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Grammatical Usage and Pronunciation

IV. i. 55.

Aboadments (abodements), IV. vii. | Bodg'd (bodged), I. iv. 21, swerved,
16, bad omens.

moved ; cf. 1 Hen. IV, II. iv. 348.
Adventure, IV. ii. 21, enterprise. Bootlesse (bootless), I. iii. 20, useless.
Advertised, Il. i. 124, V. iii. 20, Bootes (boots), 1. iv. 135, profits,

four syllables; advertis'd, IV. v. benefits.
11, V. iii. 20, stress on the second Breech, V. v. 28, breeches.
syllable; informed; 2 Hen. VI, Broach'd (broached), II. ii. 167,
IV. ix. 29.

Almes (alms)-deed, V. v. 89, deed Bruit, IV. vii. 83, rumour.
of charity.

Buckler (buckle), 1. iv. 54, come to
Annoy, V. vii. 48, grief; Tit. And., close combat ; 111. . 115, shield.

Bugge (bug), V. ii. 4, bugbear.
Apparant (apparent), II. ii. 67, Buryed, Ill. ii. 154, three syllables.

Appointed, II. i. 121 [1], equipped. Callet, II. ii. 153, woman of bad
Argosie (argosy), II. vi. 38, large character.

merchant vessel; Mer. of Ven., Camelion (chameleon) III. ii. 216,
I. i. 12.

four syllables.
Armed, I. i. 186, two syllables. Captaine, IV. vii. 39, three sylla-
Arrived, V. iii. 10, reached ; Jul. bles, cap-i-taine.
Cæs., I. ii. 125.

Captivates, I. iv. 124, takes captive.
As, I. i. 265, that.

Chace (chase), II. iv. 14, game,
Assay, I. iv. 137, attempt.

Chafed, II. v. 133, two syllables;
Attended, IV. vi. 91, awaited. enfuriated; Tam. of Shr., I. ii.
Aw.full (awful), II. 1. 162, dreaded; 205:
2 Hen. VI, V. i. 104.

Chatlenge, IV. vi. 9, vii. 31, chain.
Ayme (aim), III. ii. 81, guess. Channell (channel), II. ii. 149, gute

ter; 2 Hen. IV, II. i. 42.
Balme (balm), III. i. 20, conse- Charme (charm), V. v. 36, silence

crated oil; Rich. II, III ii. 53. by a spell; 2 Hen. VI, IV. i. 65.
Bands, I. i. 209, bonds, bondage. Close, IV. v. 23, in hiding; Much
Battailes, (battle's), 1. i. 13, of the Ado, III. iii. 102.

army arranged for battle ; battels Closed, II. i. 82, two syllables.
(battles), 20, armies.

Colours, I. i. 104, V. i. 66, 67,
Beaver, I. i. 17, helmet.

Bereaved, II. v. 72, three sylla- Complices, IV. iii. 61, associates;

2 Hen. VI, V, i. 223.
Bewray, I. i. 241, betray; 1 Hen. Congealed, V. ii. 41, three syllables.
VI, IV. i. 114.

Connie (cony), I. iv. 67, rabbit.
Bloody, I. ii. 3, cruel.

Conquered, III. ii. 102, three sylla-
Blunt, IV. viii. 4, rough.


iii. 27.

1. i. 9.

Contention, I. i. 1o, four syllables. Fained, IV. ii. 14, two syllables.
Conveyance, III. iii. 181, trickery; Faulchion (falchion), I. iv. 13,
i Hen. VI, I. iii. 3.

Convey'd (conveyed, IV. vi. 90, Feare (fear), III. iii. 254, V. ï. 4,
kidnapped ; cf. Mer. Wives, I. frighten.

Fearefull (fearful), I. i. 30, II. ii.
Coronation, II. vi. 101, five sylla- 33, timid ; 11. ii. 30, terrible.

Fence, II. vi. 79, III. iii. 114, pro-
Cost (coast), I. i. 301, watch, fly tect.

close by; Hen. VIII, III. ii. 52. Figures, II. i. 34, represents.
Courage, II. ii. 60, IV. i. 21, heart, Fires, 11. i. 89, two syllables ;

spirit; Tim. of Ath., III. iii. 29. singular verb with plural subject,
Cuverture, IV. ii. 16, shelter.

Crowned, II. vi. 93, two syllables. Fondly, II. ii. 41, foolishly.

For, ill. i. 11, 11. 179, in order
Darraigne (darraign), II. ii. 76, that; IV. iii. 65, as regards.

Foreslow (forslow), II. iii. 63,
Deck, V. i. 50, pack of cards. delay.
Deformed, V. vi. 54, three syllables. Forespent (forspent), I. iii. 2, ex-
Delicates, II. v. 52, delicacies. hausted.
Demean'd (demeaned), I. iii. 8, Forefend, II. i. 199, forbid.

Forgery, III. iii. 202, deception.
Depart, II. i. 119, death, demise ; Forlorne (forlorn), III. iii. 34,
IV. i. 106, departure; 2 Hen. VI, outcast.

Foyle (foil), V. iv. 45, defeat.
Departıng, II. vi. 46. parting. Fretting, II. vi. 37, violent.
Desired, IV. vii. 8, three syllables.
Despight, II. i. 65, spite, malice. Ghostly, III. ii. 125, spiritual.
Detect, II. ii. 151, reveal.

Gloucester, II. vi. 108, three sylla-
Dij (dii) faciant, etc., I. iii. 54, bles.

Latin for «The gods grant that Government, I. iv. 142, self-control;

this be the sum of thy glory.' i Hen. IV. III. i. 198.
Disanulls (disannuls), III. 1. 97, Guerdon'd (guerdoned), III. iii.

222, rewarded; 2 Hen. VI, I. iv.
Doe (do) him dead, I. iv. 115, cf.

do to death, Ill. iii. 119; 2 Hen. Gynne (gin), I. iv. 66, snare.

VI, 111. ii. 194
Done, IV. i. 119, done with. Hand, IV. vii. 82, out of hand, at
Doubt, IV. viii. 40, fear.
Doubted, IV. u. 22, feared. Haply, II. v. 62, perhaps.

Hard favor'd (hard-favoured), V.
Eager, II. vi. 72, bitter,

v. 88, ugly
Eane (ean), II. v. 37, drop their Hastie (hasty), IV. vii. 4, hot

young; Mer. of Ven. 1. i. 90. tempered.
Efuse, II. vi. 28, effusion. Haught, II. i. 177, haughty; Rich.
E mbassade, IV. 111. 48, embassy.

II, IV. i. 257;
Emptie (empty), 1. i. 301, famished; Have at thee, II. iv. 12, I will strike,
2 Hen. VI, III. i. 261.

be warned; 2 Hen. VI, ll. iii.
Encounter, V. iii. 7, intransitive, 101, IV. ii. 121.

Head, 11. i. 149, armed force, i
Enlargement, IV. vi. 8, release ; Hen. VI, I. iv. 111.
i Hen. VI, II. v. 32.

Hee (he), l. i. 52, man; Tam. of
Environed, II. i. 56, four syllables.

Shr., III. ii. 234.
Evill (evil), IV. vii. 105, adverb, ill. Heire (heir), IV. i. 59, heiress;
Extraught, 11. ii. 150, extracted, 2 Hen. VI, II. ii. 53.

Him, II. vi. 110, dative.


Hold, I. ii. 62, stronghold; John, Male, V. v. 18, male parent.
V. vii. 23.

Man at armes (arms), V. iv. 45,
Homely, II. iv. 23, humble.

knight in armour.
Honestie (honesty), III. ii. 86, Manhood, IV. ii. 23, boldness,

Horizon, IV. vii. 102, stress on Marches, II. i. 148, border-lands.
first syllable.

Margaret, II. vi. 79, NII. iii. 38.
Horse, I. iv. 137, perhaps plural, 93, etc., three full syllables.

the plural sign coalescing in Maskers (masquers), III. iii. 252,
sound with the 's' of horse.

Houre (hour), II. v. 27, 28, 32, etc., Meedes (meeds), II. i. 39, merits,
two syllables.


Meese (mess), I. iv. 80, set of four,
Impule, I. ii. 216, encircle.

as arranged at dinners.
Impaled, 111. 11. 196, three syllables. Misdoubteth, V. vi. 17, mistrusts;
Imseach, 1 iv. 64, impeachment, Mer. Wives, Il. 1. 168.

Mis-thinke (misthink), II. v. 113,
111, İ. 1. 27, 97, II. vi. 105, V. vii.

misjudge, think ill of.
3, on ; in place; IV. 1. 117, vi. Moe, 11. i. 178, old plural of more ;
34, present.

Hen. VIII, 11. 11. 119.
Indigested, V. vi. 54, shapeless. Motion, Ill. in. 273, proposal ; I
Inferring, II. ii. 47, bringing for- Hen. VI, V. i. 1o.

Mought, V. ii. 49, imperfect of
Injurious, III. iii. 93, insulting; 'may'; might.
117, unjust.

Mountague (Montague), l. ij. 66,
Inly, I. iv. 182, adjective, inward. 11. i. 175, etc., three syllables,
Invironned (environed), I. i. 273, stress on the first.

four syllables.
Irkes (irks), II. ii. 9, grieves. Naked, V. 1v. 45, unarmed.
Is, II. i. 12, IV. 11. 3, 1V. 28, 'be' Napkın, 1. iv. 86, 170, II. i. 68,

is regularly used as auxiliary for handkerchief.
the perfect tense of neuter verbs. Narrow Seas, IV. viii. 5, English

Lade, III. ii. 164, ladle, bale out. Neat, 11. i. 16, horned cattle ; Wint.
Laund, 111. i. 4, lawn, glade; Ven. Tale, I. ii. 153
& Ad., l. 813.

Newes (news), III. iii. 197, for the
Levell (level), II. ii. 22, aim; 2 plural use, see 1 Hen. IV, 111.
Hen. VI, III. i. 169.

ii. 128, 2 Hen. VI, III. ii. 408.
Lewis, III. iii. 195, two syllables, Nice, IV. vii. 74, scrupulous.

elsewhere pronounced in the time
of one syllable.

Obdurate, I. iv. 152, stress
Limed, V. v. 16, two syllables, second syllable.
caught by birdlime.


Obsequious, II, v. 123, observant of
Long of, IV. vii.

because of; rites for the dead.
i Hen. VI, IV. iii. 36.

Observation, 11. vi. 113, five sylla-
Looke (look) upon, II. iij. 32, look bles,
on, be spectators.

Occasions, III. ii. 210, four sylla-
Lyme (lime), V. i. 96, cement, bind bles.
as with mortar.

Of, III. iii. 33, from, from being.

Onely (only), IV. i. 56, alone.
Machevill (Machiavel), III. ii. 218, Overgone, II. v. 128, overcome.
crafty politician.

Over-peer'd (over peered), V. i. 17,
Magnanimitie (magnanimity), V. overtopped, looked down on ;. I
iv. 44, heroism, bravery.

Hen. VI, I. iv. 13.
Malapert, V. v. 37, saucy, forward; Odites (odds), I. i. 87, II. i. 156,
Tw. Night, IV. i. 44.

inequality, disadvantage.



V. jji. 213

Pale, I. iv. 110, enclose ; Ant. & Quit, III. ii. 148, requite, reward.

Cleo., II. vii. So.
Parcell (parcel), V. vi. 41, part, Racking, II. i. 29, moving, floating.

particular; i Hen. IV, III. ii. Ramping, V. i. 16, ready to spring.

Raught, I. iv. 75, reached; Hen.
Passing, V. i. 118, surpassing, exces- V, IV. vi. 23.

Gen. of Ver., I. ii. 19. Rebellion, I. i. 151, four syllables.
Passion, 1. iv. 160, IV. iv. 21, vio- Renowned, II. i. 94, III. iii. 46,
lent emotion.

242, three syllables.
Peevish, V. v. 21, childish, foolish; Rents, Ill. ii. 200, old form for
i Hen. VI, V. iii. 206.

rends, present tense ; Rich.
Peremptorie (peremptory), IV. viii.

III, I. ii. 141:
66, main

stress on first syllable. Repayre (repair), V. i. 25, repair-
Perforce, I. i. 40, 160, V. v. 78, by ing, going.

Resolve thee, I. i. 55,

for the re-
Period, V. v. 3, end; 1 Hen. VI, flexive use, cf. Macb., III. i. 165.
IV. ii. 20.

Respect, V. v. 66, comparison.
Pies, V. vi. 51, magpies.

Resteth, I. ii. 51, rest, IV. ii. 11,
Pincht (pinched), II. i. 18, bitten. rests, V. vii. 45, remains, remain.
Pittifull (pitiful), III. ii. 35, mer- Retire, II. i. 158, retreat, flight;

Hen. V, IV. iii. 96.
Phaseth, II. vi. 110, impersonal, Rid, V. v. 77, destroyed; rids way,
'as it pleases him."

V. iii. 23, disposes of distance.
Possessed, II. v. 61, three syllables; Rook'd (rooked), V. vi. 47, perched.

possessed with, in possession of; Ruinate, V. i. 95, ruin ; Tit. And.,
I Hen. VI, V. iv. 141.
Possession, II. vi. 115, four syllables. Ruthfull (ruthful), II. v. 100,
Poste (post), I. ii. 57, III. iii. 250, piteous.

V. v. 95, haste; post, V. i. 3, mes-
senger; I. ii. 66, hasten; posted Sadnesse (sadness), III. ii. 91,

off, IV. viii. 43, transitive, put
off carelessly.

Scrupulous, IV. vii. 79, sophistical.
Poultroones, poltroons, I. i. 71, Selfe-(self-), III. i. 13, very same;

Hen. V, 1. i. 4.
Power, II. i. 185, army; 2 Hen. VI, Senet (sennet), I. i. 233, a set of

notes on the trumpet.
Preachment, I. iv. 79, high-flown Septentrion, I. iv. 146, north.

Service, V. i. 38, feudal service.
Prepare, IV. i. 149, preparation. Shoot, ill. i.


Prescription, III. iii. 110, rightShrift, III. ii. 125, hearing a con-
based on long custom.

fession and granting absolution.
Presenteth, II. v. 105, represents. Shriver. III. ii. 108, confessor.
Presently, I. ii. 43, immediately.. Silly, II. v. 44, helpless ; III. iii.
Presumption, V. vi. 37, four sylla- 109, insignificant.

Sinow (sinew), II. vi. 96, knit, bind.
Pretend, IV. vii. 73, assert.

Sith, I. i.


Prick, I. iv. 38, point on a dial. Sleight, IV. ii. 23, trick, strategem;
Prize, II. i. 22, privilege.

Macb., III. v. 29.
Promised, III. ii. 169, three syl- Sodaine (sudden), V. v. 97. hasty.

Sometime, II. ii. 33, formerly, at
Puissant, II. i. 216, V.;. 8, ii. 35, other times; Mids. Night Dr.,

two syllables, stress on first, pwee- IV. i. 61.

Soothe, III. iii. 202, countenance,

uphold ; Rich. III, I. iii. 311.
Queintly (quaintly), II. v. 25, art- Sort, II. ii. 103, band; 2 Hen. VI,

II. i. 205, III. ii. 301.


IV. ix. 15.

II. ii. 145.


Sorts, II. i. 218, suits, is fit; Tro. Type, I. iv. 131, badge, crown.

& Cres., I. i. 110; sort, V. vi. Tyre, I. i. 302, feed ravenously,
90, find out; Rich. III, II. ij. like a bird of prey;

Ven. & Ad.,

Souldiers, I. i. 235, three syllables.
Spight (spite), V. i. 23,.. vexation; Unbid, V. i. 23, unwelcome.
spight of spight, II. ii. 8, come Undoubted, v.'vi. 8, undaunted.

what will
Spleene (spleen), II. i. 132, spirit.

Unfayned, III. iii. 65, three syl-

Sport myself, II. v. 35, take recre- Unreasonable, II. ii. 29, not in-

dowed with reason.
Stale, III. iii. 291, laughing stock ; Unstanched, 11. vi. 88, three syl-
Tam. of Shr., 1. i. 62.

State, III. ii. 109, rank, station.
Steeped, II. i. 68, two syllables.
Still, IV. vi. 29, always

Valued, V. iii. 16, estimated.
Stout, IV. ii. 22, brave.

Venome (venom), 11. ii. 146, veno-
Stragems (stratagems), II. v. 94, mous, poisonous.
bloody deeds.

Via, 11. i. 190, away, an interjection
Strike sayle (sail), III. iii. 10, of encouragement; Mer. Wives,

strike, V. i. 59, take in sail, sur-

Vizard-like, I. iv. 125, like a mask;
Stygmaticke, II. ii. 144,

hunch- cf. i Hen. IV, I. ii. 122.
back; 2 Hen. VI, V. i. 226. Vowed, III. ïï. 64, two syllables,
Success, 11. ii.


result, issue.
Suddeniy, IV. ii. 7, quickly.
Sufferd (suffered), IV. viii

. Jo Waft, III. iii. 283, carry, especially
allowed to go on, cf. 2 Hen. VI,
III. ii. 285, V. i. 163.

used of passage by sea ; 2 Hen.
Supposed, iii. iii. 251, IV. i. 107, Wained (waned), iV. vii. 6, two

VI, IV. i. 115.
three syllables.
Suspect, IV. i. 161, suspicion ; 2 Weedes (weeds), IV. i. 119, gar-

syllables ; declined.
Hen. VI, I. ii. 143.

ments; Wint. Tale, IV. iv. 4.

Weeping ripe (weeping-ripe), I. iv.
Tacklings, V. iv. 21, three syllables,

183, ready to weep.
tack-le-ings; rigging.

When, V. i. 56, an exclamation of
Tainted, I11. i. 43, touched.
Take on, II. v. 109, be furious.

impatience; Rich. II, I. i. 168.

When as, (whenas), I. ii. 90, II, i.
Temper with, IV. vi. 32, are ad-
justed to, in mind and conduct.

51, V. vii. 36, when.

Winde (wind), III. i. 16, scent.
That. III. i. 50, so that.
Time, V. i. 55, opportunity.

Winged, I. i. 300, two syllables.
Too too, I iv. 113, for the em-

Wittie (witty), I. ii. 50, intelligent.
phatic reduplication, cf. Mer. of Wit, IV. vii. 79, wisdom.

'Witch (witch), ill. ii.
Ven., II. vi. 49, Ham., 1. ii. 139,



witch ; 2 Hen. VI, III. ii. 130.

Withall (withal), III. ii. 107, used
Toward. II. ii. 69, ready, bold.

for 'with' at the end of a clause.
Triumphs. V. vii. 46, pageants.
Trowest, V. i. 97, one syllable ;

Wot, II. ii. 142, IV. vii. 104, V. iv.
Trull, I. iv. 123, harlot.
Trumpet, V. i. 21, trumpeter; Hen. Yonker (younker), II. i. 26, strip-
V, IV. ii. 70.

ling; I Hen. IV, III. iii. 83.

78, know.

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