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TABLE 5.Legal provisions relating to teachers' certificates—Continued.

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High-school life cer- State board of Life

All public schools
Professional experience and ability

Chapter 12, sec

tion 4066.

Common-school life

State common
A knowledge of such branches as common



schools require.
Special life certificate

State (special

A knowledge of the special branches that Do. branches).

are to be taught by the applicant. Cincinnati life cer- Board of exam-

District wherein 50 months(30 months Examination in history of education, science Chapter 12, sectificate. iners of Cin


in Cincinnati). of education, psychology, besides branches tions 4074, 4081. cinnati.

required for a county certificate. Eight-year county County board 8 years


3 years (18 monthsin Examination in botany, algebra, natural Chapter 12, sec-
of examiners.

one place).

philosophy, English literature, and must tion 4073

hold a five-year certificate, Five-year countycer-

5 years

3 years (12 months in Must hold a county certificate


one place).
Primary and special Board of exam-

Primary school

Examination in special branches, also physi- Chapter 12, seccertificates. iners. |(special branches)

tion 4074.

ology and hygiene.
Three-year county i County board 3 years


Same as county one-year certificate; grade | Chapter 12, seccertificate. of examiners.

in examination governing.

tion 4073
Two-year county cer-

2 years

One-year county cer-

1 year

do None

Examination in orthography, reading, writtificate.

ing, arithmetic, geography, English grammar, United States history, civil govern

ment, theory and practice of teaching.
District city certifi-City board of 1,2,3, and 5 years. District or city. Same as county ex- Requirements are the same as for connty Chapter 12, sec-
cept for 5 years, certificates.

tion 4081.
when 18 months is
required in one

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5 years.


First - grade county County board 3 years

of examiners.


12 months

Examination in orthoepy, spelling, reading,

writing, composition, grammar, English
literature, arithmetic, algebra, plane and
solid geometry, political and physical
geography, United States and general his-
tory, civil government, physiology and
hygiene, methodology and history of edu-
cation, either botany, zoology, and physics
or two of the following: Chemistry, polit-
ical economy, and Latin. Generalaverage
of 80 per cent, with no branch below 70 per

Examination in bookkeeping and physics, Article 12, sec-
besides the branches required for a second-

tion 4.
grade certificate. Average of 90 per cent,
with no branch below 70 per cent. The
applicant must be at least 20 years of age.
Examination in civil government, besides

the branches required for a third-grade
certificate. Anaverage of 80 per cent, with
no branch below 60 per cent. The appli-

cant must be at least 18 years of age.
Examination in spelling, reading, writing, Do.

English grammar, composition, geography,
arithmetic, United States history, physi-
ology and hygiene, theory and practice of
teaching, An average of 70 per cent, with
no branch below 50 per cent. Applicants

must be at least 16 years old.
Such examination as may be required by the Article 9, section
city board of examiners.


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Five-year profession

al certificate.

Second-grade county


Third-grade county


City certificate

City board of


City where is.


A second-grade county certificate may be granted to graduates of the normal course of the county high school. First-grade certificates may be indorsed by other county superintendents upon the payment of the legal fee. County superintendents can grant temporary certificates until the next examination.


TABLE 5.Legal provisions relating to teachers' certificates—Continued.


Third-grade county

State certificate (on




Other State diplomas or certificates are indorsed after the applicant has taught the required time in Oregon; temporary certificates are issued for that time.

All county certificates may be indorsed by other county superintendents. The first-grade county certificate may be renewed. The primary certificate is good for the first three grades of a school or as an assistant teacher.

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Experience required.

Name of certificate. By what author


Where valid.


State superin- Life

3 full terms in pub- Graduates from a four-years' collegiate Section 329.

lic schools of course, Must be 21 years of age, a success. Pennsylvania. ful teacher, and a person of good moral

character. 3 full school terms... Must hold a professional certificate

Section 325.


County, city, or

borough (good forlyearin an

other county). County, city, 1 year longer County, city, or or borough than the

borough. superintend- perintendent's ent.

term. .do 1 year a.





Examination same as provisional certificate,

Do. and the applicant must have had success

in teaching Examination in orthography, reading, writ- Section 306, Sec

ing, geography, English grammar, written tion II. and mental arithmetic, United States history, theory and art of teaching, civil government, including State and local government, elementary algebra.

ity issued.

State certificate


Permanent certif


Professional certifi


Provisional certifi


a Can not be renewed or indorsed. State certificates from other States or State normal diplomas from other States will be indorsed, provided those States will in return indorse Pennsylvania certificates and diplomas.

PHILIPPINE ISLANDS. They have not yet established a regular system of certificating the teachers, as they have just established their normal course of four years; but the qualifications for United States teachers are as follows:

(1) Applicants must be either normal or college graduates, or of equivalent education. (2) They must have had at least two years successful experience in school work. Copies of testimonials should accompany each applicant. (3) Two references, who can vouch for the moral character and personal habits of the applicant, must be given.

(4) Applicants must pass an examination in the following branches: Arithmetic, political and physical geography, American history and government, general history and current topics, English grammar, composition and dictation, physiology and hygiene, algebra, school methods and manageinent.

(5) A certificate of good health from a reliable physician must be filed by each applicant.

6). A contract to serve two years and accept whatever location may be assigned them will be required from all appointees. The teacher receives $900 per year, payable monthly, in local currency at the legal ratio.

The transportation is given from the sailing point to the islands, and after six months of satisfactory work in the islands the Government will also pay back the traveling fees from residence to place of embarkment. But the expense for fees on board of ship is first paid by the person. The salary begins when the appointee leaves home.


TABLE 5.-Legal provisions relating to teachers' certificates-Continued.


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N. B.—The rent and board for the teachers comes out of the school fund. It can not be less than $8 or greater than $15 per month.



ers' certificate.


First-grade certificate State board of 3 years a.


Second-grade certifi.


2 years a

A diploma from a college, university, or other

higher institution of learning, and certifi-
cate of professional work; or examination

in branches given below.b
Diploma from a normal or high school and Chapter 544.

training school approved by the State
board of education; or examination in al-
gebra, plane geometry, Greek and Roman
history, physics, chemistry, rhetoric, Eng-
lish literature, civics, either botany, zool-
ogy, or mineralogy, and history of educa-
tion, methods, and school laws of Rhode
Island, besides branches required for a
third grade.

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