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Pamphlet, entitled, “The Speech of Sir William Elford on the Subject of the Dismissal of the Officers from Plymouth Dock-Yard.'

A Vindication of the Clergy in regard to Residence. With Obfera vations on the Bill now before Parliament. By a Clergyman.

Gleanings in England, descriptive of the Countenance, Mind, and Character of the Country ; vol. III, and last ; with a Sketch of Lowdon, and New Views of Peace and War, exhibiting a Picture of the present Crisis. By Mr Pratt,

The East India Directory for 1803, corrected to the 12th of July.

Essays on subjects of Miscellaneous Literature, including Medical Education and the Drama ; and on the Present State of Ireland. By William Henry Turner, M. D.

A Guide to the Knowledge of the Ancients; humbly inscribed to His Majesty, and to Parliament. By R. Deverell, Esq. M. P. Book I.

The Works of Richard Owen Cambridge, Esq. including Pieces never before publiked ; with an Account of his Life and Character, by his Son George. Illustrated by Portraits, and other Engravings. Large Quarto.

A Narrative of the Stuation and Treatment of the English arrested by Order of the French Government; containing some Secret Aneca dotes of General Brabançon, Commandant at Calais, &c. &c. By William Wright.

The Annual Review ; or, History of Literature for 1802. By A. Aikin. (To be continued annually.) Large Volume, Royal 8vo.

Women ; their Condition and Influence on Society. By Joseph Alexander Segur. Translated from the French. 3 vol. 12mo.

Part II. Vol. II. which completes the work of Rural Sports. By W. B. Daniell.

A Narrative of the Loss of his Majesty's Packet the Lady Hobart, on an Island of Ice, in June 1803 ; with an Account of the Escape of the Crew. By the Commander.

The Political and Confidential Correspondence of Louis XIV. with Observations. By Helen Maria Williams ; 3 vol. 8vo.

Addisoniana ; or, Anecdotes and Facts connected with the Life, Times, and Contemporaries of Joseph Addison ; on the Plan of the Walpoliana. In two elegant volumes, foolscap 8vo. with Plates. · A new Edition of the Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montague, 5 vol. foolscap Svo.

Kearsley's new Tax-Tables for the present and ensuing year ; confaining, among other matters, the Consolidated Allefied Taxes, which will commence in April next; the new Receipt Tax, and a new Stamp Table ; the new Consolidated Excise Duties, and an Abstract of the general Tax upon Income.

A complete Abridgment of all the Customs and Excise Duties, with the Drawbacks, Bounties, and the Laws which regulate the Import and Export, down to the present time, including the Allowances, Exemptions, &c. alphabetically arranged. By a Supervisor of Excise, 8vo. R 2

Callildine's Caftildine's Tables of the Taxes for the years 1803-4, upon a new Plan of Arrangement. . (To be continued annually.) • Hardy's Cuftoms; containing every separate Duty of the Customs, as regulated by the last Acts; with an Abstract of the Aes.

The Sportsman's Diary ; consisting of Tables by which the Lover of Field Sports will be enabled to keep a Register of Occurrences.

The Nautical Almanac, for the years 1803-4-5-6-7.

Tables of Exchange; English into Irish, and Irish into English Money.

The Secretary, and Complete Letter-Writer: To which is added, an Essay on Letter-Writing. By the late Dr Samuel Johnson, and an In. troduction to English Grammar. 12mo.

A Parcel Book for the use of Merchants, Manufacturers, and Shop. keepers, and all Persons concerned in forwarding Goods by Shipping, Coaches, or Waggons : To which is prefixed, an Abstract of the AA refpecting Parcels, together with the Rates of Porterage.

General Zoology ; or, Systematic Natural History. By George
Shaw, M. D. Vol. IV. being the First of the History of Fishes.

Destiny ; or, Family Occurrences, 2 vol.

Right and Wrong; or, the Kinfman of Naples. By Mary Julia Young, 4 vol. 12mo.

Leopold; or, the Bastard, 2 vol. ramo.

Thorwald Cattle ; or, Memoirs of the Marquis de Solunges. Translated from the French. By Mrs Barnby, 2 vol.

Lucy Ormond, a Story.
The Mysterious Count; or, Montville Castle. By Anne Kerr, 2 vol.
Margaret of Strafford, an Historical Romance, 5.vol.

Moss Cliff Abbey; or, the Sepulchral Hannenilt, a Romantic Tale. By Maria Julia Young, Niece to the Author of the Night Thoughts, 4 vol.

Barbara Markham; or, the Profligate requited, 2 vol. 12mo.
The German Sorceress. By Mr Littleton. 3 vol. 1 2mo.
Reginald di Torby, and the Twelve Robbers, 2 vol. 12mo.

A New Theory and Prospectus of the Persian Verbs, with their
Hindooftayee Synonymes. By John Gilchrift, Elg. 4to.

PHILOSOPHY. • An Abridgement of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal

Society, London. Edited by Charles Hutton, LL.D. George Shaw, * M.D. and Richard Pearson, M.D. No. I. (To be continued Monthly.)

POETRY. Glasgow, a Poem, in Scots Verfe. Illustrated with Notes. By J. Mayne. With a Vignette, 8vo.

Rhapsodies, &c. By W. H. Ireland, Author of the Shakesperian MSS. &c. With a Portrait of the Author, 8vo.

Scotish Scenery; or, Sketches in Verse, descriptive of Scenes chiefy

in the Highlands of Scotland. . With Notes and Illustrations. By James Cririe, D. D. 4to. With Views. .. .

Cottage Pictures ; or, the Poor, a Poem. By Mr: Pratt. Embellished with Engravings, 4to..

An elegy on the late Colonel Robert Montgomery. By S. L. Francis. .. The Picture : Verses suggested by a magnificent Landscape of Ru. bens, in the possession of Sir George Beaumont. By the Rev. William Lille Bowles. · The Pleasures of Hope, with other Poems. By Thomas Campbell. A New Edition, 4to. With Engravings..

The Powers of Imagination. Written at the Age of Şixteen. By Miss Charlotte Seymour. Ir.'' .

The Defence of Order. By George Walker, 8vo.
Epigrams. By William Barnes Rhodes, 12mo, 84 pages.

Bonaparte's Soliloquy on the Invation of England, an Effay, in Blank Verse.

The Crisis of Britain ; a Poem on the menaced Invasion. By the Reverend Thomas Maurice.

Bonaparte ; an heroic Ballad ; with a Sermon which that renowned Warrior preached at his Visitation of Egypt; with Notes; by the Editor of Salmagundi.

Patriotic Effufions resulting from recent Events, and from the circomtances of the times, 4to.

Poems on various Subjects ; the Highlanders, &c. By Mrs Grant, Laggan, 8vo.

Poetical Scraps. By Thomas Clio Rickman. Ornamented with Plates, 2 vol.'

The Impetus, a Poem. By George Van Straubenzee. .

John and Dame ; or, the Loyal Cottagers : A Poetical Tale, found. ed on fact, and forcibly exemplifying the present Circumitances and Feelings of the British Nation. By Mr Pratt, Author of Gleanings in England, &c. 8vo. · Invasion, a Poem in Blank Verse; addressed to the Military of Great Britain, 410. 24 pages. Society, a Poem, with other Poems. By James Kenney, 8vo.

The War-Offering, a small Collection of Songs, dedicated to Bona. parte. By J. Amphlett.

Boney and Talley, a Tale in a new Style, with a Caricature coloured, Poems. By Mrs Sewell, Relict of the Rev. George Sewell. ;

Ode to the Country Gentlemen of England, from the Works of Akenfide; accompanied with a Preface and Notes..

POLITICAL ECONOMY. : A Review of the Financial Arrangements for the present Year ; with Plans for Increasing the Wealth and Population of the Country, by Abolishing Restraints on Trade, and extending productive labour.

Regulations of Parochial Police, combined with Military and Naval Armaments, to produce Energy and Security in the whole Nation.

Obfervations Obfervations on the Prevention of a future Scarcity of Grain, by Means contributive to the Benefit of the Landed, Commercial, and Manufacturing Interests. By William Chapman, 8vo, 30 pages.

The Speech of the Right Honourable Henry Addington on the Budget, 1803

Plans for erecting a Penitentiary House for the Employment of Convicts, and for the Prevention of Frauds and Thefts in his Majesty's Dock-Yards, Public Works, and Stores. Strictures on the alarming Progress of the Blackwall Rock in the River Thames. A Description of a new-invented Life-Boat ; and a Plan of a Railway from London to Portsmouth, on a superior Construction. By Robert Edington. A Letter to Sir William Scott, upon his Curate's Bill.

POLITICAL. Refe&tions on the causes of the war, and Conduct of his Majesty's Ministers.

Substance of the Speech of the Hon. Charles James Fox in the House of Commons, 24th May, on the Renewal of the War with France, With a Summary of his Proposals, on Friday May 27. to accept the Mediation of the Emperor of Russia ; and the proceedings thereupon.

Unanimity Recommended ; containing an appropriate Statement of the Arguments made use of by the English and French Governments, and a complete Vindication of our Pacific Conduct from the Aspersions of Bonaparte. By William Burdon, A. M.

The Day of Alarm , being a View of the Spirit and Designs of the leading men in France, before and during the War, and principally fince the Peace; the Plans adopted in their Councils respecting Foreign States ; with Animadversions upon the Allegations of French Writers against the People of Great Britain, and Historical Strictures on the Conduct of the French in their Intercourse with other Nations.

An authentic Account of Mr Addington's Speech on the Budget.

An Appeal to the Public Spirit of Great Britain. By Charles Marsh Esq.

What have we to fight for? an Address to the Electors of Middie. fex, who met at the Crown and Anchor, July 29. to celebrate the last Election of Members for that County.

A Candid Appeal to Public Confidence ; or Confiderations on the actual and imaginary Dangers of the present Critis. By T. M. Moore Efg.

À View of the Caufes which led to, and justified the War with France.

Subitance of the Speech of the Right Hon. William Pitt on the General Defence Bill, July 22.

Strike, or Die ; Alfred's first Letter to the People of England : and the Patriot's Beacon; Alfred's second Letter,

Reflections on the late Elections for the County of Cambridge; with Remarks on the State of the Nation.

Observations on the Restriction of the Volunteer Corps. Being a Postscript to an Address to the People on the threatened Invasion.

ne the State of the iction of the We threatened Invasion. Mo

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Mr Francis's Speech on the Affairs of India, delivered in the House of Commons, July 29.

The Grand Conteft deliberately considered ; or, a View of the Causes and probable Consequences of the threatened Invasion ; with a Sketch of the Life of Bonaparte ; addressed to Britons. By Francis Blagden,

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A Letter to Napoleon Bonaparte, styling himself · The Government of France,' &c. ; exhibiting a View of his moral and political Conduct, and a Sketch of his Life.

Footsteps of Blood; being a Display of the Cruelties committed by the French Armies, in Burning and Plundering of Towns, in Murder, Sacrilege, Rape, and other Crimes. With a Frontifpiece, representing the Massacre of Prisoners at Jaffa.

A few words : Refitt, or be Ruined.

Bonaparte in the West Indies ; or, the History of Toussaint Louverture, the African Hero. Part I. and II.

The Cannibal's Progress ; or, The dreadful Horrors of French Invasion, as displayed by the French Soldiers in Germany. Abridged from the Transation of Anthony Aufere Esq.

Plan of a Female Association for preserving Liberty and Property.

A Plan for the safe Removal of Inhabitants from Towns, &c. on the Coafts, in case of Invafion; with Reflections calculated to haften Preparations for that Measure. By J. Lettice, D. D. ?

The Alarming Crisis ; a Sermon delivered, August 7. at Kingstonupon-Hull, by the Rev. Miles Popple. Sold for the Benefit of the Fund for the Defence of the Town and Neighbourhood of Hull.

Britons exhorted to the Defence of their Country, in an Address on the threatened Invafion by France, delivered August 28. at Bath, by the Rev. Thomas Broadhurst,

The Good Effects of an united Trust in the Arm of Flesh and in the Arm of the Lord ; a Sermon by Charles Moore, Rector of Caxton.

God, and our Country ; a Sermon preached at Gigglewich and Leeds, by Rowland Ingram, D. D.

Britain's Defence ; a Sermon preached August 21. in the Protestant Dissenting Meeting-houfe, Battersea, by John Hughes, A. M. :

An Address to the Richmond Volunteers, assembled in the Parilla Church, August 29. to take the Oath of Allegiance. By Thomas Wakefield, B. A.

A Sermon on the threatened Invasion, preached at Richmond, in Surry, July 31. and August 7. by Thomas Wakefield, B. A.

Obedience to Government, Reverence to the Constitution, and Refifto. ance to Bonaparte ; a Sermon preached at the Allizes at Bury St Edmunds, July 29. by Charles Edward Stewart, A. M. 4to.

A Sermon proached at Wormley, July 10. peculiarly appropriate to the present Crisis, by the Rev. Thomas Maculloch, Rector.

Christian Patriotism; or, the Duty of Religious People towards their Country ; a Sermen preached at Keitering, by Andrew Fuller.


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