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the levity and flippancy of his re stance, with a variation in the jomarks make it probable that he fore' scriptions. merly served in the ranks of a North To the enquiring figure, ern corps, and that he has enlisted “Madam, be pleased to tell who that in your regiment with the view of seducing his fellow-soldiers from their That is so sweetly resting on your knee ;, allegiance. To be very serious : the And to resolve me who are yonder three, ridicule, which he has poured out so That comes down from the Castell as plentifully upon Fellows of Colleges, is at best indecent. Men who are

The abswer: acquainted with either of our Uni “ The first my Brother is by Father's, versities know, that there is no Col.

side, lege in either of those venerable Seats The next by Mother's not to bee denyde;, of Learning, which cannot boast of The third my owne Sonn is by marriage men highly respectable for their piety And all three Sonnes to this self-same and learning Your witty Corromi

Knyght..." spondent kuows little of Oxford, or Cambridge. If he had ever residedi

I understand the house has changed, a day in either of those Universities, hands. If any gentleman has the he must have known, that Fellows of other picture, I should be glad to Colleges attend the public prayers in bring the two together, as I think the chapel twice every day, not once a they possess interest enough to be week only, as he would have us believe copied. Iam greatly inclined to think (last vol. p. 527.) Fellowships are they deserve it, as this curious cirgenerally the well-earned rewards of cumstance has employed the pencils distinguished men, who have merited of two eminent artists, and offers by their learning, or their proficiency.

so interesting a picture of English in the Mathematics, as well as by the

manners at the period, which, I conregularity of their lives, the highest clude from the costume, must be honours which the Society, of which Elizabethan, containing views of

And at the they are members, can bestow. Some Huusdon Castle, &c. of the brightest ornaments of the

same time I shall be much obliged learned professions are, or have been,

for information where it is likely, or Fellows of Colleges. I owe it, per

in what family, it might have taken haps, to my own impartiality, to as place. I am induced to think it was sure you, that I never had the ho

in the antient family of the Gores of nour of being a Fellow of a College Gelston, by Hunsdon ; but this is snyself; but I have a very high re

mere conjecture, and, unless by mere spect for many who are su'; because 'accident, I fear there will be little exI see among them some of the best pectation of coming at the particulars and most learned men, of whom this of these pictures ; and that, unless it is age can boast.

recorded, enquiry on the spot would You will oblige me by inserting in be of little or no avail. Civis. your next number this humble attempt to vindicate the character of


Jan, 13. an order of men, who did not merit I

herewith a copy of an the contempt of Aaron Bickerstaff.

aplient Will of a Husbandman, Yours, &c


who resided at Chertsey in the reign P. S. Boys educated at Westmin- of King Henry the Eighth. If you ster School never become Fellows of think it worthy a place in your MisKing's College, Cambridge. The Fel- cellany, which often affords amuselows of King's are all from Eton

ment to the antiquary, it is much at School. See p. 620 of your number your service. for December.


“ In the name of God, Amen. The Mr. URBAN,

Jan. 12.

2d day of August the yere of our Lord HAT has become of a Picture of the reigne of Kyng Henry the viirth,

God mcccccxix, and in the xith yere WHA

of a curious domestic circum- I John Lee, of the parishe of Chertesey, stance, that was noticed in the Gen- in the countie of Surr', bule of mynde tleman's Magazine about pineteen

and fresshe of remembrance, thanked years back, at the New Inn, Epping? be God, howe be it seke and febill of i have a picture of the same circuit body, make ordeyne this my presente


SEND you

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Testament in this man' and forme folow- of our best antient authors. It will yng: ffirst, I bequeth my soule to God, there also appear, that the same crito our blessed Lady Seynt Mary, and to tick's reprobation of the compound all the holy Company of Hevyn, and my epithet of the Eve-speckte Wynge, body to be burid in the Churche yerde

“ Tbe flemed Owlett flapps herr eveof the Monastery of Chertesey. Item, I geve and bequeth to the Mother is equally ill-founded ; that being a

speckte wynge," Churcbe of Winchest' ivd. and to the

correct and beautiful antient expreshigh Auter of my Parisshe Churche of Chertesey vid. Item, I geve and bequeth sion, of the true meaning and proto Isabell, my eldest doughter, my priety of which Thomas Chatterton, grettist brasse Pott and my grettyst Cal

with all his ingenuity, was completely drone. Item, to her sister june, a ignorant. Ketill and a Caldrone, Item, to Isabell, Were I to trouble you again with my best Panne, and her sister the other. quotations from earlier editions of Item, to Isabell Oxen, and to her Chaucer, aud from other antient sister the third. ftem, to Isabell 11 writers, I could fill several of your Keyne, and to her sister 11. Item, to closely printed columns with instances my 2 Goddaughters, 2 Calves, and the of the singular verb with the plural third to Isabell, my daughter. Item, termination in en ; but I fatter myself to the saide Isabella Bullok, and to her that my remarks on Mr. Jamieson's sister annother, and the third geve valuable Etymological Dictionary will and bequeth to the Parisshe Churche of Chertesey. Item, I will that all my down the gauntlet ; and every future

be more acceptable*. I have thrown v Porkers be sold, and the money bestowed for the welth of my soule. Item, objection, if advanced “ suiviter in I make and orileyn Isabell my daughter, modo," let it be as much impregnated may soule executrix nf this my last Will, with the fortiter in re as it may, will, with the oversyght of Harry Warner, to at the conclusion of my remarks on whome also I geve and bequeth fore his Mr. Jamieson's Dictionary, obtain tabor in this behalf vis. viiid. The re attention ; but I wishi every future sidue of all my goods not gevyn nor be- critick, who may be disposed to draw quethed, I will to be divided between his anonymous quill upon me, would iny two Daughters, so that the foresaide

take the trouble to peruse the motto Isabell, my eldest daughter, have of to my publication, is Aliorum opane ev'ry thyng two parts, and her sister the third, to se my Detts paide, and pato vidimus et correximus; alius do for my Soule as they thyuk best.

nostra videbit et emendabit. Quod Thes berying witness, Richard Alwode, æquo animo passuri sumus, modo id Preste, my Gostly Father, Nicholas

cum modestia fiat atque amore ven Snosmer, with many other more." ritatis, non obtrectandi studio.” If

I commit inyself by an infringement Mr. 'URBAN,

Bath, Jan. 5. of its 'sentiments in any part of the AVING already trespassed per present controversy, or in my re

marks on any part of the Etymologiable pages, I shall, for the present, cal Dictionary, I ask no favour at the wave the privilege to which I am en hands of those who may differ from titled, of showing by quotations from

me in opinion. John SHERWEN. pages 18, 19, 20, 21,' and 22, of my Introduction to the Examination of

Mr. URBAN, December 21. the internal Evidence respecting the

IN June 1801, page 521, E. A. P. Antiquity of Rowley's Poems, that obligingly offers, in case my wish Chatterton's claim to the composi- is not soon gratified by some other tion of them is not only affected, but correspondent, to furnish you with a clearly inadmissible. Those readers drawing of the Free School at Stamof the Gentleman's Magazine who ford. As an engraving has not yet feel interested in the enquiry, may appeared of that antient building, I therę find Mr. Warton's objection to again request an accurate drawing of the mention of a transaction of the it in its present state; and also a draw. time passed in the present tense, to 'ing of Colmworth Church, Bedfordbe futile and erroneous; and Row shire, and of the beautiful Monument ley's use of that figure of speech in of Sir Lodovick Dyer, erected in the the remarkable line, “ Rycharde of Chancel.

W.P Lyons Hartc to fyghte is gon,” to be * We think it high time to end the perfectly consistent with the practice controversy." Edit.



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HENRY VIIth's CHAPEL. I shall never give up that charge, as (Continued from LXXXI. ii. p. 418.) they are pleased to call it. If I S the Able Writer, in his paper cannot read my drawing, I can how

3had self

open, and exposed his weak side, lege, as he terms the demolition and by running on with his obstinate de- alteration of Churches in the sixteenth nials, palpable mistakes, and accidental century, and ponder upon all the confessions ; I injustice to the inform- fatal ends and fearful disasters that he ation due from ine to the publick, there records. Who cannot but adam bound to take notice thereof; mire the forecast and sagacity sbewa which notice shall be in as concise a in bringing forward the engraving, p. mode as possible; observing also that 513, of the lower parapet of King's I am preparing a paper on the new College Chapel, as such a specimen, Sculptures, in continuation, to be with ihat of the upper parapet from given in proper time and order. Loggan in my plate p. 417, have both

Able Writer, Dignity of a the very obtuse kind of battlement Dean," &c.—John Carter. So, so, seen ia Speed, Hollar, King, Strype, a Dean at last!, I nowhere mentioned and Dart's views, though, as I before such a Dignitary. - Well, well, be it observed, rudely drawn, and which I

A.W.“I am engaged as the maintain should have been done all defender of an Artist most injuriously Westminster. Observe the


hum. persecuted, traduced,” &c. J. č. ble excuse, or, as the Able Writer has Whu traduces me? who debases my elegantly expressed it,“ shuffled-off” abilities to the lowest ebb of contempt? pretence, “ It was copied nearly, and But my cause is that of our Antiqui- differs from it,” &c. The Able Writer ties ; so let them cast out their venom.


he is not an Architect; the lookA.W. “ I ain tired of this business, ing over his defence sufficiently proves Mr. Urban; you would do right to his assertion ; and surely, if I dare “addismiss us both.” J.C. Who doubts dress myself to an “Earl," ora“Dean,” the Able Writer, considering the great I may dare to encounter a shadow, success he meets with by this bis de a twilight two years' creation of fence? 4. W.“ Original Working Clerkenwell. " Who's afraid ?” What: Drawings.” as I call this charge a

am I to be scared and turned aside falsehood,” &c. J. C. The Master from the noble cause I uphold, by Workman did make that boast to me; threats? How comes it about my here I am ready again to accompany Westminster friends cannot find in him to Marlborough-street. A: W. their hearts to “lash" me, but must “ Iron cramps were found in parts give ine over to some niore revenge of the Chapel and the Centre Tower ful hands, if they can find them: “I of the Church.” J. C. The first shift must still use the desiguation“Master inigbt be resorted to, in some casual Workman,” which I think an honour. modern repairs of the Chapel; but the able distinction for the man, when latter piece-patcb job was a well- antient employs are adverted to: and known work of Sir C. Wren, who with regard to no one being found to built the upper part of the said Tower. ** employ me as an Arcbilect,” where Now who is “ ignorant," or guilty of does the fault lie: Hark, I pray." misrepresentation" ? Having for I cannot, when applied to, to prepare these thirty years past constantly vi- designs, consent to destroy or alter sited, examined, and drawn from most antient edifices. I cannot be silent of our principal antient structures when told by some people to “ let an ruinous or otherwise ; I once more intended repair of such or such a assert, that I never yet discovered the Chapel escape my strictures; for, as Jeast appearance


cramp or plug- nothing modern, they continue, can holes. The old Master Workmen were come up to my idea of perfection, in possession of secrels that enabled there always must be an opportunity them to hold their masonry together, for my animadversions.” And I can. without resorting to such ineffectual not conclude this paper without inmeans as iron securities ; and while quiring, Is my Father's drawing I have eyes to see, antient examples passed by, the heads of the new comin respect to Vanes, and common partments forgot, or the specimen in. sepse to be assured such objects made vitations barred up, until suspicion is the finish of the Turrets of the Chapel, lulled asleep? (See p. 417.) J. CARTER.


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The Patent Steam Kitchen with a Roaster &hot Closet, as fixed in a Recefs, complete for cooking. A.The Steam Kitchen (made to any Pattern or Size for
Convenience, B.The Roaster, &c. C-the Fire Place. D. the Fire Flue.E.the Chimney. E the Ash H. G. the cold Air Valves. H. the hot Air Pipe. Ithe Lipor Reservoir
Sor introducing the Water, with the Cock under to draw it off again K. the hot Closet. The cold Air enters at G is heated by the Side of c. circulates and roasts
in B.and passes effat H.whereby a continual Current of fresh hot Air is produced for roasting at the same Time that Steam is made for boiling with.
Slater Patentee Birmingham

Lemaitre Sole Agent, Castle Street Holbora.

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