Brother and Sister of Saint Willibald Very Rev. Canon Brownlow, M.A.
The Church of All Saints', East Budleigh

}. N. Brushfield, M.D. (Part I.) The Ancient Metropolis of Dartmoor A. B. Prowse, M.D., F.R.C.S. Some Devonshire Merchants' Marks R. N. Worth, F.G.S.


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Recent Discoveries at the Castle, Exeter Sir J. B. Phear, M.A., F.G.S.
Devon Collem bola and Thysanaura . E. Parfitt.
'Crying the Neck :" A Devonshire

}F. T. Elworthy.
Technical Education in Devonshire. J. Phillips.
The Progress of Devonshire Bibliography. W. H. K. Wright.
The Potteries of North Devon.

H. W. Strong.
The Ornithology of Devonshire

William E. Pidsley.
Notes on some of the Rocks of North } R. N. Worth, F.G.S.

Leather Money from Hartland .

H. W. Strong.

H. M. Rankilor. The Dialect of Hartland ,


nicated by F. T. Elworthy). Sketch of the Postal Service in Devon.) The Late G. Waring Ormerod, shire from 1784-1890

F.G.S., M.A. (Communicated by Rev. W. Harpley, M.A.)

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After the reading of papers was concluded for the day, various places of interest in the town were visited, including St. Peter's church, the Castle, the Almshouses, and Old Blundell's. The extensive silk lace manufactory of Messrs. Heathcoat and Co. was also visited, and a party shown over it by Mr. Huxtable.

In the evening, at 7 p.m., the Annual Dinner was held at the Palmerston Hotel. The President occupied the chair, and there was a good attendance. Mr. Martin provided an excellent dinner, and the tables were most tastefully decorated.

On Thursday, at 10 a.m., the reading and discussion of papers was resumed and continued until nearly 3 p.m., when the concluding General Meeting was held, and a meeting of the Council.

Later in the afternoon, by the invitation of Lady Heathcoat Amory, a garden party in honour of the visit of the Association was given at Knightshayes. About 200 were present, and they were received by Lady Heathcoat Amory, Miss Amory, and Mr. Ian Amory. The visitors were conducted through the house, which was much admired, as were also the magnificent grounds and gardens. The band of the Devon and Somerset Volunteer Royal Engineers played a selection of music during the afternoon. In the evening a large number of members accepted the invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Francis to a conversazione in the big schoolroom at Blundell's. The noble hall, tastefully fitted up, lent itself admirably to the purposes of the gathering. A capital musical selection was rendered.

Friday, in accordance with the custom of the Association, was devoted to excursions. The weather was very fine. Two excursions were proposed by the local committee-one to Dulverton, the other to Bickleigh and Cadbury. The latter, however, fell through, as not sufficient members joined to make up a party. The Dulverton excursion was crowded. Two omnibuses and two brakes and a waggonette, well horsed, were provided by Mr. Moyle of the Angel Hotel, and a start was made from the Town Hall about 10.20 a.m. The drive through the beautiful valley of the Exe was much enjoyed. Permission having been obtained from the Countess of Carnarvon, the charming park at Pixton was traversed, and the party alighted and were conducted through part of the house, including the saloon, the dining-room, and the drawing-room. On arriving at Dulverton, the church and other objects of interest were visited; and a capital luncheon, provided by Mr. Moyle in the townhall, was partaken of. The return journey commenced about 3 p.m., the route through Bampton being chosen. At Bampton the party were kindly met by Mr. J. T. Periam (who had written the Secretary on the previous day offering his services), and under his courteous guidance visits were paid to the parish church, which was pronounced to have several features of marked interest, the quarries, the site of the old castle, &c. Tiverton was reached between six and seven, and thus concluded what many members regarded as one of the most agreeable meetings that had ever been held by the Association.

It having been decided that the next Annual Meeting should be held at Plymouth, the following were elected officers for the occasion :

President: A. H. A. Hamilton, Esq., M.A., J.P., C.C. VicePresidents : The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Plymouth, F. W. Harris, Esq.; W. H. Alger, Esq., J.P.; Rev. F. E. Anthony, M.A.; F. Barratt, Esq. ; R. Bayly, Esq., J.P.; F. Brent, Esq., F.S.A. ; T. Bulteel, Esq., J.P.; F. H. Colson, Esq., M.A.; J. T. Cunningham, Esq., M.A., F.R.S.E.; W. Derry, Esq. ; Captain Inskip, R.N., F.R.G.S.; E. James, Esq., J.P.; C. A. Hingston, Esq., M.D.; C. Norrington, Esq., J.P.; W. H. Pearse, Esq., M.D., President of Plymouth Institution; W. Square, Esq., F.R.C.S., F.R.G.S.; Rev. S. Vincent; Ven. Archdeacon Wilkinson, D.D.; J. Walter Wilson, Esq.; R. N. Worth, Esq., F.G.S. Hon. Treasurer: E. Vivian, Esq., M.A., J.P., Torquay. Hon. Local Treasurer: R. Burnard, Esq., Hillsborough, Plymouth. Hon. Secretary: Rev. W. Harpley,

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