The man of fortitude; or, Schedoni in England

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J. Wallis, 1801

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Page 193 - Let fortune empty her whole quiver on me, " I have a foul that like an ample fhield " Can take in all, and verge enough for more*" Pleafure diflblves into a luxurious, mild, tender, and joyous .modulation ; as in the following lines in Caius Marius.
Page 178 - A young lady of the most elegant form, and arrayed in deep mourning, now entered, eagerly approached the coffin, then turning to her female attendants, by a motion of her hand bade them withdraw.
Page 167 - Paris, ville celebre, ville de bruit, de fumee et de boue, ou les femmes ne croient plus a 1'honneur ni les hommes a la vertu. Adieu, Paris: nous cherchons 1'amour, le bonheur, 1'innocence, nous ne serons jamais assez loin de toi.
Page 177 - We shall present to our readers the following specimen of this writer's style : Edmund, at first undetermined how to act, now arose, and went down to the next story. The room which he recognized as the apartment of his Adelaide, and which a few hours before was, as well as the...
Page 6 - Of rage and doubt, fufpicion and defpair, To rend my foul ! More wretched far than they Made wretched by my crimes.
Page 22 - HF, man blcfled with a feeling heart, 'yet deprived of a firm mind, like the precious, but pliant, full-eared corn, bends at every...
Page 194 - What though, during the conflict of passions, tho'u canst not assuage the storm what, though thou shieldest not from the pang of affliction ; time soon comes to thine aid, and, of past sorrows, nought remains but a melancholic, not unpleasing rernembrance.
Page 27 - Londres jadis barbare elt le centre des arts, . Le magazin du monde, et le temple de Mars. Aux Mars de We;lmintter on voit paraître enfemblé Trois pouvoirs etonnés du aosud qui les raïlèmble.
Page 26 - Ou 1'eternel abus de tant de fages loix Fit long-tems le malheur et du peuple et des rois. Sur ce...
Page 22 - Its cold touch and fhelterlefs capital we turn to the leafy bower, and to the warm cottage. He, alone, is perfect in his nature...

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