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them. But if you wish to obey your Sa. viour, you will not fix your hearts on these things: you will not be for ever thinking how you may preserve or increase them : you will not increase them by stealing, or taking advantage of others: you will be kind to those slaves who are poorer than yourselves, and give them something: you will let your thoughts be very frequently in Heaven, and will think that as you now behave, your souls will either go to Hea: ven or Hell: you will spare some of your time every day for praying to God, and teaching your children to pray, and you will not be spending all the Sunday in working, or marketing, or making money : but, knowing that you have a soul to be saved, as much as the rich and great, you will come here to pray to God, and to learn something, to get that food, which will feed your souls, and gain that treasure here which is in Heaven, and which will carry you to Heaven when you die. If you will not spare some time on a Sunday


to come to this place, you will never know any thing, you will live like the beasts, who know no sabbath, and you will die like them; you will find in the next world, that you had better have prepared your. selves for Heaven, than scraped together ever so much in this short, uncertain, and painful life.

Our Saviour tells his hearers also not to be too anxious about to-morrow, what they shall eat and drink to-morrow, or how they shall be clothed to-morrow. He tells them to seek the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, to behave in such a manner as that God will receive them into Heaven for his sake, and that God, who taketh care of the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, will take care of them. Such of you, as are slaves, may not perhaps think this caution so needful for you, as your masters are bound to supply you to-morrow, and as long as you live with all that you want. This, indeed, is true, but

this will not prevent you from trusting to the goodness of God for saving you from sickness and distress, and his grace for keeping you in the good and right path, so that your masters may take a pleasure in supplying all your necessary wants, and even adding to your comforts.

Indeed, my friends, I wish you to pay attention to this advantage, which you enjoy. In England, a poor man, a day labourer, who works every day of his life as hard as you do, receives a certain small sum every week, not equal to three dollars in our money. Out of this he has to to feed himself, bis wife, and children, and to procure clothing and house rent. Out of this he has to find medicines and medical assistance for his family, when they are sick : and if he himself should be sick, he loses these small wages, and depends entirely on. charity for bimself, and sometimes a large family. How inuch better is it with you! I would advise you all, therefore,

to be contented with your situation, seeing that there are thousands in the world, who are infinitely worse off than you all. We must all work: some, to be sure, harder than others; but God has made things so, and our duty is to submit. If we behave well here, he will, through Jesus Christ, make no difference hereafter, but all, bond and free, white and black, shall receive for the good for which they have done.

Seek then bis kingdom : seek to be pardoned and accepted by him, through his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, and through the grace of his Holy Spirit: and he who clothes the grass of the field, and feeds the young ravens, when they cry, He will take care of you in this life, and be with your spirits, when ye are passing through the valley and shadow of death.

And now to God, &c.


St. MATTHEW vii. 1.:
Judge not, that ye be not judged.

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THESE, my friends, are our Saviour's words, to us, for I go on in telling you what he ordered the people, who heard, him, to do. And the same things which he ordered them, have been put into the Bible, for us to know them, and for as, with the help of God's grace, to do them. And you must remember, that the way, in which you are to shew that you are Christians, is by doing what Jesus Christ orders you to do. This you can know only by hearing the Bible read to you. And I trust and hope, that you will take a pleasure in hearing it read to you at Church,

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