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Whistling he leap'd from leaf to leaf;
But what is music to the deaf?

At length, while poring on the ground,
With monumental look profound,
A curious vegetable caught
His—something similar to thought :
Wond'ring, he ponder'd stooping low," - send you
(Trelooby always loved å show) , tip
And on the Mandrake's vernal station, ?
Star'd with prodigious observation. · ..
Th' affronted Mandrake, with a frown, -
Address'd in rage the wealthy clown: 3

• Proud member of the rambling race, .. • That vegetate from place to place, il est Pursue the leveret at large, ata

? Nor near thy blunderbuss discharge. • Disdainful tho' thou look'st on me, • What art thou, or what can'st thou be?

In what consists thy work and fame?... • The preservation of the Game.*For what? thou avaricious elf,... · But to destroy it all thyself;...

h;... . .., • To lead a life of drink and feast, son 'T' oppress the poor, and cheat the priestory

Or triumph in a virgin lost, • Is all the manhood thou can'st boast.

Pretty, in nature's various plan, • To see a weed that's like a man ;. • But 'tis a grievous thing indeed • To see a mar so like a weed.'




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Yes- we excel in arts and arms, boisesti
In learning's love and beauty's charms, 03.17
The sea's wide empire we engross, 28 DMZ A
All nations hail the British cross; hone
The land of liberty we tread, :;. re it
And woe to his devoted head
Who dares the contrary advance,
One Englishman's worth two of France;
These, these are truths, what man wo'n't write for,
Wo’n't swear, wo'n't bully, or wo’n't fight for?
Yet (tho', perhaps, I speak thro’ vanity) .in.
Would we'd a little more humanity ::
Too far, I fear, I've drove the jest .is
So leave to Cock and Bull the resti ?

A Bull whose prime of life was past, .,; And to decay was bäst’ning fast, Now left the meadow's green parade, Bois And sought a solitary shade. s ets com • Is this the case,' quoth Hodge, O rare!: • But hold, to-morrow is the fair. :

) • Thou-to thy doom, old boy, art fated, *.,*:? • To-morrow-ånd thou shalt be baited."

The deed was done ali ! cruel wrong! Bloody description, hold thy tongue. In

Victorious yet the Bull return’d,
And with stern silence inly mourn'd.

A vet’ran, brave, majestic Cock Who serv'd for hour-glass, guard, and clock, Who crow'd the mansion's first relief, Alike from sloth and from the thief; Whose youth escap'd the Christmas skillet, * *. Whose vigour brav'd the Shrovetide billet, . . Had just return'd in wounds and pain; -; . Triumphant from the barbarous train..." By riv'let's brink, with trees o'er-grown, or He heard his fellow sufferer's inoan; And, greatly scorning wounds and smart, **** Gave him three cheers with all his heart: wiki A Riše, neighbour, from that pensive attitude, • Brave witness of vile man's ingratitude; si • And let us both with spur and horn, • The cruel reasoning monster scorn. • Methinks, at ev'ry dawn of day, 1 63, • When first I chant my blithsome lay, - wies! • Methinks I hear from out the sky, istiot • All will be better by and by; ..! • When bloody, base, degenerate man, elud "Who deviates from his Maker's plan ; • Who nature and her works abuses, typindi

. And thus his fellow servants uses, .. . "Shall greatly, and yet justly, want, • The mercy he refusd to grant ; * Dni . * And while his heart his conscience purges

Shall wish to be the brute be scourgess

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į By Smart, or



The fragrance of the new-nown hay
Paid incense to the king of day;; , ,
Who issuing from his eastern gate, in
Resplendent rode in all his state, ... ?
Rous'd by the sight from soft repose,,,
Big with the Muse, a Bard arose,
And the fresh garden's still retreat
He measur'd with poetic feet.
The cooling, high, o'er-arching shade,
By the embracing branches made,
The smooth-shorn sod, whose verdant gloss,
Was check'd with intermingled moss,
Cowslips, like topazes that shine,
Close by the silver serpentine,
Rude rustics which assert the bow'rs
Amidst the educated flow'rs.
The lime tree and sweet-scented bay, the
(The sole reward of many a lay).. !
And all the poets of the wing,
Who sweetly without salary sing,
Attract at once his observation,
Peopling thy wilds, Imagination!


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Sweet nature, who this turf bedews, *Sweet nature, who's the thrush's muse! • How she each anxious thought beguiles, • And meets me with ten thousand smiles! • O infinite benignity! • She smiles, but not alone on me; On hill, on dale, on lake, on lawn, • Like Celia when her picture's drawn.' ;

More had he said—but in there came A lout—'Squire Booby was his name. The Bard, who, at a distant view, The busy prattling blockhead knew, inity Retir'd into a secret nook, And thence his observations took. it out. Vex'd he could find no man to teaze, ose The 'Squire 'gan chattering to the bees, And poorly with officious mien, . .) He thus address'd their humming Queen: · Madam, be not in any terrors,

2 1 'I only come to amend your errors;

My friendship briefly to display, . And put you in a better way.

Lindi • Cease, Madam, (if I may advise) • To carry honey on your thighs, • Employ ('tis better, I aver), ti treg • Old Grub, the fairies' coach-maker, the . For he who has sufficient artist "To make a coach, may make a cart. • To these you'll yoke some sixteen bees, die • Who will dispatch your work with ease;

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