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Art. I. Lectures on the Elements of Chemistry, delivered in the

University of Edinburgh, by the late Joseph Black,

M. D. - - . p. x

* II. Le Malheur et La Pitié: Poëme en quatre Chants. Par

M. L'Abbé de Lille - - 26

\jt III. Traité de Minéralogie. Par le Citoyen Haiïy - 4*2»

«- IV. The Works os Richard Owen Cambridge, Esq. - 56

V. Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera. Cura Joannis Hunter,

LL.D. ... 60

VI. Modem Geography, digested on a New Plan. By John

Pinkerton ... 67

VII. Second Voyage à la Louisiane. Par Baudry des Lozières 81

VIII. Cours de Morale Religieuse. Par M. Nccker - 93

IX. A New Anatomical Nomenclature. By John Barclay,

M. D. >, - • - 99 .

X. Amadis de Gaul. By Vasco Lobeyra. Translated by

Southey and by Rose - - 109

XI. Observations on Crural Hernia. By Alex. Munro, ju-
nior, M. D. - - - 131s

XII. Pallas'g Travels throngh the Southern provinces of the

Ruffian empire, in the years 1793 and 1794 - 146

XIII. Millar's Historical View of the Engli/h Government, from
the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain, to the Revo-
lution in 1688 ... 1J4.

XIV. Schweighæuser's Edition of Athensei Naucratitx Deip-

nosophistarum libri quindecim - 181

XV. Aldini's Account of the late Improvements in Galvanism 194

\J I XVI. Sibbald's Chronicle of Scotifh Poetry, from the 13th

Century to the Union of the Crowns -. 19S

XVII. Miss Williams's Political and Confidential Correspond-

ence of Louis XVI. - - 211

XVIII. Wheatley's Remarks on Currency and Commerce 231

Quarterly List of New Publications - 253


1 He Editors have annexed to this Number, a List of all the Books that have been published in this country during the last three months, and of the most considerable works that have yet reached them from the Continent. The List, as it stands, is unquestionably the most complete that has yet been presented to the Public; and the Editors have it in contemplation to enlarge it, in some of the succeeding Numbers, by the addition of very brief characters of such of the new works as have been perused, and are not thought to require a more extensive discussion.

34. OElober 1803.

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Art. I. LcHurcs on the Elements of Chemistry, delivered in the University of Edinburgh, by the late Joseph Black, M. D. &V. Zsfc. fc>V. Noiv published from his MSS. by Jihn Robifon, LL.D. Profejfor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, t vol. 4toj pp. 1384. Longman & Rees, London. Creech, Edinburgh. 1803.

Tn performing the duties of Editor to the discourses of his de■*■ parted friend, Professor Robifon had peculiar difficulties to overcome. With a few exceptions, Dr Black's lectures were left in a very disordered and imperfect state; generally written indistinctly upon scraps of paper; often in the form of notes or memorandums, from which he had spoken extempore; frequently consisting of references to the experiments that went on during the lesson.

To counterbalance these disadvantages, the Editor possessed some verv important qualifications and happy facilities. He had known Dr Black most intimately for a long course of years; during which he had been, first, his favourite pupil, then nis successor, and, lastly, his colleague. He enjoyed the friend-' (hip of the distinguistied circle of philosophers among whom this great man, after achieving the most brilliant discoveries of modem times, happily and elegantly pasted the quiet remainder eft' his days. From these friends, Mr Robifon obtained all the in-. formation and assistance; that the nature of his office required. He had free access to every document which could enable him to fnmisti the public with an accurate transcript of these celebrated lectures, or to aid. his own recollections in presenting a iketch of thefr author, arriifih completing a history of the steps by which his1 discoveries were inade. By a coincidence, equally rare and,' scutuna^e, journals of Dr Black's scientific pursuits were preserved from.the time of his first application to speculative' matters; and Mr Robifon has been enabled .to supply -feme of the dates No/c.-;:- ■•• »—A • - ••'••' L- •• •'•-"■'■which

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