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Sperate miferi, cavete felices.



Printed for J. Davies; T. SMITH; N. TAYLOR, and



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THERE are an hundred faults in

this thing, and an hundred things might be said, to prove them beauties. But it is needless. A book may be amusing, with numerous errors; or, it may be very dull, without a single abfurdity. The hero of this piece unites in himself the three greatest characters upon earth; he is a priest, an husbandman, and the father of a family. He is drawn as ready to teach, and ready to obey; as simple in affluence, and majestick in adversity. In this age of opulence and refinement, whom can such a character please ? Such as are fond of high life, will turn with disdain from the fimplicity A ?


of his country fire-side. Such as mistake ribaldry for humour, will find no wit in his harmless conversation ; and such as have been taught to deride religion, will laugh at one whose chief stores of comfort are drawn from futurity.

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? c H A P. 1. The description of the family of Wakefield; in which

a kindred likeness prevails, as well of minds as of persons.' T WAS ever of opinion, that the honest man

who married, and brought up a large fami- ly, did more service than he who continued single, and only talked of population. From this motive, I had scarce taken orders a year, before I began to think seriously of matrimony, chose my wife as she did her wedding gown, not for a fine glofly surface, but such qualities as would wear well. To do her justice, she was a good-natured notable woman ; and as for breeding, there were few country ladies who at that time could fhow more. She could read any English book without much spelling; and for pickling, preserving, and cookery, none could excel her. She prided herself much also upon being an excellent contriver in house-keeping; yet, I could never find that we grew richer with all her contrivances.

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