She was young and he was old, by the author of 'Lover and husband'.

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Page 150 - GATHER ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles to-day, To-morrow will be dying. The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun, The higher he's a-getting, The sooner will his race be run, And nearer he's to setting. That age is best which is the first, When youth and blood are warmer; But being spent, the worse and worst Times still succeed the former. Then be not coy, but...
Page 104 - The dews of summer night did fall ; The moon, sweet regent of the -sky, Silver'd the walls of Cumnor Hall, And many an oak that grew thereby.
Page 176 - ... good man be ? By the side of a spring, on the breast of Helvellyn, Under the twigs of a young birch tree ! The oak that in summer was sweet to hear, And rustled its leaves in the fall of the year, And whistled and roared in the winter alone, Is gone, and the birch in its stead is grown. The Knight's bones are dust, And his good sword rust ; His soul is with the saints, I trust.
Page 188 - I'll do my best a gude wife to be, For auld Robin Gray is kind unto me.
Page 9 - Who haunt Parnassus but to please their ear, Not mend their minds, as some to church repair, Not for the doctrine but the music there...
Page 210 - tis budding new, And hope is brightest when it dawns from fears : The rose is sweetest wash'd with morning dew, And love is loveliest when embalm'd in tears. O wilding rose, whom fancy thus endears, I bid your blossoms in my bonnet wave, Emblem of hope and love through future years...
Page 128 - SHE'S pretty to walk with: And witty to talk with : And pleasant too to think on. But the best use of all Is, her health is a stale,* And helps us to make us drink on.
Page 188 - My heart, it said nay, for I looked for Jamie back ; But the wind it blew high, and the ship it was a...

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