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TABLE 5.Legal provisions relating to teachers' certificates-Continued.


By what author


Where valid.

Experience required.

Scholarship requirements.

Reference to
school law.

Section 72

Eigh school city cer- City board of Not exceeding 4 High school in Not prescribed. tificate. examiners. years.

where is

Intermediate school


Intermediate do city certificate.

schools in city

where issued.
City primary school


Primary schools do

in city where

issued. City permanent cer- .do


Any school in 3 years in Texas tificate.

city where is sued.

Examination in branches required by the
city board, but not inferior to the red

ments for a first-grade county certificate.
Examination in branches required by the
city board, but not inferior to the require-
ments for a second-grade county certifi-

[blocks in formation]

Examination in the branches required by the

city board, but not inferior to the requirements for a permanent county certificate.

a If an average of 85 per cent and nothing less than 50 per cent in any branch is made in the examination for a second-grade county certificate, the certificate is good for five years instead of three.


Name of certificate. By whatauthor


Where valid.

Experience required.

Scholarship requirements.



2 years in Utah,

Graduates of the University of Utah; or ex- School law, Chap

amination in arithmetic, United States ter I, sections 3
history, reading and elocution, spelling, and 5.
political and physical geography, physiol.
ogy, algebra. physics, rhetoric, drawing,
plane and solid geometry, botany, English
literature, general history, civil govern-
ment, history and science of education, and
psychology; any three of these branches:
chemistry, geology, French, German, Latin,
Greek, trigonometry, zoology, biology, and

mineralogy. Applicant must be 20 years
Examination in the first 18 branches of the Chapter I, section

above, except substituted nature study
for solid geometry. Applicant must be 20
years of age.

[blocks in formation]

Name of certificate.

ity issued.

ity issued.

State teacher's pro- State board of Life fessional high education. school diploma.

State teacher's

fessional diplomaof grammar grade.

State (grammar

and primary public schools).


Examination in reading, writing, spelling, Section 34.

English grammar, geography, arithmetic,
United States history, civil government,
physical geography, physics, algebra, bot-
any, physiology, and hygiene. Applicant
must be 20 years of age.
Examination in civil government, physical Letter from State

geography, elementary physics, algebra, superintendent,
botany, and such other branches as the May 5, 1903.
board may prescribe, besides the branches

for a city grammar grade certificate. Same as the city primary grade



do, a



Examination in pedagogy, reading, writing,

spelling, English grammar, geography,
United States history, arithmetic, physi-
ology and hygiene, nature studies, and

Same branches as teacher's certificate of pri-

mary grade.
Same branches as the county teacher's cer-

tificate of grammar grade.

County teacher's cer- County board

tificate of grammar of examiners. grade. County teacher's cer-

5 years.

State teacher's certificate of grammar grade.

City teacher's certifi- City board of 1 yeara. cate of high school education. grade.

High school of

specified city.

ED 1903-33


City teacher's certifi

cate of grammar

co City teacher's certifi-

cate of primary


of specified

Primary school

of specified

tificate of primary




a Subject to almost indefinite renewal if work is satisfactory. Diplomas and certificates from other States will be indorsed properly after the holder has taught two years in Utah.

TABLE 5.Legal provisions relating to teachers' certificates--Continued.


Name of certificate. By what author

[blocks in formation]

10 years



Graduate of the higher course of the State Chapter 35, Sec-
normal or training school.

tion 645.

[blocks in formation]

Unlimited certificate. State superin- Life

5 years
cense to teach).
First-grade college County exam-

certificate (on di-
First-grade kinder-

garten certificate
(on diploma).
First-grade certifi-

cate (on examina-

2 years
cate (on diploma).

Graduate of a lower course of the State nor

mal or training school.a
Graduate of a college course approved by Chapter 35, sec-
the State superintendent.

tion 658.
Graduates of normal schools of other States. Do.





Graduate of approved kindergarten train- Chapter 38, secing school.

tion 709.
40 weeks

Must pass a satisfactory written and oral ex- Chapter 35, Sec-
amination on the branches required.

tion 652.

Graduate of an academy, seminary, or high Chapter 35, sec

school approved by the normal board and tion 659.
has had 30 weeks of study in principles and
methods of education outlined by the

State superintendent.
12 weeks

Making satisfactory grades in examination Chapter 35, sec

on branches taught in the public schools. tion 653.
Recent successful Teachers who have held first or second No.25, acts of 1902.

grade certificates.

Chapter 35, sec

tion 654.



ity issued.

tendent and
county super-

Normal diploma (li- State normal
cense to teach). school com-

Normal school (li-

graduate certifi- iner.
cate (on diploma).
First-grade normal do

Second-grade certifi-

cate (on examina-

Special second-grade .do
certificate (with-

out examination). Third-grade certifi


[blocks in formation]

a The graduate who, at the fifth annual examination after his graduation, can produce evidence of having taught one hundred weeks successfully will be years old. admitted to the examination for the next higher certificate, and if he passes the examination will be granted a ten-year certificate. All applicants must be 17

Limited third-grade certificates are granted by examiners on examination for particular schools for a limited time, not to exceed one year.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

7 years
First - grade county County super- 3 years b.



9 months


2 years



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Examination the same as for a county first- Page 84.

class certificate and in such other branches

as the superintendent may direct.
Same as for a life diploma....

Same as for a county third grade, with an av.

Page 81.
erage of 85 per cent and nothing less than
60 per cent in any branch. The applicant

must be 19 years old.
Same as for a county third grade with a gen-
eral average of 75 per cent and not less than
50 per cent in any branch. The applicant

must be 18 years old.
Examination in spelling, reading, writing,

arithmetic, grammar, geography, history,
civil government, physiology and hygiene,
theory and art of teaching, General aver-
age of 65 per cent, with nothing less than 40

per cent.
In the branches that the applicant is required Page 80.

to teach
Graduates of the State normal school or other Page 83.

institution approved by the State superin-
tendent will receive normal certificates on
diplomas; orgraduatesfrom colleges or uni-
versities who have taught for 3 years in
Virginia on a first-grade certificate,


City superin

State superin- Life


Life diploma.

Professional certifi

Second-grade county


Third-grade county


City certificate

State normal certifi



a Life diplomas are not good after three successive years passing without the holders being engaged in actual school work.

o Renewed for period not exceeding two years. All applicants must be 18 years old. Teachers wishing to teach other branches than those they have been examined in must take examination in such branches.


TABLE 5.—Legal provisions relating to teachers' certificates-Continued.

WASHINGTON. Name of certificate. By what author

ity issued. Duration. Where valid. Experience required.

Scholarship requirements.

a The board of education and the State superintendent may issue life certificates and diplomas to applicants holding the same from other States or common
school certificates upon graduation from a four-year collegiate course or normal course equivalent to the State

normal or University of Washington and pass
examination in theory and practice of teaching, psychology, and history of education, after twenty-seven months of teaching (nine in the State of Washington).
All applicants must be 17 years old. State certificates and common school first and second grade certificates can be renewed under certain circumstances.
o These certificates must be registered with

the county superintendent of the county in which the applicant expects to teach during the coming year.

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