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men. Illustrated by New Plates, including Maps, designed and engraved for this Work by some of the most distinguished Artists.

The Second Part of the Philosophical Tranfactions of the Royal Society of London for the year 1803.

The Philosophical Transactions of the Society of London, abridged by Charles Hutton, LL.D. George Shaw, M.D. and Richard Pearfon, M.D. Vol. 1. & 2.part. 1. 2. 4to,

An Introduction to Philosophical and Physical Geography; with appropriaic Plates.


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The Suicide ; with other Poems. By the Rev. Charles Wickled Ethelston. 8vo.

The Invasion. By Joseph Reade, M.D.

The Poetical Magazine ; or, Temple of the Muses. (To be conti, pued Monthly.)

The Poetical Register, and Repository of Fugitive Poetry, for the Year 1802. (To be continued Annually.) Large 8vo..

Britannicus to Bonaparte, an Heroic Epiftle, with Notes. By Henry Tresham, F.R.S.

Armine and Elvira, a Legendary Tale, a New Edition, with other
Poems. By Edmund Cartwright. 8vo.

Scenes of Infancy, descriptive of Teviotdale. By John Leyden. 12mo,
The Royal Convert, a Sacred Diama. By John Bentley.

The Press, a Poem, published as a specimen of TypographyBy J.
M.Crerey. 410. With Engravings.

Petrarca. A Collection of Sonnets from various Authors. With an Introduction on the Origiu and Structure of the Sonnet. 8vo. With Engravings.

The Pleasures of Nature, and other Poems. By D. Carey.
Gebirus, Poema ; scripsit Savagius Landor, 12mo.

Chrift raising the Daughter of Jairus, a Seatonian Prize Poem. By the Rev. William Cockburn, M.A.

Johnson's Poets, by Aikin. Vol. 10. and 11. With Five Plates engraved by Mr Heath, from Pictures painted by R. Smirke Esq. R. A. and T. Stothard Esq. R. A. Handsomely printed on fine Paper and Hot-pressed, in Foolscap 8vo. 145. And on large Paper, with Proof Impressions of the Plates. il. 48.

The Works of Samuel Butler, with a Preface, Biographical and Critical. By Sam. Johnson, LL.D. And Remarks by J. Aikin, M.D. The Judge, a Poem in Three Books, with an elegant Frontispiecie

POLITICAL An Essay on the Funding System, with a view to determine its Limits.

Obfervations on a Pamphlet, entitled, “The Question, Why do we go to War? ' temperately discussed, according to the Official Correspondence.

The Speech of Lord Minto in Parliament, June 6, on Refulutions of Censure on the Conduct of Ministers, moved by Earl Fitzwillian ;

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to which is added, his Lordship's Speech at a General Meeting of the County of Roxburgh, 15th August, on moving an Address to his Majesty.

The Reason why ; in Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, “Why do we go to War?'

An Appeal to the People again t the insatiable Ambition of Bonaparte ; preceded by a Vindication of their Character, with reference to the Peace of Amiens.

An Address to the British Nation on the present State of Public Af. fairs, intended to promote the Union and Defence of the Country.

The National Defence, a Sermon preached 'at Wainfileet, All Saints, and Thorpe, th August 1803. By the Rev. Peter Bulmer, A. B.

A Serious Address to the Public upon the present Times, but more particularly to the Religious part of it. 8vo, 68 pages.

An Authentic Dialogue between the First Consul and his Minister, on the Address presented by Duroc, 8vo, 29 pages.

A Friendly Address to the Volunteers of Great Britain.

A Loyal Tribute to the Virtues of our Sovereign, offered in a Ser. mon preached at Narestock, Essex, on a Day appointed to enrol Vo lunteers. By J. Filkes, Vicar.

An Examination of the Necessity of Sunday Drills, and of the propable Effects of that Measure on the Interests of Religion. By the Rev. Edward Cooper.

Sennacherib defeated, and his Army destroyed ; a Sermon preached at Wanitead. By the Rev. S. Glasse, D. D.; inscribed to the Loyal Volunteers, and intended to be the Soldiers' Manual.

Britain's Duty on the Prospect of a French Invasion ; a Sermon preached August 11, in the Church of St Mary le Port, Bristol, on the opening of a weekly Evening Lecture on the Perils and Duties of the present Tiines. By the Rev. Richard Hart.

The Duty of defending our Country ; a Sermon preached at Exeter. By Edward Drewe, L, L. B.

An Antidote to the Alarm of Invasion ; a Discourse delivered at the Meeting house in the Old Jewry, October 19, being the National Falt Day. By Abraham Rees, D. D. F. R. S.

A Sermon preached at Gilingham, July 31, on occasion of the united Exertions of the People being called forth by the King against the threatened Invafion. By William Chafy, M. A.

Advice addressed to the lower Ranks of Society, useful at all Times, more especially in the present. By William Burdon, Esq.

The Duty of Britons at the present awful Crisis ; a Sermon preached August 7. 'By John Overton, Rector of St Margaret's, &c. York.

A Sermon upon the present State of our National Affairs, preached August 28, in the Protetant Dissenting Meeting-house, Enfield. By Thomas Taylor.

A Short Exhortation from the French in England to the French in France, in which is hewn how the present Danger may be averted. Edited by J. King.

A Sermon preached at the Drum-Head, Sept. 22, to the First Regiment of Surrey Volunteers. By the Rev. Henry Cox Mason.

A Sermon preached before the Royal Westminster Volunteers, on the Presentation of their Colours, Sept. 8. By the Rev. Joseph Jefferson. ,

The Dory of every Briton at the present perilous Moment ; a Ser. mion preached on the late Falt Day; to which is added, an Account of the Destruction of the Spanish Armada. By John Evans, A. M.

A brief Answer to “ A few Cursury Remarks on the present State of Parties.” By a Near Obfcrver.

Courage and Union in a Tiine of National Danger ; a Sermon preached October 9. 1803, at the Unitarian Chapel, Essex-street. By The Rev. Jeremiah Joyce.

Vain Boastings of Frenchmen, the same in 1396 as in 1.803, being an Account of the threatened InvaGon of England by the French in the i2th Year of Richard II.

Observations occafioned by the Pamphlet called Cursory Remarks ; or, A Comparative Glance at the Political Merit of the Right Hon. H. Addington and the Right Hon. William Pitt.

Fitz-Albion's Letters to the Right Hon. William Pitt, and the Right Hon. Henry Addington on the subject of the Ministerial Pamphlet, “ Cursory Remarks on the State of Parties. By a Near Observer. " Now republished, revised, and corrected, with the addition of Notes. .

Plan of Narional Improvement, pointing out the means of rendering Great Britain independent of supplies of Corn from Abroad ; to extend the Britisla Fisheries, and augment the Military and Naval Strength of the Empire, without experice or inconvenience. To which are added, Remarks on the several attempts to Invade the British Illands; and an Expofition of Bonaparte's Project to conquer Great Britain, &c. 4to. :

The safe Result of the opposite Opinions delivered in the House of Commons on the subject of the Volunteer Etablishment.

Substance of a Speech delivered by Lord Caftlereagh io the House of Commons, upon the Army Eitimates.

A Sermon preached October the 16th before the Officers of the Sur. rey Volunteers. By Rober Dickinson, Curate of St Mary, Newington,

The Parallal between England and Carthage, and between France and Rome, examined. By a Citizen of Dublin.

A plain Answer to the M.Isepresentations and Calumnies contained in the Cursory Remarks of a Near Observer.

The Subliance of a Speech intended to have been spoken in the Houle of Lords, November 22d. By the Bishop of Landaff.

A Letter to William Cobbett; being an Answer to his Second Letter to Mr Sheridan ; containing Remarks on Mr Cobbett's Observations with regard to the Annihilation of the National Debt, the Volun. teers, and the Subscription at Lloyds !

The Benefits of Wisdom and the Evils of Sin ; a Sermon preached before the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-Inn, Nov. 6. 1803. By the Rev. Robert Nares. 8vo. 28 pages. . VOL. II], np. 6.




The Sword of the Lord * Epsom. By the Rev, Robe

cord of the Lord and of Gideon ; a Discourse preached at
By the Rev. Robert Gutch. 8vo. 29 pages.
on on the Duties and Obligations of the Military Character,

fion to the present Times ; preached before the Tunbridge Tunteers, October the 2d. By Martin Benfon, A. M. Vädress to the Grand Jury at the Liverpool Sessions, O&ober

on the present Crisis of Public Affairs. By Francis Har

in Application to the prefent op

. An Address to the Grand

grave, Esq. Recorder.

Elements of Opposition.

Reflections on the Invasion of

Cd Letter to the Volunteers. By Lieutenant-Colonel Hope.

is on the Invafion of Great Britain by the French, on the Defence, and on the useful Application of the National Leries. cation, the Prospects, and the Duties of Britons in the pre

represented in a Discourse delivered on the Fait-Day to the

The Situation, the Profpečte sent Crifis ; reprefented in a Discourfe Unitarian Congregation at Hackney.

A Reply to the two Answers to go to War?' One called, i vations. »

Hints to the People of

to the two Answers to a Pamphlet entitled, “ Why do we ?>; One called, " The Reason why;' the other, : Obser

the People of Great Britain, on the present momentous od some interesting collateral Subjects. By William Dickfon,

LL. D. 8vo. 55 pages.

Major-General Money's also, an Addrels to the Norfolk Far fervations on the Ule of Pikemen

General Money's Letter to the Officers of Volunteer Corps ; ddress to the Norfolk Farmers. To which are added, Ob

ī iberty considered, with respect to its Origin, its Progress,

ce; a Sermon preached on the Faft-Day. By N. Phillips, D. D.

un preached before the Blandford Volunteers. By the Rer. A Sermon pr Joseph Godfrey Sherar, Vicar.

cht and Duty of Defensive War; a Sermon preached before

Ef Unitarian Dissenters at Sheffield, on the Fait-Day. To a Society o

added, Observations on the French Preparations for Invasion,

Mode of National Defence. By Benjamin Naylor. and on the M

Surse delivered on the Faft-Day, before the Volunteers com

the Right Hon. William Pitt; and also before the Minimanded by th

Members of the Protestant Diflenters who form the East Kent fters and Mom

O&tober the 26th; and afterwards addreffed to the VolunAffociatioll,

ondon, assembled with the Author's own Congregation, in

By John Rippon, D. D. itory of the French Consulate under Napolean Bonaparte. s prefixed, a Sketch of his Life ; interspersed with Anec

a faithful Statement of interesting Transactions, until tke Renewal of

of Hoftilities. By W. Barre, late Firft Interpreter to the French Government. Large volume 8vo. A Serious Ad

is Address to the Public upon the present Times. Honet Apprehenfions ; or, the Unbiassed and sincere Confeffion of a plain, boncit, Layman,


A Letter to the Committee for regulating the Concerns of the Stock Exchange, London ; comprising a Scheme forined in the Year 1997, for railing Ten Millions of Money, by which the Credit of the Country would be materially itrengthened, and Taxation considerably alleviated.

A Friendly Adureis to the Labouring Part of the Community, con. ccruing the profent State of Public Affairs in Church and State.

The Caus and Confequences of the Neyl et of the Clergy, and the Condition of the Clergy as it relates to his present Majesty.

The Lovelift ; containing Original and Select Papers, intended to mouse and aciniute the British Natio. during the present important Crisis. 80. .

Sir John Harrington's Nuge Antique; with Additions by Mir Parki 2 vol. 8vo.

The Beauties of England and Walis ; or, Delineations, Typogra. phical, Hutorical, and Discriptive of each County, embellished with Engravings.

THEOLOGY. A Ney'Trandation of the Bible. Au ditempt to Preserve the Holy Scriptures from their disrepute with Free-Thinkers, and their misap. plication to certain Tenets, by a new and correct Translation of the Controverted Paliages. Illustrated with Notes, and the Opinions of the Ancients. By Robert Tomlinson, Esq. 810.

Trult and in the Universal and Sovereign Government and Confiant Providence of God; a Sermon preached in the Unitarian Chapel in E Tex-finet, on the 19th of October, being the Day appointed for a Gineral Fast. B. Johin Disney, D. D.

Toe Chriftian Panoniy ; a Sarnon preached 0: Wednesday, Otober 10, being the Day appointed for a General Fait. By William Mavor, LL. D.

Letters written by she late Samuel Fothergill, Minister of the Gofpe! air at the People call Quikers, '2inu.

di Ehortatio: tu tine du Obisrvance of the National Fast. By Edward Prson, B. D.

Lfst Biptilin vindicated; or, an Attempt to thew that Anabaptism is

it, and Sparation from the Church of England on that Account unlawful. By a Clergman.

Ser:1102 proched an Oitiation leld at Chester, September 25, By the fier. II. V. B.;ls.

Primitiva Trut, and Order l'indicated from Modern Misrepresentation, with a Difunc? c Epifcopacy, particularly that of Scotland, a. gailt an Arti male on ic by the late Dr Campbell, of Aberdeen, in his Lectures 0.: Eccicautica Mir; and an Iddress to the Episcoe palaus of Sivildiel. By the Risht Ros. Join Skinner. Svo.

. Sörmons on iveral Occationis. Ly the Rev. R. Shepherd, D. D. Arulidaco. of Bo'lurd. Svo.

The Concordicum explained. 12mo.

A Sermon, on Ocrittion of the General Fin, entitled, David's Choice; or, Successful Invafion a forer Evil than Pettileace or l'amine. By Joha Leitice, D. D. LI 2


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