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board of trustees of wail Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College. And said land commissioner shall keep a record of each sale or lease made under this statute upon the tract book upon which the list of lands is recorded in each instance, respectively.

Sec, 5. The provisions of this act shall apply to any and all lands that may be hereafter select il and located by the governor and patented to the State under said act of Congress. Ibid., 1900, chapter 61: SECTION 1. The board of trustees of the Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College, located at or near Starkville, are hereby anthorized to establish a branch agricultural experiment station at some point in the State south of the tier of counties on tho line of the Alabama and Vicksburg Railroad, and in what is known as the piney woods region of the State. The said board of trustees are authorized to accept donations of lands, lumber, agricultural implements, fertilizers, money, notes or other obligations, or any property or thing that may be of use in establishing and operating said experiment station.

SEC. 2. The station herein provided for shall be a tract of land of not less than 200 acres and shall only be located where suitable land is donated and conveyed to the trustees for that purpose, and if lands in excess of 200 acres are donated, the said board of trustees may, in their discretion, sell the same and apply the proceeds to the improvement of the land retained and used for sail expe sont station.

SEC. 3. In locating said station the said trustees shall consider the natural adrandges, the health and convenience to a shipping point, and the annount proposed to be donated by any locality or localities, and all other matters that may be of material aclvantage in the working of the same.

Ibid., 1900, chapter 18: SECTION 1. A textile school is established in connection with the agricultural and mechanical college, where young men and women may be educated in the art of inanufacturing textile fabrics and where they may acquire a practical as well as theoretical and scientific knowledge of the art of manufar. turing textile fabrics, and especially those made from cotton, or cotton and wool combined, including dyeing, designing and drawing.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees to cause to be erected the necessary building for the motive power and machinery of the factory building, for the accoininodation of not more than 100 pupils, and a dormitory building to accommodate a like nunber, and to supply the factory building with the necessary motive power of steam or electricity, in their discretion, and all other necessary machinery and appliances for manufacturing cotton and such other fabries as may be agreed upon by the faculty and approved by the trustees, and also for dyeing, having in view the purpose of this act as defined in the first section thereof, and especially that relating to the manufacture of cotton fabrics.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees when said Inuildings have been erected and equipped as provided for in this act to elect a competent and efficient director of the textile school, who shall become thereby a member of the faculty of the said agricultural and mechanical college, and shall receive such salary as may be fixed by the board of trustees. They shall likewise employ or authorize the employment of such assistants in the various departments thereof as may be necessary to the thorough and efficient training and instruction of the siadents. The course of study shall be prescribed by the faculty, with the approval of the board of trustees, and shall embrace carding, spinning, weaving, dyeing, harmony of colors, designing, drawing, fabric analysis and calculations, and such other branches as may be prescribed. There shall be a special course on the manufacture of cotton fabrics alone.

SEC. 4. No pupil shall be admitted to the textile school who is under 1.5 years of age: and each pupil applying for admission shail beexamined under rules to be prescribed by the faculty as to character, intelligence, and learning, and they shall be governed hy the rules and regulations prescribed for the government of said college, the trustees of which shall also fix and regulate the fees, cost, and teria of course of said textile department.

Ste 5. The raw material to be manufactured in the course of study shall be purchased by the president of the faculty, or under his direction, providexthat raisel on tbe college farm shall be insufficient in quantity or quality. The fabrics mantifactored by the school shall be sold by the president of the faculty, and the proceeris thereof and also all tuition fees shall be paid into the college treasury to the creilit of the textile school, ard full reports made thereof annually to the board of trustees.

SEC. 6. The board of trustees shall have authority to grant diplomas and certificates of proficiency upon the recommendation of the director of the textile school and a majority of the faculty.

SEC. 7. The sum of $40,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to enable the board of trustees to carry out the provisions of this act. The said sum herein appropriated may be drawn froin the State treasury upon the warrant of the auditor of public accounts, issued upon the written request of the president of said college, approved by the governor.

Ibid., chapter 17: (Appropriates to agricultural and mechanical college $25,719 for the year 1900 and a like sum for the year 1901, in addition to the annual interest on the agricultural land-scrip fund, for new buildings, etc., and $1,000 for farmers' institutes.]

Ibid., chapter 19: [Appropriates to Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College $8,000 for the year 1900 and a like sum for 1901, in addition to interest on agricultural land-scrip fund; also $5,850 for repairs, etc. In addition for each year the interest on $96,296.27, the proceeds of sale of college lands, chapter 46, acts 1898, $5,777.77.]

Ibid., chapter 57: The board of control is hereby directed, subject to the approval of the governor, to purchase an artesian well-b ring outfit, out of any money in the hands of said board, not to exceed $1,500, and that said outfit shall be used to sink wells on the farms now belonging to or to become the property of the State, and on rented farms, provided the owners shall pay for the same, or upon the farms of any citizen where the board is paid for the service by the citizen, when not otherwise needed by the State, and that the boards of trustees of the several State institutions, and especially of the lunatic asylum at Jackson, the State university at Oxford, the agricultural and mechanical college at Starkville, etc., are hereby authorized to contract immediately and pay out of their several appropriations, with the board of control, for the boring of such wells, at actual cost of the labor and material, but no cost for the use of the outfit, subject to the approval of the governor, for the sinking of wells at these several instutions.

Ibid., 1902, chapter 21: [Appropriates to agricultural and mechanical college $18.272.41, as support fund for 1902, and a like amount for 1903; appropriates also $56,500 for buildings: $23,230 for additional equipment: $3,000 for farmers' insti. tutes; $2,000 for student labor account, and $100 for Y. M. C. A.]

Ibid., 1902, chapter 20: [Appropriates $26,320.14 for the purpose of reimbursing the trustees of the agricultural college for the excess of money spent by them in building and eqnipping the textile school.'']

Ibid., 1902, chapter 20: [Appropriates to the Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College $8,000, as support fund and $750 for repair of buildings for each of the years 1902 and 1903. Appropriates for 1902: For insurance, $2,250; for purchase of stock. $100; for completing and equipping new dormitory, $13,000; for shops and machinery and tools, $10,000.]


Constitution (1875), ARTICLE XI: SEC.5. TI general assembly shall, whenever the public school fund will permitand the actual necessity of the same may require, aid and maintain the State university, now established, with its present departments. The government of the State university shall be vested in a board of curators, to consist of nine members, to be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate.

SEC. 11. Neither the general assembly nor any county, city, town, township, school district, or other municipal corporation shall ever make an appropriation or pay from any public fund whatever anything in aid of any religious creed,church, or sectarian purpose, or help to support or sustain any private or public school, academy, seminary, college, university, or other institution of learning controlled by any religious creed, church, or sectarian denomination whatever; nor shall any grant or donation of personal property or real estate ever be made by the State, or any county, city, town, or other municipal corporation for any religious creed, church, or sectarian purpose whatever.

[The following matter is taken, unless otherwise specified, from "The Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri, 1899, Revised and Promulgated by the 4th General Assembly,' 2 vols., Jeffer. son City, Mo.]

Sec. 10165. A university is hereby instituted in this State, the government whereof shall be vested in a board of curators.

Sec. 10466. The university is hereby incorporated and created a body politic, and shall be known by the name of “ The Curators of the University of the State of Missouri," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, power to sue and be sued, complain and defend in all courts; to make and use a common seal, and

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to alter the same at pleasure; to take, purchase, and to sell, convey, and otherwise dispose of lands and chattels: Provider, That the curators shall but have power to sell or convey any land contained within the university campus.

SEC. 10467. The board of curators of the University of the State of Missouri shall hereafter consist of nine members, who shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate: Providid, That not inore than one person shall be appointed upon said board from the saine Congressional district, and no person shall be appointed a curator who shall not have attained the age of 21 years, or who shall not be a citizen of the United States, and who shall not have been a resident of the State of Missouri two years next prior to his appointment. Not more than 5 curators shall belong to any one political party.

SEC. 10168. The term of service of the curators shall be six years, the terms of three expiring every two years, the first expiring occurring on the first day of January, 1901, and succeeding expirations of three members every two years thereafter. Said curators while attending the meetings of the board shall receive their actual expenses, which shall be paid out of the ordinary revenues of the university.

SEC. 10169. The board of curators shall appoint annually three of their number to act as an executive bard, who shall meet each month, for the purpose of auditing claims and attending to such other business as may be intrusteil to then by the board of curators not inconsistent with this article. The members of the executive board shall receive $5 per day for each day they shall attend the monthly meetings, together with their actual expenses, to be paid as the expenses of the curators are paid. Said executive board shall be subject to change or removal at pleasure of the board of curators. The board of curators shall also appoint annually three of their number to act as an executive committee of the school of inines and metallurgy, with like powers and compensation as those of the executive board at Columbia. Said executive committee shall also be subject to change or removal at pleasure of the board of curators.

SEC. 10470. The governor shell, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, fill all vacancies caused by the expiration of the term of office of any curator, and he shall also fill all vacancies occasioned by death, resignation, or removal, which may occur while the general assembly is not in session; but all such appointees shall continue in office only until the meeting of the general assembly next thereafter, and until their successors be appointed and qualified. All vacancies which may exist at or during the meeting of the biennial sessions of the general assembly, caused by death, resignation, or removal shall be filleci in like manner as those created by the expiration of official terms, and shall be only for the unexpired time of the party whose vacancy is thereby filled.

SEC. 10171. All appointments to fill vacancies, except such as may be made to fill out unexpired terins, shall be for the term of six years, and until the successors of such appointees shall be appointed and qualified.

SEC. 10472. At all meetings of the board of curators geven members shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

SEC, 10473. The curators shall have power to appoint and remove, at discretion, the president, professors, instructors, and other employees of the university: to define and assign their powers and duties, and to fix their compensation.

Sec. 10474. The president and treasurer of the university, residing at Columbia, and the treasurer of the School of Mines and Metallurgy, residing at Rolla, shall, at each annual meeting of the board, prepare and submit to the board a carefully prepared statement of the probable amount of income, as near as may be, of the university and all its departments for the year following, and the curators shall thereupon make an estimate of the probable expenses of the institution and each of its departments for the ensuing year, based upon the statements above mentioned, and make the necessary appropriations to meet saici expenses for the current year; and in no instance shall the board of curators create any indebtedness in any one year above what they can pay out of the annual income of said year.

SEC. 10475. The curators shall cause to be ma'le annually a carefni and complete inventory and appraisement of all property, rtal and personal, belonging to the university in every department thereof; and in order to preserve said property from waste or injury it shall be the duty of the board to prescribe such rules and regulations as shall secure a careful inspection of said property and comparison of the same with prior inventories.

SEC. 10476. No person who is related by blood or marriage to any member of the board of curators of the university shall be appointed to any position in the university as officer, member of any faculty, or employee.

SEC. 10477. There shall be two regular meetings of said board of curators in each year, to be holden in the university edifice, or in the town of Columbia. The annual meeting shall be held on the third Tuesday in December, and the semiannual meeting on the Tuesday preceding the first Thursday in June, unless different days shall be fixed upon by said board.

SEC. 10178. If any enrator shall remove from the district in which he resided at the time of his appointment, or shall fail to attend any annual, semiannual, or regularly called meeting of the board, of which meeting he shall have had due notice, his office shall become at once vacant, unless such absence shall be caused by sickness, or some accident pre venteil his arrival at the time and place appointed for the meeting of the board of curators; and if a vacancy shall occur by death, resignation, or from any other cause, the governor shall, without delay, upon being informed of the fact by the secretary of the board of curators, till such vacancy by appointment: and the person so appointed shall serve until the next regular meeting of the general assembly, and until his successor is appointed and qualified.

SEC. 10479. The curators shall sererally take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and of this State and faithfully demean themselves in office.

SEC, 10480. There shall be a president and vice-president of the board, who shall he chosen by the board from the members thereof; a secretary, a treasurer, and such other officers of the board as they shall deem necessary, who shall be appointed by the board, and hold their offices duing the pleasure of the board.

SEC. 10481. The president and, if he be absent, the vice-president, and if both he absent, a curator chosen for the occasion, shall preside at the meetings of the board.

SEC. 10189. The president of the board, and until his election or in case of his absence or disability, any three enrators, shall have power to call a special meeting of the board at the place of holding the annual meetings, provided. they give timely notice thereof, in such form as the board shall by by-law prescribe.

SEC. 10183. Alljourned meetings may be ordered and held hy the board at such time and place as shall be agreed upon by them.

SEC, 10484. It shall be the duty of said board of curators to cause to be furnished to the legislature on or before the second Monday of each regular session thereof a list of the names of all the students that may have been taught at said institution during the two preceding vears, giving the names, the ages, the place of residence of each, or the time that each one has been taught, as well as the tuition fees charged per session for the various branches of study. It shall likewise be the duty of the board to furnish the legislature with an abstract of the ainonnts annually paid to the president, and each professor, instructor, or other employee of said institution. together with an itemizel account of all other expenses of the institution.

SEC. 10485. The secretary shall keep a journal of the proceedings of the curators, in which the ayes and noes on all questions shall be entered if reqnested by any one of the curators present.

SE10486. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep and preserve all records, books, and papers belonging to the board; to prepare, under the tirection of the board, all their reports, estimates, etc., and record the same in a book to be kept for that purpose, and generally to do and execute all such matters and things as belong to his office and may be required of him by the curators; and his compensation shall be fixed by the board.

SEC, 10487. Any citizen of the State shall, at all times, have access to and be permitted to take copies of any or all the records, books, and papers of ihe board.

SEC. 10488. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive, keep, and disburse all moneys belonging to the board, and to perform all customary acts pertaining to his office, under the direction of the curators, and to make report of the saine at the annual meeting of the board; his compensation shall be fixed by the board, provided that the same shall not exceed for any one year, the sum of $150.

SEC. 1918). The treasurer of the board shall, upon his appointment and before he enters upon the duties of his office, give bond to the State of Missouri, to the use of the curato rs of the University of the State of Missouri, with at least two good and solvent sureties, in such sum as may be required by the board, to be approved by the board and filed among their papers and records, conditioned that he will faithfully administer the university funds coming into his hands, and disburse and invest the same according to the directions of the board of curators; and such bond shall be renewed every two years or oftener if deemeil necessary by the board of (urators.

SE!", 10490. The treasurer of the board of curators shall make out semiannually a full statement of his accounts, showing the amount of money which he has received and the items of expenditure, and when approved by the board a copy of the account shall be entered on the record.

SEC. 10491. The curators shall have power to make such by-laws or ordinances, rnley, and regulations as they may judge most expedient for the accomplishment of the trust reposel in them, and for the government of their officers and employees and to seeure their accountability.

SEC: 10492. The curators shall have the anthority tá confor by diploma, iwder their common seal, on any person whom they may judge worthy thereof, ruch degrees as are known to and usually granted by any college or university.

SEC, 1019.3. Grants maile to the curators for specific purposes and usag shall not be applieel either wholly or in part to any other uses.

SEC. 10494. It shall be the duty of the curatury to provide for the protection and improvement of the site of the University of the State of Missouri as selected and established by law; to erert and continue thereon all edifices designed for the 125e and accommolation of the officers and students of the university, and to furni-h and a lapt the same to the nses of the several departments of instruction,

SEC. 10495. It shall be the duty of the president of the university, among other things, to surerintend and direct the care and management of the institution and its grounds at Columbia, and to make and transmit to the curators, at each regilar meeting thereof, a report of the state and condition thereof, containing such particulars as the curators shall 1 quire.

SEO: 10496. The president, professors, and instructors shall each have the care and management of the books and apparatus belonging to their respective departments, and the librarian the care and superintendency of the library.

SEC. 10197. All salarity of the officers, professors, instructors, and employees of the university shall be payable monthly, on the first day of the month following that for which their salary has accruel, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and it shall be the duty of the president of the board of curators to draw his warrant accordingly, on the treasurer of the board, payable to the oriler of the officer, professor, instructor, or other employee, as the case may be, ther-in named.

Sec. 1949%. Should the president or any professor, instructor, or other person holding office in the university hy selection, appointment, contract, or engagement of the board of curators fail to discharge for any length of time his official duties, without having obtaineil the permission of sail boaril, the talary or compensavion of such president, professor, instructor, or other person holding office in the university shall cease for the time he shall so fail to discharge his official duties, and no compensation shall be allowed for such time; but if said board shall be satisfied that such president, professor, instrretor, or other person holding office in the university as aforesail, had good cause for failing to discharge his official duties, then no part of his salary or compensation shall be declucted or withheld on account of snooh failure.

SEC. 10199. All yonths, resident of the State of Vissouri, over the age of sixteen years shall be admitted to all the privileges and advantages of the various classes of the practical, scientific, and literary departments of the University of the State of Missouri without payment of tnition, provideri cach applicant for admission therein shall possess such scholastic attainments and mental and moral qualifications as shall be prescribed in rules adopted and established by the board of curators; and provided further, that nothing herein enacter shall be construed to prevent tha boari of curators from collecting reasonable tuition fees in the law department and in the medical department and the necessary fers for supplies in the laboratories of the university or school of mines and establishing such fees for library and incidental espanses in other departments, not to excelle! $5 per annum, as they may find new ary.

SEC. 10.500, No rule or regulation shall ever be established by the barrl which shall in any way limit the right of the students of the university or any of its departments to present their grievances and t) ask for their redress by respectful petitions presented to the board.

SEC. 10.101. The secretary of state is hereby r:quired to procure and furnish to the library of the law department of the university five copies of every revision of the statutes made: or approved by the general assembly of the State: tive copies of each sussion act, whether regular, adjourneel, or sperial; five copies of every report of the supreme court and of the courts of appeals hereaft:r issirvel and four copies of such reports heretofore issued as may be on hand, and five copies of such dig sth of said reports as may be selected by the dean of said departinent: and he shall also procure and furnish to the general library of the miversity and to the library of the school of mines two copies of each and every official 14 port and publication issued by the State or any officer thereof; and, so far as he maylie able to do so, he shall procure and furnish to sail libraries two copies of each and every printed report of any corporation organized under t?e laws of this state or which may be authorized to do business therein.

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