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Do not falsify any more the Prehistory!
The authors of the book ďAncient Greece: a political,social and cultural history Ē have worked much to write this voluminous book, but some chapters of it aren
ít based in the prehistory and archaeology. In fact, Homer has never mentioned Hellenes or Greeks in the Iliad and Odyssey, because he did not know them. The Hellenes havenít been in the Aegean region during this time, i.e. 750-700 BC when the Homerís epic poems were formulated. For the first time they have been mentioned in literature during Classical period. The change of the Achaeans into Greeks, by ancient authors of antiquity and their successors, is a falsification of the prehistory of Aegean region. On the other hand H. Schliemann and A. Evans, who discovered the Mycenaean, Minoan and Trojan civilisation have emphasized that this is the pre-Hellene one i.e., it belongs to the autochthonous people of the Aegean region, i.e. to the Pelasgian one. In addition to this Schliemann has never found the Hellene archaeological objects earlier than V the century BC in Troy (Troy VIII).
More about the problem you can find in the pages of the book: Peza L. & Peza L. 2009. New light on Pelasgians and their language, Tirana, Geer. E-mail:,
Prof. Dr. Luftulla Peza & Liljana Peza Ph.D.

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