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The object of the present work is clearly announced in its title. It is to collect within a small compass the instructions of unerring wisdom upon a great variety of subjects which relate to the present and eternal interests of men, and comprising the doctrines and duties of a supernatural revelation. A reference to the list of subjects which the work contains, will show that the author's researches have been extensive; while a comparison of the work with others of the same general character evinces patient labour, and cannot fail to give it pre-eminence. While the track pursued is not new, it is more thorough, and more easily followed than that marked out by any previous compiler known to myself. The work contains not merely the proof texts on the subjects to which it refers; but, what appears to my own mind one of its excellences, the texts that illustrate these great subjects.

The work is truly an epitome of the Bible, presenting its great truths in that order in which they will be most easily found by the reader. Though the arrangement of the subjects is alphabetical, in the illustration of the subjects themselves the author has observed that connection between one truth and another which gives to each its proper place.

The work is an unpresuming, yet dignified tribute to the word of God, worthy the acceptance of the church, and one which every man may prize.



THE Bible furnishes very ample materials for all needful moral instruction, reproof, and encouragement. In its own inimitable language, it is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword - is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”-“is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. But the compilation of a convenient Manual of proof texts from its pages has been unaccountably neglected. The loose manner in which Gaston, and others, have thrown together texts of Scripture for this purpose, has long been a tax upon our patience. The SCRIPTURE MANUAL owes its origin to a conviction of the need of a Text-Book, that should assume a more convenient order, bear more effectually against the modern forms of error and vice, and more fully and fearlessly declare “ all the counsel of God.” The Editor is greatly obliged to the friends of this enterprise, who have aided in the preparation or circulation of the several editions and revisions of the work. The present revision has been stereotyped sooner than was otherwise necessary, in order to embrace the improvements and additions made during the last five years. It has over one hundred additional topics, a much more full and perfect index, a triple or quadruple number of references to kindred subjects, together with no little improvement in the relevancy of its proof texts, and order of the work. This Bible Manual of select proof texts was cut from

pages of Bibles in the most common use, and the Manual may be depended upon as accurate Scripture. The italic words are also preserved. The number of the verses is given, that the reader may discover any omission made, of passages not


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