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Metallic Films

Physical properties of thin metallic films. F. K. Richtmyer, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. 200 entries by author, title and subject. Complete to 1917. Abstracts are included in many cases.


Metallography in the broader sense of the term. George F. Comstock, Titanium Alloy Manufacturing Co., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 2,000 entries by subject. 1915 to date. Abstracts included in some cases. Fairly complete.

Optical Instruments

Defects in optical instruments and transmission of waves.


Roman, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill. 137 entries by author. 1898 to 1920. Abstracts included in some cases, short comments in all. Fairly complete.


Phosphorescence of alkali and zinc sulfides.
Laboratory, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.


L. B. Loeb, Ryerson

Photo-elasticity. F. J. Schlink, 75 South Munn Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 61 entries. Brief abstracts included in some of the more important cases. 90% complete through 1919.

Photo-Electric Cells

See Selenium.

Photo-Electric Effects


Photo-electric effects. Otto Stuhlman, Jr. P. O. Box 630, Chapel Hill, N. C. 600 entries by author and date. 1887 to 1916. stracts included in about 10% of the cases. 1916 to 1921 to be completed shortly.


See Illumination (Nela Research Laboratory). Photography

Physics and chemistry concerned with photography. Research Laboratory, Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y. Entries by subjects. June 1915 to date. Abstracts included. Covers all leading periodicals.

Physical Laws.

Physical laws, effects, formulas, equations, etc., known under the name of the author: e. g., Bragg's curve, Bohr atom, Faraday's law,

etc. William Fox, College of the City of New York, New York City. 215 entries by author. Up to date. Short description included. Piezo-Electricity


Piezo-electricity. W. G. Cady, Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn. 30 to 50 entries by author mostly and partly by title. to 1921. Abstracts included in many cases but only of special parts of the articles. Fairly complete.


See Single Electrode Potential (Taylor).

See Spark Potential (Tesh, et al.)

Quantum Theory

See Atomic heats (Worthing).

Radiant Energy

See Astronomical physics (Larkin).


The penetrating radiation of the atmosphere. O. H. Gish, Research Laboratory, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa. Entries by subjects. Brief abstracts occasionally included. Complete to 1921.


Diffusion of radioactive substances into solids (metals). Maude G. Stewart, Northfield, Minn. 1905 to 1913. Copy on file at Library of Columbia Univ.

See also Astronomical Physics (Larkin).


Phase changes upon reflection. O. H. Gish, Research Laboratory, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., East Pittsburgh Pa., Entries by subject. Brief abstracts occasionally included. Complete to 1921.


Selenium. P. J. Nicholson, Box 153, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. 60 entries by author and title. Up to 1910. Complete. Light sensitive properties of selenium crystals and bridges. A. H. McMahon, Rice Institute, Houston, Tex. 500 entries by author. 1898 to date. Practically complete.

Photo-sensitive properties of selenium. F. C. Brown, 3030 Newark Street, Washington, D. C.

Selenium cells. Louise S. McDowell, Wellesley College, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Entries by author. Up to 1909 with a few later ref

erences. Practically all Annalen der Physik Beiblätter and Science Abstracts references included.

Single Electrode Potential

Measurement of potentials at a single electrode. Paul B. Taylor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 70 1801 to 1921. Abstracts included. Abstracts included.

entries by author.

of present value.



See Acoustics (Karapetoff).

Spark Potential

Variation of spark potential with distance, pressure, gas, electrodes and along discharge tubes. K. S. Tesh, B. P. Baker, W. O. Smith, Sarah Nicholls, and G. S. Dunkle. Entries by author, title and subject. Up to 1920. Abstracts included in part. Fairly complete. For consultation write J. A. Clo, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Spectroscopy. Raymond T. Birge, Univ. of California, Berkeley, Calif. 1,500 entries by author, title and subject. 1910 to date. Complete for certain subjects, very incomplete in general.

Spectroscopy. William F. Meggers and others. 2,000 entries. 1910 to date. Complete for optical spectra. For consultation write Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C.

Wave length of spectrum lines. Paul W. Merrill, Mount Wilson Observatory, Pasadena, Calif. 460 entries by chemical elements. Supplements Kayser's Handbuch. Brief notes as to contents in some cases. 60% complete.

See also Astronomical Physics (Larkin).

[blocks in formation]

Thermal properties of steam. Harvey N. Davis, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass. Entries by author, title and subject. Abstracts often included. Intended to be complete, though recent work is a little behind.

Storage Batteries

Storage batteries; lead plate sulfuric acid type. Paul H. Segnitz, Vesta Battery Corporation, 2100 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Entries by author secondarily, primarily by subject. Abstracts included in a few cases. More important patents included.

Strains and Stresses

See Photo-elasticity (Schlink).

Thermal Expansion

Thermal expansion. Section 6, Division II, Bureau of Standards. Entries by author. Abstracts included in some cases. For consultation write Wilmer Souder, Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C.


Viscosity-Lubrication. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 29 West 39th Street, New York City. 2,000 entries by author, title and subject. 1800 to 1915. Typewritten copies may be obtained from the Engineering Societies Library at the above address. Visual Problems

Bibliographies on this subject have been prepared by Ådelbert Ames, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H., and by L. T. Troland, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass. No information is at hand concerning their scope.

Wave Lengths

See Spectroscopy.

Wave Theory

Wave theory of physical forces, magnetism, electrodynamics, gravitation, heat, light, etc. T. J. J. See, Mare Island, Calif. 200 entries. 1680 to 1921. Fairly complete for the really important authors.

[blocks in formation]

X-rays. D. L. Webster, Stanford Univ., Calif. 200 to 300 entries by author. 1896 to 1917. Abstracts included. Fairly complete. X-ray absorption coefficients. E. G. Taylor, Sterling Hall, Madison, Wis. Entries by author. 1896 to date. Abstracts included in most cases. Quite complete.

Young's Modulus

See Elasticity (Schlink).


Bulletin Series

Volume 1

Number 1. The national importance of scientific and industrial research. By George Ellery Hale and others. October, 1919. Pages 43. Price $0.50.

Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States of America. Compiled by Alfred D. Flinn. March, 1920. Pages 85. Price $1.00. [Out of Print. See Number 16.]

Number 3. Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific and technological journals of the world. Compiled by Ruth Cobb. June, 1920. Pages 24. Price $0.40.

Number 4. North American forest research. Compiled by the Committee on American Forest Research, Society of American Foresters. August, 1920. Pages 146. Price $2.00.

Number 5. The quantum theory. By Edwin Plimpton Adams. October, 1920. Pages 81. Price $1.00. [Out of print.]

Number 6. Data relating to X-ray spectra. By William Duane. November, 1920. Pages 26. Price $0.50.

Number 7. Intensity of emission of X-rays and their reflection from crystals. By Bergen Davis. Problems of X-ray emission. By David L. Webster. December, Pages 47. Price $0.60.


Number 8. Intellectual and educational status of the medical profession as represented in the United States Army. By Margaret V. Cobb and Robert M. Yerkes. February, 1921. Pages 76. Price $1.00.

Volume 2

Number 9. Funds available in 1920 in the United States of America for the encouragement of scientific research. Compiled by Callie Hull. March, 1921. Pages 81. Price $1.00.

Number 10. Report on photo-electricity including ionizing and radiating potentials and related effects. By Arthur Llewelyn Hughes. April, 1921. Pages 87. Price $1.00.

Number 11. The scale of the universe. Part I by Harlow Shapley. Part II by Heber D. Curtis. May, 1921. Pages 47. Price $0.60.

Number 12. Cooperative experiments upon the protein requirements for the growth of cattle. First report of the Subcommittee on Protein Metabolism in Animal Feeding. By Henry Prentiss Armsby, Chairman. June, 1921. Pages 70. Price $1.00.

Number 13. The research activities of departments of the State government of California in relation to the movement for reorganization By James R. Douglas. June, 1921. Pages 46. Price $0.60.

Number 14. A general survey of the present status of the atomic structure problem. Report of the Committee on Atomic Structure of the National Research Council. By David L. Webster and Leigh Page. July, 1921. Pages 61. Price $0.75.

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