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Wint. Tale,

Tasking, sb. challenging. 1 H. IV. v. 2.
Taste, v. t. to try. Tw. N. III. 4.
Tawdry-lace, sb. a rustic necklace.
IV. 3.
Taxation, sb. satire, sarcasm. As you Like it, 1. 2.
Taxing, sb. satire.
As you
Like it, II. 7.

Teen, sb. grief. Temp. 1. 2.
Tell, v. t. to count. Temp. II. I.
Temper, v. t. to mix. Cym. v. 5.
Temperance, sb. temperature. Temp. II. 1.
Tempered, p.p. mixed. Ham. v. 2.
Tend, v. t. to attend to. 2 H. VI. 1. 1.
Tender, v. t. to hold, to esteem. Temp. II. 1.
To have consideration for. Two Gent. IV. 4.
Tent, v. t. to probe as a wound. Cor. III. 1.
Tent, sb. a probe for searching a wound. Cym.

III. 4.

Tercel, sb. the male of the goshawk. T. & Cr.

III. 2.

Termagant, sẻ. a ranting character in old plays. Ham. III. 2.

Tested, p. p. pure, assayed. M. for M. II. 2.
Testern, v. t. to reward with a tester, or sixpence.
Two Gent. I. I.

Tharborough, sb. (corrupted from 'third-borough')
a constable. L's L's L. I. I.
Theorick, sb. theory. All's Well, IV. 3.
Thewes, sb. sinews, muscles. 2 H. IV. III. 2.
Thick, adv. rapidly. 2 H. IV. 11. 3; Cym. III. 2.
Thick-pleached, p.p. thickly intertwined. Much
Ado, I. 2.

Third-borough, sb. a constable. Ind. to Tam. of
S. I.

Thought, so. anxiety, grief. Ham. II. 1; A. & C. IV. 6. So 'to take thought' is to give way to grief. J. C. II. 1.

Thrasonical, adj. boastful. As you Like it, v. 2. Three-man beetle, sb. a wooden mallet worked by three men. 2 H. IV. 1. 2.

Three-man-song-men, sb. singers of glees in three
parts. Wint. Tale, iv. 3.
Three-pile, sb. three-piled velvet. Wint. Tale,
IV. 3.

Threne, sb. lament. Ph. & T. 49.
Thrid, sb. thread, fibre. Temp. IV. 1.
Throe, v.t. to put in agonies. Temp. II. I.
Thrum, sb. the tufted end of a thread in weaving.
M. N's Dr. v. I.

Thrummed, p.p. made of coarse ends or tufts.
Merry Wives, IV. 2.

Tickle, adj. ticklish. M. for M. 1. 3.
Tight, adj. nimble, active. Tam. of S. II. 1;
A. & C. IV. 4.

Tightly, adv. briskly, promptly. Merry Wives,

I. 3; II. 3.

Tike, sb. a cur. H. V. 11. 1.

Tod, v.i. to yield a tod of wool. Wint. Tale, 1v. 3. Tokens, sb. plague spots. L's L's L. v. 2. Tokened, p.p. marked with plague spots. A. & C.

III. 8.

Toll, v.i. to exact toll. 2 H. IV. IV. 4. Το pay toll. All's Well, v. 3.

Too too, adv. excessively. Two Gent. 1. 4; Ham.

I. 2.

Topless, adj. supreme, without superior. T. & Cr. 1. 3.

Touch, so. touchstone for testing gold. R. III. IV. 2. Trait. As you Like it, 111. 2. An acute feeling. Cym. I. 1.

Touched, p.p. pricked. T. A. IV. 4.
Touse, v.t. to pull, drag. M. for M. v. 1.
Toward, adv. nearly ready. M. N's Dr. III. I.
Towards, adv. nearly ready. R. & J. 1. 5.
Toys, sb. trifles, foolish tricks. 2 H. IV. 11. 4.
Trade, sb. beaten path. H. VIII. v. 1.
Tranect, sb. a ferry. M. of V. 111. 4.
Trash, v.t. to check, as a huntsman his hounds.
Temp. 1. 2; Oth. 11. 1.

Translated, p.p. transformed. M. N's Dr. III. I.
Travail, sb. labour, toil. 1 H. VI. v. 4.
Tray-trip, so. an old game played with dice.
Tw. N. 11. 5.

Treachers, sb. traitors. Lear, 1. 2.
Treaties, sb. entreaties. A. & C. 111. 9.
Trenched, p.p. carved. Two Gent. 111. 2.
Trick, sb. technically, a copy of a coat of arms;
hence, any peculiarity which distinguishes voice
or feature. Lear Iv. 6: Wint. Tale, 11. 3.
Trick, v.t. to dress up. H. V. 111. 6.
Tricked, p.p. blazoned. Ham. 11. 2.
Tricking, sb. ornament. Merry Wives, IV. 4.
Tricksy, adj. elegantly quaint. Temp. v. 1.
Triple, adj. third. A. & C. I. 1.
Trojan, sb. a cant word for a thief. 1 H. IV. 11. 1.
Trol-my-dames, sb. Fr. trou-madame; the name
of a game; also called pigeon-holes. Wint. Tale,

IV. 2.

Troth-plight, adj. betrothed. H. V. II. 1.
Trow, v. i. to trust, think. H. VIII. 1. 1.
True, adj. honest. Cym. II. 3.

Trundle-tail, sb. a long-tailed dog. Lear, 111. 6.
Tucket-sonance, sb. a flourish on the trumpet.
H. V. IV. 2.

Tundish, sb. a funnel. M. for M. 111. 2. Turlygood, sb. a name adopted by bedlam-beggars. Lear, 11. 3.

Turn, v. t. to modulate. As you Like it, 11. 5.
Twangling, pr. p. twanging. Temp. III. 2.
Twiggen, adj. made of twigs, wicker. Oth. II. 3.
Twilled, p.p. Temp. iv. 1. A doubtful word.
Twink, sb. a twinkling. Temp. III. 3.
Twire, v. i. to peep, twinkle. Son. 28.

Vade, v. i. to fade. P. P. 131, 170.
Vail, z. t. to lower. M. for M. v. 1.
Vailing, pr. p. lowering. M. of V. I. 1.

Tilly-vally, int. an exclamation of contempt. Vainness, sb. vanity. H. V. v. Chorus.

Tw. N. II. 3.

Tilth, sb. tillage. Temp. II. 1.

Timeless, adj. untimely. R. II. IV. 1.

Tinct, sb. stain, dye. Ham. 111. 4.

Tire, sb. attire, head-dress. Two Gent. IV. 4.

Tire, v.i. to tear as a bird of prey. 3 H. VI. 1. 1. Hence, metaphorically, to feed. Čym. III. 4. Tire, v.t. to attire, dress. Com. of E. II. 2.

Valanced, p. p. adorned with a valance or fringe;
applied to the beard. Ham. II. 2.
Validity, sb. value. All's Well, v. 3.
Vantage, sb. advantage. Two Gent. 1. 3.

Vantbrace, sb. armour for the front of the arm.
T. & Cr. I. 3.

Varlet, so. a servant, valet. T. & Cr. 1. 1.
Vast, so. properly a waste-place, metaphorically,

the dead of night. Temp. 1. 2. A gulf. Wint.
Tale, 1. 1.

Vastidity, sb. immensity. M. for M. III. 1.
Vastly, adv. like a waste. Luc. 1740.
Vasty, adj. vast, waste. 1 H. IV. III. I.

Under-wrought, p.p. undermined. John, 11. 1.
Uneath, adv. hardly. 2 H. VI. III. 4.
Unexpressive, adj. inexpressible. As you Like it,

III. 2,

Unfair, v.t. to deprive of beauty. Son. 5.

Vaunt, so. the van, that which precedes. T. & Unhappily, adv. censoriously. H. VIII. 1. 4.
Cr. Prol.

Vaunt-couriers, sb. forerunners. Lear, III. 2.
Vaward, sb. the van, vanguard, advanced guard
of an army. H. V. IV. 3. Hence, metaphori-
cally, the first of anything. M. N's Dr. Iv. 1.
Vegetives, sb. herbs, Per. III. 2.
Velure, sb. velvet. Tam. of S. III. 2.
Velvet-guards, so. literally, velvet trimmings; ap-
plied metaphorically to the citizens who wore
them. I Hen. IV. III. 1.

Venew, sb. a bout in fencing, metaphorically ap-
plied to repartee and sallies of wit. L's L's L.

V. I.

Veney, sb. a bout at fencing. Merry Wives, 1. 1.
Venge, v. t. to avenge. H. V. 1. 2.
Ventages, sb. holes in a flute or flageolet. Ham.

III. 2.

Verbal, adj. wordy. Cym. II. 3.

Very, adj. true, real. Two Gent. III. I.
Via, int. off with you! Merry Wives, 11. 2.
Vice, v. t. to screw. Wint. Tale, 1. 2.

Vice, sb. the buffoon in the old morality plays.

Ham. III. 4.

Vie, v. i. to challenge; a term at cards. A. & C.
v. 2. To play as for a wager. Tam. of S. II. 1.
Viewless, adj. invisible. M. for M. III. 1.
Villain, sb. a lowborn man. As you Like it, 1. I.
Vinewed, p.p. mouldy. T. & Cr. II. 1.
Viol-de-gamboys, sb. a bass viol. Tw. N. 1. 3.
Virginalling, pr. p. playing as on the virginals, a
kind of a spinet. Wint. Tale, 1. 2.
Virtue, sb. the essential excellence. Temp. I. 2.
Valour. Lear, v. 3.

Virtuous, adj. excellent. M. N's Dr. III. 2.
dowed with virtues. As you Like it, 1. 3.
Vizament, sb. advisement. Merry Wives, 1. 1.
Voluble, adj. fickle. Oth. II. I.

Voluntary, sb. volunteer. John, II. 1.


Votarist, sb. votary, one who has taken a vow.
M. for M. I. 5.

Vulgar, sb. the common people. L's L's L. I. 2.
Vulgar, adj. common. John, II. 2.
Vulgarly, adv. publicly. M. for M. v. 1.

Umbered, p.p. stained, dark, as with umber. H.
V. IV. Chorus.

Unaneled, pp. without extreme unction. Ham.

I. 5.

Unavoided, adj. unavoidable. R. III. iv. 4.
Unbarbed, p.p. untrimmed. Cor. 111. 2.
Unbated, pp. unblunted. Ham. IV. 7.
Unbolt, v.t. to disclose. Tim. 1. 1.

Unbolted, p.p. unsifted, unrefined. Lear, II. 2.
Unbreathed, p.p. unpractised M. N's Dr. v. I.
Uncape, v.. to throw off the hounds. Merry
Wives, III. 3.

Uncharged, pp. undefended, applied to the gates
of a city. Tim. v. 4.

Unclew, v.t. to unravel, undo. Tim. 1. 1.
Uncoined, p.p. unalloyed, unfeigned. H. V. v. 7.
Undergo, v.t. to undertake. Tim. III. 5.
Undertaker, so. one who takes up another's quar-
rel. Tw. N. III. 4.

Unhappy, adj. mischievous. All's Well, iv. 5.
Unhatched, pp. undisclosed. Oth. III. 4.
Unhouseled, pp. without receiving the sacra-
ment. Ham. I. 5.

Unimproved, pp. unreproved. Ham. 1. 1.
Union, sb. a pearl. Ham. v. 2.

Unjust, adj. dishonest. 1 H. IV. IV. 2.
Unkind, adj. unnatural. Lear, III. 4.
Unlived, adj. bereft of life. Lucr. 1754.
Unmanned, p.p. untamed, applied to a hawk. R.
& J. III. 2.

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Unowed, p.p. unowned. John, IV. 3.
Unpregnant, adj. stupid. M. for M. IV. 4.
Unproper, adj. common to all. Oth. iv. 1.
Unquestionable, adj. not inquisitive. As you Like
it, III. 2.

Unready, adj. undressed. 1 H. VI. II. 1.
Unrespective, adj. inconsiderate. R. III. IV. 2.
Unsisting, adj. unresting. M. for M. iv. 2.
Unstanched, p.p. incontinent. Temp. 1. I.
Untempering, adj. unsoftening. H. V. v. 2.
Untented, adj. unsearchable. Lear, 1. 4.
Untraded, adj. unused, uncommon. T. & Cr. IV. 5.
Untrimmed, p.p. spoiled of grace or ornament.

Son. 18.

Untrue, sb. untruth. Son. 113.

Unvalued, adj. invaluable. R. III. 1. 4.
Upspring reel, sb. a boisterous dance. Ham. 1. 4.
Urchin, sb. the hedge-hog. Temp. 1. 2.
Usance, sb. usury. M. of V. I. 3.
Use, sb. interest. M. for M. 1. 1.
Utis, sb. riotous merriment, which accompanied
the eighth day of a festival. 2 H. IV. II. 4.
Utter, v.t. to expel, put forth. Much Ado, v. 3.
Utterance, sb. extremity. Mac. III. 1; Cym. III. 1.

Waft, .. to wave, beckon. Ham. I. 4. To turn.
Wint. Tale, 1. 2.

Waftage, sb. passage. T. & Cr. III. 2.
Wafture, sb. waving, beckoning. J. C. 11. 1.
Wage, v.t. to reward as with wages. Cor. v. 5.
Wailful, adj. lamentable. Two Gent. III. 2.
Waist, sb. the middle of a ship. Temp. 1. 2.
Wannion. 'With a wannion'='with a vengeance.'
Per. II. I.

Wappened, p.p. withered, overworn. Tim. IV. 3.
Ward, sb. guard. Temp. 1. 2. Prison. 2 H. VI.

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Waxen, v.i. perhaps, to hiccough. M. N's Dr.

II. I.

Wealth, sb. weal, advantage. M. of V. v. 1.
Wear, sb. fashion. As you Like it, II. 7.
Weather-fend, v.t. to defend from the weather.
Temp. v. 1.

Web and pin, sb. the cataract in the eye. Lear,
III. 4; Wint. Tale, 1. 2.

Wee, adj. small, tiny. Merry Wives, I. 4.
Weed, sb. garment. Tw. N. v. 1.
Ween, v.i. to think. 1 H. VI. 11. 5.
Weet, v.t. to wit, know. A. & C. I. 1.

Weigh out, v.t. to outweigh. H. VIII. 111. 1.
Welkin, sb. the sky. Merry Wives, 1. 3.
Welkin, adj. sky-blue. Wint. Tale, 1. 2.

Wis, in the compound 'I wis,' certainly. R. III.

I. 3.

Wish, v. t. to commend. Tam. of S. 1. 1.
Wistly, adv. wistfully. R. II. v. 4.

Wit, sb. knowledge, wisdom. M. of V. 11. 1.; J. C.

III. 2.

Without, prep. beyond. M. N's Dr. Iv. 1.
Wits, five, the five senses. Much Ado, 1. 1.
Wittol, sb. a contented cuckold. Merry Wives,

II. 2.

Witty, adj. intelligent. 3 H. VI. 1. 2.
Woman-tired, adj. hen-pecked. Wint. Tale, 11. 3.
Wondered, p.p. marvellously gifted. Temp. IV. 2.
Wood, adj. mad. Two Gent. II. 3.

Woodcock, sb. a simpleton. Tam. of S. 1. 2.

Well-liking, adj. in good condition. L's L's L. Woodman, sb. a forester, huntsman. Cym. 111. 6.


Well said, int. well done! 2 H. IV. 111. 2.

Wend, v.i. to go. M. for M. iv. 3.

Wesand, sb. the wind-pipe. Temp. III. 2.
Whelk, sb. a weal. H. V. 111. 6.

Whelked, p. p. marked with whelks or protuberances. Lear, Iv. 6.

When as, adv. when. Son. 49.

Where, adv. whereas. 2 H. VI. 111. 2; Lear, I. 2. Where, sb. a place. Lear, 1. 1.

When, an exclamation of impatience. Tam. of S.

IV. I.

Whiffler, sb. an officer who clears the way in
processions. H. V. v. Chorus.
While-ere, adv. a little while ago. Temp. 111. 2.
Whiles, adv. until. Tw. N. IV. 3.
Whip-stock, sb. handle of a whip. Tw. N. 11. 3.
Whist, adj. hushed, silent. Temp. 1. 2.
White, sb. the centre of an archery butt. Tam.
of S. v. 2.

Whiting-time, sb. bleaching time. Merry Wives,

[blocks in formation]

Whittle, so. a clasp knife. Tim. v. 3.
Whoo-bub, sb. hubbub. Wint. Tale, iv. 4.
Whoop, v.i. to cry out with astonishment. H. V.
II. 2. Comp. As you Like it, III. 2.
Wicked, adj. noisome, baneful. Temp. 1. 2.
Widow, v. t. to give a jointure to. M. for. M. v. 1.
Widowhood, sb. widow's jointure. Tam. of S. II. 1.
Wight, sb. person. Oth. II. I.
Wild, sb. weald. 1 H. IV. II. I.

Wilderness, sb. wildness. M. for M. 11. 1.
Wimpled, p.p. veiled, hooded. L's L's L. III. I.
Window-bars, sb. lattice-work across a woman's
stomacher. Tim. IV. 3.

Windring, pr. p. winding. Temp. 111. 3. Winter-ground, v. t. to protect (a plant) from frost. Cym. IV. 2.

A cant term for a wencher. M. for M. iv. 3. Woolward, adj. shirtless. L's L's L. v. 2. Word, v. t. to flatter or put off with words. A. & C. v. 2. To repeat the words of a song. Cym.

IV. 2.

World. "To go to the world' is to get married.
Much Ado, II. I. So 'a woman of the world'
is a married woman. As you Like it, v. 3.
Worm, sb. a serpent. M. for M. 111. 1.
Worser, adj. worse. Temp. IV. 1.
Worship, v. t. to honour. H. V. 1. 2.
Worth, sb. wealth, fortune. Tw. N. III. 3.
Worts, sb. cabbages. Merry Wives, 1. 1.
Wot, v. t. to know. Two Gent. IV. 4.
Wound, p.p. twisted about. Temp. 11. 2.
Wreak, sb. vengeance. Cor. IV. 5.
Wreak, v. t. to avenge. T. A. IV. 3.
Wreakful, adj. revengeful, avenging. Tim. IV. 3.
Wrest, sb. an instrument used for tuning a harp.
T. & Cr. III. 3.

Writ, sb. gospel, truth. Per. II. (Gower).
Writhled, p.p. shrivelled. 1 H. VI. 11. 3.
Wroth, sb. calamity, misfortune. M. of V. 11. 9.
Wry, v. i. to swerve. Cym. v. 1.

Wrung, p.p. twisted, strained. 1 H. IV. 11. I.

Yare, adj. ready. Used as an int., 'be' being understood. Temp. 1. 1.

Yarely, adv. readily. Temp. I. I.
Y-clad, p.p. clad. 2 H. VI. 1. 1.
Y-cleped, p.p. called, named. L's L's L. v. 2.
Yearn, v. t. to grieve, vex. Merry Wives, 111. 5;
R. II. v. 5.

Yellowness, sb. jealousy. Merry Wives, I. 3.
Yellows, sb. a disease of horses. Tam. of S. III. 2.
Yeoman, sb. a sheriff's officer. 2 H. IV. 11. 1.
Yield, v. t. to reward. A. & C. IV. 2.
To report.

A. & C. 11. 5.
Yond, adj. and adv. yonder. Temp. 1. 2.

Zany, sb. a clown, gull. L's L's L. v. 2.



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