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• And come and go, and go and come, *;45. * To bring your honey-harvest home in: . • Ma'm, architecture you're not skill'd in, it • I don't approve your way of building; • In this there's nothing like design, • Pray learn the use of Gunter's line, mis • I'll serve your Highness at a pinch, • I am a scholar ev'ry inch, • And know each author I lay fist on,.. • From Archimedes down to Whiston. • Tho' honey-making be your trade , • In chemistry you want some aid.---• Pleas’d with your work, altho' you sing, ... . You're not quite right—'tis not the thing. Myself would gladly be an actor, - : • To help the honey manufacture. .. • I hear for war you are preparing, • Which I should like to have a share in; . • Yet, tho' the enemy be landing, • 'Tis wrong to keep an army standing.. • If you'll insure me from the laws, • I'll write a pamphlet in your cause.• I vow I am concern'd to see • Your want of state-economy. • Of nothing living I pronounce ill, .. • But I don't like your privy-council... • There is, I know, a certain Bee, • (Would he was from the Ministry) •Which certain Bee, if rightly known, • Would prove no better than a drone ;,',

-- There are(but I shall name no names, lit... • I never love to kindle flames)x:? Kie) • A pack of rogues with crimes grown callous, • Who greatly would adorn the gallows; 43 I • That with the wasps, for paltry gold, 3002

A secret correspondence hold bai • Yet you'll be great your subjects frees i. . • If the whole thing be left to me.? c)

Thus, like the waters of the ocean, win: His tongue had run in ceaseless motion, D3 Had not the Queen ta’en up in wrathy su This thing of folly and of froth siste dans • Impertinent and witless meddler; • Thou smattering, empty, noisy pedlar! • By vanity, thou bladder blown, "To be the football of the town.

O happy England, land of freedom, • Replete with statesmen, if she need 'em, ". • Where war is wag'd by Joe or Nelly-3

And Jobson is'a Machiavel! • Tell Hardwick that his judgment fails, • Shew Justice how to hold her scales... • To fire the soul at once, and please, is • Teach Murray and Demosthenes ; *** • Say Vane is not by goodness grac'd, ** • And wants humanity and taste. : 17 "Tho' Pelham with Mæcenas vies, si * Tell Fame she's false, and Truth she lies; • And then return, thou verbal Hector, * And give the Bees another lecture.'

Thus said, the portal she unbarrd, s , Calling the Bees upon their guard,' - vops And set at once about his ears . . Ten thousand of her grenadiers.mi sono Some on his lips and palate hung, ta

i And the offending member stung. -. .

• Just,' says the Bard from out the groty: • Just, tho' severe, is your sad lot... • Who think, and talk, and live in vain, por

Of sweet society the bane. . • Business misplac'd is a mere jest, et mitt And active idleness at best.'



By Smart.

Nobilitas sąla est atque unica virtus.

***Jovenaz. I, with friend Juvenal agree, . Virtue's the true nobility; .. Has of herself sufficient charms, Altho' without a coat of arms. Honestus does not know the rules Concerning Or and Fez, and Gules.

Yet sets the wond'ring eye to gaze on
Such deeds no Herald e'er could blaze on.
Tawdry achievements out of place, propietat
Do but augment a fool's disgrace; why ons!
A coward is a double jest, ... inde en
Who has a Lion for his crest; Le Live
And things are come to such a pass, -.
Two Horses may support an Ass; .....
And on a Gamester or Buffoon,
A moral motto's a lampoon,

An honest Rustic, having done -
His master's work 'twixt sun and sun,
Retir'd to dress a little spot, '.
Adjoining to his homely cot,
Where pleas'd, in miniature, he found
His landlord's culinary ground,
Some herbs that feed, and some that heat,
The winter's medicine or meat.
The sage, which, in his garden seen,
No man need ever die* I ween;
The marjoram comely to behold,
With thyme and ruddiest 'marygold,
And mint and penny-royal sweet,
To deck the cottage windows meet;
And balm, that yields a finer juice ods
Than all that China can produce; ii
With carrots red and turnips white, ?
And leeks, Cadwallader's delight;; ..

* Cur moriatur Homo, cui salvia crescit in horto ?”

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