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CHAP. XV. Page 227.

Departure from the Dardanelles-Tenedos-Mitylene-Storm-Ipsora -Arrival at Scio.

CHAP. XVI. Page 236.

Scio-Mastic-Beauty of the Ladies-Greek Nobility-LanguageDeparture from Scio-Gulph of Smyrna-Excursion in an open Boat-Smyrna-Arrangements previous to Departure.

CHAP. XVII. Page 247.

Departure from Smyrna-Description of the Country-Caravanserai -Formation of a Caravan-Caravan Bashee-Fountains-Arrival at Sart―Tmolus-Pactolus-Ruins of the Palace of Croesus→ Historical Sketch of Sardis.


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CHAP. XVIII, Page 260.

Departure from Sardis-Allah-sheer-Aphiom-kara-hissar-Dialogue with the Caravan Bashee-Caravan attacked by BandittiExtortion of the Author's Turkish Companions.


THE following ERRATA, which relate principally to proper names, have escaped observation, from the Author not having had it in his power to superintend the correction of the press.

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CHA P. XIX. Page 276.

Koniah-Grand Mosque of the Mewlewah Dervishes-Ceremonies of
Initiation-Rufayee Dervishes-Their Religious Ceremonies.

CHA P. XX. Page 288.

Departure from Koniah-Colles Lycaonum-Plain of singular Ap-pearance-Turcomauns-Visit. of a Greek Bishop-Capagee Bashee and Retinue-Ereklee-An Instance of Theft-Cilicia-Gurious Well-Mountains of Taurus-Cydnus-Adana-Conduct of a Cadee-Sarus-Caradash-Departure from Asia Minor.

CHAP. XXI. Page 309.

Arrival on the Coast of Syria-Adventure there-Suediah-Observations respecting Syria-Kurds—Antioch-Meeting with an English Traveller

CHAP. XXII. Page 321.

Historical Sketch and Description of Antioch-Singular Customs at


CHAP. XXIII. Page 332.

Departure from Martavaun-Aleppo-Description of an English Merchant's House-Concerts at the Coffee-houses-Puppet-shows -Gardens--Whimsical Anecdote-Usual Mode of passing the Day -Castle-Caloyers-Commerce and Government.

CHA P. XXIV. Page 346.

Occurrences at Aleppo-Departure with a Caravan destined to Bussorah-Desart..

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