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I have not time to go on at present with any thing more that our Saviour said; but I trust and hope, that all that I have told you will shew you how good our Saviour was in giving as all such good advice, and will make you wish to hear more of it. And, my dear friends and hearers, for your souls, I assure you, are most dear to me, may God give you grace to hear and to remember all this good advice, and strength to follow it to your peace and comfort here, and to your eternal happiness hereafter.

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:::: ST. MATTHEW V, 8. · Blessed are the pure in heart, for they

"midors shall see God.

5. The last evening you were here I began to tell you what Jesus said to the people, who came to hear his blessed words. I tell you how he called them happy, who were humble and poor in spirit, who were sorry for their past sins, who were of quiet, meek, and forgiving tempers, who hungered and thirsted after righteousness, or goodness, and lastly, who were merciful to others. I now go on with the same thing, for you may remember I said to you, it would take me many evenings before I should be able to finish. Good indeed, was our Saviour in giving us such good advice, and so many good instructions;

for before he came into the world, men were, in a great measure, ignorant of these things: they walked in darkness: the light of life had not shone upon them. Gracious were his words, and sweet his advice, sweeter than honey to the mouth, yea, sweeter than the honey, or the honeycomb.

Our blessed, our ever-adorable Saviour thus goes on with his heavenly sermon.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. By the pure in heart he means those, who take pleasure in pure thoughts, who are never thinking of wicked and dirty doings, who are not wishing for darkness to hide from the world their filthy and wanton practices, whose hearts are full of holy thoughts, and who are fond of musing on Heaven and Heavenly things and wish to be pure, and without spot, even as the angels who are around the throne of God. It is dreadful to think,

my brethren, of the many wanton and im. pure things that are done by wicked and lustful people; how they like the night to come on that they may go about their abominable doings. The Bible teaches us a good many most excellent things, and none better than these ; let us walk honestly, it says, as in the day, not in rioting or drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness. Think only, how wickedly those people act, who love to drink and to be drunken, and then go about with others, like themselves, doing things of which they ought to be ashamed. On the contrary, good people act always, as if the sun was shining on them, and the eye of their God fixed on them. The darkness with them is no darkness at all: they walk honestly and purely as in the day: their bearts are pure from evil thoughts, their hands clean from evil doings; and their minds, like a pure spring, pour forth the pure waters of clean words, and clean actions. And, indeed, my friends, if your

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thoughts are not good, your behaviour will not be so: if you are ever thinking of sin, you will do it, but if you are ever thinking of God, of your Saviour, and of good things, your conduct will be the conduct of true Christians. And think what a blessing is promised to the pure in heart: that they shall see God. And when you see him, you will be made like to him in bappiness and in boliness : you will know no sorrow, you will feel no pain of body or mind: you will be entirely without sin. Think what it will be for you to go into those dwellings, where God is seen in all his glory and in all his holiness; where, , happy himself, he pours forth happiness on all around him. We learn from the Bible, that eye' hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive what good things God hath prepared for them that love him. St. Paul was caught up into the third Heaven, and there heard words and saw sights, wbich, he says, 'could not be

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