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Leone ; to which is added, An Account of the preferit State of Me. dicine among them. By Thomas Winterbottom, M. D. 2 vol. 8vo.

Select Views of London and its Environs, a Periodical Work in Monthly Numbers, containing exquiitely engraved Platt's, by Storrer and Greig, with appropriati Deicri; tio:s, 4:0.

VETERINARY ART. A new System of Farrierr, iicuuin the improved Mode of Treatment recommended by the Vetcrmany Cullere in Dreais of cithout Management; with Plates, feuiner the exact Proportions of a Blood. Horse, and a Description of all the Defects that iend :0 iirpede tek city; with Directions for afcertaining the exact Age of a Horie, a..d the Method of Curing the Epidemic Diseases to which Cows, Sheeps äic. are subject. Dy john Feruil, Veterinary Surgelai, the 13tli Ri. ciment of Dragoons, 410. o A Treatise on the Casal y and Saddle Horfe; with Remarks ca Facing and Leapiis, obfivatiis on Breeding, &c. By George Ort, Efa. late of the Felicib'. Caral. v, 210.

'Ilie Veterinarian's Pealet Napral; a Treatise on the Difcases of Horics, particularly the Guliers. Translated from the cf la Toffe.


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Africa, Mahometan inhabitants of, contrasted with the Pagan, p. 359.
Azer, account of a shower of Itones near, 390.
Agnesi, Donna, Du Brosse's account of a conversation with, 402-

contents, &c. of her Analytical Institutions, 404. dir, fixed, experiments relating to, by Dr Black, 14. Allodial, probable etymology of the word, 364. Amadis de Gaul, inquiry who was the original author of, 110-profe Amidis of Lobeira probably preceded by a metrical romance, ili -the work originally in French, 112 - sketch of the ftory of, i27

-remarks on the characters in, 131. Argument, new, for the immortality of the soul, 95. Ark of Noah, the prototype of naval architecture, 426_description

of, 428. Athenaus, what his professed obje&ts in his work, entitled, · The Deipnosophists,' 181—some particulars of his life, 182–only a single copy of, escaped the ravages of time, &c. 183-editions of, 184

specimens of Schweighauser's emendations on, 187. Australasin, limits assigned to, by Mr Pinkerton, 75. Authors, German, M. Lichtenberg's description of a certain class of, 348.

a, principal, consulted by the writers of the Anglo-Saxon period of English history, 360.

B . Baffin's Bay, existence of, doubtful, 79. Balance of trade, remarks on the theory of, 236. Barclay, Dr, general outline of his plan of anatomical nomenclature,

105. Baudry's Voyage à Louisiane, general character of, 81--his plan for

improving the French West India colonies examined, 87. Benares, shower of stones in the neighbourhood of, 391. Black, Dr Joseph, fome account of, 3-commencement of his ac

quaintance with Professor Robison, ib.-sketch of his character, a

the neighbouries examined, 8,his plan for

-of his merits as a lecturer, 7-prominent feature in his character, %
- his death, 10-importance of his discoveries, 11-extract from
his history of the discovery of fixed air, 14—from his concluding
discourse on heat, 15-merits of his lectures considered, 16-at-

tempts to rob him of the fame of his discoveries, 19.
Brochant, M. talk he has undertaken in his Traité de Mineralogie, 495

-of his character as a writer, 497.
Brunanburgh, inquiry concerning the scene of the battle of, 367.

erland, 2 *s Tarts to the presa

Cambridge, Richard Owen, his character as an author, 57-sketch of

his life, ib.-specimens of his poetry, 59.
Charafler of Louis XVI. 224-of some of his ministers, 489–of the

Abbé Sieyes, ib.-of Mirabeau, 490.
Chemistry, first principles of, far from being known, 17-advantages

expected from the application of the principles of, to medical science,

Clarke's Progress of Maritime Discovery, summary of the contents of,

Coin, British, committee appointed to investigate the state of, 452-

result of their experiments, 453.
Commerce, foreign, what the nature of, according to Mr Wheatley,

Compass, mariner's, known to Noah, 427.
Cotton, animal, how produced, 89.
Courtesy, barbarous, instance of, 357.
Cretins, found only in Tibet and Switzerland, 79.
Crimea, great decrease in the population of, 48-Tartar inhabitants

of, how divided, :49—-productions, 150-impediments to the pro-
fperity of, 151-irregularity of the seafons in, ib.-manufactures,

&c. 152.
Cromwell, remarks on the conduct of, 171.
Cush, migrations of the family of, after the dispersion, 429.
Gynocephali, who they were, 431.

Danes, their numerous fleets at an early period, 362-size of their ves.

fels, ib.-motive of their invasion of England in the time of Alfred,
Debt, national, effects of paying it off at once, 473.
Diabıt's mellitus, cases of, 412–propositions of Messrs Nicholas and

Gueudeville concerning, 414-examined, 415—their method of treat-

ing, 420.
Directions for writing history, 488,
Dort, great inundation at, 71.

Edinburgh, conjectures concerning the etymology of the name, 208,
England, remarks on the Anglo-Saxon period of the history of, 361,

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